For each and every concept, there are 3 motivational principles - Crystalline Logic Principle - whereas The Impulse-Arch Theory clearly states that for each measurable amount of matter which is impulsed into the universe, there is a corresponding amount of Light, Space and Gravity which accompanies it and finally, the Negative Displacement Theory states for each element of matter that is manipulated beyond the boundaries of it's intended design, there is a corresponding readjustment in the amount of Light, Space and Gravity which accompanies it so as to reset it's equilibrium- Russell Newell

Principles are the precise mechanisms of language which completely evolved societies of democracry utilize in order to pathologically trace the logic, quality and integrity of it's reasoning process.

Crystalline Logic Principle: is a living, breathing instrument of logic which plays the reasoned music of the soul.

The Crystalline Logic Principle clearly states that for each concept there are 3 motivational principles. When applied to a spiritual reference Crystallization becomes the focal point for the Spiritual Line of Tolerance. The point where a human being, in this case myself, using the logic of morality as it has been embodied within the framework of the psychological mindsets of the great spiritual, scientific and artistic leaders of our species, orders and coordinates one's spiritual focus so as to align it with the natural flow of the forebearers of this path which has been set forth by their words and actions.

Use reason, say something constructive, architecturally design and create a principally oriented belief structure . This belief structure is built in strict accordance to the Moral Code from within the Law of Morality and is both philosophically and mathematically derived from the Spiritual Line of Tolerance.

The earth is a composite, a picture, a face that has, just as with any picture, a frame, canvas and some paint. Every element of the earth is analogously distributed (ordered - the same for people - child, woman, man) along a plane of equilibrium based on it's substantive reflection of light, just as colour is distributed within the boundaries of a painting as they are placed upon the canvas

The 3 fundamental symbols of all forms of written communications are the line, the triangle and the circle. The 3 common modes of communications are visual, aural and textual. The 3 modes of thinking are linear, parrallel and crystalline. The 3 spectrums of learning are contained within lines, planes and fields which makes learning intrinsically dynamic and making it best represented by a psychological structural referred to as a geodysic dome (ion).

Time is the depletion of gravity as it is contained within any measurable portion of matter or celestial body.

Love is the etymological embodiment of the principle of light.

Life is Quintessential for all human beings (at least, that's my humble assertion) in that there is only

One universal Flow, Conscious or God.

Two Forces which are Communications and Energy.

Three Principles which are Light, Space and Matter.

Four Elements which are Land, Fire, Water and Air with the Fifth Element being Gravity (is to reason what magnetics are to electricity) which cycles the state of order back to the Universal Flow.

Human beings are involved in evolutionary cycles of perception with an end point of pursuit, a path that leads to the Truth and this truth is embodied through the philosophical (philosophy - the search for the truth) articulation of language. This truth, which I hold to be self-evident is "To commune, to communicate and to come together in community so as to manifest the word of God through cognizant participation". This is the Quintessential purpose and the penultimate destiny of humankind.

The Spirit of Communications Balancing Information, Content and Motion
The Big Picture