Conservatism - plague, disease and/or cancer?

Good day good people and to the rest of you as well. Today I want to expand upon a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Morality! Morality is the key component of psychological reflection. It is the ulimate reference point as to whether an action which was proscribed was understaken with morality as it's key consideration. I make this statement because I live in Canada and my country is experiencing a moral dilemma due to the fact that we have allowed our democracy to be held hostage by a minority government that is controlled by the predominance of a conservative and/or right wing ideological value system - irrespective of political banner. This is a fundamental problem on two levels. One is the use of the democracy by a very powerful mindset in using the force of military to effect an act of ideological cleansing and the second level is that the military mechanism was triggered based on a threshold of politics and not morality.

You see it's vital to the continual communal or peaceful conscience of any democratic society that it's use of military be utilized only as a last measure and only when a clear and distinct threshold of moral incursion has been crossed. In this case, no such flag has been raised and hence we find ourselves in a moral crisis. One that could've easily been avoided had the political culture accurately reflected the true state of the canadian populace as opposed to corporate or conservative/ideological mindsets to which they are oftern referred to rhetorically as "all canadians". The fact that one powerful portion of any country can be referred to as being representative of "all" people is a problem which is indicative of the evolution of democracy itself in combination with the extension and seamlessly merging of the conservative political and media cultures.

I'm extremely consistent with respect to the application of my philosophy in that I hold the truth to be self-evident that lines are what divide and shape sensibilities or points of view. For example, economics is not a moral institution and neither is politics or idealogy. Morality is an internalized, abstract reflection of the compass itself and as human beings we navigate the streams and oceans of human conscience based on our perception of morality. War is a state of mind without morality and is therefore not subject to it's reference. Victory is absolute and there is no place for common sense or reason. This is what the political and media machinery of the ideological does. It forceably pushes agendas pass that triggering threshold so that the dialogue turns away from morality and instead focuses on the ends justifying the means.

Canadians (the populace) never wanted and still do not want our troops to be used as corporate or ideological pawns but, instead for the legitimate "defense' of our nation agains identifiable threats that have the actual capacity with the aid of an actual military to strike at our country and have made such an outward declaration as to warrant the mobilization of our military force.

This manufactured war stems from ideological insanity and is as such the promotion of the kind of rhetoric and fear mongering needed to extend it's relevance. The problem with the language and not the military (instrument of death and destrutction) needed to address this matter is that the correct language would call into question the kinds of minds pulling the strings behind the scenes and on the main stage who continuously con and hustle the public into supporting flawed policy which perpetrates immoral behavior which then further degeneraties society and life itself while setting the stage for the ongoing militarization of our world.

The mere fact that we even require debate should be a red flag to all canadians. If we can't rely upon at least an 80 percent consensus amoung all parlimentarians as opposed to using the weight of the parties with the most representation then we will never be ablle to claim that we did the right thing in this instance. Instead, we will have to live with the fact that our democracy does not justly reflect the true will of the canadian people.

Thank you, so much for taking the time to read this blog and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


FYI - Logic is not random...

Logic is structured and it accounts for every single word and action that is acutalized by any human being at any point in time. Ridicule, mockery and anything else other than a rational "argument" or fundamentally sound reason which is accepted as justification for action is inferior by nature.

Conservatism is primarily based on a monetary value system which is driven by a moral navigational system rooted in extreme idealogial adaptation and interpretation. It is harsh, severe and fundamentally irrational. Through their eyes they see unity or a communal conscience alright. The only problem is, that in terms of western politics, it is largely based on the fervent pusuit of greed with the deeply concealed core foundation of religious doctrine kept well outside the public discourse. They see the social conscience as something to be completely destroyed and replaced with discretionary charity. To that mindset, life is only for the those who can afford it and that includes and in fact, is specific to contributions of reasoning. To them only those who make enough are worthy of speaking their mind and are therefore permitted to participate in a democracy. They exhibit the exact same neurological output of the fascist mind precisely because of the way they see the world, the value of humanity and the lengths they are willing to go to obtain, maintain and sustain control.

I on the other see unity as well, but it's based on a vastly different value system or order which requires the use of non-violence as a means of effecting positive change. I also see actions predicated upon moral consensus and the movement or motion of all military strutcture to be funneled through the united nations so that no nation can act unilaterally and thus drag the world down a narrow path driven by dark conscience towards a negative outcome.


The negative impact/displacement of far right religion or Methane Media...

It just keeps repeating itself while systematically poisoning the very communion of humanity. It is a disoriented, imbalancing voice of life and it is a contamination of conscience. It is completely lacking in credibility, rotten to the core and corrupt by nature. It's a Co2 emission resulting from the confluence of affluent, effluent shitheads with no God that any decent human being could intuitively recognize or gravitate towards. There is no redeeming quality whatsoever within the entire broadcast sprectrum of mass media today. Especially, the CBC (Canadas' tabloid toilet bowl - ironically, a "publically funded corruporation"), CNN. BBC and just about any other call letters one might add. It's just a war of conscience waged against everyone who dares stand against it. It is vile, vulgar, repulsive and perverted. Pure vermin.

Today, for example I saw an item again ( just about the same time last year ) with respect to an american govenor (re - prostitution) and that raised a huge flag. I wondered if I was the only person to see this article as I am alone so that I can be singled out by my local cable provider et al ( relgious trash) or did the rest of the country/hemisphere see this repeated segment. There is no question that I have been zeroed in on by an unscrupulous culture. To be made an example of no doubt so that others attempting to stand up against moral perverts such as the religious right think twice before following their distorted and perjorative application of principles.

It would be great if I wasn't who I am in this particular time and that I didn't see through every layer of corruption presented to me. But, I do and it's incumbent upon me as a "true independent" to raise my voice against ideological tyranny, irrespective of source or so-called faith. The voice of faith is merely a carefully veiled substitute for fundamentally sound reason . In the west the term "faith" means judaeo-christian. It doesn't include islam, hinduism or buddhism because there isn't a realistic bridge which can be extended to those religions from the extremist positions taken by the so-called western people of faith. As far as the leftist politician pandering to the far right for potential voties, it simply adds up to an empty offering of meaningless language designed to give the impression of similar outlooks when in fact, it is the strength of the far rights' faith that is fueling much of the ideological cleansing in the middle east today and shaping western, governmental policy.

Any way one cares to slice it, the conclusion is the same and that is relgion must be forced fed during the development of any child (much like stalinism) in order for it to take root and many people who have been infultrated with such teachings can spend a lifetime trying to unravel or disentangle the spritiual distortions that have been infused into their minds before having acquired the benefit of a reasonable intellectual facility with which to objectively evaluate the kind of information they're receiving in relation to the actual truth of our basic, shared and communal humanity.

Clearly time has convincingly demonstrated that the continued pursuit and spreading of belief systems which are based on an accumulation of non-factual events is totally counter-productive in bridging the conscience of a continually evolving egalitarian, secular world. Thus, there can only be a continued expectation of conflict because no extremist element(s) of any religion will retreat from their entrenched postions because it results in a loss of control. Control (oddly, control is what has been lost today due to extreme corporated greed) is what the instruments of politics and the arena of corporate economics effect. Invariably, mass media is the subsequent extension and messenger of this communal toxin. The only remediation to these dynamics is to present a viable alternative which can stand on it's own as a valid explanation, not only for a single reality but, for the bridging of our common characteristics as opposed to our religious/systemic differences. While each religion talks about accepting other cultures and customs, it is not until issues become points of control that the flaw in the application of religious text is revealed. Only fundamentally sound and contstructive reasoning can lead to a bridging of all peoples leading to a value system which reflects the natural and intended equality of each and every human being. This is the only true path to a stable global village in which all participants accept equal responsibility in it's shaping and development.

Until then however, we all must endure and embrace the age of corruption - plain and simple.

Thank you, so much for taking the time to read this blog and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes. .


The Search for the TRUTH

Good day/night good people and avid pursuers of unique and original information. Today, not unlike any other day, I have another topic that extends from my own personal aspiration in life and one that is indeed, near and dear to my mangled little heart. It is called the "Search for Truth".

Today, however, the relevance of this topic seems to resonate with far greater than usual reverberations due to the ongoing elections here in the west and the way in which democracy has largely become contaminated and distorted. Let me first state that while my political optics are consistent, I am not expressing myself today in an attempt to sway the voting public either here in canada or south of the border. What I am attempting to delineate today is the point which western democracy has become imbalanced. Yes, have no illusions, western democracies and not fully grown, truthful and transparent institutions. Instead, they are distorted through the eyes of a media culture that is disproportionately represented by privately owned and publicly funded "corruporations" and these corruporations filter all but a very miniscule, almost indetectable amount of information through the lens and sensibilites of the far right, ala conservatism/republican/social-conservative.

Therefore, it begs the quesstion. How does one determine the difference between the conservative seduction and distortion of public sensibilities and the facts, fact from fiction, truth from reality? Well, it certainly isn't easy especially, when you're an individual who hopes and prays for the extinction of outdated modes of boadcasting such as corporately owned and dominated institutions like television, radio and print. Replaced with a pronounced shift in the dissemination of information itself and it's subsequent accountability. It's comparativley easy for this sleazy culture to zero (neurochemical, godless binary zeros of evolution) in on someone like myself and others to otherwise unethically (the defining characteristic of the vast majority of the broadcasting culture) "imbalance" ones ability to seek out and sift through, what amounts to, an entangled jumble of mostly useless information.

One cannot rely on the regulatory bodies or the politicians because they are ideologically (plays a huge role on the convergence of conscience in political corridors) on the same page and the search becomes compounded when it comes to allowing the general public the ability to seek out the truth as opposed to having it spoon fed, much like a child. Hence the parallel drawn between the infancy of western democracy and it's transition to full maturity which will only result when people are permitted to seek out the facts as they pertain to their politicians and assemble their own nutritous serving of information compared with the fast food contamination of TV, radio and print.. Virtually all owned and run by corporate con-artists. Albeit, slick and slimely and seemingly apetizing.

Once the full shift to a digital environment becomes complete then ALL content will become a "file" and ALL content will have time/date stamps and people will be able to intelligently match up their/our search critieria with the relevant politicians platform or policy. When you have a perfect match you know that you getting the information that you seek instead of the spin and filter of "political presentation" which has nothing to do with the substance of anyone's character. This is why democraciess in the west generate such low quality politicians. It's because "mass media" (largerly controlled and influenced by the religious and corporate right") pander to the most superficial of political attributes and to the lowes level of educated individuals.

In a world of modern communication where transparency becomes the model for the pursuit of the information all one needs to do is collect and match criteria which stems from the originator of a political position, platform and policy much the same a person would match the requirements of search for any product or service resulting in the ability to demand a refund or subsequently "accountability" in terms of the promises made by their politicians. Thus, adhering to the principles of a free-market economy.

So, how do I personally determine what is "news worthy" or relevant? It's elementary. Control +Relevance = Response. In other words, how much control do I have over what I'm hearing in combination with how much actual impact or the relevance the information has on me personally determines directly the amount of concern or response I have in relation to ANY topic, item or event.. Consequently, everything I consume in terms of the world of fast-food, mass media is prefaced by the phrase "If this has happened or has actually occured" then this is my response.

Unify the portal, insist on information accountability/ownership and make the actual people responsible for implementing policy accept the consequences. Remove mass media from democratic distortion and imbalance and demand an information/content dissemination infrastructure that empowers the voter and consumer instead of the two-bit con-artists that ooze their toxic waste into our daily lives.

Thank you, so much for taking the time to read this perspective and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.



And Justice For ALL!!!

Pursuant to my previous submission, I received proof of evidence that my words are indeeds immediately lapped up by the hounds of society. Before I get to that however I would like to preface this blog with what I hope is a little insight into human behvavior. You know, some people wrap themselves in a flag (and dare call it good just by the sheer virute of it's creation - would anyone call the swastika moral?), others in a bible (and make outrageous claims that it's God) and some under the confines of a corporate policy because of the goods or services it produces. But, me! I wrap myself completely in logic, not just any old random form of logic but moral logic. You see I have this crazy notion that there is indeed a God, a just God. One who created a world based upon a foundation of logic. The kind of logic that would take millions of years to develop and understand in it's entirety and one that is principally oriented. Are human beings inherently moral? No. Are they inherently good? No. Are they inherently ethical? No. We are created neutral or we are created in the balance. Neither good nor bad, moral or immoral, ethical or unethical. The determining factor in the outcome of all human beings is Love. It's like passion in that some of us have it in abundance and it connects us to the source of all variations of creativity and others yet, are devoid of it or exhibit the astrophysical phenomenon we refer to as a black hole, if you will. I hold this to be self-evident from my one personal experience. I know that if a person is loved from the time they are born then their instincts will develop in alignment with the principled orientation of the planet itself and they will subsequently evolve along a plane of goodness, of equilibrium and truth subsequently producing a quality of character that will intuitively display ethical behavior in which they will demonstrate true moral fiber.

Now, what has this got to do with my previous submission? Well, boys and girls I first thought about how could my notebook computer be so precisely "hit" and disabled and then I thought about living in a place where I was under constant audio and video surveillance. Then I thought about the phone calls to banks, to communications corruporations etc, etc and then I thought about the surreptitious accumulation of that information for sinister purposes. You see, when one is dealing with people who see the world and the "life experience" on a vastly different context then they tend to have a value system that is completely out of whack and therefore the law can extend and insulate them from accountability. So, I thought about things like give the MAC address to the notebook over the phone to Telus and wondered why they would even ask for such information to troubleshoot a problem that they acknowledged originated on their end with respect to the unethical disruption of my service. So, yesterday I bring my servers back to my business address while undoubtedly being carefully observed and after yesterdays submission (2:00am in the morning, no less) I went out to check out some drum sticks for about a half an hour. I come back and the door to my practice area and servers is locked. Gee, wonder how that could've happened when I didn't do it? So, I gained entrance, retreived my things and came back home.

When I got home I started to think about what is justice. I mean, when I first moved into this place I asked Jeff if he had a key to the room to which he lied and just recently I ask Sandy and Scott if they were aware of a key to which they shook their heads and said no (if they don't actually have a key then someone went down and physically locked the door from the knob on the inside - either way some very undesirable behavior by some supposedly good citizens). So, what recourse do people have against others who shield themselves from truth with lies? Subsequently, what the hell is the purpose of justice? It's not just to protect property and person but, one of it's fundamental axioms is to the protect the weak, the vulnerable and must susceptible to unscrupulous behavior. However, justice has, like many of the instittutions of human development has been twisted and distorted into so many mangled forms that it's become an instrument of the corrupt or those with enough money and power to superimpose a might-makes-right philosophy over the rest of us and call that justice.

The creation of justice in what we call modern times simply stems from the creation of the state and the need to protect the state irrespective of whether it's good or bad. One could therefore argue that there is soviet justice, chinese justice, american justice, canadian etc, etc but, in actual fact there really is one form of justice. The kind that protects human rights irrespective of the state in question and justice is no less susceptible to evolution than any other idea. If it's an idea it evolves or it remains in an unchanged state from it's inception. This is why the world is going through such upheaval and is under the forces of volatility which are ultimately felt in the market place. People are finally seeing, albeit and not uncoincidentally, as a result of negativity, that there is only one true line, one crystal line, one sea (C) level and that's the only level plane upon which human turmoil, instability and volatility ceases and calm is restored to the global village and of course, to the market place. The problem with that line of thought is that it is not found in any religious doctrine so it can't spun to the control of a specific nation or culture or people.

My purpose this day is not to humble some fairly decent people or to project myself as someone above any portion of humanity. It is merely to demonstrate that we create the kinds of community and society that we all have to traverse and live in and if it isn't based on an absolute reference point of true morality then we should not be surprised at the kind of aftermath that results when "special interests" (IE: power mongers) sabotage all layers of society. Money can only address the symptoms of market volatility in the interest of the wealthy. It's this kind of mentality that contributes to the root of the problem and it will invariably turn around to produce the same fall out at a not too distant point in the future.

Thank you, for taking the time, of which many of you clearly do, to read this text and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


Update 11-05-08

I am getting it full bore now. Over the months too much has been moved around or placed in areas other than where I originally placed them in an attempt to infuriate me and the less I respond the more liberties they take with my privacy. The same was occuring in Saanich under the watchful, so-called principled eye of Ms. Sandi Findlay. My website was also deleted from my desktop in perfect timing with the cease and desist order of my drumming courtesy of the dickhead bylaw officer Perry Carrigan in the fair and just municipality of Saanich, British Columbia. God, what filth this area is exposing to me. I also know there are concealed forces acting against me, conspiring and obsessing, if you will, with impunity. What a godless community here in Colwood, Saanich etc. Hell, who's kidding who? Because of my stand in life and the persepctive that I espouse I am vulnerable to every piece of low-life imaginable. They'll do anything to prevent me from living the way I see fit. They are obsessed with uniform . to outdated modes of thinking and they will do anything to have my life destroyed so that I can't exercise my free speech. It doesn't matter how rational it is or how civil I am. These people don't give a shit about anyone's right to live other than in accordance with their sensibilities.

Here's the language of the By-Law. Just read this and see if I am "out of line" or order in this blatant, prejudicial application of such distorted anal drip. This is what happens when pondscum recieve an overrated education and then unethically apply it frem either being bought or sold or by virtue of policital or ideallogical contamination.

Noise Suppression (aka Liberty Suppression) Bylaw No. 7059

3. Private Property

No person, being the owner or occupier or being in possession or control of real property (my insertion/comment here - real property being the line which divides the value of human beings according them special rights under the law as they pertain to civil liberties) shall suffer or permit to make or cause to be made any noise or sound therein which disturbs or tends to disturb the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment, comfort or convenience of the neighborhood or of persons (these people may not in fact be "real" property owners, they just need to be in the vicinity) in the vicinity thereof.

Now if that isn't language befitting a community ( I use the term loosely in this case) which is indicative of a confluence of affluent effluent then I must be blind and stupid.

The room is sound proofed to the point that the decibals are almost inaudible. I play around noon each day and there is no time stipulation in the by-law. It is open-ended legal discrimination based on wealth. This vermin is an affront to canadian society and it doesn't care who it railroads or runs roughshod over in order to effect it's bias. It's a culture of petty, small minded slime who have nothing better to do than to fill someones private residence with cameras and microphones. In my case, I have a couple of servers in what was once a protected case. That case was physically violated shortly after moving in as was my living space. That incident simply went unaddressed. The complaints with respect to the noise by-law are fabricated but I must accept a ticket in order to confront my accusers whereas the real motivation was the desire to have the windows permanently boarded up so that they could compromise my servers away from potential prying eyes should I endeaver to initiate my mobile computer business. This is why Scott Murray inisisted that there be a lock put on the door to my practice area/business. He claimed that he would need one in case of fire - blech. In other words anyone running a small business on rented property doesn't have the right to the integrity of that business and furthermore does Mr. Murray expect any reasonable person to think that the fire department should have the key to "any" small business so that they don't have to break in the door? Pure rubbish from the minds of pure garbage.

You want to hear NOISE??? Here's the subjective use of noise without by-laws replaced instead by politic smut, relgious smut, corporate bullying etc... Courtesy of a principled group, no doubt. This is however, in the municipality of Colwood and occured a while back. This is precisely why noise by-laws are a perjorative use of the term. This is one seriously screwed up city with an equally twisted sense of values and decency. Please note that this is a very large file. I will reduce it's size shortly. I just needed to demonstrate the point that what's happening to me has nothing to do with playing the drums and everything to do tired old dried up prunes with too much time on their hands and exceptionally boring, godless lives.

Da da da, da da da, da da da!!!

I think anyone of reasoned thinking gets the picture. These are people in the neighborhood etc, who simply have it in for me. I wouldn't mind but, I've been playing at this place for over a year and a half now. The answer is not simply going somewhere. It really is a point of priniciple and it's pointless shifting from one place to the next unless my civil liberties are protected instead of being arbritrarily violated by municipal pondscum who come and go with the political wind. Canada is supposed to protect the rights of the individual within reason and mine are definitely being violated beyonnd that point.

I think it's fair to say that this kind of issue is what civil liberties and just laws are all about in a so-called fair and just society. People such as myself shouldn't have to fend of the scum of the earth just because they don't like your "lifestyle". Retire in Victoria if you wish and come to the olympics if you should so decided but I personally find it hard to accept the notion that any society can "bully" people around with such casual cruelty and with such a wanton disregard for anyones dignity and then claim to be a place of peace, harmony and balance.

Thank you, for allowing me to vent my frustrations and I am truly sorry that such low life have insisted on drawing my ire in such a manner. May your conscience wax while your ignorance and that of those around you dry up and blow away.


Installment 03-29-09 (04-30-09)

Tampering is occuring here - my last edits regairding the bloated pondscum known as Klassen were removed and it wasn't by me.

At any rate- with all due respect to the "good" people of Colwood and for that matter the western communities. There clearly is a serious problem with the consistent application of ethical behavior. There's simply tooooo much dick, ya know, monkey shit?  People who have donned the moniker of the "good guys" but, I can testify that just about anything in uniform or working for the government is a total fucking idiot. A bottom feeder, political pawn and an excellent candidate for religious infection. What a toilet bowl. This municipality is like a gigantic politically form of enclosure where all the monkey with their trap and back doors to both computer systems and residence can wreak havoc at will on any unsuspecting person who they deem warrants their prejudice.

That's why I must emphasize that I am the originator of the phrase "Crystallize/Crystaleyes your digital environment". It's because I know that I am in the center of a wretched hive of scum and villainy. I'm sure they're are contriving and conspiring to orchestrate my personal destruction with the hopes of procuring the domain It holds limitless value. What can one expect from a community who has based it's foundation of growth on a casino? It's not that I have anything whatsoever against small time gambling but, when you bring in casinos you are attracting the absolute lowest form of conscience imagineable.

Which brings me to the corruporation. Aside from governments, which everyone knows is corrupt, the corruporation, due to it's unchecked expansion in combination with the weakening of the powers of central government, has assume many of the more impacting governmental functions. I'm only stating the obvious here and I will do so for the record. "We" does not represent an individual and cannot legimately presented as such in any respectable court of law. "I" am an individual and "We" represents a group. Any elementary student can grasp the distinction. Furthermore, the worst thing that can happen in any industry is the concentration of control in the hands of one or a few corruporations. The corruporation is a virus that eats away at the free enterprise system until there is no competition left and it eventually becomes the dominant instrument of shaping the structure of society.. The problem is that if those corruporations fail then the entire industry is at risk. As well, given the nature of globalization, market share then becomes the motive for global conflict, equalling or worse, replacing religion as the primary means of justification. That is precisely why the size and scope of the corruporation should be capped so as to spread the risk factor across a wide spectrum of participants. This keeps control in the hands of the central government and enusre that the will of the people and not the corruporation, is reflected in governmental policy.

Lastly, the greatest failings of this society exist in uniform. Uniforms are for monkeys - total fucking idiots. The far right rhetorically attacks collectivism and yet, the uniform is the most prominent symbol of it's hypocrisy.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your the infection of the right and it's corresponding ignorance wanes.


Letter to the CRTC regarding HD converter boxes 04-29-09

Let me preface this letter by stating upon submission I received no confirmation of acceptance and therefore must assume a malfunctioning bureaucracy.


First of all, let me state unequivocally that I am not one who particularly enjoys complaining about broadcasting or provision-related issues unless they touch upon a point of principle. This issue does.

Providers, as we have come to know them, do not generate high definition content of their own. Instead, most of it is produced and made available in the "public domain" and should therefore, by scrupulous politicians and regulatory bodies, be made available, easily accessed and relayed from many points of source. In actual fact the cable/satellite is merely an extension of the highway system in the form of communications and should not in any way, shape or form be filtered and micromanaged by what is clearly a visibly right wing contingent who have a stranglehold over who participates, what people see, when we see it and the way in which it's presented. Forcing the public to fund layers of providers and broadcasters who, from my perspective, add little or no value whatsoever to the source content. While some of these providers do actually produce the content, because it is zoned in the public they have a responsibility to provide public access without a broadcast layer. By sheer virtue of the zoning designation they don't own the content. The source entity does. Public domain content should be streamed untreated to the general public. The quality of video and audio today can clearly give the end consumer an experience every bit as good as actually being at the event without forcing us to fund advertisers and broadcasters. The providers themselves are merely relaying signal (the same way the internet does for private domains) all of which is produced and originating from public domain. For example the olympics do not belong to the broadcaster. They belong to world and consequently should be made available through "public access" without "any" broadcasting layer. Sporting events and movies (The life blood of the broadcaster/providers) speak for themselves and need no spin or interpretation. If people want that layer then by all means let the free market system extend that service and the accompanying fees.

Consequently, this issue has to do with cable/satellite content providers as it pertains to the dissemination of high definition (HD) content. Specifically it is dealing with the forced purchases of proprietary converter boxes so as to obtain access to high definition content.

Given the continued evolution of the computer and communications technology in general, it is completely inappropriate and an unethical business practice to force people to purchase proprietary technology when the computer can easily serve as a converter box in conjunction with a regular digital subscription.

I find the behavior of these providers most worrisome because in effect, they are denying the general public the right to independently gain access to content that is neither produced or generated by them and yet, is created in the public domain and therefore should be "zoned" as such so as to prevent the forced subsidization of elite access.

To the reasoned mind, information/content should be "event-driven and source-oriented" and accessed through a publicly available portal once that content is "zoned" as being created in the public domain for public consumption with only an access fees being directed towards these providers in addition to a subscription fee to the source of the content (IE: MLB, NHL et al). Even and especially, these fees should be literally pennies per game because of the sheer volume of people they can reach. As well, what these major league corporations are in fact doing is "double dipping" by extending the life of the television medium by accepting their bribes while gouging people inordinately online for content which is wrought with a flawed delivery system and susceptible to viruses and other forms of computer malware. If, in the free market system people wish to add a broadcaster then by all means, pay them a fee and adjusted the shaping of your media experience accordingly. Otherwise, it must be assumed by reasonable people that in terms of content and information in the modern age of communications that elite access, information imbalance and media corruption shall be the norm for the foreseeable future that is until we find ourselves with a justice system that has an actual intellect which isn't for sale.

Thank you, for allowing me to vent my frustration regarding this issue and for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your the infection of the right and it's corresponding ignorance wanes..

Russell Newell


Initially posted 2-02-07 re-posted 07-08-09 Unifying the Portal

Today's topic is pertaining to the media, streaming content and information integrity. I recently addressed content on a philosophical basis but now I wish to focus on it terms of actual content and substance. I just can't help but feel that so much of what we consume today is still "passive" in that we listen to people and absorb content which we may either find offensive or may not wish in our lives simply based on the money they have, the fact that they are then subsequently packaged in with our cable or sattleite subscriptions which are then combined with the rights to content they then purchase as a means to perpetuate their presence and not necessarily because of the relevance they produce. Now, on the surface this may seem perfectly fine if you're not part of the evolution of the digital age of information and content and instead you're old school when it comes to just turning on your TV and jerking on the remote control. However, if you are like myself, fully capable of producing high quality content, relevant technical insights and have a thorough understanding of the science which underlies the development of modern computing communications then you instinctively have the desire to create and or search for a more complete model based on relevance as opposed to sensationalism. Preferrably, IP (Internet Protocol or addresses much like the address of any given stadium or venue) based, Event driven media. Televeision is a constant uninteruptible stream driven by senstaionalism and the cult-of-personality.. Constantly pandering to the lowest common denominator of uneducated intellect while trying it's best to keep the stream it at it's lowest level of awareness. Hence the term "bottom feeders". Much like tap water. Once a station has rights to actual content then their adverstisers flood in with their ideological or politically suggestive sensibilities combining to create a cesspool of communications which produces no inherent value to the end consumer or viewer.

Case in point is the recent scandal surrounding a certain university football coach who was revealed to have somewhat less-than-desirable views regarding blacks that came out off the cuff supposedly under the guise of "off the record". A term which is misleading at best because it implies that there is a time and place where people who produce relevance in terms of athletic or entertainment substance can speak their mind or behave without it being recorded.. But, in this day and age of the highly competitvie, predatorial bottom-feeder media market (aka the tabloid toilet bowl) there is no such dynamic. People in media are usually wannabe athletes, second-rate musicians or entertainers. The term "off the record' is meaningless whose actual interpretation is more like "let me gain your trust and when you produce something that is sensational then it's all business" and friendship goes out the window while viewership increases along with advertising and profits. If I were in the public eye of the television medium which would be impossible since I hold such disdain for it, I would never befriend anyone in the media unless it were to use them for personal gain (unwise decision) and since I don't need the mainstream media to promote my excellence and/or talent I prefer to befriend people who share the same quality of character as a human being. Something the media is renowned for lacking.

With respect to streaming content, I feel that the televions business model is presently an outdated mode of content dissemination which is propped up by powerful corporate interests. Such is the case here in Canada with the CBC or what I  sarcastically refer to as the Conservative Broadcasting corruporation (special emphasis on corruporation).. The better approach in a healthy democracy would be to place the burdern on any broadcaster (not 24/7 because there simply isn't enough news produced in a 24 hour cycle that warrants that much attention) to produce actual information relevance which isn't sensationalized or leaning towards a particular ideological or political sensibility while providing the communities which house the actual venuse, in terms of content and Events, with the profits they rightfully deserve for providing the infrastructure for specific athletic competition and entertainment presentations.

Further to the streaming of content is the persistent evolution of technology itself which gives rise to a huge overlapping and duplication in wired communications infrastrutre while the wireless domain is increasingly encroaching upon this one time thought-to-be untouchable medium. It seems to my mind that eventually consumers and businesses alike will likely seek and demand a solution or alternative which attemtps to unify the underlying technology so that what they have is based upon a singular portal, display and messaging/communications device as opposed to a combinaiton of TV, plus varying internet connectivity, plus a cornucopia of messaging devices. Simplification is the key to quality communications in the age of information as opposed to these phones with bloated apps and widgets. This takes us away from people who are simply likeable or affable in the broader sense of the word while having no actual connection to information and or content.

To my mind, one either has the ability to produce relevance or substance in the age of information or they don't and the fields in which relevant material resonates the most are art, science, athletics and spiritiuality. How many personalities do we as consumers witness today, reverberate with those essentail qualities? As far as "news" goes well that really comes down to what actually affects your day to day living and the ramifications which it produces minus the hype and sensaltionism.

Thank you, so much for taking the time to read today's insight. I hope you found it somewhat thought provoking and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


Russ Newell (crystaleye)

Update 04-30-09

Let's get one thing straight and crystal clear in this go round. The americans are not moral. So, let's dispense with the rhetoric, the media propaganda, speeches from apprentices and slick computer graphics. In the big picture sense of the word they don't know the first thing about morality or ethics and most people would never stand up against them because they're the slime of humanity the neo-con fascist of the 21st century. In fact, the opposite is true. People will go to any lengths to be in their grace or should I say, "feed in their trough". No, instead these people have created a social dynamic internationally and geo-politically where everyone is afraid to open their mouth.

I mean, look at what they've done to the world! If any other country engaged in the activity in which these people have their would be a media barrage 24/7 attacking such policy but, it isn't odd that their is next to no criticism of the american foreign policy. Clearly, people are terrified of retribution so it's the omission of criticism that rings a deafening bell.

I think there's a scene from a movie, oddly enough, which better exemplifies americas true spiritual state of mind. It's the openning scene in a very shoddy, low-budget film called "Miami Blues". The main character, having sleazed someones luggage from them by luring a kid away from it is taking the suitcase down the escalator whereby he is confronted with a gentleman who asks him "if he's seen the movie Ghandi"? Then the gentleman gives his name and asks the main character for his to which his reply is that he guts bust him and then says my name is "trouble". This is the godless nation the world now knows america to be. It was NEVER one nation under god or any type of spiritual force with any degree of credibility because as we now know courtesy of the mohatma that spirituality is a point of principle and principle is a point of logic. America has done everything in it's power to avoid moral accountability through lies, deception and extreme levels of covert sabotage and that main character's response was right on target. America is trouble and subsequently in spiritual trouble with a capital T. America never cared for the subtle, the delicate or gave any concern to the fragility of the human condition. It was always the proverbial bull in the china shop, so to speak.

Believe me, when people demonstrate good morality I stand up equally in terms of vocal acknowledgement but, this scum is pure ego and arrogance and is complete bereft of God and conscience on any noticeable plane. Consequently, they are completely devoid of wisdom and vision. You reap what you sow.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your the infection of the right and it's corresponding ignorance wanes.


07-31-09 Conrtrol - Whose life is it anyway?

Hello "good people" of Victoria, in this country and elsewhere. I would like to take this time to expand on a topic that has become somewhat intriguing to me over the course of my life and that is control. Some examples of control would be self-control, crowd control, birth control, traffic control, access control etc, etc. Consequently, upon reflection I came to realize that control is central to conflict and independence and not just in the big picture but, the little picture as well. Control is also a cornerstone of freedom, of life itself. IE: Power, control and money are central in the big picture. They are the foundation of what drives the world in terms of subconscious and conscious pursuits. So I feel it is imperative to give my side of the story as it pertains to how control affects our lives individually and in the big picture sense of the word.

The sad fact is that without big picture control it's very difficult to have individual control. Case in point is religious controls. I think anybody who is affected by religious controls and the subsequent political and economic controls which flow or stem from religions can easily relate. I recently became aware of a seemingly insignificant anecdote of an arab girl who wanted to enter an israeli pageant and was not permitted because she would have had to wear a bathing suit and this would've violated her religious doctrine and would've resulted in tremendously upsetting her family and community. Now, I would never venture to debate the merits of any religion other than the one I have become most accustomed to because the point of this post is "control" and not the specifics of any one religion perse. Here in the west we think such things are trvial but, over there in that part of the world these issues are hightly contentious and divisive.

One might say, "What does a religious anecdote have to do with big picture control"? Well, by itself it's meaningless but, when enlarged or magnified and placed in a different context I think the relevance becomes clear.

This is done so by examining the next phrase which places this highly chareged point of contention in focus. The phrase is secular and it is as innocent, natural and human as it is to wish participating in something as innocuos as a beauty pageant. That phrase is "Thank you God, whose name I do not know for my life". If I said that in a crowd of religious devotees or worse yet, fanaticals of any religion, they would leap to challenge and offer to inform me or whomever else for matter, that they indeed know the name of God. Whereby, I would demand proof and thus, undoubtedly be accused of blasphemy..

Of course, no one could produce proof on what I refer to as "God action or power" resulting in the movement of matter which no human being could possibly effect. There would however, be a range of responses to the position I have taken. All would be incapable of altering the truth which is humans are humans and God is God. There is a crystal clear line between what people have done, do and will ever accomplish in comparison to the force of creation and I would therefore be entirely justified in expressing myself in a perfectly natural manner.

I declare my subservience to God. I acknowledge the existence of God and I praise God but, I will not allow the contrivance of "any" relgion to prevent me from being a natural human being or force me to believe in a "Man God" or any other variation and subsequently adopt their practices. People are people, not gods and throughout history mankind has attempted to manufacture events with everything from stonehenge to waking on water to burning bushes in an effort to control people and when people rejected these contrivances they have always been assaulted and harmed in a variety of ways in order to elicit allegiance and obedience to any kind of crap from queen to emperor and everything in between.

The plain truth of life is obvious. Pure knowledge generates an internal conflict with religious indoctrination and it necessitates the body, via the mind purging a splinter which goes against the grain of the vine of life or the spine of life if you wish. This is why so much damage has been done in the name of religion resulting in the spectrum of conflicts which arise from it's teaching especially, when it is fanatically practiced and spread.

This is why in reality there is little weight given to the phrase "take control over your life" as it is meaninglessly bandied about in social and spiritual context because just by simply being one's self and claiming your own identity any person will eventually have to confront the forces in life who would like to relieve you of everything from controlling yourself to your career. These powerful forces need control in order to facilitate the survival of various types of "authority". They can be governmental, religious and/or corporate and they can act with impunity.

I am not for one second suggesting there should be no controls but, what I am saying is that controls are supposed to be rational, humane and comply with common sense. Controls should never violate an individuals right to the freedom of expression providing that expression is kept within a framework of sensitivity, respect and reason. The bottom line is that in todays world here in the west when we talk about control and authority we are referring less and less to religion or government and more to the corporations who have assumed the brunt of commercial domination of our most vital institutions, goods and services. Once upon a time business was innocuous and political background noise but, today due to it's monetary and corporately legal manipulation of the justice system it generates everything from private military to de facto control over our energy and communications. While business is supposed to be engaged in without political interference and kept to a level that keeps a healthy level of competition and avoiding the emergence of monolopies irrespective of the product or service it is not designed to be the primary reference point for control and authority. not in a free society.

On a personal level this is why I take control "in my own hands", so to speak. *chuckle* When one creates or generates such a polymorphic opponent it is incumbent on the individual, being me perse, to control every single aspect of my life as it pertains to freedom while respecting the privacy and personal space of others. MY domain allows me a very healthy way of ventilating my thinking thus, eliminating the need to convey it or express it to another unless I'm absolutely comfortable. The same is necessary on a sexual level because this is one of the primary points of attack from religion enemies in all their forms. Not only are they obsessed with classifying my orientation (heterosexual) as homosexual and deviant but, these people are under the notion that if one, especially a man, is not deeply immersed in worshipping god through religion and prayer AND they are sexually active then they MUST pose a threat to be a sexual deviant. But, that is neither sound science or sound reason by any stretch. Sexual deviants are an animal by product of a poorly educated person originating from an equally depraved community.This kind of thinking is the application of religious bias projected or infused with a subjective interpretation of sexual conduct. This is why they are so vigilant as it pertains to overseeing the consuming of pornography online and a larger indicator of why corruporations such as the SHAW MOLESTOR should strictly regulated from tampering or overseeing network streams of content. I mean, I defy anyone who isn't in the know to claim that the SHAW MOLESTOR isn't a corporate extension of a religious ideology. They are NOT the only ones by any stretch. Communications AND religion go hand in hand in many but, not all instances. So, for me, controlling my sexual urges and impulses are paramount because then I am less likely to be seduced by 1) ugly or unscrupulous women and 2) people who wish to use sex as a means of penetration (no pun intended). My whole line of thought has been incredibly well thought out. Don't take me wrong I take tremendous pleasure in the "sacred feminine" and if one ever made an appropriate case I may have to seriously consider but, for all intents and purposes, my self control is impeccable as well as my personal hygiene. I also have very little respect for those with 20th century sensibilities who attempt to classify all men who masturbate as somewhat less than masculine.

The bottom line here is that I'm in control of MY LIFE and MY DOMAIN and I am living proof that the main reason we are where we are as a society in the early part of the 21st century is that these people, these extreme religious psychotics are very sick and twisted and they have caused tremendous, almost irreversible psychological damage to countless generations. Harm that will take centuries to undo. The curious thing about the mind when it's been compromised by religious or political brainwashing is that it eventually begins to compartmentalize and rationalize the reasons as to why it thinks the way it does thus, shutting off all forms of cognitive, critical analysis. They are, for all intents and purposes hopeless cases. LOST!!!

The real clincher in understanding a religiously brainwashed or value brainwashed individual or group for the critically, analytically investigative mind is to observe that they've become sooo thoroughly psychologically sabotaged, confused and disoriented that the religious mind, in it's extremist state, is completely unable to properly distinguish between true and false. The americans are no different. It is a cognitive impairment. Consequently, they become information paranoid much like a person who doesn't understand the functionality of computers would think someone is actively tampering with their system when it's more plausibly buggy firmwar, software or OS. They are under the constant impression that when someone such as myself is promoting healthy components as nutritional eating, restful sleeps, exercise, good cognitive order, being calm and respectful, promoting true confidence or engaging in activities which empower and strengthen the individual that it's ultimately some form of voodoo or mind trick. This is where faith takes over and elements such as logic, science and morality take a back seat. Remember, knowledge has always been the enemy of faith. They don't understand that these aspects of the human psyche require a higher education in order to access those registers in exactly the same manner as elevated forms of art, science, medicine and engineering. But, insert a little faith and over time you can longer make out the difference when it's crunch time. The mind will always default to it's forceful religious infusion. This is why it becomes so important to keep religion away from forming minds until they've gained enough knowledge in order to make informed decisions as to how they wish to develop on a spiritual plane.

Thank you, so much for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01,03, 2013 We've all been brainwashed

Whew! I think that's the best word to start off with. What a year. What experiences and what encounters. I've seen things and have experienced behavior that has completely astonished me and maybe, over time, I may expose some of them but, for now I would like to elaborate on a my present circumstances and hopefully, it may ring a bell with some of you out there.

In beginning, it's fair to say that I've really made a mark and have become noticed. I'm on many a radar and my voice truly carries whether I've wanted it to or not so, I don't want to abuse this privilege. A lot of people are depending on an actual voice of reason as opposed to fear mongering, sensationalism or demagoguery. I'm responsible to my purpose. I will outline this purpose a little later.

I've had my things in storage and I've lost a lot of things. Had them stolen and with a very small amount actually lost. Fortunately, most were excessive and replaceable. For the past several years I've only paid to "live". Friends and family and others have helped and whatever things I have now were bought before my present situation unfolded. Much of them have depreciated considerably but, are still useful in experienced hands such as mine. So, to cut to the chase my bank card gets stolen. Yes, it was stolen. I didn't loose it and I suspect it was a manoever by some unscrupulous scum who want to know where I live so that the "debt collectors" can harass me and "bring me down". I mean, a great way to procure someones address is to steal their bank card and then they have to get it in order to gain access to their money. Pay, their rent. Yet if it's stolen out of their private living space what can they or I do? I can't publish the address! Pretty shrewd those dudes in finance et al. Not good enough they make money hand over fist.. Nah, they got to use the "war on terror" as a way to make sure the voice of freedom never rises and whoever tries is singled out as an example to deter any further hopefuls.. It could be any financial institution such as President's choice, Bank of Hong Kong, Nova Scotia, or anyone for that matter. I mean, when you're me you become a target and many people want to be the "hero" in this regard and since 9/11 anonymity is a defect. What's to stop some renegade shrink or even a network of them slanted towards the right with encrypted communications from stalking and manipulating someones life "they disagree with". In this day and age privacy is a liability and independence is the enemy. With respect to re-obtaining my bank card I was asked to ok a credit check (which most reasoned people infer what they means). However, when I spoke to a customer service representative all was reviewed was the activity on the account itself. Hardly, a "credit check". However, since that consent is now active and on file they can indeed look further in to my credit history and activity. Whereas once, the use of the consent was effected the file should default back to NO as to scouring my credit activity because when I went to re-obtain the card the setting of NO was maintained so, it stands to reason that the same setting will carry forward in the affirmative state. It's no wonder "we live in terror" of lawyers, judges, doctors, accountants, politicians and on goes the list. We are all left exposed to so much abuse and yet, the slightest slip ups on our part are magnified to no end.

However, when you are me, being a domain has it's privileges. Now, I initially envisioned this domain to project my considerable musical talent. But, I was torn as to how to bring that into fruition as I was well schooled in computers, networking, technology etc, etc. In the time that followed my "moral and spiritual voice" became philosophically articulate and lo and behold it was that and not my talent in either computers or music whish reverberated within just about every border on the planet so, I have ostensibly become a fugitive. Not from the law (criminal activity being theft or damage to person or property or any similar violation whatsoever) but, from the lunatics and mass morons who are guilty of hypnotizing and raping the human race. These people are well represented in every profession,, task and walk of life. I certainly don't wish to cast aspersions on all(but most!) lawyers, accountants, banking institutions, politicians or religious leaders etc but, the facts are indisputable in this regard. I mean, what does it say about democracy or the respective cultures and governments in the 21st century when they can't withstand the digital presence of one mind without engaging in the most sinister form of skullduggery imagineable?

This is precisely why, in the 21st century we all should have a healthy dose of skepticism and cynicysm. Never take things verbatim and insist that democracy errs on the side of the individual and not the corruporation, polticial party (mainly, the right) or the religious segmnet. This is also why we need to personalise our information environments and have total control over of our privacy and security with minimal deferring to third party. Who can be trusted with "our well-being"? Yet, we are the ones who are to shoulder the burden of guilt when it comes to individual acts of charity while the wealth and resourses are over flowing. Individuals should no more be concerned with poverty and hunger as we shouldn't be wasting out time with what our politicians and law makiers are doing. They're supposed to making the world and our communities a better place so that we can all get on with our lives. The money is there. It's available. All we need to do (I don't mean to over simplify matters) is leverage the power of democracy by getting rid of mass media, mass relgion (christianity is dead primarily for violations of sexual conduct and a completely unrealistic belief system deferring the living of life until the after life. Defiling and dessecrating the flesh itself. Whereas, in addition to deferring the glory of life in death, islam commitied political seppuku with 9/11. No one in their right mind would ever want to be a muslim and jewish pure bloods? Get real. As far as capitalism goes, it's greed out of control with far too much human collateral damage for the sake of an equally depraved, desensitized and disconnected state of mind) and corporate monopolies. Even starbucks, as a side note, has a corporate svenghali puppeteering approach to serving coffee. Price increases without prior to informing the general public and serving this crap "christmas blend" (masking their own retail politics and possibly religious affiliations) for 2 whole weeks. What is that? Is that choice in the free market economy. They get the best locations and then reduce people to swill for a cup of coffee. Point made. I mean, really this can all be construed as whatever the reader wishes to subjectively interpret.

The bottom line is this is MY DOMAIN and no matter what domain it was, if it were my name associated with it people would click on it because I have integrity and respect. Can you say the same thing about yours or wherever you do blog? Do you have any world class talent or relevance? Or just a wounded ego.

01/04/13 Mental illness affects everyone:

As an update to last nights post I want to write about how mental illness affects our communities. To my mind, it's at epidemic proportions. I believe the popularity of social media bears that fact out. So many people have needed an outlet for so much of their frustrations whether real or imagined. The problem arises when people lash out or engage in destructive behavior towards other people who are merely trying to express themselves. There is a correct way to socially interact and a wrong way. There is a correct to communicate and an undesirable way. I leave it up to people to decide whether the behavior they engage in is inappropriate. The fact remains that this is a private domain in that I do broadcast the postings. I don't hand out pamphlets or brochures. I don't use bullboards or televised or radio segments as a means of expressing my own thoughts and articulating my own views. The people who want me to disappear on the other hand have huge resources courtesy of "donations" and marketing revenues as well as other sources of income.

It's really very sad because no one can approach me with respect to my postings as they'd basically have to admit that they're obsessing about me and what I'm doing. I have something I do that I love and a legitimate way to speak about things that matter to me. Communications is a science that generates gravity just like any other weight of matter. Democracy is about free speech and the right to express ones self. Imagine how foolish, pathetic and meddlesome they would and do appear to other perfectly sane people if they try to smear or discredit my lines thought.

This is why I am a vocal proponent of education. The cheaper the better because it opens doors to people and allows them to do something meaningful with their time as opposed to trying to repair much of the damage wrought by much of the controlling class in this time frame. That's also why I am not a supporter of psycho-pharamacology as the main instrument of administering the largely oppressed and exploited masses. In my humble estimation, what people need more of is clarity, truth and a sense of reality that is more in keeping with living a good life, a healthy life. a realistic life. Now, many of the people who disagree with me think all of this is rubbish and that's fine as long as they don't express those thoughts in socially destructive ways.

Lastly, do some of what I say upset or hurt you? Then ask yourself why? Much of what hurts any of us or upsets us already resides within. Get a life and mind your own business. If people don't gravitate towards your ideology or line of thought then leave them alone. We all still have a right to preserve our dignity and not to be treated as degenerate animals in exchange for our own personal space, sanitary conditions, quality nutrition and of course, the right to survive.

Thank you, so much especially, to the "good people" (we are the minority but, we rule) for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01/05/13 Into the breach

I am totally captivated by this time frame because of the issues surrounding security, privacy, safety etc. I've previously expressed concerns regarding these issues for various reasons and I stand, unwaveringly, by the position that the best freedom or civil liberty we possess in this time frame is the one which extends absolute control over our personal security digitally and otherwise in combination with personalizing our information and content environment. Basically, the world has finished subdividing into animal world of commercial encampments with religion rapidly declining in integrity in the eyes of the world. People are increasingly aware that what most governments are about is micromanaging control and wealth with religion being used as an anaesthetic to offset the inability and frustration of the population to basically do anything about bad government except wait hopelessly and in some cases hope for death as a means of alleviating their suffering. Hence the control of perception. Controlling perception for example, is at the heart of marketing and advertising and that's why there's little or no truth in it. Even and especially, in many cases the perception of God. This is why the world has slowly approached the precipice of global destruction because certain types of religion insist on their perception as being defacto. People from many races, unable to have a meeting of the minds in this regard and yet needing to live together invariably accept the resolution that the world is better off without any religion except on a personal level. People innately crave freedom balanced with their own personal security, stability and privacy. In this regard capitalism facilitates this pursuit and even the chinese and other socialist governments have come to the understanding that people want to be free to live to their maximum potential.

However, even the perception of people in the eyes of the general public is a competition. The next time you go to the supermarket look at the tabloids attempt to spin the perception of individuals still stuck in TV land or the movies and their corresponding personal lives. Why? for profit of course. That's how parasites live. They are incapable of producing true life essence such as scientific relevance or artisitic or athletic excellence (These are the things we "value" the most because we pay the most for them - the other things we pay the most for such as housing, medicine, education etc are to supplement the never ending bottom line of the financial institutions) so they resort to parasitism as a means of survival. In fact, much of the so-called free market economy relies on it. Occupations such as lawyers, insurance brokers, accountants, psychiatrists etc with activitties such as housing mortgages, real-estate agents, education loans, divorces, psycho-pharmacology etc clearly demonstrate how many people disproportionately take more than they put back. So, for example, in order to undermine the ability of one individual to wage an information battle against the considerable information machines of the respective governments, religions, mass media communications, entities, corruporations etc it stands to reason that the various respective forces could possibly try and control the perception (smear) of an individual in the eyes of the general public and in this the dynamics and methods are as old as prostitution itself. The opposition would attack potential vulnerabilities as hunger, sex, food and shelter as a means of corrupting an individual and/or their reputation. At any rate, assuming the possibility someones voice was indeed rising to the point of notice one would first need to generate a stimulus and a response environment. You would probably need access to a persons private life, manipulate it and monitor any reaction to sounds, missing things or adjustment of said surroundings and connections/relations. You would need to see if your procedure was indeed succeeding. You'd need to violate their privacy and listen for any textual, verbal or reactionary noise. Generate indetectable social engineering in response to their private life to let them know that they're compromised the subjects life. However, in my case the attempts would be fruitless becasue I have too much life experience and I'm too savy to the behavioral patterns of the lowlife who desire profit, control or influence. Before, when I was in my other respective environments I knew I was a target and that my ability to at least raise awareness would be considered a threat. Not to anyones saftey but, to the control of perception and the influence of spurring people in the direction of information control and private, functional environments. In other words, locking out the system, the government or any other sinister force which would attempt to blur the line between security and safety under the banner of the "war on terror" or the "public safety or interest".

This leads me to securing ones living environment in the "lock down" sense. Something simple like combining the locks on the doors with a device such as a cellular FOB or signal which only your cell or communications device can recognize. Once you lock the door to your room, apartment or home an icon appears on your cell or communications device demonstration the relationship between the digital lock and your respective communications device. Then you could leave your respective space with peace of mind. We've seen this evolution in cars and frankly, I'm quite surprised the many independent locksmiths haven't unified or combined their purchasing power to tender the contract for just such software or industry standard. At least, we'd all be on a level playing field when it comes to the integrity of our own personal security and privacy. I mean, clearly we can't trust the cops or the politicians or anyone else with such a responsibility. Many of them still have their heads up their asses with respect to the war on terror as though it's that illusive "other guy" who's the real threat.

In conclusion, we need take back our privacy and the way we do that is as logically and structured as any other legal document which delineates a respective agreement. Placing the burden of proof back onto the backs of the legal establishment before they arbitrarily violate our civil liberties.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01/06/13 Keep your head and your data out of the clouds

This blurb is in keeping with the theme of privacy and perception. However this time I want to emphasize that if you care about both of those items be very wary and very careful about what you post. In other words, don't say anything on the web that you wouldn't say to a complete stranger by striking up a conversation.

It never ceases to amaze me how hype generates trends and the parasistes that form around these trends. Most of them glorified sales people. I come from the center in regards to identity and projection of my thinking. I value my privacy with relative to what is personal to me. On the internet there is a movement afoot to collect data. Basically, to have it waft up like smoke into a filter to be analysed and sorted. This is not to the individuals benefit.

We have more than enough computing power in our hands and on our desktops to process our applications and manage our information. The best strategy is to have your vital data backed up on removeable media and physically locked up, if necessary. Combine that with the temporary useage of personal information for purchases with the immediate removal of it once processed. No storage on the internet or in the cloud..

My philosophy is academic in this matter. The network should be primarily used for relaying, not storing and definitely not processing except in the most obvious cases of activities such as online purchasing and streaming.. Keep your processing and your data personal and private. Encryption at every turn and in fact, encryption should and could be a standard implementation with the browser and email applications.

Make no mistake, the people spearheading these next waves of so-called digital developments do not care about us or our privacy. Case in point is the sharing of videos online. Much of it is in the clouds and the delivery is erratic and unstable. Isn't it time to encrypt this stuff? The viewing of it does not constitute a threat to national security. That way at least only one stream at a time could be viewed as opposed to seeing how many are viewing any pariticular video thus, mitigating this backroom hacking turd from disrupting something that should be free and reliable. The people who are disrupting online sharing have to be blocked out and kept out of the mix if the "cloud" is to be seen as reputable in the public domain. They simply want in on a very big cash cow with little regard to the needs of the greater population. I will have more to say on this matter and others relating to these issues in coming months.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01//08/13 The metaphysical paradox

I guess the best way to wind my way through this segment is by saying unequivocally that Canada has become slowly and subtely, courtesty of this cockamame war on terror, as I'm sure the U.S. has as well, a POLICE STATE. There is not doubt about it and if anyone, especially me, says anything referring to such a state then of course I'm out of my mind or something close to that assertion. However, I must remind people that we live in a comparatively modern world of communications and therefore have the luxury of looking around the world to see things in the big picture. For example, when individuals opposed Stalin, they were crazy. When they opposed Hitler they were crazy. When they opposed and do oppose the chinese government they're crazy or any other government for that matter. Now, do we really think that we live in a morally perfect world of democratic politicians? The mere thought evokes an amusing reaction.

I live, psychologically, in the real spiritual world where there are no aliens or second comings or telekinetic monkeys. That allows me to state that the "physics of spirituality" is what keeps me sane and focused. In other words, I don't give a rats ass what anyone does psychologically, only physically and believe me the level of obsession and scrutiny I'm experiencing is at once laughable and sad. The only matter that is moved in this world, in this life, is moved, nature notwithstanding, by man, animal or machine PERIOD. This isn't a stage for disconnects. People who have been bought and/or broken or sold out and go around passing on their disgruntled form of dysfunction instead of good will and positive engergy.

I didn't dream up this philosophy just so I could avoid living. On the contrary, I envisioned this line of thought so I could live a spiritually realistic life and have it fulfilled accordingly. If these monkeys can take so much from the world that has produced the very basis of their economic infrastructure then why can't I and we as artists be permitted the proper funding for our lifes pursuit? Could it be because by funding this pursuit it gives rise to a line of thinking that is starkly juxtaposed to a counterpoint of thought which so conveniently forms the policy of the far right who use democracy to create an ideological monoply to crush and eliminate all other competition? Thus, reducing democracy to just another form of tyranny.

The problem for this 21st century monkey is evolution! It can't evolve without a higher plane of thought which to elevate. That plane of thought will never be realised through christianity or any other religion and forcing people to forego their worth or dignity in the physical world amounts to spiritual murder, plain and simple. Hence, the metaphysical paradox where there is no politician or so-called business leader who is going to manipulate the proceeds of science and industry for some greater glory. It's metaphysically and physically impossible. Irrespective of the human collateral damage they produce and micromanage to that effect.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01/11/13 It's about time!

The quartz crystal has been used a piezoelectric time keeper for quite some time now and in fact, time is the hidden essence of life itself. Without it we could produce no patterns, no routines. There would be no reqularity or consistency. We would be in effect blind. We could never predict or measure anything. Time is autonomic.

So, where does time come from? It stems from the motion of the planets around the sun or the life span of the sun itself. That clock regulates the planets orbit and their rate of revolution or even for that matter, our evolution. It's the sun which gives the earth a heart beat and the earth which gives species namely us and the animals our heart beat and hence, our life span. This, among orther reasons is why I do not believe in ETs. It's not just about the planet. It's about the solar system and precision of it's clock work and how that clock is extended into life on earth. The likelihood of it being replicated is non-existant. Therefore, the actions we reverberate or the reprecussions we generate determine the quality of our hearts and we see the reuslts of this heart disease all around us in environmental damage, homeless, the genetically compromised etc, etc is totally deriviative of our primitive cerebrums. Trying to avoid moral accountability in this life time is like trying to live without breathing. There are many cold hearts who have lead many a people to their icy deaths and many a dark hearts who have made bleak the world around us.

This is why the big picture is so important to the world around us. It helps shape our point of view and gives us a greater context of life itself as opposed to parochial or self-serviing views which merely attempt to manipulate sensilities for power or material gain For example, what are the "top news stories" today or were the top news stories of yesteryday or the day before? Did they stop you from living your life? Getting up and taking care of things that needed to be done? Probably not. Much of what we are presented with is information polution and it's concert with the environmental polution of this same political and religious culture who have poisoned our world and continuously bring us closer to the brink while using the blunt instruments of an outdated, uneducated monkey to keep us from waking up so we can make meaningful policy changes that can truly be considered worthy of digistible information.

The bad guys run the show here in this time frame and it's so ironic that they don't like their feathers to be morally ruffled. They don't like the mirror and they way they are perceived. Contolling how they are perceived or the "spin" is, whether my opponent is willing to admit it or not, central to their ability to control, to ultimately control or influence electoral cycles and profits. It reminds me of the song a glass onion. A sort of testament to human transparency as well as the dividing line of human ideology. We have over this time frame, being the last centrury or so observed the revelation of the human condition with greater penetration. Still the mind games are played as though all that matters is the power of money and military. Giving no creedence whatsoever to peace of mind.

It's been my observation that people have, like a body, mind and soul as well as systemic layers to the body itself, psychological layers. The social layer, which can be very warm and fuzzy as well as very distracting from the essence of a person. In other words, you can know someone and yet, not know them. Then we have the functional layer. This could be viewed as the professional pursuits such as our careers or in the case of most people, their jobs. These jobs may or may not be linked to a deeper level of ethic or moral conduct and in fact, in many cases they're not. The core layer is our spirual layer or how we are "oriented" or "calibrated". I mean, we've all heard terms like bi-polar Well, in order for something, anything included the geopolitics of the planet to be bi-polar it implies a "center" or a point of equilibrium. So, where is it? Is it a bio-mechanical point of reference or is it spiritual?

I've long contended that we, as people are often times deluged and flummoxed with a vernacular we rarely have the ability to process and our instincts tell us what we need in order to "survive" and better still, what we need in order to live a good life. So, it begs the question. Why are there sooo many bad people commited to fueling disequilibrium, confusion and disorientation? Many of whom are protected by the very laws that are enshrined to protect us instead use them maliciously against us and for their own agenda(s).

In closing, it doesn't take a genius to imagine the kind of nut jobs who send me email, text and phone calls or the kind of people who obsess about my comings and goings. I've already made my mark and set the standard. I didn't sell out or cop out and whatever happens to me I will have stood up and been counted for what I believe and know to the truth.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01/13/13 Razing Cain

It's odd, this ability to project ones thoughts to so many without even trying. The shear attraction generated by curiosity. I never had it. I refer of course, to the curiosity. Except in observation of the behavior patterns of mass media. I never really cared for or about about mass media or "personalities". I've always only been concerned with "source material" and the people who are powerful enough to generate it. Source bing solid reason, artistic brilliance, athletic greatness or scientific breakthroughs.

Yet, we live in time in which power is generated politically. What a curious concept! And how is it generated? By marketing ones personality. Using focus groups and opinion polls to get the pulse of what people want and then selling it to them with the aid of a political campaign invariably, through mass media. At least, that's how democracy, by and large, in the west has been and is played out. Pop quiz! What's the difference between Fascism, Communism and Democracy/Capitalism? While you think about this I'll state my answer. The difference is in how power is obtained and who gets to manipulate or micromanage the subordinate population thus, determining who receives the lions share of the wealth.

The curious thing about democracy is that capitalism comes into play and often times, in fact, unfailingly, overrides the electorate. This dilutes the whole constitution and as we now know can rapidly erode our civil liberties and freedoms. We can experience the low level seeds being planted with mind control and socio-economic terrorism as way of preventing people from being heard. Diverting their attention so that they don't have the time to be political and are more concerned with mere creature comforts and of course, survival..

It seems to speak volumes of the prevailing inferiority complexes, the surprisingly delicate egos and fragile power bases that were once thought impenetrable. I say this because I am of the mind that we all have a right to grow and develop and get to wherever we're going in life providing of course, that we are not acting in a way detrimental to societys stability. In other words, we all should and do, many times, whether we know it not, possess skills and abilities which go beyond being slated into the labour market. This is after all supposed to a "civilised" society which isn't supposed to tamper or interfere with the lives of law-abiding citizens and allows us to become whatever we decide to become based on our deepest desires and abilities. But, power being the aphrodisiac that it is generates quite an orbital tug on those who unwittingly slip into it's gravity.

However, it's virtually impossible to ensure such "civil conduct" simply because of so many competting interests. Not to mention, that actions such as violence can easily be redirected without pointing back to the initial motivator. Al it takes, for example is to deny someone access to a job or to fire them or to demote them etc, etc and then present it as though it's a result of what someone is saying or doing in an attempt to have someone "shut them up". I think most people understand this level of "street sense". It's very american.

I make that reference because a point of contention has arisen here in most beautiful vancouver, bc, canada that I am somewhat inclined to comment on. That is the pipeline proposal from alberta and by all accounts it seems to be proceeding, circumventing public consultation, without public consent. I love the west coast and I love BC and in fact, the worlds' places of beauty which, if we aren't all careful, will become playgrounds only for the wealthy and most likely the respective religious extremists and money mongers who control much of that wealth. It also strikes me as peculiar that money, which is merely a means to an end, is not a basis for contentment. But, to what end? Money never sleeps. It's because it's "fundamentally neurotic". It's psychotic and while I have nothing whatsoever against the province of alberta, other that it seems to produce a disproportionate amount of christian radicals and train sabotaging nut bars, it's landlocked. It can't grow. There's nothing there except money and it needs BC and the west coast in order to expand. Now, how is that american? Well, money is the same no matter where it originates. It can't just sit still. It has to invest in order to expand and/or devour. More appropriately it has to invest in order to invade. Hence, the term "militant economics".

I'm certain that we'll see much more of this type of behavior as the 21st century unfolds. We are still experiencing the reprecussions of the primitive cerebrum and they will be felt for quite some time. It's a cerebrum that is not at peace with itself and it knows no constant state of equilibrium. We see it in the industrial technology sector with attempts to concentrate the collection of information or data into the hands of the few with the most expensive and cutting edge "data centers" and will we sit it with greater persistency as time marches on.

Perhaps, that's what makes a truly independent voice so rare and valuable in this time frame. One with no known political, religious or corporate affiliations. One with a world class talent and domain asset, in my case, worthy of a standard of life befitting that contribution. One who doesn't need to resort to fear mongering or sensationalism as means of garnering attention. One where people know they're not being mislead or having something seduced from them without laying it on the line myself.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01/16/13 The Human Relational Database

The order of life is an amzing study in evolution. The way the worlds species and life distributes itself along the various planes or strata of development is simply astounding to the average, run-of-the-mill human being. Especially, one such as myself who originated from such humble beginnings. This is why understanding moral responsibility is so compelling to me as an intellectual investigation as well as understanding the nature of what is the responsibility of one human being to another.

Politicians "want to be responsible" to their respective populations. They, as well as others, seek prominence or recognition at the highest level of contribution to society. Whether it's moral or not is highly debatable. However, the nature of human development demands that we, as individuals, at least attempt to reconcile our various senses of moral order as we age. It's neuropathic and it stems from out central nervous system and cerebral core. Some become politically active while others devote their lives to professions which facilitate and satisfy this innate moral hunger. This is probably why education is so important. Because it empowers the individual with the correct cognitive mechanisms with which they can better understand human behavior and in fact, the world around them. In other words, sort things out. It's also part of the foundation of psych-analysis. Because when we run into trouble psychologically regarding moral dilemmas invariably, we are distracted so as to be concerned with our bio-mechanical functionality or survival and thus, "turn off" or "clamp down" on our higher cognitive order. This is often done pharmaceutically and in conjunction with "counselling" so as to prevent or discourage the human being from focusing on matters which are often times out of reach to their limited cognitive functionality. It's easier than empowering them with knowledge.

It pretty much forms the basis of predatorial exploitation and the nature of religion in attempts to supplant our higher cognitive functionality with a deferral to the after life when "all our problems are resolved" and we are freed from the burden of this surly life. However, "life is to be lived" and not to be put off until a time in which there is no evidence and no further extension of our 5 senses. In other words, the after life produces neither science or language and is therefore, a total waste of time. Yet, if we know the nature of morality (the hidden corrective mechanism balancing our sense of right and wrong, good and evil etc) as it pertains to our higher level cognitive functionality then we can indeed do something about it through the institutions of democracy. We don't have to feel helpless and more importantly, powerless in the face of unscrupulous, devious and sinister politcial cultures who seek to oppress and muzzle us using economics and law.

So, now it begs the question. What is my or your relationship to another human being? More importantly, what is my or your responsibility to me or them. Anecdotally, I can take a train or a bus. A person can get on or off and I am not compelled to feel any emotion one way or the other. Therefore, what's the difference in life if someone leaves? They leave the human train of thought. What should anyone feel if someone chooses to avail themselves of such an action? Should I feel sad? Why? It's their life and it's theirs to live and/or leave. When we allow religion or politics to emprision us through distorted laws, medical practice and deny us the right to our sense of dignity we condone the act of political violence for the sake of survival and dominance by a ruling class.

I mean, what with the suffocating blanket of restrictions and constraints we presently have in place with respect to our movements and thoughts, it's a wonder we still have any sort of democratic institutions in place. For example, I am pretty sure that many of my own communications have been compromised and my interaction with my former wife and friend CMD has been intervened and even aliased by people either in or out of the system who would want to control me and have my lifes focus diverted so as to stop this type of FREE SPEECH!!! I'm also sure that websites where rooms, apt and housing rentals can and are being choreographed to "guide" people into living situations for the sake of social or political manipulation. Now, if I weren't a target I would never make such statements because I wouldn't be generating the ripple effect presently being felt. But, because I am I can take such a position whereby the people who know the dynamics of the time in which we all are experiencing know that what I say holds a certain degree of vailidity.

So, I ask CMD(I dare not utter the name because I value that persons privacy and security) to contact me asap. I want to get out of jail and that person has a key. She owes me a personal debt.

As far as the primary hacks in this time frame go, it would appear by all indicators to be mostly comprised of the 20 something demographic with guidance and encouragement from "their elders". They have the time and are often poorly educated with a small amount of life experience with which to achieve a stable, higher level state of cognitive functionality.They also have the east amount of significance and are the easiest to buy off and manipulate. The also have a very powerful desire to "prove themselves" and will climb up on anyones back who can fulfill that purpose. I don't mean to demean the entire age group in any way. There are plenty of fine young men and women out there. But, just as when I was that age, there are way to much scroff and too many assholes as 2 faced as the day is long. They'd sell their mother for a better job or a few extra dollars. Just because you may see me or temporarily live with me does not mean I recognize your or acknowledge you in any way. You're just space in my eyes until we engage each other in meaningful conversation.

At any rate, it seems one of the most powerful acts of protest and defiance in this day and age where so many control, cause so much pain and suffering and attempt to bypass moral accountability is to choose from our range of FREE CHOICE, the "right to die" with dignity. Because these people won't ever stop. Their faith-based-generated mental illness is epidemic. Their cruelty unsurpassed as evidenced by the overwhelming rate of genetic skewing being produced as a side effect of their so-called "industrialization".Their survival and overrated sense of importance is contingent upon feeding off other human beings without producing one single morsel of life essence and in turn, denying those of us who can, the abilitity to perform at the level we have right to achieve and maintain.

Now, let me point out that I am not in any way trying to encourage people dying as a means of protesting political policy. I am simply raising a flag. Let people be. Let us live and grow and develop in accordance with a just, civilised society that is more, not less sensitive to the human condition. As well, no matter how much despair may seemingly befall me or how my mentally ill and unstable archnemisis wishes to think otherwise, being a symbol as a means of renouncing all that has come before this time is more than enough motivation to see my life through.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01/18/93 Individualism verses Communisim (aka: A clash of values)

Certainly, one of the more intriguing aspects of observing the evolution of communism in the 21st century is witnessing how individuals spring forth while preserving the "collective intellect". I personally do not feel it's possible or even necessary. As I've previously stated, today's global layout is more along the lines of economic subdivisions for the sake of administering the well-being of their respective populations and much less to do with nationism. I mean, take the U.S. for example. What allegience or moral responsibility does a corruporation have to it's country of origin in a globalized economy? If actions speak louder than words then there is no perceptable responsibilty whatsoever.

Even here in the west where there is an attempt to balance socialism with capitalism there is a deep, inner conflict being experienced by the politicians in question because their economic policies are constructed in such way so as to preserve the constant revenue streams necessary to keep banks and the rest on the corporate right in the black to the deteriment of everyone else. It's as though it's taboo to even think about dabbling with taxation in a way that interferes with the financial rights prerogative to make infinite profits while the vast majority are made to struggle from day to day, week to week and month to month etc.

This effect can be observed at the street level where we as individuals can be made to bear the brunt of the guilt for the social standing of many an unfortunate person. The result is that if we look out of place by wearing clothes or purchasing food above our material worth then the implication is to condition us so as to make us "fit the economic mould". It doesn't matter if the things one has or wears are years, even decades old. All that matters is that you're probably making other people feel uncomfortable and that then generates a social reaction of "wanting more" In other words, you should only look and feel commensurate to your economic placement. Irrespective if that placement is because of divorce,inheritance, settlement, frugal savings etc. And the respective government ministries don't like to be badgered with unending requests even demands for more social flexibility.

Hence, the notion of "identity" or singularity and more importantly of individuality. Some probably even feel that we should live in neighborhoods where people consume and have appearances more in keeping with our economic lot or our jobs. I mean, non-elected citizens do not set policy or have any responsibility to the society around us aside from the obvious necessities of social etiquette which many seem to lack thus, demonstrating their poor education and/or upbringing. There are people afoot with such audacity who would, if they had their way, delve right into the individuals pocket and attempt to puppeteer when, where and to whom people should give. Then judgementally determine with "moral quality or standard" of that individual.

I've long contended that everyone should have the right to dignified housing, clothing, healthy nutrition, communications access (socially distributed phone cards), transportation (socially distributed transit passes) and education access to permit the healthy growth and development befitting of a modern and truly civilised society. This would dissuade people from harassing the general public for things that would otherwise be made available to them so that they, like the rest of us, could just get on with theirs and our lives.

This is also raises the question of how mass media and religiion attempts to affect our sensibilities. On one hand it's perfectly acceptable for corporate media outlets with a singular identity to address a whole range of issues while when an individual engages in the exact same behavior it's deemed inappropriate or questionable. That is purely subjective however but, nonetheless one of the many challenges of living in a competitive society where control surrounding perception is so vehement and profound. Mass media has been a convenient recourse for the 20th/21st century politician because the guilt is constanly aimed at the public through television and it's corresponding advertising while bypassing any reflection on their own behavior where someone can bear down on their conscience in much the same manner as is experienced by the "average individual"

Religion on the otherhand, uses the contextual reference of "freedom of religion" to effect a downsizing of individuality precisely because it impacts the significance of their artificially constructed deities. So, people are presented with subtely conveyed and implied warnings whereby we can't challenge either government, religion, state-run media or the polices blunt instrumental intimidation of the "general" population.

These are indeed challenging times but, optimistically we all should stay the course and be who we are meant to be whether or not it makes the status quo or the people who desire more recognition and promenance beyond their station of call squirm, frustrated, feel awkward or somewhat inadequate.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01/22/13 The pont of reason or the object of the exercise

When asked why he or anyone would scale or climb mount everest Edmund Hillary replied, because it's there! That pretty much sums up why I take dead aim at the "scum of the earth". Because they're there and they're always up to no good.

As I was getting on the "public transit" system today and was once accosted for the upteenth time I thought again about LOGIC, seeing as it is near and dear to my heart and how it in almost no way plays a role in business other than satisfying the bottom line of the bottom feeders. My point of reference is the essence of life and I've quite articulately outlined my central reference to my thinking which cannot be refuted, disputed or denied. The world wasn't designed around a bottom line by a bunch of bottom feeders. It was designed around a core of physical elements. So, then I thought how the people who beg for money on the street are invariably more deserving of it than most of the people in business. I arrived at the conclusion that logic and business are about as synonymous as religion and spirituality. In other words, they share no common ground. In fact, isn't "business intelligence" an orxymoron or is just a bunch of morons PERIOD with monkeys hired to protect their interest?

I never wanted to get in to "zones" when I travel. I, as I suspect most reasonable people, just want to get on a mode of transportation and get from point A to point B as quickly, efficently and as safely as possible. Not to mention affordably. But, when harassed by this monkey culture yet again and for more money (I've already paid $91 for 1 zone and it's $87 for 2 zones - go figure! apparently, I was in zone violation) I was compelled to investigate a little further. The logical mind would purchase a ticket relative to the amount stops and/or transfers incurred while reaching ones destination but, the bottom feeder of translink thinks in terms of the city center and the need of people to travel within it's core. Thus, keeping people outside of the city center until they or we fork out more money. I wasn't asked where I would be traveling when I purchased the zone pass for the first time and was given no map outlining the zones in question. It's as though we are incriminated the minute we get out of bed in this city and yet, all we're trying to do is follow our common sense. The visionaries behind this transit system are about as intelligent as a cinder block.

This is why we should probably begin to ponder the use of computers utilizing embedded chips and automated machines for all sorts of finance, construction and assembly as a means of performing the most fundamental business functionality seeing as they show a wanton disregard for human simplicity, sensitivity, morals and the need to minimize complexity in an every increasingly complex world. They have in fact, compounded complexity as a means of intruding upon peoples personal space. The bottom line is a necessity, not an inseperable relation to logic for the betterment of humankind or the general population. However, it's ripple effect is thoroughly passed on to even the most insignificant of people as a means of survival.

This reminds me of another quote from the movie "All the presidents men". "If you have em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow". From Nixon's counsel Colson. This world we live at present isn't a pretty one. It's essentially a cesspool of the very worst of humanity. This is most likely why religion, politics and money are so tightly intertwoven. I mean, if you have them hypnotized religiously then you're are more likely to manipulate their vote politically and hence, be capable of garnering a greater market share commercially.

The fact remains that there is a line between good and evil, right and wrong, true and false. If there weren't there would be no competition for power and control and wherever people can they will invade, not only our privacy, but our personal space and any other point of vulnerability imagineable. In my humble estimation, this is why it's bad for governments in a free and democratic society to privatize fundamental public funcitonality. It's because it opens the door for a whole range of poltical and religious bacteria who take great delight in molesting the general public need for such basic necessities such as the ones I've previously outlined. Private, personal and dignitified living space. Healthy food and proper clothing. Communications and transportation and of course, the ultimate food for thought, KNOWLEDGE.

Here's a point of illumination for the uninitiated. If such an experiment could be devised whereby you could take the most evil state of mind in the world and juxtapose it against the most compassionate they could both potentially achieve an indistinguishable "state of calm" (not all nervous or jittery people are necessarily hiding something or capable of great evil) Say, like the godfather and the buddha. So, how would you know, just by looking, who was good and who was bad? The answer is you can't. It's impossible. That's why we attempt to use other values as means of determining the good guys from the bad guys. But, once again some of the worst and most devious in the world are the people who can program our computers, counsel us, drive police cruisers, wear religious garb and occupy a whole host of professional offices.

The nature of the impulse determines the quality of the mind. The desire to do good as opposed to evil. The desire to heal as opposed to harm. Ultimately, it stands to reason that people who produce or create from lifes essence and are in concert with the moral or ethical requirements of those pursuits are more likely to produce a positive effect whereas, those who abide by bottom lines, religous extremism, nationalism, greed or other forms of questionable states of mind are more likely to produce the effect we presently experience in the early part of the 21st century. The Black Hole of Soul. These metropolitan toilet bowls filled with hopelessness and despair. Governed and profited by the scum of the earth who care nothing of what people are trying to achieve. Who constantly turn a blind eye to the pain and suffering of the world and in so doing mindlessly contribute to the ills of the human race.

How does that scan? PING! Will wonders never cease? I mean, it's because the corruporation has become the government by proxy that there are so few independent and free voices remaining. Why democracy has been seriously degraded and it's means of governing barely distinguishable from other forms of tyranny. A hundred years ago the corruporation barely existed and it, like the banks, came with hat in hand. Like any negative force which consumes more than it puts back, if not kept in check it will squash every free-thinking voice out there so that the only one we hear is the one in league with the slime of humanity. The political, religious and financial right.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this (which many of you so obviously do) and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01/24/13 A funny thing happened on the way to the web...

Aside from encountering the standard array of mediocrity, low-life and mental defects I began to ponder the nature of or power of creation. Now, before I expand on this particular matter just let mention I do encounter many fine people who appear to be quite decent. I just don't know them personally or have any relationship to them. The other segments however, seem to go out of their way to make their presence known. Whether or not one tries to avoid them is seemingly irrelevant. They clearly suffer from an incurable obsessive-compulsive disorder.

At any rate, at this age one becomes increasingly aware of what drives people other than the mere need to "survive". It struck me that just about everyone with a mind to has an overwhelming desire to climb or rise in life. In other words, they want power, promenance and or control or influence. The difference between the good people and the bad of course, is the way they or we go about achieving such ends. The good ones merely have to produce of themselves while the bad ones try to supplement a different set of values in order to gain the aforementioned sense of importance. This is where greed and religion come into play. They both have an urgent requirement of desperation in order to accumulate power. Greed uses money and buys politicians, people and influences social policy. Religion on the other hand uses ignorance and destitution in order to satiate it's lust for power. Curiously, that lust for power has been known to translate into sexual lust. It's odd how the lust for power can indeed be very primal in how it compares with sex and hunger. Now, most people will of course, be very satisfied to have the opportunity to learn a skill and earn the necessary amount of finance from it in order to safely secure their future but, much of what erupts in the free market in the 21st century especially, in the big picture centers on the unending need to grow and expand.

Herein lies the rub. In the age of information and in fact, a considerable precursor to it INFORMATION IS POWER. The problems lies in determining which information is good and which is bad. Anecdotally, I recently encountered a banner on a website designed to draw the surfers curiosity. The text read "The 5 foods you should never eat" with a picture of a banana! Can you imagine? A freakin banana! This got my mind swirling around how people in the age of information can be much like child molestors attempting to lure their unsuspecting victims to their mirky world of perversion. It also raised the question, "Who can we trust"? Who is capable of telling the truth and how can we discern the information pollutors(people who need to pay for the line of sight) from the information providers(people who own intellectual property) or the information suppliers(people who merely relay information created by someone else).

Communication being the science that it is and knowledge being power as well as the enemy of faith is a very interesting observation. Also, social networking which is much like the dot-com bubble in that in has achieved a very quick peak and subsequent release is a testament to the fact that unless it resorts to considerable corruption and manipulation of web governance it's highly unlikely to maintain popularity over the long haul. In many ways it's the webs version of television in that it appears to simply be leveraging the human need to communicate as a means of bloating the experience with advertising.

This is most likely why even the respective religions, incapable of offering digestible information themselves or attracting new followers, revert to infultrating the social websites as a means of conveying their mind poison. In my humble estimation, this of course, is one of the many reasons why the social website experience will eventually peter out. People need to be able to trust their sources of information. It must be free from tampering, subtext or distortion while maintaining the integrity and security of true privacy. Because social networking has no real identity and is a hands-off proposition it is vulnerable to information imbalance because everyone tries to use it for their own purpose thus, ultimately constituting a multi-polar body of information. The old "too many chefs in the kitchen" analogy.

This begs the question. How are people most likely to discern the difference between good information and bad information? It seems to me that differentiating between what is good and bad would be relative to the individual in question. Much like the banana anecdote above, the human body is inordinately intricate and individual with the foods being beneficial to one detrimental to another. When dealing with information though we use a somewhat different litmus test. It has to do with power. Bad information takes away power. Dilutes the individual so the they disappear in the crowd. Sort of like the chinese. There aren't really any prominent chinese faces. There is just the face of china. It can't produce the individual while preserving communist ideals. It's a fundamental paradox. It's even the same in the west where people who gain promenance or notoriety are often times immediately shuffled into crowd, destroyed or distracted to outrage in order to keep the status quo in place. Power is very paranoid and incredibly insecure. It must be noted that true indentity is the only form information stability and must stem from valid, intellectual property. Take this domain for example, without it's intellectual property it is all but worthless.

The same holds true for the social networking sites. All that matters is the site itself and not the individual. It becomes like a television network, radio station or print magazine. The individual doesn't count. It's the antihesis of freedom and the enemy of democracy. The age of information is designed and it's purpose is to empower the individual. I always held the belief that everyone should have their own digital domain much the same way we have a name. A domestic digital entity where we all have our own information and content environments accessed anywhere in the world, anytime by each and everyone of us, at least, theoretically. Whether people are motivated as such is an entirely different matter altogether.

However, the entire thinking behind digital consolidation is to precisely limit our freedoms in the age of information. This would have the effect of a power compression so that the lawyers, accountants, judges, politician etc looking what each and everyone of us are watching and where and when this is occurring. To my mind, this would be quite disconcerting. Ultimately, information like democracy is exceptionally difficult to contain and control. It's the nature of life itself. People want and need to be free to grow and be themselves while having as much control as possible to secure their own living and computing environments. Within reason, of course.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01/27/13 The Love Supreme

John Coltrane's last album was one of incredible urgency and intensity and it was probably because he was dying. I reluctantly start this blurb off with this because I am encompassed by hate and scum the likes of which I never imagined. My sincere apologies to the good people of this city and elsewhere but, it is to be expected that someone like me with my outspoken views would be on the receiving end of some really nasty people. That includes where I live and where I rehearse. You're just going to have to take my word from me on this. I have no reason to lie.

The first flag was the copious amount of blue screens. Now, I am a very careful surfer but, with this trumped up war on terror and the money involved with web and information domination, not to mention religious and political power mongering, it's a surprise I've made it this far. All I've ever wanted is some peace and quiet. I live in a place that crafted just for my viewing pleasure as I have in other places. No tv or radio with only the ability to surf through the owners network. Rehearsing in a non-musical environment run by non-artistic or non-muscial people with terrible accoustics and a bunch of mental defects scurring about. I have to rehearse in the morning else I'd have to listen to some really, really bad musicians (I use the term loosely. It's more like people who play around with musical instruments). This is why I gravitated towards the web in the first place. To rise above it and deal with actual musicians. Let me make it clear that I have nothing whatsoever against any of these people. They have sought me out for whatever reason. I simply wish to be let alone and to have some domestic and creative stability.

At any rate, all that aside, I want to make one thing crystal clear before any more ***t goes awry. The COPS ARE NOT THE GOOD GUYS. There's more to life than "good intentions" and the younger the more naive. It's time to shatter this illusion once and for all. Let's put this puppy to sleep so that we can stop playing these games of public perception. One of the many flaws of right-wing mass media. Anyhow, this applies no matter what city or country in the world you find yourself. The Law enforcement (security, corrections, parole, lawyers, judges etc) in the 21st century is an evil. Undoubtedly, a necessary evil but, an evil nonetheless. I mean, what the heck are they protecting us from anyhow? Violence? Theft? Well, I've always held firm in that our politicians could spend copious amounts of money on monkey culture or they could ease up on the purse strings and let people breathe thus, reducing security expenditures across the board. That way they wouldn't be fomenting so much social friction to begin with. I'm quite certain that people are indeed, for the most part, good. I mean, only the consumate cynic thinks there is no good in the world. However, I can't say that about what rules and controls us. The sad truth for law enforcement is that they are pawns(especially, the cops) who need to be "the muscle" or the blunt instrument or worse still just protect the interest of the wealthy, the politicians and the religous scum. The truth be known, many of them don't mind at all. They get their crumbs.

The fact of the matter is that world as we know it has been structured (by the way, reality = structure in motion) or shaped around terror in one form or another with religion at the forefront. This is why so many people no longer trust islam or muslim extremist thinking. They've (the extremist factions) stupidly ruined everything for everyone partly because a few people spent way too much time in the desert a long time ago and ended up with evolutionary dementia deluding themselves that they were talking to god! Now, this spun and treated war serves as blanket policy for every kind of social unrest imaginable. I know in my heart that what prevents democracy from maturing is the fact that quite a few people are terrified to speak truly freely and openly for fear of being catagorized as some kind of potential terrorist or ailing from some kind of psychological disorder thus, being discriminated against.

Without desperation for the very necessities of sustenance the powers that be wouldn't have any power because people wouldn't care one way or the other. This is why we are on the cusp of more and more mind control. It started a 100 years ago with the war on marijuana and it goes on to this day. If you have people sedated with anti-depressants in a mind-numbing low-paying job that's seen as acceptable but, if they don't want to be subjected to economic slaughter then they're seen as evading some sort of imaginary responsibility or subjectively interpreted as lazy when it's all a ruse designed to confuse us all into mental fatigue and disorientation so that the unscrupulous, sinister scum in this time frame can continue to run roughshod over whomever whenever without anyone being able to stand up to them.

What's love got to with it? Exactly! What is deemed as or marketed as love is often times laudible but in reality it's a poor substitute acting as a bandaid for issues which clearly need a more long-term solution. Sure, you may get something convenient referred to as love if you crawl with your heart in hand to some umbrella religiously predatorial and exploitative organization. But, if people were just allowed to use their god-given instincts they'd piece together the puzzle of many-a-wary and worn life without having to sell their soul so some bent group could market numbers which completely belie the actual cognitive participation or contribution.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01/30/13 It's undeniable. I absolutely have found what I am looking for!

So many people have attempted to take control and ownership of god. I think people have always intuited the human flaw in the need to know or to be closer to the highest power of creation. Without question it is the quintessential source of human confusion prior to and including the 21st century. This isn't an attempt to glorify the free market as the be all, end all alternative to religous extremism or even religious moderation for that matter. This is merely an attempt to draw peoples attention to the fact that the human need to blend reality with spirituality leads to a freeing of psychological bondage.

This is why so much has been made of muzzling peoples free speech. The lengths that many have gone to in order to limit the thoughts of the individual. I suspect it's because the respective people who have in fact, micromanaged the spiritual impulses of many a population are both in fear of such individuals as well as vehemently oppressing the emergence of any line of thought which precludes the political domination of the varioius competing ideologies the world finds itself presented with.

Organizatons such as mass media or state-run media have historically filtered and spun perception to the advantage of politician, government, religion and yes, even the corruporation. Sure, an individual could write to their respective print media and editorialise but, if in fact the prevailing culture disliked or disagreed with a stream of conscience they could edit or counterpoint the postion in an attempt to minimise it's impact. Socially selectively muting and interpreting what is grafitti and what is the legitimate displaying of information has historically been the priviege of the wealthy in capitalism and the power of government and religion. The fact of the matter is that one persons legitimate display is anothers information pollution. None of us need be forcably subjected to propaganda be it corporate or otherwise. Truly legitimate information or product information is searched for with the respective owners of that information sitting pretty and patient while their respective clients inquire. All others are for all intents and purposes generate information litter.

This is not the case in the age of information. Here, I can say what I want as often as I like without anyone interferring with my line of thinking. Much to the dismay and chagrin of the tryrants at large. Unlike the various corporate and religious hypocrisies which litter the marketing environment I am not "controlling" what people see when they ride a bus or go to a major section of any city or access any major mode of transportation. This is my domain and I have registered it legitimately by hopefully, a corruporation with accountable integrity for 100 years! More than long enough to rid the world of information garbage.

You see, I know in my heart that the human mind was designed with order in mind. A structure of thought in keeping with evolution itself. This is precisely what competing ideologies and governments the world over have feared. This is why they have resorted to manipulation of law, finance and education in efforts to clamp down on what is commonly referred to as dissent. But, FREEDOM OF SPEECH does not constitute dissent or sedition. In fact, it is the foundation of democracy itself and is to be jealously guarded and protected for all to see. Why? It's because this is what resonates with other people who seek to know the order of life. In other words, to "sort things out".

Tyrants the world over, whether it be through communications, transportation, energy and even information monopolies have attempted to stronghold perception. It's vital to power and very lucrative to the bottom line. After all, he or they who have the ears and eyes of the public can pour an awful lot of suggestive influence from purchasing to spiritual guidance down their throats. But, I don't "broadcast". I don't hand out leaflets or drool socialism on a street corner. I merely offer to the discernable, objective mind an alternative to the mindless banter and inane babble of people who take away freedom and individual sense of worth and power. I let the individual decide, without cost or commitment, whether or not he, she or they care to consider my point of view.

I happen to live in a place where many modes of transportation are adorned with the prefix "Spirit of...". Well, it could be successfully argured, being a world class musician and long-distance runner that I embody and epitomise the "Spriti of Freedom". Forging a seamless harmony of spirituality and realtiy potentially empowering individuals the world over with an explanation that stabilizes as opposed to destabilizes or radicalises the individual. Encouraging sound thinking designed to penetrate the densest of 21st century primitive cerebrums.

Personally, it gives me a sense of liberty and calm that fortifies my relationship with the true power of creation thus, establishing a strong set of convictions with "the higher power" without attempting to control the mind of people. This also allows me to debunk the junk in the Black Hole of Soul successfully seperating monkey from god and putting the ball squarely in the court of the subterranean head cases, the sublime slime aka; The SS who gear right up for these head games of superstition, of hints and allegations. Who have no voice whatsoever but, who obsess night and day on ways to try and "get in the head" of a fundamentally sound mind as opposed to the woefully inferior and outdated modes of the faith-based generated funda "mentally ill".

Relgion is dead as we know it. Religions which have demeaned and subordinated woman, who abuse and misuse the will of the people no longer server the greater good of the human race. So too is communism. No people who reproduce to the point of 1.3 billion can ever have real credibility when it comes to the value of human life. Human bio-mechanics are not the cornerstone of humankind. For without consciousness we a little more than a herd of animals uncontrollably manufacturing geopolitical tension to the point of necessitating a cull of the herd.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01/02/13 A constant state of amazement - The water of life.

That's what I'm experiencing real time and not in an otherly world state, by any means. I simply can't get over what's happening in my average, ordinary life. Could it just be me I wonder? Because I think of how things evolve, how people gravitate either knowingly or unwittingly to a field of endeavor only to achieve mediocrity or hopefully, to manufacture innovation, experience discovery and inspire the next generation of excellence. That's what I think of when I think of my domain, my talent and the potential for this website for so many people over so much time.

How is it that a person with such humble beginnings should become so precise in my articulation of moral concepts and behavior? Consider the amount of people who study and practice law the world over. The judges, lawyers and yes, even the politician. How is it that one person with a very modest technical background in computers and networking ends up with one of the most pivotal domains in the history of the web. Consider the mind of electrinal engineering, physics, computer science etc. How is it that someone who never attained a phd in philosophy ends up structuring logic on a seismological scale? It is truly bewildering to this ordinary persons life and it is a constant sourrce of both stimulation and awe.

When I say the "water of life' it is immediately interpreted by some as a violation of christian doctrine but, christianity to be the water of life they would have to produce irrefutable evidence to that end and since they have no remains they have not the water of life but, merely an empty spigot. I am not here to crush any religion only to encourage people to live a real life in the real world. What christianity ultimately became and is today is a political instittution built on the back of supposedly a man who merely performed in a manner conducive to the power agenda of a very sinister and opportunistic mindset. Not to mention, that it also gave them a weapon psychologically which helped formed the basis of anti-semetism.

No, when I say the "water of life" I mean it in the truest sense of crystalline logic being a state of mind or conscience extending from the tertiary composition of water itself. It's rational, it's clear and it makes perfect sense. It can be even understood thatt is why people will often buy water to achieve the purest taste. Crystal clear and totally refreshing. Water when it is gathered together also has physical relationship or consistency in that it produces a substantial amount of weight that easily shift the balance of power in just about any culture imaginable. Why else would ONE persons thinking be such a threat to so many people? I have no money. I have no tangible wealth or property other than this domain and the power of creativity containted within my skill as a world class musician. Should I not be permitted or should I be prevented from achieving my lifes worth in this regard then it will simply "reflect" the poor morality of this time and live as a stain of infamy on the conscience of all who follow in this time frame.

Moving on to economics in question I have many problems with the politicians who, by proxy, off load the public right to challenge policy onto the private sector. Here I will reference this farce of a public transportation system built with money from the public coffers but, oddly enough insulating the political culture from any public indignance. In other words, we can be fined and arrested and thus, barred from using the very factility which is designed by purpose to be "public". May I remind the politician of today that they themselves are magnetically drawn towards the political sea of sleaze under the mirage of a "higher calling" only to sell out soul and democracy while hiding behind the necessity of the bottom feeders suckling on the bottom line. This strikes at the dark heart of many politician in this time period who come to the stunning realisation that they are powerless in the face of econmics but, this where democracy shall and will prevail. People do not vote to be taken advantage of and this is why mass media (tv, print, radio) has served the unscrupulous politiician with unflinching loyalty and lies to distort and spin every agenda under the sun.

When economics hurt people then economics must change. Whether it's through an alteration of political policy, the computer code or a shift from what amounts to the practices of godless, desensitized scum onto a micro-chip. I mean, how many people create or produce with their lives as a means of survival? How do you survive? By living off the percentages of what other people earn and move around or by producing of your own "talent" And when a persons survival is threatened they will react most unfavourably to someone who can challenge them on a plane or field in which they no viable means of defense.

In closing, there are no shortage of people who salivate at the need to destroy me. I am as fit as any man my age. I look fantastic even though I don' t have the material worth that is supposed to reflect it and it's probably just another reason why so many of us are victims of those who have such poor morals and values and yet, who dare trumpet their supposed superiority of these deeply flawed characteristcs in an attempt to scrounge for more and more power. I am sure if the powers that be had there way they'd have me work on a construction site with all those backward rednecks, born again christians, rehabitilitated alcoholics and other variations of low-life who are experts in "work-place accidents". In addition, the amount of "veiled threats" are considerable when one is a target but, transparency has it's advantages and the "good people" of this time frame know that change is imminent.

Clearly, morality has been changing throughout the ages and it's time for the west to wake up to the fact that it isn't due to christianity but, rather christianity has become a front or is largely influenced by that very segment of the legal culture who have deviously used the legal system to conform the populations of the west into good little christian soldiers. Sacrificing whoever they wish for whatever political agenda necessary.

It's no secret that the power base on the right is very upset with the re-election of the democratic president in the U.S.. Nations are about money, not human dignity or civil liberties. However, human identity from this point on will and is transcending borders, religion and nationality. The people who control the brunt of wealth within their respective borders have a vested interest in controlling "freedom" of speech and most especially choice. That's most likely the reason they would never legalize the "right to die" because these cannibals suck the blood of many a human being for their own survival without ever produciing any life essence whatsoever. Oddly enough they would argue that it conflicts with their "moral ideals". I mean, the hypocrisy is suffocating. The poor delineation, the deeply flawed reasoning process. Don't you know by now? We're all crazy if we don't want to be re-cryled into the christian bottleneck and saved. The sad truth is that human beings are the grist for their carnivorous mill. The last of a dying breed of meat eaters and blood drinkers. Totally corrupt and bereft of any redeeming quality whatsoever. People who use politics, law and medicine as a means of infultration and sabotage. THE SCUM OF THE EARTH!!!

There is one other thing I will add before I sign off and that is how the internet in all of it's myraid of social flatulence has been infected by the far right. Even wikpedia it seems is not safe from being devalued by this filth. People who inject their prose into information that is supposed to be befitting of an encyclopedic strutcture. Accurate and precise as opposed to being opinionated. As with openn source it's strength is also it's achilles heel.

There is a reason we use the term "instrumental" when we refer to people who spearhead change or awareness. It is precisely because life is a composition and only the living dead use the language of decompostion. Without precision we have nothing, no structure, no instrumentation or the ability to measure, no architecture, no science and no engineering. Without morality we have no civilization and no god.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes. My condolences to the many wounded egos and backstabbing scum of this time frame.


02/02/13 The human composition

Truly the human psyche is a remarkable study in observation Seeing how we function is an amazing example of how behavioral patterns are formed whether we are aware of them or not. This gives rise to a term which has become associated with my liine of thinking known as the "physics of spirituality" and it refers to the layering of our conduct. Basically, it illustrates a both simple and obvious state of being. It consists of 3 states with the first one the phsysical or state of rest (calm), the functional or the bio-mechanical and the cognitive which relates why we do the things we do. Now, of course, I am over simplifying to make a point as there is much underlying completxity relating to the deeper functionality of all the bio"logical" systems.

When one is young it is highly irregular for an individual to be keenly "aware" of his or her surroundings. We basically want to find something that we love or are good at or which can result in gainful employment and thus, live our lives. I'm constantly struck by what people can do bio-mechanically without giving any consideration to it's moral or ethical implications. It's funny though how changes affect our stages of development. Most people in their 20s today will be hard pressed to recognize themselves in their mid 40s or 50s. The change can be very profound and oblivious to us as it is occurring. That's probably why when we're young we tend to have more attitude than abilitity. A drive to merely prove that we can be and do something.

This brings me to my next observation as an adult. That is how bio-mechanics in human conduct has absolutely no innate relationship to morality and ethics. It's astonishing to see what people can be directed to do without any consideration to consent or awareness. We as human beings also have an incredible capacity to engage in the most questionable activities knowingly. This is why it is important that the choices we do make are not made under duress or due to coercion otherwise, those choices become flawed or tainted. It's also important in the big picture sense because democracy is predicated upon "free will" but, in many ways that is a perjorative phrase because most of us are scared to say what we really feel for fear of our jobs or our personal security or even our reputation.

So, the question arises. How do we ensure peoples true secutity so they we can vote our conscience or behave freely without fear of reprisals or punishment? What do we have a right to in order to secure our safety so that we don't have to worry about unforeseen consequences or circumstances? I have thought about this at great length and it appears to me that the fundamentals required are much like everything else in life in that it is constantly changing to meet an ever changing world. It's not appropriate for example, to use other nations which are in a lesser state of evolution as a means of gauging our own success. Our own secutity and well being is relative to what we or any other people, as a society are capable of producing.

These are basic essentials which I've outlined before and are befitting a society attemtping to move ot the next level of evoluion. Of course, we all have to have reasonable, dignified shelter with privacy and the necessary modernizations. We need healthy nutrition, suitable clothing, a good education system which opens, not limits access. We need to be able to move or transport ourselves. We need to communication and protect our information and identities.

This is not a competition . These are human rights and in combination with our civil liberties they shape the texture of our lives. They give us hope and a sense that we live under the stewardhip of sane politicians who do give creedence to social harmony and balance. Otherwise, democracry invariably suffers with social decay becoming epidemic and violent outbursts the undesired recourse to effect change. As well, the people who presently have the lions share of the wealth can and often times do subsequently dictate the social dynamics we find ourselfves in. This becomes problematic with the more violence unleashed arming the hard-line power of the far right with more ammunition for it's more stringent policies and postion.

The drive to want more is indeed a compettion. However, the basis upon what people deserve or warrant more is up for debate. When people have more without producing or creating then their is an imbalance of opportunity and an unjust level of possibility Also, profit should not be made relative to the essentials that I've previously outlined because they are the necessities of life and what we know about certain types of human beings is that they'd gouge us for most instinictive of our needs. That is why we pay so much for things that should be essentially provided. This is where relgion and greed has the capacity to exacerbate peoples ability to live without fear. They attempt to control politically, our very fundamentals while showing favour discriminating to those who think along the same lines as themselves.

There is plenty of room within the free market system for people to make copious amounts of profit without infringing upon our basic needs. This helps secure the voice of democracy and the "free will" of the people while balancing the driving force of those who wish to accumulate both fame and fortune. The bottom line is that if we don't enshrine certain protections then we are exposed to all sorts of sinister and unscrupulous behavior from competing sectors complete with desensitised bio-mechanical behavior and subsequent micro-management of others bio-mechanical behavior with or without our consent and/or our sense of well being in mind becoming normative.

Perhaps, it's not so hard to see the urgency in expressing this type of thinking in this type of medium or why mass media most notably throughout the 20th century has been so successful at spinning us out of control. Anecdotally, television mutated into propaganda. Now, they all want to be our best friends because they see the power of change that has them slotted for deletion. This is something that thas needed to be said for a long time but, which has been suppressed quite successfully in one form or another for decades. People can read and decide for themselves what tack to take into the 21st century and beyond without being in fear of strongarmed into undesirable behavorial patterns of compliance and conformity.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


03/02/13 The negative displacement theory

Let me start by articulating this "theory". The negative displacement theory clear states that for each amount of matter impulsed into the universe (for our purpose, I refer to the earth) there is a corresponding amount of light, space and gravity which accompanies it. When something is negatively displaced, as in the half-life of nuclear detonation over an area of geography, as an example, it takes a certain amount of time for the soil and and the atmosphere to regenerate it's ability to maintain life. Now, that is both a simple and elegamt delimeation of human logic. One that cannot be contested on reasonable grounds.

My opponent, being a state of mind, surely is not under the impression that the universe or creation or god for that matter, has created an illogical, unreasonable, organic life form that is what, self-destructive and passionately out of control by nature? I mean, it's very important for these people to write down their own thinking and reflect upon it. For if they have the words and the wisdom all they need to is put in on the wider plane of communicattions and people witll gravitate towards it. Even if they had the talent they could shine and project their message and convince people that the light is in their corner.

What they really should do is write an operating manual for human beings (minus the religious text). I'm talking about a comprehensive technical manual inclusive of all basic instincts, social etiquette, hi-tech fundamentals, nutritional, psychological, physiological etc, etc suitable for tolerant mosaic. One thatt makes an easy read and circumvents the inclusion of freedom. An absolute guide to specific human conduct. Generate an army and conquer the world you freakin butt heads. In case you haven't noticed just saying something is full of it isn't an argument. Nor is any other hint, gesture or suggestion. If you can 't articulate yourself then shut your pie hole and stick your thumb up your uneducated butt.

I guess all musicians are autistic too huh? Let's not forget that an eidetic memory is a form of disorder. Oh, and all covert operatives, potentially all people of science and anyone who remembers and practice their field with adroit consistency, professionalism or heaven forbid, even joy. How bout someone who over hears an insider trading tip or a deal, bargain on something for sale? Isn't that considered a form of uncontrollable autistic impulse, reaction? Oh, that's selective though isn't it? So, how exactly can you tell if EVERYTHING is getting in and the information in question is not being "filtered"? I mean, here I am in a room that faces the street. I guarantee you that if I "let the street in" when I was singing this smut would go to tremendous lengths to try and play with me. Of course, it would all be nonsense but, the point is that I want to screen what I see and hear and because of that I cannot possibly be autistic. The only reason I am defending myself as such is because smear and gossip can be whipped up much more easily today than ever before.All due to the fact that I reject mass religion and have my own domain where I can focus my own objective. All that jibberish aside is that the real scientific answer is that autism cannot be presented for objective analysis in the public eye as can other forms of disorders, plain and simple. Not without forcably subjecting somebody to severe clinical scrutiny and blood testing. But, then how would anyone know the data was not being politically manipulated? Face it! They're two-bit fucking carney hypnotists head-fucking (forgive the harshness of the language) humanity from one end of it to the other since they've crawled out of the hole. Total fucking SLUGS. As we are all too well aware that's one thing all SLUGS have in common. They comprise and leave a residual known as the SLIME OF HUMANITY in their wake!!! As we all now know courtesy of market-driven psychology if you're not working as a drone in the market place you are "suffering" from some disorder. Total disconnects with absolutely no god, no hope, no talent. NOTHING! Total loosers in the true sense of the word whose sense of reality and sanity is linked to the non-descript. I love it. These people help poison the world and anyone within their sphere of influence with their religion, politics, industrialization, computer hacking and war mongering and then anyone who even attempts to suggest an alternative or a resolution is out of their mind. It's as though they are under the impression that no human being is really sane, let alone good. I guess, if I were they I'd take the same spectrum of drugs, bad media and bad literature into my head to compensate for my screwed up childhood, family life and brain chemistry huh? Blech!!!

The fact of the matter is that since I've envisioned my domain and created a digital and philosophical foundation satisfactory for the purpose of my own life which doesn't include or emphasize any form of mass religion all the nutbars have been coming out of the nutjar. This early 21st century grope is comprised of a mindset that insists we all must be continually bombarded with marketing and advertising thus, turning the internet into a digital times square in order for sancity of commercial enterprise to be preserved. The sad truth is that these metropolitan toilet bowls of glitz and razzle-dazzle horse shit are over kill and have been for quite some time. They're not necessary for the promotion and expansion of business anymore than skyscrapers are which are little more than egotisitical shrines but, if someone like me has a domain oh well, that's seen as self centered and egocentric. I mean, give it a rest already. People are connecting the dots and seeing a bigger clearer picture with each passing year. Plenty of calm, rational minds see the same slant. Commerce should be about quality and price, nothing more, nothing less. When the mind is calm and collected it can search online for precisely what it needs without being "hustled". From that point all it needs is a local address in order to visit or a way of getting the product delivered. It's the same old politics of greed. People trying to coral a potential purchasing segment so they subject them to whatever price and quality they deem necessary. This so-called hype is what all the yanks and everyone else they can whip into a financial feeding frenzy is concerned with. Isn't curious how that feeding frenzy is little different than religious fanaticism? How the exact same behavioral pattern unfolds. There is little wonder both factions came into a particle physics like clash.

Imagine being someone like me, being a target and being so closely scrutinized or even feeling that you were to the point where everything you did, watched or consumed or practiced (as in music) was being interpreted by some other professionally employed or detached socio-path. Subjectiviely analysed and rebroadcast to whoever, wherever. Where people would think you were sending "messages" (theme to the twilight zone playing). To the point where you could never actually live a private life. Polluted by a bunch of morons who have no brains whatsoever and too much on their hands. The ability to simply degrade the quality of any community they are a part of despite the fact that they "pay their taxes". Is that democracy? Is that freedom (what about freedom of spirituality without it being compounded or infected with religion)? Is this what life is supposed to be in canada in the 21st century? It sure seems like it because everyone now, courtesy of the war on terror has to be accounted for. Even if you delude yourself into thinking you're living off the grid you're not. You're profiled.

No, the answer to their dilemna of course is that they don't have an answer, they can't come up with one and they know it. In fact, the world knows it. This is why they resort to such subversive tactics in an attempt to regain power that is irrevocably slipping through their fingers exponentially as I type I might add. The present nutbars notwithstanding, their pedecessors have monkeyed around with my finance, my lighting, electrical, plumbing, heating, stole things etc, etc in a feeble attempt to generate some sort of reaction, any sort of reaction that they can hold up as evidence of my poor human standard. They obsess about my sexual orientation, proclivities or tendancies, my viewing habits, my computer and on and on and on. They would love nothing more than for me to pull my hair out with regard to my computer(s). Have me chase my tail, this dirtly, filthy, godless sleaze. Why would I lie? The answer is I wouldn't because that alone would discredit my entire reason d'etre. The objective, reasoned mind can distinguish between paranoia and some other disorder and the high degree of probability that I'm under the microscope. What they've got in instead is that they make me look awesome in the eyes of the average person in addition to amplifying the "wow factor". In short, it doesn't get any better than this. The mark is made and the standard set.

With respect to the negative displacement theory it is tangible and it has a meaningful application to people in this time frame. It refers to life, human life being dessicrate,. abused, violated, distorted, deformed so much so that in many situations it can't be restored to it's original lustre. I speak, not only of human life but, of course the environment. Now, I wouldn't be so low as to climb on the back of a movement claiming a "green logic theory" or any such nonsense. No, this is about empowering people so that those of us who can are enabled with the ability to get the most of life without selling out or selling our souls.

You know, I see many establishments sprinkled around this beautiful city proclaiming wellness, well-being, healing, curing etc, etc. The truth unbeknownst to most is the human body is self-healing. It is a marvel of universal engineering that need only the information and opportunity necessary to achieve full homeostasis. It's designed into our bio-mechanics. The sad thing is that in this time of competing interestes with respect to privatized medical facilities we are deluged with the need to maintain the status quo because of the these so-called healers need a steady stream of clientele for their "bottom line". They care nothing of the mental, physical health and certainly not the spiritual well being of human beings. They have to "survive" and like all parasites who find a host they need to keep that host alive for as long as possible in order to finance their own security or safety.

It' s going to take a while and patience is indeed a virture so a word to the wise. What exists today is shrivelling up, drying up and blowing away with the wind. You brought nothing but trouble and confusion for people and planet and you are slated for deletion. Accept it, embrace it and release it. You are the living dead and your days on this earth are numbered.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


01/04/13 The feudal system is alive and well

It's a place no human wants to be and that is under the micro-management of a residential tyrant, Yet, this is where many a person finds themselves into todays unsavoury capitalist environment. It's unique in it's assessment of the state of democracy in the 21st century because countries are, for the most part overpopulated and very poorly managed. The driving force of life and evolution often times blinds us from the effects of policies out politicians set in motion. Populations up to this point have been primarily bred for one major purpose and the is to wage war or to defend various nations from becoming unwieldy in the unfortunate evemt of invasion. And politicians, being what they are for the most part, blessed with fat heads and no vision tend to sit back and just let economics "dictate" democracy. That is an egregious error.

Housing or shelter is a human right. Most decent human beings know this in their hearts. Looking at the ratio of vagrants is a stinging indictment on our system. People with whom no one knows what to do with and so the burden is of course, off loaded to the private sector because this endless litany of idiot politicians have neither the courage or moral fibre to do anything about it. Many of these landlords and I use the term very loosely, have issues out the yin yang and living with people is a very intimate experience. As intimate as any other social relationship including marriage. Many times people are desperate to find a place to stay with limited abilities to finance such ventures and can be left at the whim of many an unscrupulous and imbalanced landlord.

This is why there needs to be a re-evaluation of what institutions should be directly under government control and supervision and what should be left to the private sector. Housing, communications, energy, education and transportation seem to me to be at the top of that list. Most well adjusted adults want a clean,quiet and safe place to exist without being chaperoned or monitiored. The problem is compounded when you have wide discrepancies between municipalities regarding everything from poliicing to garbage collection and recycling. The polician and the beaurocrat are just too deep into peoples private lives. Making live miserable and intolerable.

In addition, the private sector builds sub-standard qualitiy which is vastly overrated and over priced. I think most architects today are cut and paste. Cutting corners with every dollar imaginable and pasting the cheapest materials in the structures in question. Disposable junk that is meant to be replaced the miniute it goes up. Adding yet again, to the endless complexities that people need to become apprised of if they are to become "men and women" in this world of the right-wing capitalist monkey. When the government is directly involved in housing there is voter accountability. Not like these fragmented and bogus "stratas" which have cropped up over the years. No, we need a system of housing that reducing the level of manipulation and interference by people who are not necessrily the nicest or the most ethical. With respect to the landlords, they need to pay their mortgage and care very little about the problesms of other but, housing is a right and not a privilege.

The tax system is skewed in the wrong direction and this is what drives cynicism and voter apathy because no one from one election cycle to the next is willing to take a bold stand and shape our society in a manner befitting tolerance, inclusion and acceptance without brain washing, comformity and compliance in accordance with policies and administrationwhich are woefully out of step with an ever-changing world.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


02/05/13 The point is crystal clear

I'm not kidding here. I take mental health (mine most assuredly) very, very seriously. As I've previously mentioned, I know mental health to be THE most pressing issue confronting the 21st century. Last night I posted here very briefly to illustrate a point and that was what I write here is immediately noted and analysed and it isn't for my mental health or my sense of well being. Although I should mention that it was an accurate depiction of my present predicament. No, it is precisely for the purpose of attack. In fact, it's SAD. Seek out And Destroy. To use another prominently displayed marketing slogun. "We're hanging on your every word".These are the mentally ill actively engaged in attempting to make those of us who are unquestionably mentally healthy, ill. My point as well as I appeal was a resounding success. Only a fool would claim otherwise. All the people I mentioned, in addition to my sister(s) et al, saw the post but, they would never admit that for they are all spineless, backbiting cowards.

This begs the question. What constitutes good mental health? It appears to me that mental health is not unlike physical or spiritual health (body, mind and soul). Meaning what re-inforces or strengthens the body must equally apply to the mind and the spirit.. So, if we are active, eat and rest well it stands to reason that we should be in good physical form. So too for the mind. Healthy psychological reinforcing activities will make the mind stronger. Activities such as music(it should be noted that my level is once again approaching the very best in my field and I am ready to apply myself to the appropriate genres), painting, writing, computer programming, architecture, engineering, mathematics, reading etc. I can't speak for acting as a mentally healthy activity although I'm quite sure the best are indeed that for it would appear to me to require exceptional mental stamina in order to constantly pretend to be someone else and yet, be ones self.

Now, religion is not a mentally healthy activity for the soul and this is why mental health is such a profound issues facing all of us in this time frame. Reality is the reinforcing center of good mentally generated mental health. They have to, once and for all, be jettisoned to the trash heap of evolution. Their social dysfunction is impossible to avoid. They lack reason and knowledge as a basis for their existance and they rely on the afterlife to support their "faith based generated mentally ill belief system". The amount of human carnage they have "amassed" is indeed profound and these dark seekers never stop because it's at the core of their power base.

This is why we can't rely on politicians to be concerned with our mental health and that is for the most obvioius of reasons. Many of have had both a moral and ethical bypass on their way to the very power center of politics itself. The shrinks can't be depended on because they are as vulnerable to religion, politics, greed and egotistical control as anyone.

The truth of the matter is that in an ever evolving chain of life the healthiest of socieities will undoubtedly exhibit the smallest ratio of mental health profressionals, police, security, survellance etc. The sad fact of this whole situiation is that many of these people have based their very existance and survival on the mentally ill. They need a client base in order to maintain their quality of life, to survive.

Anecdotally, I went to my rehearsal space this morning as I regularly do and lo and behold right there on the table in the vernaculare of computers and networking communications was some information pollution undoubtedly, strategically placed their in a facility specifically designed to promote mental health where the best of us who practice and perform music at the highest levels hardly need a reminder of who best to maintain quality mental health.

In closing, I would suggest to the suggestible reader to "get a life" and stop contaminating the very city and province which extends you the privilege for all of us to make a living within its borders. Instead, my opponent appears to be more concerned with bio-mechanical micro-management and pre-determining what our focus should be. Well, they should take heed for I have the scientific evidence of the fact that they react in the phyical sense to what I post here while I care nothing of their superficial meddling. PING!

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


02/09/13 For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction

Now, is that an insane statement I wonder? This is the nature of being me in this time frame. Unlike most of the no talent disconnects in their 20s and 30s who've lived no life I have and am therefore fully qualified to begin a point of view from precisely such a point. Think I'm autistic? Reality check! You're the one(s) reading this. Do you see a billboard out there attempting to "draw your attention to this domain? Do you hear any radio segments, see an television spots, any pamphlets or brochures in your mail. Even any spam? No, it's because you're the ones who are out of your minds.

The lost generation. A curious observation of whom many a parent will testify. The generation(s) who were casualty of the so-called social networking revolution. Those very sad people who literally got lost online. Whose communications amount to nothing as do their lives. Materialistic and dissociative. Clinically diepressed and hopeless causes. No girlfriends, boyfriends, no social life, no love life. Absolutely nothing but a common cause. To attack those in life who have amounted to something. Who have lived, who've made a mark, who have identity and who make inroads everytime we publish.

At any rate, this is the nature of this short blurb. In keeping with the physics of spritituality I keep it real. I articulate myself not in terms of the non-existant after life or of selling out because it's too difficult to make a stand or for what I believe in. Rather, I articulate myself knowing that each time get deeper and deeprer under the skin of the scum of the earth. The "bad guys". This is why relgion must die. It is to preserve the very freedom that our founding fathers envisioned long before this war on terror erupted courtesy of the islamic nutbar.

This is why jesus, mohammed, david, vishnu and yes, even buddha (just another way of shutting people up instead of helping them to understand our thoughts) must die. So we can all be free from thought control. So that we can express ourselves and live our lives to the fullest despite what a bunch of illiterate, no-talent lowlife may or my not think.

I offer this question as food for thought. Which country in the world has become the prototype for the rest? While those of you out there chew on that I will state unequivocally that no country has met the mark. The U.S. was close at one point but, since world war II the quality of civil liberties has decreased dramatically and with the war on terror they've all but disappeared. We're not much better here in canada.

Being a master of communications is really quite demanding. Getting my message out there while keeping my emotions and my ordinary humanity in check has really been nothing short of micraculous. Especially, seeing how many nutbars have sprang forth from the metropolitan toilet bowl in attempts to elicit every and any response imaginable. However, being a master of rhythm doesn't hurt either. It keeps me "grounded" and "rooted in spiritual reality, reinforces my true identity as opposed to the emotional disconnects which currently litter the communications landscape.

A word to the wise, being a target is not easy. Living in a home that is under "closed circuit tv" (living with the mental ill and those with nervous disorders) is merely one in a series of hoops I have had to negotitate. My many defenders and supporters can readily acknowledge the implications of just such an environment. Oh, and this is what our wondrous chinese brethren have brought with them from china. In addition to the considerable weight upon our social system. They age alright. Not much productivity left in them but, man do they ever hold on for dear life.

Just keep this in mind when your evaluating my contribution to 21st century. Yes, I indeed did "mutter" when I was in my car or in my apartment but, it was "controlled" and specifically conducted because I rented from yet, another egomaniacial psychopath who, like many others became acutely aware of my "online presence' and identity. Consequently, I had a bug up my ass everywhere I went and in my living space. If this stuff didn't matter no one would or should be paying any mind to me. There are 1.4 million people in this particular city and most come and go without being given a second thought. You can't have it both ways. I am either getting to you or I'm not and if I'm not then what does it matter what I do or where I go or when? I've hitched across the country several times. Driven with countless people and rented many places. What have you journalised courtesy of my exploits? NOTHING! Time to get with the programs assholes. You got a one way ticket to the natural lagoon flusing system of life you godless filth.

The bottom line is that I will see to it one way or the other that the right is reduced in integrity to the point of merely being a voice for money. As far as the religous aspect goes, even the PM is appears to be issuing "veiled threats" with respect to passing the buck in regards to the behavior of certain types of mental illness. The fact is that christianity as welll as islam has so effectively brain washed people that when the cotter pin of extremism is removed from their cerebral core they become highly unstable, radical, volatile with bad brain chemistry. Sure, I express myself HERE where it is stable, where it is mentally healthy and where I, as a citizen in a free-speaking democracy have the right bestowed me courtesy of a much better breed of politicians than the rablle that exists today.

In closing, I'm certain I ruffle many a feather here and there are many suggested or implied consequences for my actions but, know this. People don't "choose" to be homeless or hungry or cold anymore than we we choose to be insane. Anarchists are usually realized because they have an axe to grind. They feel life has cheated them out of something. However, it is totally counter-intuitive to our very survival instincts to be anything but safe and sound. No, these are limited choices which are put on our plate precisely because those of us, such as myself refuse to conform and this is the ONLY reason why I would "choose" the right to die. Not because I don't absolutely and unequivocally love life but, because these "dark seekers", this "spiritual perverts" never stop. There very power base is contingent up the preservation of a fragmentation of human thought that is directly responsible for the very geo-political circumstances in which we find ourselves in today. This is why I have no tv or radio or any means of accessing political proceedings in canada, no less. These people want to muzzle me. To shut me up using the RCMP, CSIS or any other monkey culture at their disposal.

The fact is I am not an enemy of the U.S. or religion. I am simply a free man making the most of my free choices without promoting or encouraging the use of violence and destruction as a means of effecting "positive change".

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


02/16/13 Communications is central, vital! (Natural vs Unnatural) aka; The sea of power)

My opponent is pro-active. It will tamper, badger, stalk, harass, intervene, undermine, sabotage and cross the line. It will breach the thresh-hold, cross borders, boundaries and break barriers in an attempt to dominate by force. This is the way of the monkey. This is it's defining characteristic, it's peak and it's pinnacle at this anthropological snapshot in time. It has no moral center and no point of reason which is ultimately accountable. It will support the funding of increases to police, security, survellance, incarceration facilities, covert operations etc but, never support taxation which alleviates social tensions mititgating the need for the aforementioned. It is vengeaful (derivative of it's religious roots), punitive and completely intolerant to challenge. It must dominate and control at all costs!

This is the political, corporate and religious right. It is blatantly skewed to the right. This right-wing bias is directly responsible for compromising the genetic code, the environment and for manufacturing the social disparity which we all find ourselves witness to and it knows no limit to it's insatiable appetite for power, greed and control. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths people will go to in order to control choice or the mind itself. We are clearly witnessing an epic battle of which significantly dwarfs the clashes of military establishment almost to the point of rendering it moot.

We have an industry in television which is also into the internet and this clearly constitutes a flagrant violation of the spirit of the free market and competition. It is simply outrageous to imagine for a moment that a provider which has realized it's place in the market through advertising would be ethical enough to regulate the freedom of communications as it is represented through the internet. It would be like a brand manufacture of pharmaceuticals or even supermarket items capable of providing a fair pricing scheme for competing products. It's unrealistic and they must be seperated in order to generate a viablle alternative to "branding". The internet represents a "brand free" communications environment and simply must not be controlled by any competing interests. Free choice is and must continue to be based on anonymous searching. This is precisely how the freedom of movement is facilitated and maintained depsite whose interests are left vulnerable.

Today, by virtue of modern communications subcultures can form in "packs" and through vigilante right-wing clusters profile, seek out and hound any prospective competition of thought that they deem undesirable or a threat to their political monopolies. This is why they have, through the 20th century been able to take control over mass media and poison us with unnatural perceptions and the systematic dehumanization of people in other nations such as the "commies". Today, they have felt a sharp release in their death grip over the information digestion of the worlds people courtesy of the internet so, while it has acted in their favour in terms of their ability to use money as a means of facilitating their agenda it also has added the balancing effect of empowering the individual.

Now, I never, ever wanted to the the or a "center of attraction". It was always my intention to be in the background just as I am a world-class drummer to provide the energy while other people out front received the lions share of adulation and applause. I was always happy to simply play my part in the background unbeknownst to those around me. The problem with this scenario is that I can't win for loosing and in fact, no one could or can. The deck has always been stacked against those of us who speak for liberation as opposed to incarceraton. When anyone does my opponent always has stood up and pointed the finger stating that here's another individual who wants to be front and center, who wants a "free ride. But, it is they who get the free ride on the backs of the people using the resources of a land they never created. Using it to underpay and exploit people from all walks of life while playing to the gullability of the populace.

This is basically how religion was "impulsed" into being. Pitting people against people, culture against culture until we become so distracted that we forget the point of the exercise. After all, no human being can everthing to everyone all of the time. It's impossible, unnatural and unwanted. So, the right has, over time, constructed a way of political micro-management that skillfully oppresses and strips us of our abilitiy to fight for our true rights and freedoms while holding the carrot of the afterlife as a "release" from the torments and the unfair experience that life provides. This in many ways has been at the heart of my own personal investigation into matters of spirituality. I asked myself, would that which created life bring us forth into bondage only to have us experience a prolongued state of intolerable misery, discomfort or would it in fact, be the source of love, celebrating life and extending it all of us so that we could treasure it, value it and make the most of each of our physcial encounters with an experience that no afterlife could ever "quatifiably" compare?

I mean, if, as they say, love is the answer then surely it must flow from reason, that which has created us must be of love at the source. Think of all the billions and in fact, trillions of people who will eventually be given life. Is it fair to subject them all to endless frustration with little or no hope, recourse to politically improving theirs and our lives just so a handful of elitist, irrespective of the lines of political demarcation, can benefit to the few at the cost of many?

No wonder they go through such pains to divert, and distract, to cut off those of us who can make a difference. They have the most to loose. They have come into power, profit and control through the most unholy roads of all and now they see the writing on the wall. The 21st century has heralded in a form of communications genie that will not be put back in the bottle and the changes we are witnessing today will only increase tenfold over the coming decades and centures. This is a mathematical certainty.

I will add one more note before I sign off today. It was a thought that occured to me as I was walking along the avenue on my way home. That is how the negatively displaced (relative to center or comfort zone, peace etc) have formed a protective barrier to those who maintain a stranglehold over the society in which we live. Often times, the least educated feebly compensate their lack of knowledge and awareness with instincts poorly equiped to deal with todays complex issues. Those who suffer from the politically manufactured schizoprenia. The collarteral damage, as it were, stemming from the damaged wiring of the godless, as a cost of doing business. My god, how do they do it? That is how do they live with themselves? Do they forceably turn of that part of the brain designed to process logic and reason? Are they so spiritually disconnected so as to beecome the quintessential embodiment of desenstization?

The really sad thing is that so many of these people are so hopelessly damaged that they will in fact, do whatever it takes to protect the very base of the ideology guilty of exploiting them in the first place. They are looking for healing and they either can't afford to forage for professional help or they don't know how. Not that it will do them any good. This is where the organizations like the salvation army step in to profit from the unscrupulous thinking and policies of the far right.. Not to mention what appears to be the lost cause of psychiatry whose limp mentality profits from the same demographic. Whose voice is all but silent in the big picture. These people go to school to '"connect" not to "cure". Sort of like cancer, forget the cause and just deal with it on a palliative basis. God, how do they do it? I mean, I have been presented with the ability to communicate and due to that capacity I would never need to wander the streets aimlessly muttering inane babble.

My heart goes out to so many of these people. Professionals and average individuals alike. It's a white elephant where someone has had to speak up lest we forget the sacrifices already made in order give us the very life we have. The real solution here is empowering people, not confusing or draining them of energy and bleeding them dry. That way more people would be able to make choices that would fuel theirs and our true sense of security and stabilty, giving us all the hope we so desperately need. No wonder they would crawl up my ass and everyone elses were it necessary to protect the very kafkaesque culture that facilitates "their survival". Slurp, slurp.

Reality check! These postings ring bells all over the place. How can you explain it rationally? Is it just the mere name of the domain? Hardly. I think my opponent is jealous, in denial and has the unenviable task of feeling incomplete, unfulfilled, unholy, unnatural and that's why they've formed a bloodless, godless clump sucking on the blood of humanity for a little recognition. In all fairness, it's also a lot of lost souls.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this most humble and ordinary of human intimation and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


02/20/13 Under a blood red sky, the red tide, the red neck (aka; The Fraser Plume)

So, I'm walking across the street this morning complemented with a walk sign and this guy just suddenly yells at me "hustle it up retard and move your ****ing ass". That got me thinking about low life on parade. How it stirs up, how it becomes active just by tuning in to a website. I mean, what kind of person says that to another walking across the street with a walk sign? Pretty disgusting type I'm thinking. Someone like me has been presented with a very unique optic on our society, world and the times in which we live. I mean, I always went about my life prior to the emergence of my domain as just another person and without the least amount of publicity I have people looking at me like I have 15 heads!

Then I got to thinking about the rate and magnitude of obsession that's at epidemic proportions in this city. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to see the level of scoial dysfuntion anywhere in any metropolitan tiolet bowl. I know people like to romanticize their respective cities but, you gotta get real here. Just get on the sky train in this city and it comes and en masse. People who have literally nothing better to do with their time than watch someone else. Of course, the catch is to first make someone feel like their being watched and then that escalates in delsusions of paranoia, persecutipn etc. It's a marvel of the 21st century. The monkey in all it's glory. The red neck, the "tool" most closely connected in a relationship with the machinery. The perfect candidate for job replacement via machine assimilation. It literally is an emission from the industrial exhaust itself. It also has the distinction of holding the mantle of running the street. IE: gambling, prostitution, druges what have you. They can come from shea heights or wherever in NL's caplital city or any other impoverished suburb throughout canada and the u.s. in this time frame. Highly unstable, ignorant as all get up, literate enough only to work in industry and completely unconscionable.

It's little wonder voter cynicism is at epidemic proportions. The neglect is finally catching up. The rooster is finally coming home to roost and no slick ad or marketing campaign can launder the true reflection of todays world. I suspect, in part, the reason little or nothing ever changes is because people are literally terrified to say anything for fear of their lives or personal safety and there's no shortage of micro-managing scum from religion to wherever ready to issue the "hit".

Look at the am radio stream of nonsense that adorns the skytrain and it immediately brings to mind how the demographic and the communications entity are so closely intertwined. These times remind me of a scene from "Master and Commander" where this guy is hangin off the side of the ship and he's threatening to drag the whole ship down. Of course, he's cut loose and the ship is righted. This typifies the uneasy tension that is felt in these times of change. We have an incurable clump or renegade, vigilanteed nutbars strewn throughout these metropolitan tiolet bowls who are thrown crumbs because the penal system can't process them in addition, there's enough mental illness to choke a cow. It' amazing any city can function under it's suffocating dysfunction..

There's no doubt about it whatsoever,. These are people who could NEVER survive in the natural order of art, science and athletics. I'm not talking about clinical procedures or rote perfunctory drones. Take any of those essential creative elements out of early 21st century life and what would we be left with? No entertainment, no aesthetic quality, no modernization of industry combined with a level of economics more befitting of the 17th or 18th century. These people live in a fantasy, a dream world propped up by a mutation of the "family", organized crime, thugs, bullies and parasites galore.

Think I'm out of my mind? Yeah, consider the reaction to this verbal amble and then think again you goddamned godless lowlife. You're an embarrassment to decent human beings throughout the world and always been prior to the emergence of the internet and the world-wide web. Because before this you could shut everyone up and isolate each and every individual, locking them up, drugging them, beating them blind so that the status quo could continue unabated.

SCUM OF THE EARTH!!! Anecdotally, I had a taste back in NL when I was there. Someone posing as a friend says to me "You're not in hostile territory" when in fact that's exactly where I was when I was in his home. There's charity without condition which is the same as unconditional love and then there are people who take you into their so-called friendly confines only to crawl up your ass and backbite you. I wouldn't even mention their name they're are so bloody disgusting.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and letting me know that I'm all over you. You're mentally defective, off center, out of whack, a certifiable lunatic who watches and listens way too closely to people when you should be minding your own business and living your own life but, seeing as you have NO TALENT, only malice then I guess it's to be expected.!!

May your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


02/21/13 Small town, bigger city, still little minds

I know now why soap operas became so popular in tv land. So many people with absolutely ZERO meaning to their lives with the materials they have conftributing absolutely NOTHING to the quality of their lives. I used to think it was a small town phenomena but, now I see it's every bit as active in larger city centers.

I have roped and calfed cow shit from one end of the prairie to the next, snagged and netted fish from coast to coast, slobs ad nauseum and just about every instance of humanity both professional and street life, from all walks of life imaginable. Yet, here I am a world class musician trying to live a simple life, go about my own business and these bottom feeders obsess night, noon and morning as though I'm a project.

What does this say about the degraded quality of life, of society in which we all live? What does it say about religion and it's followers? What does it say about the political culture? I mean, how many domains are there on the web? Do a search and find out for yourself. It is a vast number. Yet, *lmao* these people (business carpet baggers) glom onto this one thinking they hold some sway or point of suggestion when in fact, all they convey is how pathetic and pitiful they are.

This is merely a point of catharsis for me. A way of reminding myself of the life I'm experiencing. I'd conclude it but, the powers that be can't let one human being be free. NOT ONE!!! Why? It's because this is how the mill grinds life into profit. This is how religion is kept alive with the understanding that instead of human ingenuity being utilized to make all of our lives easier it's supposed to be dominated by the tyrannt, the dictator or psychopath until death eventually "frees us" from the pain and suffering that life so unfairly heaps upon us.

I really and truly do try to just go about my life and pay no mind or heed to anything around me but, some peoples very survival, not to mention, their sanity, is linked to obsession, manipulation and the constant tampering of those around them. I don't think of myself or my life as so important that I couldn't pass away in complete peace but, that's the nature of the big lie of freedom. It doesn't exist and in fact, it can't in it's absolute state. There is no good reason for it. These are people who have some macabre titilation with forcing people to endure as much discomfort as humanly possible. From the christian side of the ledger it's most likely because the non-existant, false god once known as christ was made to suffer and because that myth which was conjured up and propagated with violence was subjected to it we all must, not for our own good but, so the power of the cahtolic church can continue to poison more human life and the political power affilitated with it can subject more innocent life to it's cruelty.

So, I have this, my domain, my intellectual property and despite what anyone may claim they are the ones caught on the end of my fishing line and they can't let go because they are "mentally ill" and I suspect with each passing day, week, month and year they will become acutely aware of this constantly emerging reality. Contrary to what any "disconnect" may perceive I am not their patient or their captive. I am not a criminal or an offender of any description. Much to their chagrin and that is precisely why relgion as we know will perish from the earth while logic and reason will outlast and out live it.

Thank you, for taking the time to obsess and to the "good people", the nice ones there, the few, may your conscience wax while your ignorance wane.


02/24/13 In through the out door

Surely, it is a monumental accomplish the effective of motion which is cleansing the world of religion. I have never been so proud of myself and my accomplishments as a human being. Stirring up the very remnants of our monkey "beginnings". Over stimulating it to the point of boiling over is a sight and sound to behold.

Marvel at how the christian zealot, the catholic distortion grasps and clutch at the slipping of control and power through their very fingers. Look at how the zealot goes wacky and looses it's mind all due to the fact that it tried to forceablly summon up something which was counter intutiive to the human instinct. Something that had to have as a complement the force of violence, social dysfunction and the laws which were outdated the moment they were implemented.

I'm beginning to see a point in time when a new law comes on the books in the west to cover the stalking and harassing of individuals by religious renegades and vigilante groups who simply cannot compute, process or deal with the fact that they can't turn back the clock or tide of psychological erasing of a truly polluted form of thinking that serves no benefit to the human race other than forming the basis of the formation of islam (is DEAD). *lmao*. One distortion spawns another. I mean, how stupid can you people be if they can't see the mirror and how it reflects an equal reaction to the initial impulse. What, do we have to see more innocent people die before we see the writing on the wall?

This is why communications, like transportation must come under the public domain with PRIVACY guaranteed from station to station. The corruporation cannot be trusted. Not microsoft, not google (any search provider), not shaw or rogers (canadian comm services) or any corporate software. These people are not looking for terrorists. In concert with their law enforcement connections et al these people are looking for threats or challenges to those very corruporations, authority, religion and possible governmental malfeasance. They are not working in our best interest and this is most likely why they will vehemently resist any form of policy shift which empowers the individual such as the personal domain and combined digital environment minus the contribution or participation of the corporation other than for parts. This early 21st century monkey would have as many of us as possible continue to vegetate in front of a tv set, read polluted periodicals and even listen to the radio as means of accessing their version of so-called information. Communications, like transportation is supposed to be designated public infrastructure precisely so we can experience a reasonable "freedom of movement".

In many ways it's the nature of the power struggle. Liberation verses domination. The individual over the collective over the government, the corporation. While there are basic "fundamentals" we all must agree to abide by and exchange they are few in scope and do not override our indvidual rights and freedoms. This is why in this epic power struggle "energy is power" Witness the devolopment of the human psyche around the sun and religions attempt to equate the "son" with the "sun" so as to effect a slight of hand. That's why peoples energy has been sapped from them, us. Precisely so they or we can't put up fight against the relgious or political bully. So that we'll grow weak and become discouraged but, unfortunately for this early 21st century scum words radiate energy long after their author has passed on and these words have a face, eyes.

Now, to continue my religious assault. Jesus is DEAD. There is no monkey god. There is no face, there are no eyes. There is NOTHING and there isn't anything that can be done to make it "real". You'll just have to get used to it. Not the psycho smut of today or tomorrow will be able to manufacture a form of subjectively classified mental disorder in order to silence those of us who see, with crystal clarity, the religious pervert and what it has done to generations of exploited people. If the monkey god had actually existed it would've "authored" it's own text as opposed to an ad hoc council that dressed up the few words that are all but common to the human condition in a narrative designed to trap and ensnare countless generations of innocent people. People who were and still are murdered, incarcerated, smeared, ruined to the point of preventing any uprising which can free people from this unholy presence.

The harsh reality of life is that bio-mechanics has nothing to do with relgiious affiliation. That's why people are drugged and left wandering the street homeless. There's no necessity which relates a specific religious teaching or ritual with the abilitiy to perform any bio-mechanical activity or function. It's all socio-political RAPE. But, what we do know for a fact is what happy people look like when we or they have achieved a harmonious balance or alignment between the body, mind and soul and this "state of being" has absolutely no clinical or biological connecton with material worth or religion at the excessive or extremist level. We also know that alignment is artificial when realised through material only or work only. It is when we do what we love that we inspire, spread love and positive energy. People feel it, see it, envy it and want whatever that person has but, it doesn't come with material wealth. You have to have an activity that converts itself into a positive state of mind. This is why we need to open access and opportunity for younger people so that they can become more than part of the economy. So that they can do something with their lives which makes them happy instead of angry and desensitized. A quality and unfortunate "animal" by-product of 20 century industrialization. I often wonder how many young people go to work for a corporation with ideas designed to inspire or help only to be abruptly cut short and reminded that "this is a business", not a charity.

So, armed with that understanding, tell me and the rest of us monkey in question. What "gets in"? If everythting gets in it's autism and if nothing gets in it's just another form of neurological disorder or developmental disease so, exactly when is it or our "thinking" properly "regulated"? Tell us all when it is in "balance" or has achieved an organic state of "equilibrium". Where is center if it's not doing something that we enjoy doing? Is it when we got a "job" huh? Yeah, that's the ticket. When we all put our hopes and dreams on the back burner because they rub up against some political, corporate or religious turds narrow belief or idea. Maybe, it's when we all accept chinese medicine as the cure all or when we accept the british pharmaceutical industry or the u.s. as the defacto standard of government for people? The fact is that there is no absolute other than freedom without the promotion or conveyance of violence or disturbing the peace or stealing peoples property. It's all been subjective. Not the coke fiend known as Freud or Jung have conjured up any concrete answers. Certainly, not religion with it's non-existant, placebo afterlife.

There is ONLY THIS PERIOD!!! THIS centers around THE NATURAL ORDER where people with real, tangible skills that cannot be independently created, produced or facilitated by a computer or some form of automation begin to influence and shape policy with the well being of others in mind precisely because they have their own skill set that is separate from the needs of outdated and exploitative form of 20th century labour definition. This is all there ever was, all there is and al that will ever be. Not the recurring energy or attitude of your 20 something youth for millenia to come will ever reverse or "alter" this "reality". This message will echo an eternity. You have NOTHING precisely because you are NOTHING and your very sanity is anchored to the NON-EXISTANT and that's why you're coming apart at the seams. Fucking DISONNECTS.

Forgive my language but, sometimes you know one has to let loose to the gutter snipes. Thank you, for taking the time to compulsively obsess and accordingly, thank you to the "good people" out there who don't "suffer" from "MASS DELUSION". The only thing I will add is to the various internet smut that fills my inbox. Lowlife who are not legitimate online voices or presence. People who are looking for counselling or a form of outlet so they harass people who "did not subscribe" or try in vain to unsubscribe to their worthless drivel. Yeah, this may be, in the eyes of some, worthless drivel but, reality check you goddamned lowlife! You seek this out! I don't obsess or care about any of you or what you do with your meaningless pathetic lives.

Ultimately, thiis is why I despise business as a single point of focus. Take the supermarket demographic for example. The nutbars who jolt to life when I walk in to their establishment or should I say daycare center for the uneducated. No offense to many respetable decent folk who go about their jobs without turning the place into a gossip sty. Feeding people. Now there's a real gem of a business vision. Wowee. How many monkeys and their corresponding financial parasites did it take to come up with that? The sad truth is that it's all just a smoke screen for everything that can't be expressed. Look at the people in question. Recoverying addicts or grey, haggared, worn, burnt out. If they work it's probably for the post office or some other delivery service or some job that completely pisses them off and they wear the face so that we all can see it. They all have things that they really want to talk about and get off their chest but, they don't know who to turn to in order to unload their thoughts. They won't go to the internet probably because they're afraid of appearing uneducated and mentally disordered so, they carry it around with them in the van or truck or on the street. They're also in complete denial that the website isn't providing them with a distraction that defines theiir mental disorders.

I'm just an average person with a world-class skill and domain trying to live out a life with a common ration of human dignity which we all should have and deserve irrespective as to whether or not we want make untold millions or billions etc as a capitalist pig. I am well on the record with my "human value index". I treasure healthy, cognitive order, not just in me but, in anyone and I would love to see as many achieve it as humanly possible because I know it to be a realistic goal. I'm sorry, I have an outlet and an activity that provides me with an upside, an upbeat, positive attitude. I run and eat well and I don't "brood" over other peoples lives by stalking them or obsessing about them or back biting them. So, sue me for finding a way through the madness that doesnt' require religion, mounds of money and copious amounts of drugs to generate a fascade of well-being..

On that note, may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


02/27/13 Antiphonal - Call and Response

It's the basis of jazz, the classical concerto and which started from the jungle. I speak only from the perspective of science, fact, logic etc, not emotion. I save emotion for my personal life and my playing. Anyhow, that's the root of communications. Antiphony. Without it we wouldn't even have telephony. It's the fundamental difference between the way I think and my opponent who is essentlially a psychopath (literally meaning it's "off center") Has no point of balance or reference which can be substantiated in reality. I on the other have the world around me, the universe as my anchor and this 21st century baboon is done for. The jig is up!

So, there they were, the early tribal groups communicating in the jungle with the african drums. The very root and essence of everything from the baud rate, morse code and even the marching rhythms that sent the formation of regiments into battle across the globe. Hence, the "physics of spirituality" was unfolding before the monkey even knew it was happening. It was merely reacting to instincts. The need to communicate driven by a constant reflection of morality related to it's actions..

Now, I wonder where does autism fit into the "big picture"? I mean, people perform their jobs and go places with regularity. In fact, if I were in a small town the routine would invariably be "humdrum". You see, you need something tangible in order to constitute science. It''s like the civil rights movement where you had whilte people claiming there was something inferior about the black skin or homosexuals and lesbians and on and on it goes. No doubt that's where much of the war on marijuana came from. A group of right-wing fanatics obsessed with defining the meaning of life for everyone. Equiped with their moral superiority. There's only one thing they forgot. In logical circles it's called an "argument" and it has to be based in fact and reason, not conjecture and hyperbole.

All I see is a very sad, dysfunctional and lost group of people grasping at straws as their grip on power is slowly but, most asuredly loosening in an attempt to "spook" those around them into conformity. They don't have anything other than a radical motivation to reject any and all attempts at human liberty which is exactly what has been occuring on an evolutionary scale since the monkey crawled out ot the ooze. Learning how to live as a free human being without bothering the person next to you. It seems to be a real unsolvable puzzle for so many.

In short, (as opposed to short circuit) repetition is a part of lifes repertoire and it isn't a basis for discriminating against human beings or classifying them so as to undermine their ability to present a cogent argument against the sinister, the devious, the godless and the slimey, filthy low life my unconscionable opponent in conscience has come to typify and "embody" at this evolutionarly juncture.

Remember, may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes!


03/03/13 Patterns of behavior

It suddenly occured to me as I astutely observed the recurrence of human assembly just how odd it would be to notice the unlikely arrangement of people in the same place but, at different times and yet, in the same order. How peculiar indeed especially, in a big city. Of course, the important thing to remember should you ever notice such activities is to one, pay no notice to it other than in passing and two, remember! the activity is completely innocuous and constitutes neitther science or importance. I find the lengths bad people will go to in order to prove that no one can be at the center of life without being the center and thus be "stable" to be an astounding and somewhat disquieting observance. So, that got my mind a thinking once again because in a small town when people appear in the same place at the same time it becomes routine or a regular occurence. This is undoubtedly what contributes to a safe neighborhoood, community or town. People become familiar with their surrroundings, have a personal or at least a relationship at the aquaintance level with people to the point where they can "detect" irregularities with regards to goings on in their respective areas. In fact, this forensic type of analysis can be seen in every aspect of life and the various professions which have branched out around us providing us all with a myriad of services and disciplines.

Sound, colour and motion. This is the core of the human condition and we orient or center relative to the innate attraction relative to that driving force of creation itself. For example, I, being a master clock, have centered around rhythm or percussion because I absolutely love sound and the resulting patterns which emanate from the sound of life, the timbres, textures and even motion. Ergo, if someone is attracted, magnetically that is, to colour they would eventually become a master painter and accordingly with respect to motion, physics. The polarity of life is extremetly powerful and it invariably forms the very basis of our instincts. In ancient times such masters would be considered lords but, the word became diluted through material and money. The real lords or masters center around one of those three essential elements of creation. Now, we can all bear withness to the true power of philosophy and the philosopher as it stands among it's peers of swamis, popes, fakirs, ayatollahs and two-bit carney hypnotists who contribute nothing to life except mind games with no tangible or quantifiable matter worth considering.

We see now with crystal clarity how religion has greedily attempted to surmount the human race without one shread of evidence that substantiates it's recoginition of higher functionality. It has always been drivven by the need to control other people for the expressed purpose of power and money while using the empty promise of an after life in exchange for allegiance and sacrifice. We also see how psycho-analysis and psychiatry have become little more than tools of socio-economic exploitation and human degradation. The entire field is in desperate need of a complete overhaul.

I may not know my opponent by name or face or group but, I know it by it's "state of mind" and that state of mind is detrimental to human stability and survival. It constitute the greatest threat to peace. It will generate division, confusion and uncertainty always defaulting to the "economy" as a means of providing a solution. This is largely why politics as a pursuit has been fraught with moral pitifalls and the corresponding low quality of human it attracts. Perhaps, a little less so in recent times but, it still is a mine field for the true individual. After all, to become a master in science or art or achieve true greatness in athletics is extremely demanding and only realised by a very few people. The money, the religion and the politics are what pollute our spiritual environment, contaminate our soul and ruin our communities. They're comparatively easy and clearly for the lesser mind. I mean, how much intelligence does it take to add "interest". Hardly fair trade or producing and exchanging one item of quality for another.

I wouldn't be much of a crystal eye if I couldn't, with great precision, pinpoint the flaw in the human composition. I sure wouldn't be a very good musician. Of course, I have "personal" flaws, the vast majority of us do but, that alone does not preclude us from being able to dissect the flaws inherent in the most precious and important aspects of our shared human experience, in the big picture. Perhaps, that's why I gravitated towards philosophy as opposed to the other human sciences. Combined with my meager beginnings I became accustomed to being presented with idiots, wankers and a whole arrary of low life perverting the world around them with their fat heads, their egos, their coin and material. In fact, human dysfunction can be considered one of my specialties. I delight in detecting it especially, with the addition of the computer system, wireless communications and the subsequent obsession it genereates. It brings forth a whole tidal pool of filth and low life who have zero ability to shine or better still, to "radiate" only to degrade the basic quality of life for those around them by unscrupulously using the very sciecnce which was designed to increase the quality of all to the dismay of a few.

The SCUM OF THE EARTH!!! Read it and weep. Your days on the earth are numbered. The clock is winding down on evil. It's only a matter of time. The thinking is unsustainable over the long haul and in the big picture. Thank you, soooooooooo much for taking the time out of your worthless, meaningless, pointless lives to stick your nose up my ass and "have a nice day".

To the "good people", thank you immensely, for considering me in your daily routine and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.

Crystaley (ping!)

05/03/13 History repeats itself (First, the dotcom bubble and now the television methane bubble)

This thing called focus is a most curious and compelling impulse which presents itself to all of us on an ongoing basis. The thing is though what to focus on. This is the nature and power of communications and the unending drive and necessity for people to control it be it through the mind itsself or through mass media. Especially, governments, corruporations and relgious segments. You see, if people are just left to their own devices their attention will "drift" away from the "message" that the people who have the most invested interest in power, profit and control from being persistently subjected to it.

Focus is essential to everything we pursue in life in terms of our objectives, our goals, our aims and how in fact, we shape what we deem our priorities relative to our own "center". Without focus there would no such science as photography or the creation of film, binoculars, microscopes, telescopes, eye glasses, contact lenses or optics of any kind. The question is not whether or not we focus but, on what and when and who tells us what should be our priorities?. Focus is stems from and centers on light. That is mostly why corruporations for example go to such lenghts to efffect a monoply on a given product or service. That way their customers have only one choice when it comes to that specific offering. It is also why religion attempts to dominate our thinking so as to disqualitfy all other forms of ritual. This invariably gets translated into political power and it is undoubtedly why polical encampments and their "focus groups" try dresperately from one election cycle to the next to create another "saviour" so that their party can hold the reigns of power for as long as the laws governing their politics will permit.

The reason I've centered on focus today is because recently professional hockey has spun up into high gear and there's no secret as to how hockey, especially, in canada, contributes so much to the social fabric of our society. People who take great pleasure in the sport suddenly feel as though life has meaning. As though the light has gone on in their respective areas. And with the nhl being the dominant form of distrtibution it's no wonder they have become what is essentially a monoply with regards to the sport, at least, for the time being.

Now, here we come to kernel of the issue. Distribution. Television is the communciations version of the maginot line. It came out of the ground, out of some hole and is outdated and is ill equiped to deal with the ever emerging and evolving world of the ubiquitous internet. However, they have a lot of money and money can buy well, just about anything and anyone as we are bearing witness to in this particular instance. It can goddamn well buy the whores of major league sports. Television has always controlled the "message". What message you may ask? Well, the streams of daily consumed information and he who controls that message can spin that focal(fecal) point into untold wealth and influence. So, these people come replete with their duplicitous on screen personnel and just about every slick form of advertising known to humankind. The fact is, is that their the old guard. A relic of the 20th century and they know it. They've been trying desperately to reposition themselves so as to maintain relelvance but, they are dismissing one very important fact relating to evolution.

Freedom! Freedom of speech, of choice and most importantly, of assembly! What was it Macluhan said? The message is the medium. Conversely, the medium is the message. Listening to unintelligible idiots try to tell me over the years that it was "who you knew' and not "what you knew" which was the more important somehow strikes an ominous chord in this time frame. Look at how much money the television industry has realised, not through source production of content but, through advertising and see what that does to the driving force of knowledge and science. As I type this journal that very industry is dissipating, dissolving and disintegrateing right before all of our eyes. Just as with religion and even the two-bit carney hypnotist of psychiatry they will find that mind control is an absolute impossibility in the free thinking world of the 21st century. The human synaptic network will continue to expand and reroute into the network, into the age of information at light speed and it will not be incarcerated by a bunch of clinical, psychopathic monkeys.

It is source that drives focus, attracts it, draws it's attention and without it you got SHIT. You got NOTHING. You are pissing in the wind! The only people you have a snowballs chance in hell of manipulating are the least literate and the most impoverished. Peoples whose allegiance is as fickle as a whore. We, especially, here in canada and the u.s. do not need anymore "state-run-media'. It doesn't matter if it's government or through the corruporation it still qualifies as "state-run-media". Other than free choice, when a group or even an individual attempts to forceably control the message or more importantly the entry point into the communications infrastructre this amounts to little more than information tyranny. If you can't generate "source" or quantifiably measurable source material which draws peoples interest then you simply have no business on the internet or in communications PERIOD!!!

The internet is not meant to be controlled and the fact that it has noticeably degenerated since it's inception is a warning sign, a flag to all people who value freedom. I mean, even downloading movies and music has become a point of breaching for all kinds of unscrupulous law enforcement activity and how they peer into our computers and our browsing habits. Forcing people to have an "account" so who? The FBI can keep a list of the worst violators! Is that what that storied institution has descended into in the 21st century? Henchmen/woman for the so-called digital rights movement. When was the last time you saw Steven Spielberg spearheading a drive to thwart thosse nasty content pirates or any of the great singer/songwriters interject in realtime on google saying they're going hungry becaue of lost revunes? I think they all, as have many who have the capacity to produce "source' content, have realised a considerable treausre trove of wealth. No, it's the lawyers, the accounants and their political cronies driving this distortion of the age of information. People who contribute and create NOTTHING!

Focus is not accident or a mishap or a mistake. It's intentional, a choice which stems from purpose whether it be for the sake of good or evil.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


06/03/13 Time and Spacee

The cold hard facts of life in this time frame is that I have had time and space and I managed to convert it into a tremendous blow agains the right-wing SCUM OF THE EARTH. They will always attempt to subjectively construe proceedings in their favour intellectually. legally and politically but, as in the art of war when you are trying to "irritate" the only message it sends is a reminder that your enemy is superior and for that I am eternally grateful for any and all feeble attempts to undermine my well being or to upset me.

In canada, as anywhere, the slimiest of the slime are in right-wing politics, money and religion. There is no shortage of it from alberta. A place they couldn't pay me enough to live and money I wouldn't take for free. The people on the right there are undoubtedly cunning but, they're also devious, not to mention, totallly nuts and defitinitely not to be trusted. They perpetuate the extreme need for accountants and lawyers and the language of business as a means to an end. They have no shortage of communal conscience in the u.s. , ontario and elsewhere around the globe. They are super bad human beings. Pure fucking EVIL. Primarily due to their money, they have their fingers in everything most notably communications, construction, transportation, finance, energy etc. I think we all get the picture. The important thing for this scum is that they no longer can play this charade of a public image versus their inner state of being. We ALL know what they are and it isn't nice or worthy of recognition with respect to the true life success of "good people" even though they try desperately to convey the opposite and purportedly travel in so-called "legitimate" business circles and ventures. I'm just taking away the fig leaf, the veil and the funny hat *chuckle*

The interesting observation I find is the way life plays itself out. How, most people would give their eye teeth to be considered on any level of intellect and in fact, that's why so many blog tirelessly or work busily and quieitly in the hopes their business pursuits and plaques will one day adorn their mantle piece as a display of a good life lived. But, only in their fucking dreams.

With this iteration of bottom feeder you can't win for loosing because if you refuse to to comply or "play ball" then you're a looser or a flake or whatever euphemism they can conjure up and then on the other hand if you do then you've conformed and they can give it to you with both barrels with their cronies and various slime on the take. The ones they give the "perks" to for doing a solid.

Bottom line here for the bottom feeders is that this one has gotten of my salvo long before the mentally defective and the developmentally challenged knew what hit them. Long before the computer scientist and programmer made technology "easy enough" for this flawed filth to partake in the age of information.

Read it and weep. Can't be bribed, seduced or coerced into aligning my conscience with what I know to be the very essence of human filth, scum, lowlife and bottomfeeder. You see, this thinking has got to come off the tongue and from that this level of projection when one is presented with the opportunity because my opponent would not hesitate for a moment to shut down this sort of free thinking and speaking. Despite all claims to the contrary this "disconnect' is gnashing it's teeth, clenching it's fist and coming right apart at the seams because they have no domain here or any internet presence that carries any weigtht. If this didn't get under their skin and right down to kernel of their cerebral core they wouldn't be reading it in the first place! Let alone mocking me. Praise from ceasar. You're a bunch of wackos, Goddamned godless idiots with an overbearing and curesed ability to cause more damage than heal. *chuckle* Like beating the face off someone in a straight jacket.

Thank you, for your compulsive behavior and may whatever is left of that so-called cerebral cortex of a brain of yours wax while the vast majority of it wallows and wanes in eternal prehistoric ignorance.

Have a nice day asshole!


01/08/13 Verbal incontinence, blabber control.

I'm thinking as I type this just how wondrous it is to be ones own administrator as opposed to blogging on one of those outdated social networking sites where you can't say whatever you feel or think or a sphincter flapper for one of those prehistoric tv networks where the best you can offer is the "subtext".Isn't it wonderful? I am enamored and completely enthralled with the concept of true "freedom of expression". To have your own domain where you can say whatever you please provided, of course, you don't go promoting hate or violence. Feeling a little like snaggle puss after eating a dog biscuit.

Which brings me to the pet peeve of being sent email by many webistes who I've never subscribed to and who scratch and claw to no end looking for any kind of recognition as to their importance or significance but, all they do is remind me of the many wasted lives online who really shouldn't be there. My favorite are the "doctors" who use fear-media subject headings as a means of generating curiosity. Real healers to be sure. Perhaps, it's time to consider implementing a "do not email list" as we have in the "do not call" for phone lines. Also, it should not be possible to send email without the return path being substantiated. I, for example, have an automated response, as I'm sure many have but, when you get "mail undeliverable" it means someone is sending mail without a legitimate reply path which should be verified beforehand prior to allowing the message to continue along it's path. It's harassment as I'm sure it is intended and it should be illegal. They are soooo sad. It's just one of the many reasons I am not as attracted to IT and computers. When I started out it was hard to figure things out and so few could do it. Now, it's so bloody juvenile and there's just too many out there. The whole environment has become saturated with entries. It' s one of the shortcomings of the web in how people have amassed online not due to importance but, simply because of the dollar signs in their eyes. If there is one born every minute the internet has made it infinitely expedient to suck money and allegience out of many an unsuspecting victim. The reality is that the public library may be the last and only bastion of potentially ethical, altruistic I.T. conduct. If that model could be standardized then it could theoretically be propagated and promoted as "public information processing" model around coffee shops and internet cafes everywhere securing everyones right to digital privacy as opposed to it coming under the auspices of some voyeuristic and unscrupulous corporation. All the general public wants is the pipeline in exactly the same way we want open skies, sidewalks and roads, not their oversight into our content consumption. Believe me when I state that if these corruporations are given half a chance they will severly constrict and suffocate all of us as the age of information attempts to expand and grow. We certainly cannot look at the I.T. cultures of financial institutions and other corporate behemoths as models of exemplary computer and communications conduct because they have a vested interest in protecting their own holdings and not those of the general public.

My domain has been here for decades and has stayed the course despite the so-called advancements in computer hardware, communications techonology and entries in the wind-bag department. Yet, the marketing hasn't changed one iota. It's still over promising the same things as when it all began over 20 years ago. The bottomline is that the same requirements still hold true. Clear graphics, clear sound, ease of administration, rock-solid security and reliability. One doesn't have to be an architect in order to know how to lock a door or a design engineer in order to drive a a car. Which means there's still plenty of room to grow in terms of what we access and how that's accomplished. We need, in my humble estimation, to steer away from "trends" and more towards personalization, privacy and individual empowerment and control. The greed and egos are polluting the online experience. Not enough left to chance and independance. Too much interference and tampering.

I've never been much of a control freak and I've never had much use for them in my personal life and that is why I'll be here long after the information itinerants have left college and university and fallen by the way side.. I say what I mean and mean what I say even if the language gets a little too colourful at times. People rely on that consistency. I'm not two-face or schizoid and I don't keep my emotions in check just for the sake of an acceptable "business image". I think one of the great mistakes we can all make is allowing the business mindset, which is more suitable to micro-chip assimilattion, to determine who we should all be and how we should all behave online. Emotions may cloud judgement but, they make for real people and that's what the internet needs. A "touch" of humanity. People with a "feel "for what's best as opposed to being programmed by the ever emerging technocracy who deftly demonstrate that logic and morality are not necessarily inseparable.

With regards to "freedom of expresion" I think about things like who is the greatest chinese vocalist, classical composer or rock band or painter etc, etc ever? The same question could be pondered with respect to many oppressive societies who clamp down on higher cognitive functionality. Such oppressive societies like the chinese with. 1.3 billion people invoke the thought that when human beings over reproduce and are prevented from being free it appears to result in a disproportionate amount of mental defects who thusly seem more prone to and receptive to dysfunction, violence and criminal activity. Somehow, I just don't see them shedding any light in the age of information. I mean, they weren't able to get in the head of the yanks over the past several decades and it's going to take more than money to change or influence the world. No, there's nothing there except a very boring, stale culture with no tolerance of individual freedom complete with a very low human value index and an unbelievably thin skin to complement it.

As far as the yanks go well, they're no better. A couple of hundred of years ago their early ancestors escaped tyranny and social decay only to generate a new and more intense strain. A word to the unwise. You can't purport to fight for "freedom" only to more stringently control it. There's a disconnect there and the same here in canada thanks to the conservative filth we have in otttawa. Democracy and freedom is loosing the fight in the west and the fact that I ring all of their bells on a consistent basis is testament to that reality. The discourse necessary to liberation is being strangled while controls are apparently being strengthened. It seems that the powers that be are becoming increasingly aware that events post 9/11 have opened up a whole unexpected can of worms and a genie that cannot be put back in the bottle. This is undoubtedly why they "fish in the dark" for some, any sort of reaction they can hold up as evidence of my what? Undoing? You're in fantasy land. I own you and will always own you no matter if I lived in a cave. It's the calibration of my conscience, the one you all eschewed or discounted on your path to greed and graft which you fear the most. You're speaking out of both sides of your face like the 21st century schizoid man/women you were destined to devolve into.

Thank you, my chagrined disconnects, for taking the time out of your boring, banal lives to sneak a peek at a real mind in motion. May your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


09/03/13 I'm the slime...oozing out of the internet.

So, I get up this a.m. and lo and behold there's a virus on my system. What a surprise huh? Who me a target? *chuckle*. This monkey shining is really quite a joke indeed. I mean, I didn't just get a virus. I got one with my name attached to it! How's that for personalization? The name of the virus was Joke_jepMYNAME. So, I retrace my surfing steps to see where I ran afoul. Went to google, wiiki and a popular major sports website (All games hosted by FOX...alarm!!!). The only other place I went to was a very popular website with the headshots of very famous actors/actresses.

Now, I am a man and I admiitedly love the the sight and aesthetic quallity of a beautiful woman. I mean, I have absolutely nothing to hide here. I am completely transparent in terms of what attracts me and to that which I am merely "curious". I don't download these images or wack off to them. I love film and I enjoy perusing the "quality" of fine actresses just to see what makes them so appealing in the various roles in which they're cast. I love eyes and faces. That should be fairly acceptable I'm thinking.. Even that only qualifies as an entry point or openining. I still require brains, intellect or gray matter activity as they say.

This got my mind a thinking about how viruses are delivered these days and what "condition" would be required on order to deliver not just a virus but, a specific monogrammed virius. I'm thinking that it would be essential to have a point of attraction. A website where a persons IP is going to remain active for a period of time. This would require background information, profiiling etc so as to predict an individuals surfing habits and given that I represent a threat to just about every control center from hollywood to the monkys in law enforcement that leaves a substatianl array of possiblities.

It's very interesting being me becasue I value my privacy and my anonymity. I'm not an exhibitionist and I don't have my face and bio smeared across my domain or the internet. I don't crave attention or fame or anything of the shallowness that proliferates mainstream media so, being a target once again merely validates my considerable influence on the world around me. It is not imagined. It is very real and I'm quite sure the most powerful, famous and wealthy have and are in all likeliehood keeping a watchful "eye" on my domain and my life.

After all when one has the capacity to stream crystal clear water from the well spring of the mountain top to the rest of the world it makes for a very attractive proposal indeed.

Anyhow, keep trying and know that no matter what my domain is here for the next circa 100 years. Long after the dust of this iteration and isobar of geo-theraml dust has settled into obliviion.

Cheerio and thanks sooooo much for lapping this up. May your conscience wax while your considerable ignorance wanes and takes a bath.


09/03/13 Systemic integration (updated 11/03/13)

It's always the language or the prose which seems to strike a chord with me in these times of distorition, disorientation and deception. I can't help but feel as though I am destined to "counsel" the system whether I want to or not. I must make clear before I continue that I feel absolutely no envy and nor do I covet what anyone else has or is worth materialistically speaking. However, that disclaimer seems to fall on the cerebrally skewed deaf..

At any rate, we have a "system" in place, a "machine". This machine or system is largely unresponsive, uncaring and insensitive. The people who work at the center politically or corporately emanate a language which is in perfect harmony with the thinking of a machine. This begs the question why do we even have bureaucrats or businesses at all when we all ready have a fully functioning machine language programming the very machinations of all political and corporate functionality in place and fully operational?

I mean, am I the only one missing something here? We supplement the ruination of the forest with tree planting, the decimation of the fishing industry with fish farming and the pollution of the air sees an unprecedented rise in respiratorial medications due to lung disease. Still, the people who work in and around the "system" are like total fucking idiots. Real drones. They are surviving on its teat and all their feeble little brains can muster is the most drab, dreary explanations as to why things are in their present state. No one outside of their esoteric bubble can be right because heaven forbid they would have a crisis of conscience and most likely would not know how to react to a force of "principle". After all, it's much easier to sell out than challenge. Maybe, that's why I'm undergoing a mutated form of correctional incarceration without actually having commited a crime. Of course, it's under the guise of "help".

Look, if people didn't screw up the world around them it wouldn't be in need of intervention. Their would be no wrangling and everything would be hunky dory. If the politicians would simply take their thumbs out of their asses the forests would've be fine, the fish would be fine and so would the air. The genetic birth defects would be substanitially lower than what they are etc, etc. It's an animal by product of "bad stewardshiip" and this bad management is greatly reflected in the way people are today. You educate them and properly facilitate movement, growth, interaction and people will find their own way without intervention or the "system".

There's no way on this earth that if you're starving or freezing that you're going to be able to organize your thoughts to present a coherent challenge to the system or any corruporation.. This is primarily why things are the way they are today. People go into any governmental institution or deal with any behemoth of a corruporation and they,/we are dealing with a cluster of nuts and bolts. Human barbed wire.

This all stems from an encounter with "modo car coop" and how the language I received in response to the attempt to cancel my subscription was presented to me as though I were taking it personally. As though I was interpreting the reaction as a systemic breakdown aimed specifically at me. This is exactly the type of little mind that is most challenging in the 21st century. It is in no way intended as a personal affront. I understand that people need to work and survive but, we all have to abide by a higher order even if some of us are less mindful of it than others.

I, obviously incorrectly from their point of view, see people as I would an other organisms around the world as being in need of a certain fundamental standard of access and functionality. One in which they've (modo) attempted to "capitalise" on. It's just one of the many flaws in thinking capitalism can solve all woes. At any rate, they frame and present themselves as a "coop". We all know what that is marketed as or implies but, you know it's like the credit union.. It's a socialist term with no teeth. In my example, I paid 220 dollars for 3 days rental for one instance from this "coop". I mean, there's no way a reasonable person in this time frame should be paying that kind of coin for 3 days freakin rental on a car in a major city. I initially put 500 dollars deposit down and cancelled the subscription. I get an email saying my account is in arrears. I polititely inform them that they should take the cost out and reapply the leftover amount to the card from which it originates. They reply that they're going to hold it for 90 days. Do the math. Multiply that amount by how many subscibers and you get a tidy amount of interest accruing. So, who's winning here? It isn't the customer.

The compounding problem in dealing with all of these corruporations is there's no real recourse. The media is limp and useless. No one cares what mass media says what about anyone anymore. Not the politician or the corruporation so, here I am with this domain and for better or worse it gets the message to people who should be getting it and believe me, they don't like it. It irks them big time.

On a related reference to my earlier post, it's the same with the computer and the internet. The minute you get a virus what do you? All of a sudden your bombarded with IT education. More parasites selling information that is supposed to free and redundant from microsoft to norton utilities and everything in between. IT is the language of the internet the way language is to any culture. You deny people access to speech and what kind of population are we likely to end up with? The fact is with this war on terror the military or law enforcement monkeys can theoretcially infect peoples computer with impunity so, who's the hacker? Do you think they'll do time if they infect someones system?

Security is not a secret! I mean, who has the right to be secure? What class of people have the right to be protected from harm? This is the very root of the gun laws in the united states. The notion that each and every individual has the right to protect their person. Now, of course becasue the socitey is in disarray and is undermined by a whole array of prejudice and iniquity it has unleashed a near uncontrollable fury of violence making it the most violent society on earth. Their law makers lack wisdom and foresight and are ill-equiped to guide their people to a more harmonious assembly. They generate more erudite flatulence aimed at oppression than they do the knowledge necessary to protect the citizenry.

This demonstrates the true power of logic when it stems from a mixture of morality combined with an elegant, thoughtful arrangement. Logic is not the domain of law. It is at the core of our neurological center. It is what drives human development which begs the question. What kind of human being would dare attack an elegantly formed mind of logic and morality? A depraved, hideously deformed abherration of evolution. One that cannot accept the fact that it has not found center and has not been able to generate a concentration of thought which is beyond reproach. This is why we are left vulnerable to sinister, unscrupulous and often times renegade forces of psychology, psychiatry, law, medicine and yes, especially politically motivated malice. These people are crazy. They are obsessed with control and using the system to perpetrate harm and damage on any and all who stand in their way to "total control", "total domination". This is precisely how they've arrived at this point in time in the first place. Their motivation keeps bringing them into a clash on a magnitude of particle physics towards the center of human devopment. But, what their feeble little minds fail to grasp is that this drive to center will never stop. It is magnetiic and like the formation of the planets themselves it will never relinquish it's orbital hold on the human psyche until we acknowledge where the truth lies.

Which brings me to how we've ended up with such junk operating systems and how emotion and hype has driven the formation of windows, for example, as it has religioin. You know, I was there when the first "buzz" arose centering around the new windows operating system of 2.0, no less. They were trying to get us all on track with the potential of what the computer could do from the get go and so it went up through the so-called evolution of this, and I use the term very loosely, operating system. I can still recall with vivid clarity the extolling of windows 95. What a laugh in hind sight. Then 98 etc, etc and always the same blow hard bullshit.

The fact is that the same essence holds true today and it will a billion years from now. Everything centers on the human sensory and scales up and around from that root point. What computers can do are only relative to what they allow us to accomplish as a species and nothing else. They're not about buisness, religious, political or military objectives. Computer logic stems from the left brain and the cpu is the logic core of that hemisphere. All we're doing now is trying to decide what makes the most stable core of the right brain. Understand MONKEY SHINE???

What this means is that when we get an operating system which, like the gun, protects each of us with ease of pulling a trigger, initiating an FOB or locking a door without being bled on a yearly basis by this third party low life then and only then will we be "secure". For the unitiated, it matters not as to their "emotional" response to this language. Only the way in which they have the capacity to formulate LOGIC. This is mostly why I derive such immense gratification from kicking the bejesus out of an arrogant, belligerant state of mind such as the one the yanks have presented to the world. They are neither moral or logical. They are a cordoned off section of the globe centered around commercial predators who care little or nothing for the protection of true human rights and dignity.

The bottom line is this is all bullocks. It's a game played by people with against those without so, while I have the gun I will fire it off as I see fit no matter what grunt, bottomfeeder, drone or paper pushing sellout thinks of it. Yes, we do need a system. but, not one that is populated with an excessive amount of monkey shine which lets us down. We need a fair and equitable approach to facilitating peoples lives that begins with meeting their basic necessities (not mouldy bread and over crowded, damp alcoves or pseudo miilitary barracks to crawl into for a nights rest) that address the modern needs of the driving force of evolution designed to enable not cripple peoples right to live.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes. To MODO, get some "help" for your overtaxed under performing brains and get a life.


11/03/13 Shrinking the shrinks, infusing anarchy into the anarchist, putting things in perspective.

I"m taking on all comers this time. No holds barred. It's vitally important to put everything out there so that we can once and for all be rid of human evil, distortion, dysfunction and corruption. At the very least, make the people who are willing to behave like this to be verrry careful because they become increasingly aware of the profound changes taking place in their communities, society and the world around them. Of course, it will take a considerable amount of time but, with the correct words to reflect upon I'm sure that point in time will arrive sooner than later.

Anecdotally, I'm sure people who practice the various branches of the psyche and neurology feel they are doing something good for society and I'm sure they do in fact, alleviate much pain and suffering albeit on a very small scale relative to what's generated. I don't really want to take aim at the profession as a means of assault so much as to draw attention to it's place in society and what "good' it can do for the average individual. I make no bones about it. I don't hold it in particularly high regard and it's why I gravitated towards philosophy. It's because truth and morality constitute a more natural center of focus than do bio-mechanics.

Just to add before I go any further. When I look at a person I ask myself is this person in optimum health or physical ftness? The reason I ask myself this is due to the relationship of body, mind and soul. The body is an instrument, a compostion and if everything is in order or "aligned" then theoretcially it should perform at peak levels. This is the nature of music. It gives real time feed back as to the actual "state" of that relationship. Now, or course everyone can't be a world-class musician or athlete or a high level scientist but, the point is that each of those instances of people know when everything is working at optimum efficiency either through the thinking or performing. So, when I see an individual it is through a simple process of elimination that I conclude whether everything is in "good working order" and it starts with the physcial then the mental and finally the spiritual. That's just me but, the end result is the same and that is to be around "good people" with good hearts and minds and are they trying to hurt or help?.

That being said, first we have to understand where the root of the science began and how it became established in our lives as the persistent presence we all currently experience. Human beings are an organism of duality, a dichotomy. Obviously, we are animal and conscience and unfortunately due to our animal beginnings we adopted more violence and less conscience as a means of spurring our advancement and elevation on the food chain. Therefore, we were not blessed with the luxury of knowing what we know now. We are a species of error whether it be individually or as a group. We simply must make mistakes in order to adjust or adapt and move forward. That's just the way we were designed.

Enter the endless wars and destruction and the systematic programming of violence into the military ranks which feebly attempted to legitimize the use of violence as a means of achieving a nation's objective to conquer or dominate another religion or people. The way psychiatry and neurology in effect became brainwashing tools designed to medicate and counsel people into either doing something that is completely antithetical to good human conduct or accepting what they did as being necessary. Now, while the societies in question all had violent people the military and law enforcement introduced refined tactics of generating harm to fellow human beings. This is why we've seen the emergence of permeation of post-traumatic stress disorders in the respective cultures. These are relatively recent classifications. One time you killed and well, you never had any emotional blowback, so to speak. It was just something that was as common as the need to eat. The reason it's more profound today is because the impact of moral implications upon our actions has changed context. It's moved with our evolutionary patterns most likely due to larger acts of violence resulting in a greater magnitude of human loss. So, now in todays world we see that when violent acts are perpetrated it has a more immediate effect of causing a moral conflict or dilemma inside the individuals and they need to be "counselled" and often times "medicated" as a means of subduing the displacement felt during their violent encounters. Violence is becoming less and less of an acceptable human recourse or solution to social or larger human conflict. This is not an accidental occurence.

The point I'm making here is that psychiatry and psychology as we know it was primarily born from the ground or bottom up, not the top down approach. This is why religion fails miserably in pacifying the pain and hurt generated (primarily because religion invariably sanctions violent acts in the name of their subjective god) by violence and why the respective aforementioned disciplines of the psyche have no spiritual or focal point of orientation. It's superfluous and it simply complicates the entire administering of therapy itself. This means that human beings are dealt with "bio-mechanically" in exactly the same way as any other machine with nervous disorders being addressed with medication and focus centering on "doing" not thinking ones self into equilibrium. I'm sure these regiments would love to have a point of "principled orientation" with which to aid them in their administering of their therapy but, therein lies the flaw and as with religion in that they have no real center. Hence, the confusion so many find themselves encompassed by in this time frame and why such efforts are made to divert our attention or distract us from our natural center so as to beterr micro-manage or "control us.

Which brings me to the second phase of this articulation. The infusing of anarchy into the anarchist. You see, people know and feel they've been abused and taken advantage of and that's primarily why the powder keg or the pressure cooker keeps cyclically getting fed the juice it needs for another round of blow back. It''ll never stop until things are put in their proper place and until there is real political accountability complete with a system that recognizes the wants and needs of the avearge individual. Getting people worked up or inciting them is certainly not my intent. It's merely to recognze the damage already caused by competing interests so that people can more easily identify the real threats to their and our peace of imnd. My opponent or enemy will of course, attempt to do just that. Pit group agains group while it "divides and conquers". But, when people awaken and understand the real enemy then that's when the right comes under fire, under pressure and that's when they slowly but, surely come to understand they've reached their limitations and will from this point on shrink to a point of machine-like contribution with little or no importance of notice as it pertains to issues that are moral in nature.

In closing, the right has always progressively trying to get to a place in our lives in which they have no domain or right to be. That's never stopped them from trying. That's why they keep religion politically protected while showing a complete disregard for our civil liberties. I, on the other hand, am merely demonstrating with unflinching certititude that we all have a right to our personal space and that goes triple for our head space, our minds, our deepest thoughts provided that we are not harbouring or promoting ill will or genereating harm towards other people. The ironic thing is that my opponent or enemy is doing just that. This is a mindset that is in line with the thinking that our governments have a right to go anywhere, no matter how deep. However, this is deeply flawed thinking that takes them down a very slipperly slope to some mutated form of oligarchical dictatorship.

The bottomline is they have no "science" with which to hold up as evidence. They can't, like the computer, generate an action and then correlate a specific reaction that garners scientific consensus which transcends borders. In other words, they got NOTHING except perhaps, what they've always had which is the innate need to tamper, interfere, meddle, sabotage law, individuals, economics and politics for the expressed purpose of manipulation and subsequent domination. These are the liars and the superficial phonies of our times misrepresenting facts and information precisely for their own gain. However, in this age of transparency, which is my stronghold, they won't get too far. At this time and this age, life is not a popularity contest. Translation, I never expected everyone to agree with my angle or "point of view" and furthermore, I really don't give a...

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while the monkey-shine (particularly fond of that phrase - the hype, the glamour, the glitz, bling-bling etc without substance) ignorance wanes.


12/03/13 The "Logic of the Idea" or the real issue at hand

This is "the rub". How the thinking of one person can attract sooo much attention is truly astonishing. As I've mentioned on many occasion, this is a domain without any promotion whatsoever. No publicity, no marketing, no advertising, no spots or segemts. Absolutely nothing except a "whisper" which is in pefect timing with my thinking and philosophy.

I am demonstrating with resounding effectiveness that the powers that be of this time are not centered around people who have produced or created but, who are simply a product of our violenct evolution or of popularity. They are neither of real intellect or science or art or athletics. NOTHING and yet, they sit there on high and make decisions which have profound and lasting implications for all of us. Hardly the hallmark of the "freedom fighter".

Explain this to the person next you or in your immediate proximity. How can one persons thinking pose such a challenge or threat to the vast reserves of wealth and power that are prevalent today? These peope are so paraonoid and insecure that I'd love to know how they rationalise the quality of their own lives. How do they keep up the masquerade? Why is it so paramount that everyone be kept in tow? What are these people so afraid of? I speak within the confines of purely rational thought and post it in on a personal domain. I unabashedly reject the notion that no nation or it's founding ideology is essential for our continued development or advancement and that we all have a right to be who we want and get to where we're going.

Economics for example, should be centered around the needs of human beings. This is logical, rational, lucid thinking. This contributes greatly to ensuring the stability of the market place because there will always be people and this is one commodity that will never be in short supply. Energy supply will undoubtedly shift from one source to the next. We will always need to be in motion. We always need to communicate. We will always to need to eat, to have shelter, to have clothes and to have knowledge so that we can grow and develop. There's nothing new here. This is old news. We elect politicians to mete out or distribute evenly, access and opportunity so that we can all live in accordance with a reasonable quality of life without living in fear of that fundamental foundation coming under threat.

I've always been of the mind that in order for "free will" to take hold and to be truly effective that we all need to be safe and secure from the adverse effects of control mongers. Free from coercion or intimidation. That we all compete on a truly fair and level playing field. One that isn't corrupt or where the tables aren't tillted in favour of those with money (how they got it is questinable) and religion. Then and only then can we be assured that we are electing officials who subsequently hold our best interest at heart.

That is why funding for the arts and I mean "real artists". Not people who have mediocre or no talent who are hoping one day that maybe some spark will fire revealing that have some latent talent needs to be expressed but, real artists who have the right to pursue their passon as does anyone else. This keeps the art molestors out of the mix. The parasites from taking advantage of peoples dreams for their own pocket books. Sure, it's fine to provide a form of "outlet" for people from throwing paint on a wall to screaming or beating on things or wanking on instruments but, that's significantly different than genuine artists with bonafide world-class skill who can help make the world a significantly better place for everyone. I mean, does a bank loan money to people for business ventures who are less likely of converting it into capital? Are scholarships awarded to people who are unlikely to further their academic desires? No, of course not and so it should be for funding of the arts.

I believe in the creative mind and it's abilitty to transcend the machine as a way of realizing the best of what human beings can be. I'd like to see people have a real vehicle to realizing those dreams without having to prostitute themselves in order to make great art. I have the necessary amount of talent, knowledge and life experience which clealy qualifies me to be the ultimate screen of what makes it to "this domain". If this means I have an issue or two so what? How does that impede my ability to go about my life with respect for the people around me or to fulfill some mundane task in the economy? People should know the statistical reality is that 90 percent of all jobs require no accredidation. It' s all political so, who really has the issue? I put forth that it is and always been the people who want "control" and these low life only seem content if they have people locked away, even if it's their apartments or homes, muzzled and catatonically sitting in front of a television set being systematically poisoned and hypnotized by a bunch of very sick, twisted people who have no talent and no real ability to produce or create anything of real value. Their "reruns" do not constitute any form of disorder but, an individuals pounding of the drum does! Sounds purely subjective to me and it stinks of bad science, bad law and just plain all round bad people. Not to mention the pathetic moral values.

Once again, thank you sooo much for your compulsive dedication to my postings and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes. Keep on "monkey shine".


17/03/13 Wondering where the lines are

Moral navigation is a curious proposal. What constitutes knowing right from wrong, true from false, good from bad etc? What does it mean to live or LEAD a "good life"? These are profound questions that some reflect upon and others could care less. However, this is the basis of the big picture. To put things in perspective so that reaoned minds can decide for themselves who they want to be and how they want to behave in the broader scheme of things.

When I first embarked down this line of thought I investigated the discipline of law as an area of moral implication but, was quickly jolted into reality by the prevailing sentiment that lawyers are among the least trusted professional segment of society. Furthermore, the law itself is not perfect as anyone with half a brain knows. It's a "work in progress". This leaves the practice of law or the code of conduct. However, this merely applies to the proceedings of legal protocol and speaks nothing of actual morality or real ethical accountability. If and when law is moral or ethical it is a consequence not by design.

This leaves religion which once again is a study in human horror. The spiritual nightmare which is neither based in logic or morality but, the sheer greed of control of the human psyche. Ritual attempting to replace cognitive order as a means of effecting good behavior. It has failed miserably as a beacon of light. There really is no point in dissecting each religion in an attempting to vaunt my own philosophy because human decency transcends borders and cultures so, taking aim at a particular ideology becomes pointless. All any of us need be reminded of is the unholy violence waged in it's name, not to mention the sexual transgressions. It's a useless investigation and yields no benefit to the mind. No, philosophy and it's subsequent evolution is the only real gray matter worth investigating. It's organic, natural and innate to the human condition and holds no pre-ordained desire to control the human race.

Lastly, I guess one should state a passing reference to the pursuit of politics because it is central to our ability to effect change through the collective conscience but, as with law it is hopelessly distorted and corrupt with little or no corrective mechanisms that empower the individual. We are still wards of the state either vicariously or directly. I should also mention the business of communications which is intimately related to and intertwined with political fortunes and it too shows no signs of credible integrity. Even in the age of the internet, the technocracy which facilitates streaming of source media still blatantly panders the outdated euphemism known as television. Unscrupulously and subliminally attempting to strip away peoples freedom of personalized communications by promoting that everyone can have their own "tv channel or network". For the uninitiated, it's the DOMAIN which is relevant as we move forward in the age of information. Everyone has a name and an identity and that identity should, by political decree if necessary, be enshrined so that we all have the right to secure our own information entities ensuring we are protected from the information pedophiles of politics and mass media.

Before I move on to the closing point of this dissertation, I would be remiss if I didn't take a stab at psycho-therapy and it's encompassing culture. No pun intended. I mean, what these drug pushing charlatans have done to countless human beings over the past 100 or so years is nothing short of a spiritual holocaust. The quiet molesting of the human mind is indeed a repulsion of the lowest order. Taken into account the regiments of brain washing two-bit carny hypnotist they have unleashed on a very vulnerable and unsuspecting public/world without producing one single example of inspirational cognizance. The bottomline for this pariticular clump of psychological mind fucks is that if it doesn't affect a human being physically, directly then it doesn't have any cognizant effect on human behavior. Accept it, embrace it and release that plain simple truth.

This brings me very neatly into collectivism and how everyone and I mean ALL matter COLLECTS. This is moreso for human beings because we divide and subdivide into groups based on our thoughts. From the gene pool right down to the political, corporate and religious grope. Oops, I mean "group". That makes the entire war against socialism from the perspective of american politics a perversion of human existance, a complete waste of life and time and a stinging, ringing, pinging indictment on a people who have failed miserably to produce one philosopher of note. Cash is king and without it you don't have freedom of speech. You don't have any freedom. You don't matter. Anyone who says different is selling something.

Freedom is a beautiful thing when fully understood in it's proper context. Political framers never had the expanded conscience necessary to envisage true freedom Their view of freedom was limited to the borders of the nations which gave them life and power but, freedom is human, not american. Thus, the laws from which we all started out were intitially designed for the protection and glorification of the nation itself and was not capable of speaking to the broader context of a world in which their limited minds simply could not see.

All human composition, structurally, exists in the mind long before it ever becomes materially extended through engineering, architecture or programming. There is nothing a human being can know that can't be known. This is why I am a vocal proponent of point and click or "touch screen" learning. The greatest gift we can share is information. It accelerates the proliferation of knowledge and liberates people. So, for my enemy or should I say "the enemy", keep that in mind as you feebly attempt to deconstruct or discredit my line of thought. The "cold hard facts" of life are that the simplest explanations resonate the deepest and generates the most far-reaching reprecussions.

How's that? Ring your bell today? Rock your world? Thank you sooo much for tuning in to radio crystaleye and may your conscience wax while your teeny, weeny primitive cerebrum wanes.


19/03/13 Freedom of movement

You're going to love this one. Just as with everything that's at the core of my thinking I center my thoughts around freedom. Freedom of speech, thinking, movement, choice, assembly etc. I know that the countries of the west aren't worth the paper they're written on without the full and complete facilitation of this basic, fundamental concept so, I beat that drum and will keep what I'm doing until I pound them into submission either in this life or with what follows.

Which brings me to the essence of this essay. I've decided to keep a running list of my encounters with various businesses so as to let people decide if they to wish to engage them for their business needs as they move about their respective areas. Consider it something to gauge the conduct in question. It does not, in any way, constitute liable. It is merely a transparent account of my dealings with various types of businesses. You see, the only way to hit these people is in the pocket book. Currency is the only language they comprehend. They don't have any sense of ethics, moral accountability and they are for all intents and purposes, GODLESS. So, if they notice a significant shift in their client base they may reconsider their own politics and how it affects their bottom line.

First though, I want to bring up this matter of philosophy and logic and the profound(the depth!) role it has and will continue to play in the evolution of the human race. I think about someone like Aristotle and I think, what was his math IQ? Was it at the abstract level of say calculus or even Descarte. What was his math IQ? The point I'm making here is that structure, deriviative of human brain chemistry predates and preceeds mathematical composition. It supercedes that of architecture or engineering in that it is the highest form of logical, tangible structure possible for human beings and it's relation to mathematics is after the fact. It forms the very basis of the programming of computers. It is responsible for the foundation of democracy so, we know that it surmounts religion as a basis of population administration. Therefore, when people "reach" in life to become enlightened or to rise, so to speak, it is "structurally" and it has nothing to do with jesus (don't even know who that was. I have no face, no eyes and no signature and subsequently, human beings have no responsibility to obey or to be loyal to the unseen or the unknown only the REAL). So, this messianic complex for example is pure psycho babble perpetuated by a bunch of psycho babboons.

Now having stated that preface I will proceed to the issue at hand. The freedom of movement in this environment of politcal distortion courtesy of this fabricated "war on terror". It appears to me that in order to delineate the foundation of real freedom we need to isolate the very essence or cornerstone of it so we can build on it as we move forward, positively in this time frame. Let me also emphasize that this is in no way whatsoever an attempt to gain preferrential treatment or to earn favour. In fact, the opposite is most likely to be the reaction to it. No, it's like the old school yard analogy in that we all have a right to get an education and not be harassed by a bunch of neanderthals on our way to school. We all have a right to be happy-go-lucky, if we so wish and to be smart and talented without having to live in fear of some thug looking to take off our heards. So it should be in the new age of information and technology that we can shine and develop as we all see fit.

So, what do we all realistically require as human beings when we want to move around? The most important thing is a quiet, private place to stay. A place where we can rest, clean, eat and prepare ourselves for the day's proceedings. Now, capitalism has violated and encroached upon this element of our civil foundation without any care or concern for what human needs are required for basic dignity and undoubtedly, this is largely why we see so much itinerancy and homeless abound in our respective regions.

I hail from a comparitively have-not region and when "money" moved in courtesy of a haphazard encounter with oil so did the corrupt style of governance and business which quickly followed in it's footsteps. Most of the homes that covered the outlying areas were built by individuals and were passed on from generations. I'm sure it's the same for many areas. If people wanted to relocate or move about well, they had to fork out some major bucks. Capitalism is about depriving us of our basic essentials so that we're all in a state of uncertainty and panic. It's good for business. This is what fuels the style of mentality we have in politics. They invariably default to economics as solving problems because they simply lack the scruples and morals to effect a fair and equitable system of government. They're in effect bought and payed for before they ever step foot in office.

With online the permeation of accommodation as a choice the door is open for a whole host of manipulative bacteria to wreak havoc on anyones life. So, when we try to find reasonably priced accommodations we are constantly confronted with no "client/confidentiality" agreement meaning they can share that information whether it's mere searchinig or reservations with anyone from a private detective, financial institutions, surveillance, governemtn, etc, etc. I think most reasoned minds get the picture I'm painting and it's not a very pleasant one.

This has led to an explosion of online private lodging possibilities. Too give these people the benefit of the doubt they are not in the business of providing social housing. It is a proprietarty form of rental outlet. However, what they are not aware of and also have little or no control over is the "quality" of people who come and go in these scenarios. I, for example, when using AIRBNB.CA encountered one woman who purportedly saw god and was adamant about this experience. Another PUNK'D me and this one was supposed to be a "healer" in dealing with brain trauma. I could go on but, the fact is that on the lower end of the rental spectrum, this way of accessing what is supposed a very basic and fundamental requirement to our need to move out without being in fear of our person, constitutes a very real threat to our well being. It is by no means, limited to the bottom of the socio-economic scale. The point is what is it with these politicians? What does it take before they reassess the fundamentals for a safe, healthy society so that we can all live and pursue our desires or purpose without having to double check ever nook and cranny before venturing out the door?

Another anecdote is airline insurance. It seems when we buy a plane ticket it's non-refundable. When did it become the responsibility of the individual to keep an airline afloat? When we buy cancellation insurance it's not so WE can cancel and get our money back. A little discrepancy which isn't explained when you buy it. No, its so when the airline cancels which is usuallly highly unlikely. I've said this many times but, will say it again. Insurance is a parasite that profits from probability and does not provide a real service and nor does it create anything which cannot be facilitated by other means.

In conclusion, this notion of freedom is an illusion. We have people up our asses and in our lives hand over fist all pretending to be "legitimate citizens" living a decent life when all they are is pure opportunistic scum. This and for many other reasons, we need to re-evaluate the basis of our civil liberties, our taxation system, our legal system and the very essence of human rights themselves if we are to evolve at all. In canada for example, the provinces especially, alberta could theoretically establish nations within nations concentrating outdated institutions like the RCMP who find the christian based political system more receptive to their covert agenda, not to mention the inclusion of the communications entities.

The bottomline is that these are troubled times and the voices necesary need to pool, collect, convene, concentrate and converge so as to provide a level of protection from people who have unlimited access to our lives with impunity.

How's that? Did I do well? *smile*

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


21/03/13 The american techno monkey - God's bio-mechanical joke

I marvel at this perversion of so-called advancement of the primitive "gadget generation". I purposefully side stepped the hi-tech frenzy many years ago just to take a step back and catch my breath. To take stock. Just to see where it would all start to take us. I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars chasing a technological fantasy that never existed and still don't and won't ever come to fruition. Every motherboard, every OS, every expansion board, harddrive, cpu, ram etc, etc hoping that with each assembly I would achieve a eureka only to be let down in the end by some piece of software that wanted more money for an upgrade or the OS which was out of step with the graphics and the sound and on and on and on.

This led to me to the conclusion that the "technocracy" is every bit as psychotically patriotic and political, not to mention incurably greedy as the politicians themselves. America is one seriously twisted puppy. Always trying to make people feel empty or less than whole if they don't drive the latest car or dress in the latest fashions or use the latest gadget. Trying hopelessly through their advertising and marketing, their polluted periodicals and websites to feel incomplete or inadequate or awkward when it is they who convey nothing but useless information that should be put on tiolet paper so we could all wipe our asses with it. No wonder they came in direct contact with islam as a result of their totally godless ways. They keep trying to gloss over the fact that materialism simply does not fill the hole that they have in their patriotic hearts.

Case in point and this is not be getting what I want. It's about creating realistic levels or iteratons of technology that are ethically serviced for the life of the design. Like a car. Anyhow, I now use DDR2 RAM with a socket 775 chip. This technology is quite capable of running a decent iteration of an OS and very respectable software but, it's like the whole web is turned into some masochistic manipulation just for the sake of getting people to buy more, upgrade again and again and again. The whole oligarchical M.O. is to keep things going at a constant heart racing, forward pace without any consideration as to the purpose and that is sooo american. Get people careening down some materialistic road until they don't know which way they're going. Just SELL, SELL, SELL or BUY, BUY, BUY. They never stop and pause for reflection and the people in question never ask themselves why? What's the goal here? They, the mindless consumer, just keep letting the periodicals and website pollution seep into their primitive cerebrums until they can't think straight or parse any reason worth considering. The flag will work it all out in the end along with the mighty buck.

You know, if insults constituted reason then whatever is contained within the borders of the u.s. and in all fairness to them, outside of their borders, would conquer the world without ever having to fire a shot. The reason why people are really disgusted with them is not because of what they have. It's the values they fail to realize. It's their low quality of morality and ethics and the fact they are committed and incurably "addicted" to capitalism (organized crime style) as a means to justify the end and that end will most likely lead to one or another outcome should they be non-receptive to any challenges to their political intelligenicia. They will either become anihilated or they will become the worlds greatest instance of mass murder.

They simply do not know any moderate pace of existance and they think of anyone trying to pick a spot on the technological landscape as a place of stability as some kind of wacko who just can't keep up with their torrid pace. It's all nonsense. What people really want are recognizable plateaus which level out and are identifiable through real standards. Not going out and trying to mix and match a constantly moving technological target. Just ask the "average" person who tries to put together a PC. They can't make head nor tail out of it and by the time they figure it out they're already presented with updates by an operating that are being phased out (unlike Linux which is kernel centric) and subsequent software that is similarly in a constant state of flux. This is the industry's card up the sleeve but, it's the public who are left chasing their tail. They never grasp the fact that it's not the technology. It's the objective that we are all trying to achieve and that has nothing to do with class distinction or elitism as a means of fulfilling a decent life. People like me enjoy mixing and matching providing it's an identifiable and established standard that is serviced beyond it's make and inception.

The way technologically, the computing medium should acutally be implemented is by establishing core hardware standards with upgrades centered around the external components. That way people could buy a basic architectural system with a core operating system that is eternally upgraded with compatible software to complement the setup while drastically reducing costs in relation to the prices being exacted today. The way they have implemented this is stuff is purely by accident.and it demonstrates they have no vision

Undoubtedly for this and many other reasons including politically and psychologically many of the worlds people find them to be truly disgusting and despicable in so many ways. Yes, there are no doubt good people scattered throughout the nation but, under a flag that no longer has a meaning which resonates across this planet the way it did prior to and shortly after WWII. Now, it's just a greedy pig trying to whip the world into an equally greedy frenzy so it can ramp up the tensions and instigate yet more conflict.

While I'm here I should also take a parting shot at the old guard. It also appears to me that the problem with the inevitable and eventual phasing out entirely, the television and radio industry technologically is the very way the internet is being utilized and controlled. First, we need ensure absolute privacy and anonymity. Secondly, we need to ensure distribution speed standards that are not arbitrarily controlled corporately. In other words, the distribution streams need to be governmentally monitered and legislated so that individuals are not monitored through IP addresses by some corporated administrator who can, on a whim, tamper with someones content stream. The entire environment is not right. It hasn't found it's natural center. Not yet.


Thank you, for digesting this at your own discretion and may your conscience wax while the considerable ignorance with permeates our world slowly but, surely wanes.


23/03/13 Basic instinct vs Basic Needs (Greed kills)

It's not "speed kills" but, greed kills. You know, if people go to a thanksgiving dinner and someone takes the whole turkey what does that leave for anyone else? What would that say about the person who did that? What kind of gathering would that be? How would that feel? I suspect there would be a "disconnect" between the assembly and purpose of sharing so that everyone could enjoy the meal and the company in question. This is the nature of extreme capitalism and the intransigent reluctance of the people who have wealth power and their refusal to permit those of us in this world past, present and future from experiencing a "reasonable quality of life".

So, I will begin by defining some of our basic instincts. I guess, hunger, sex, defense of our personal safety with respect to our bodies as well as our right to feel confident and individual, to feel good in our own skin or even to be cool or even to be strong. One would also have to include a state of homeostasis or the requirement to maintain a consistent bodily temperature in relation to warmth as well as to keep ourselves clean. I guess, finallly we have to live or grow or expand our conscience. Explore, discover, investigate etc. Now, our basic needs are not that much different are indeed an offshoot of our basic instincts but, are more having to do with our requirements in relation to our dignity. Our sense of self-respect.

Too many people don't respect themselves which isn't so bad but, the real problem arises because they don't respect anyone else and they think they have some sort of inalienable right to do whatever they can to make live miserable, uncomfortable or intolerable for any and all around them. In other words, they're fucking (forgive the accent) animals and it's they who primarily necessitate the need for laws relative to our person because they disrespect human life and they don't care how much pain or suffering while they '"get theirs". This brings me to the basic needs. The food, the shelter, the clothing and of course, as previously reiterated, the right to communicate, transport and to learn and grow and of course, medicine or health care.

On a related issue I recently saw an ad having to do with the budget and once again I was struck by how these politicians, these stewards keep trying to feed us this propaganda as a means of justifying their existance and importance in our lives. Tyrants have been the same throughout history. If one does not choose their words carefuly there could be reprisals but, you know, they wanted to be politicians and people who want to do or be something in life without ever asking themselves "why" are the most dangerous. Tthey are the unexamined life (we all know what aristotle said of the unexamined life), mindless and stupid and they accept the world around them and are living only by the seat of their pants and of course, their instincts. What instinct does a politician follow. Is it the instinct for greed, power and control or is it the instinct to help others? The budget is a piece of accounting software and no one gives a shit about it unless it has moral implications for levelling out the quality of life for eveyone. When it does that the numbers are arranged accordingly. The problem is that the media, finance, insurance and mega corruporations are eating all that turkey and no one else is getting their fair share or common ration of human decency. Oh, the money is there hand over fist. It's just piled up in places designed to blood suck as much life as possible from the human race without producing one shred of tangible, quantifiable matter that contributes to the greater good.

To whom it may concern. We, as human beings, are not here to worship or glorify the jews or capitalist concentration of greed (not that that's what jews are or their essence) and corruption which cares nothing of the fate of their fellow human being. Any of them!!! We are here to share and to live in peace and harmony with each and everyone bestowed the birthright to get to where we're going just as we are entitiled to reach our destitnation when we take a cab, drive a car, take a plane, train or even get bus. It's the unstated law of human "motion", not emotion. This constitutes the basis of our basic needs. However, in less educated parts of the globe. The violent places which are the physical equivalent of the political road blocks we all encounter as we attempt to fulfill that very basic of human impulses we must come up against barries. Some are racial, religious, class, literacy and physical.

Sharing is a basic instinct. It's as intuitive as communication itself and when people attempt to block a basic instinct with just grounds they set themselves up for blowback or violation or breach of said laws and barriers. When I was a kid I used to collect LPs or records. It was not uncommon to have a record someone wanted which you could then trade with in order to get a record that they had. then the cassette came along and what we did was record those records so that we could have our record and a copy of the borrowed record. That way we could increase our library of music and save some money. It was not copyright infringement. Oh, maybe, some shyster would argue otherwise but, the fact it isn't and it wasn't. The other fact is that when someone creates a record, or a movie or in todays world an online book it should be expected that theoretically only copy need be bought in order for everyone see it. In the old days publishing was so arduous and proprietary that no one cared about photocopying or hand written duplications because it would be time prohibitive and then compounded by distribution challenges. But, today we have the speed of the digital world and a thought can literally flash across the entire planet at the speed of light. One does not to be a rocket scientist to see the implications.

Before these incredible technological developments which we are now witnessing were ever thought possible the mere desire to "be heard" or to "be seen" was what spurred the drive to create art of any type. But, now we see what realy makes life go round. What is really essential to being a part of it, of feeling it, of experiencing it. It isn't the money, the politics or the religion. It IS the creative juices of the art, the athletics and the science that feeds and nurtures us, inspires us and give us hope. It is a natural extension of the planet itself. If you want to deserve more of that turkey or if you have a greater hunger for a greater share then you need to generate source material. You need to put the creative food on the table. Consider yourself a "servant of god" then create, produce instead of killing and destroying like the earth itself which gives us food, water and clean provided some money grubbing monkey doesn't pollute or poison it. Sort of like a potpourri. Everyone chips in with a dish but, we all get to sample from everything. You want to use religion as a road block to human dignity or polical corruption or financial boundaries or unjust laws? Then the society that goes down that road is in for a real rough ride and they better make sure they have a military monkey, a cop and a surveillance degenerate as well an incarceration complex for every man, woman and child within their sphere of influence. However, it also would not make for a very warm and fuzzy community dynamic, would it?

Thank you, sooo much for taking the time to peruse my posting and may your conscience wax while that limited pea brain of yours which encapsulates that significant blob of prehistoric ignorance wane.


27/03/13 Who the devil are you??

Life is surely an amazing experience. At least, from my perspective. I think of how people have been demonized, incriminated, incarcerated, smeared, beaten, battered, murdered and for what reason? To steal something from them. Their voice, money, belongings, freedom and even their conscience. This is the nature of the fatal flaw in our primitive beginnings. We have created idea after idea idolizing leader after leader, corporate head after corporate head, general after general, inventing deities and oppressing human beings since our presensce began on this planet.

Sure, there is crime but, crime is actually exceptionally easy to understand. Crime really centers around theft or damage to person or property. These other laws that have cropped up over the years. These bloated texts surrounding supposed "violatons" of documents or contracts or agreements really stem from "control". People who really haven't made anything out of or with their lives intellectually masturbating on the general poplulation in an attempt to forcably take something from someone else which they either don't deserve or in which they do not have the talent to produce unto themselves.

The fact is that any idea can theoretically be generated and all who oppose it are subsequently potential violators or criminals. For example, the most obvious is anyone who opposes christainity is an antichrist. But, that relatively true for anyone who opposes any doctrine or ideology. There have been many cases in point throughout history demonstrating this outcome. We all know what happened to people who opposed hitler or stalin and what happens and has happened in china. Hell, even John Lennon was thought of as a dissident by the u.s.. The cold, hard fact is that anyone who opposes say, hinduism could be thought of as the devil or buddhism or judaism and of course, islam (can't forget the world lunatic collective). The fatal flaw for all of these people is that their thinking boils down to one act and that is an act of violence, an act of crime or at the very least, conduct unbecoming of decent human beings.

This is why they call it "brain washing". By definition it's the implanting of one idea to the "forceful" prevention and exclusion of processing any other idea in combination with intimidation to discourage the investigation of any other competing concept. These segments constitute a rising phenomon in todays world known as the "functional mentally ill" and in a broader sense can be represented by our systems of government as well as corporate cultures. In other words, they hold down jobs, pay their taxes, can even have families and like the old movie the stepford wives where they give the outward impression that everything is fine, it isn't. It's not until you look under the hood beneath the social veneer, the marketing or the psa that you see the inner workings of the mind. They are most likely to become dissociative, exhibit twitches or unease in circumstances where they have to be "transparent". Then it is they who "flee"! Inadequate in their ability to dominate the discourse. Feeling left out, alienated.

We are all born into this world as dumb as boards and invariably, it isn't until after the fact that we realize the blood money that finances our very existance. Then our problem becomes twofold. First, we are angered because our conscience starts to bother us and second, someone who hasn't drank that blood is threatening our "survival". How can we detect as to whether we live or think on the "dark side" or the gloomy end of the spectrum? Well, we look at the superficial. The skin colour, the clothes, the grammar, the sound of the voice, the complexion, the money in the pocket or lack thereof and they clump around people who spew the same barbaric mentality or peer group so that they can feel somewhat comfortable in the way we think. It's called pscycho babble and it stems from a very poorly formed brain usually with little or no education, poor life experiences and absolutely no fucking talent.

The cold hard facts of life is that there is only one truth, one reality and one heart. Most decent people know this intuitively. In fact, I could demonize those who stand against me in exactly the same manner but, here's the rub. I wouldn't steal from them or hurt them or incarcerate them or back bite them for any reason. I cherish freedom and I suspect I'm not the only one. This basic instinct formed america and canada. It drove huge masses of people to flee starvation and tyranny and when confronted with that driving force it becomes the single most important thought in your mind. No one wants to be enslaved or emprisoned or to have their minds controlled. Human beings do not need to be governed and anyone who says different is a dictator lying in a state of dormency. People need merely to be adminstered. To have equal portions accessed and shared by all under the flag in question. Those who deserve more have the talent, the thinking and the god-given ability to warrent it. Those who don't manipulate and buy the law and our political systems(s) in order to get it.

Thank you, sooo much for taking the time out of your banal exisitance to see if you can glean something from this to justify your deeply embedded and seething hatred. May your conscience wax while that tiolet bowl of cerebral core takes you and forgetful and pathetic state of mind out of action and out of life, waning into the abyss of eternal godlessness.


29/03/13 Human behavioral patterns - the recognition of the evolutionary protocol

The basis of good conduct has been in a constant state of fluctuation for centuries. In fact, millenia. Human behavior has been shaped to fit one ideology or another since human beings began organizing themselves in groups. Such is the case for science and law. Once an idea is established or when it permeates a group of people then law and science is biased in attempting to substantiate the idea. However, since I am blessed with a predisposition or a weighted capacity for reason I need not be emotional or derogatory perse. I can systematically dissect and deconstruct the mindset of the "enemy".

First of all, strictly bio-mechanically functioning people are ignored by any system or religious instittution because they pose no threat. They're mindless and they are concerned primarily with "survival" or making money . They invariably intuit that from an early age and they are not strong enough mentally to challenge the powers that be and therefore are not concerned with issues which are either political or moral in nature unlessbof course, it directly affects them. However, if one becomes awakened as such then one is compelled to be aware of their surroundings. But, just being aware does not constitute any psychological disorder irrespective of what patterns are recognized. This is because the only patterns that really matter are the ones which present a physical threat to our person or property. Outside of that these "disconnects" can do whatever they please. Make whatever sounds they want or organize themselves in attempts to present whatever picture they desire. Like them it's total fucking "shit". Like the science they attempt to manufacture it's deeply flawed and BAD.

Case in point; I have in recent years, much to my own surprise, risen to prominence and as with the vantage point of any altitude one has the ability to see things from a different perspective. When a person rises to prominence epecially socially there is a parallel rise in psychopathy (most notably disinhibition) from people who, for whatever reason, disgree with your status or just don't like you making one of the downsides is that you become a target. This can also be a factor which often times dissuades other people from raising their own voice for fear of reprisals but, not me. I believe strongly in the power of transparency to change negative behavior into positive. Primarily because regions or municipalities love to portray themselves as being idyllic. IE: "a respectful working environment". Having prefaced this example I am holed up in a part of this city with a noticable arrogant, snobbish contingent as well as a comparatively nice rec center and golf course(do not ever live by one as they're terribly noisy despite the brochure appearance). Consequently, I avail myself of the access to exercise and shower. Very handy indeed for anyone under similar circumstances. However, such places are havens for the lowest of filth imaginble(unscrupuloys itinerants of all shapes and sizes) especially, when you're a target and despite what some may claim it doesnt't matter what you wear you're always on their radar most particular in these days of ubiquitous communications. It's curious as well to observe how adults, when they achieve only mediocrity success wise, invariably revert to adolescent psychology as a means of expressing disapproval or frustration. In this particular case, most of the staff range from friendly to indifferent to hostile. I say hostile because on this particular evening (05/13/14) I am engaged in conversation in the main assembly area when I left to go into the locker and what should I find but a big hairy, overwized ass pointing in my direction holding still. My first reaction was to drive it and the person connected to it right into the lockers thus, possibly giving him a serious neck injury but, then a calmer, more rational thought overtook me and I simply did nothing where upon people came in looking at me with this knowing smile on their faces. Now, that was all well and good but, what really struck me as unsettling was when I sauntered pass the desk how the staff appeared to be overly titilated which immediately led me to entertain the frightening possibility of some seriouly twisted and choreographed tomfoolery being afoot. I mean, how hard can it be to let people come and go? These rec centers can draw the worst sort of low life (hustlers) in the form of card palyers and other variation of gambler. To my mind bluffing is just another word for liar and it is why I have no respect for the activity or its organizers. The thinking being that decpetion is an acceptable form of social advancement however, I have always been one to ONLY gamble when I know I have a winning hand. Maybe, that's why it doesn't appeal to me as a pasttime. Another issue which this experience exposed is the line of unethical I.T. conduct because these public centers are not the personal computers of the personnel in question. Also, they shouldn't be "domain blocking" as it is not their jurisdiction anymore than a security guard has the power to issue traffic tickets. The primary I.T. responibility of public facillities and intitutions is to protect the respective computing environments in question, not to be deputized either voluntarily or otherwise in the fulfillment of contentious corporate or governmental agendas. There are such nice, friendly and sincere people here so, as always, I implore them to bear with me as I take aim at the slimy right among them, us. It's amazing to me how people work at the expense of the taxpayers or in an area of commerce that should be in the public domain, come off as though they're friendly, stable while the whole time constantly obsessing how to make some free-speaking individuals life as miserable as possible. As well, in an ambivalent sense it is absolutely wonderful to see such centers begin to spring up like social flowers amid the far right pricks and thorns who cringe at their prsence. Also, please note that the positioning of this particular post is purposefully placed deep within the overall page simply to demonstrate with resounding clarity the level of scrutiny and obsession I am undergoing. They're (the hardliners, far right and the godless are going CUCKOO!!!

Another example is that even love has become an exercise in control because christianity has feebly attempted to construct an emotional map that leads to their falsely created deity as a reference point to "ultimate love" and no other human being can feel love on a scale to match their false god. I say false because whatever has, is and will ever walk the surface of this earth is human and nothing else. Furthermore, no one can save another. We each save ourselves by establishing our own identity by building it upon the singular foundation of reality. Like any structure it has to have a foundation. Our identity subsequently becomes a neuro-chemical structure relative to that very foundation. It's communal or common sense stemming from this reality we call life. With respect to LOVE if we are not emotional we can not "feel love". See what you've done and are continuing to do? You're polluting the well spring of human spirituality by incarcerating the mind. In short, mass religion has cancelled itself out.

So, let me flush the bio-mechanics of psychiatry and psycho-analysis once an for all in this posting. These people have a certain unyielding perspective as to how human beings should behave. They appear to be under the impression that we should just go about our "business" and not be aware of our surroundings in any way. If we are leary of certain behavior then in there eyes that constitutes a disorder of sorts. Which also means that we should not be emotional or if we are then we can only exhibit emotions relative to the consumate pain and suffering of their "false god" (those affiliated with a christian leaning or tendancy). I say this because this field of endeavor does not have a consistency except maybe, other than as it pertains to violence. That goes for christian chinese, russians, europeans of all shape and description, south americans and of course, the american christian which represents a particularly virulent strain of fanaticism.

These people are only concerned with reaction, not the violation of personal space or civil liberties or even whether it achieves a basic standard of human rights. No, that's what makes these people from all walks of the religious right the text book definition of the "fanatic" is the fact that they subjectively interpret reaction to fit their deeply distorted belief system. To them their idea or even their low level materialistic value system justifies all behavior because not only are they brainwashed but, they are devoid of the capacity for objective reason and should therefore be treated with tremendous skepticism when they present themselves as so-called accredited people of science. Science is not their pursuit. Rather the systematic coralling and conforming of any and all people at all costs is their objective which is most of time contrived to be concealed. That's why they constitute the scum of the earth. They are incapable of any identifiable ethic or moral standard. They're just bad people, plain and simple.

Here I post to my personal domain and digital space. So what if I say anything here? What business or concern is it of theirs? There are no laws broken here. All they have to do is generate a capacity for reason like me. If their idea is solid then they will reign victorious. It will be meant to prevail but, if they continue to attempt to erode the very foundation of the human psyche as they have with the environment then that's what will generate future blowback. I'm not talking about venegeance within cultures or between groups and individuals. I'm referring to structure and how structure ultimately crumbles when it is not in accordance with a building code. Depending on how out of alignment that structure is will determine its longevity. So it goes with an individuals identity. That's why religion and various crackpot regimes attempt to assimilate identity for some collective that is for all intents and purposes, meaningless, empty.

In closing, being a person who was once brainwashed as a catholic I'd say to the pope, if I could convey a message to him, to get out of the vatican. Vacate the premises, sell off the holdings and give the proceeds back to world's poor. That will at least begin the healing of what has amounted to a horror show of murder, corruption and distortion the likes of which has shaken the very foundation of the human race. Then tell everyone who has fallen victim to the belief system to "let it go" and be at peace with your life for it is the only time in which you will "feel". There is no hell or heaven or special seating for the privileged or the supposed holy. Do something with your life instead of wasting it being preoccupied with god who is not of human origin but, is the source of the origin of human beings. In short, get a life and stop basing the existance of this trumped up religion of vengeance on a god that never existed and a person who was little more than a willing sacrifice of the times in which he lived.

Thank you, sooo much for directing your obsessive-compuslive disorder towards my domain and life because obviously, you don't have one of your own with which you have to "focus". To the good people. Keep watching and note how I logically kick the living crap out of this filthly clump of degenerates.

May your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


18/8/13 - Flowers do not grow in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada - owed to newfoundland

Like the climate, the people can be manic and harsh. This has to be one of the most spiritually barren and inhospitable places on the face of the earth and now that oil has crushed the fishery and replaced it as it's central identifying mark I find it hard to recognize it's original identity at all.

On the positive side the tap water is excellent and the people, relative to the kind you meet in your run-of-the-mill city, can indeed be refreshing. As a vacation destination one may never even see much of what I'm about to address. There is some genuine rugged beauty and the distances between them are substantial with few quality services combined with what can be a very boring drive with nothing noteworthy to see. Now, if you're thinking about living here then here are a few tidbits for your consideration. There are more smokers here than anywhere I've ever seen. Consequently, there are more nervous disorders than most places. Obesity, alcoholism and rates of illiteracy are at rates comparable to an indian reservation. The rates of congenital birth defects are alarming noted by the considerable rates of autism(the catch-all diagnose when all else fails).

Since I was born and raised here I am fully qualified and credible in my perspective of this province. Not to mention that I drove a cab here for a short period of time with the voted number 1 cab company and by all accounts I was reasonably proficient with few complaints. It is this brief taxiing experience that I wish to address because this experience is what surfaced a whole slew of long laid-to-rest memories. Memories of just how abusive a culture I was presented with as a child. How violent and emotionally driven and unstable it was on a daily basis. To go to work in an environment under a controlled radio dispatcher in conjunction with todays wondrous cellular environment and the constant parade of orchestrated individuals who presented their despicable selves to me as well as the decent people I had the distinct pleasue of driving. This is what I want to address in addition to informing the traveller and those whe are considering relocating.

I have this issue surrounding oppression and "my people" don't fully appreciate just how fascist they are underneath it all. This taxiing experience you see was planned for my arrival. If you asked anyone they'll just deny it. In addition to being scoundrels they're also liars. At any rate, I was presented with this option for purposes of scrutiny, observation and of course, abuse. Taxiing where the driver doesn't own the license and is subjected to the psychopathic tendancies of disconnected headcaes of personalities such as j, rodney, carl, ian et al is a recipe for unnecessary commercial dysfunction. Taxiing should be an international standard complete with operating manuals. Not a variation on organized crime.

Taxis are the primary mode of transportation in St. John's. The bus system is a farce and the cost of renting cars here is exorbitant. You will find many streets have no sidewalks at all. The city is not what one would consider pedestrian friendly. For example, the crosswalks found at intersections only go in one direction so, if you attempt to come back you will see no "walk sign". The terrain is hilly so, riding a bike, for the most part is out of the question. The winters here are harsh. The wind is insufferable and the dampness severely compounds asthma and arthritus. In short, the respective counterparts to my thinking wasted no time in circling around me and I was perfectly content to mind my own business but, as we all know, egos and people being what they are, they will invariably make the wrong choices and hurt the wrong people. Case in point. All I did was tell the truth and the truth is I love this province, the good side of it's people but, there are behavioral patterns here which are very troubling, undesirable and counter productive. It's up to the politicians to effect positive change. Conclusion: Nice place to visit between late spring and early fall but, a real pit to live in.

To whom it may concern; Thank you sooooo much(of course, to the good people) for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your noticeable level of ignorance wanes.


01/27/14 - Militant Economics (Turning countries into labour camps)

So, I'm driving along the columbia ice fields and my poor, aged, over used car with pretty much bald tires hits some black ice as I drive along the bottom of a fairly steep incline in the middle of a true-to-life snow storm. The car careens out of control and actually accelerates, much to my surprise, hitting the opposing guard rail on a bridge over a misty, running water gorge on the 1st of april, 2012. What a fool I turned out to be huh? *chuckle*

In the ensuing aftermath I had the terrible misfortune of ending up in the salvation army in calgary, ab surrounded by some not so very appealing humanity at any level. My car was wrote off. (well, not really but, I made sure it was so that some freak wouldn't show up driving it with my plates to rub it in my face) and my drum kit was still in it. So, here I was totally floored and exhausted after living in my car for months, subsequently in calgary on the street in subzero tempratures, after dealing with a real head case in vancouver who was renting out some rehearsal space and being continously, foreceably squeezed into conformity by someone who "owed me" and refused to do the right thing. ICBC also did wrong by me as the car was not as my adjuster had advised, beyond repair and so I really had no other choice but to put the finishing touches on it myself.

Now, to put things in perspective, most people are under the impression and falsely so I might add, that faith-based organizations such as the salvation army do"good" in our society. Perhaps, to a point if you look at the situation from a symptomatic point of view AND only if you take the way economics and politics are played out as being the only way things could be. Of course, they're not. They're made to coral us, when bad times befall us, into the arms of what turns out to be some of THE most diabolical, manipulative and unscrupulous people that hold a completely unwarranted status in our society. I found myself in a place where I, as well as the other "inmates" were rousted early in the morning, rudely awakened by the "intense, abrasive grinding of the shifting of metal tables on a stone floor" (a sound that is pavlovian in it's reminding to those of us who have fallen in between the cracks that if we don't promptly and in a panic, find work, we are likely to find ourselves back in the unwelcomed confines of these disgusting surroundings and most despicable people - I should qualify my remarks that not all the people I encountered were unpleasant) and summarily sent out into the court yard like prisioners or in the street for the rest of the day where we could further experience cold shoulders and glaring stares of disapproval just about anywhere we went because we surely didn't have the appropriate clothing to look as one of the "working people".

That was the daily grind in an environment that was completely unhealthy with respect to water, air and food. Should anyone find themselves in such surroundings, which are every bit as strictly controlled as a correctional facility, the ONLY way a person can emerge from these socio-economic DUNGEONS is through a change of heart by friends or relatives or the procuring of work by enlisting in the offered so-called counseling. It is by definition, humiliating, demeaning and terrifying as it is no doubt, intended. So many of these people cut off from loved ones, their lives destroyed or turned upside down looking like deer caught in the headlights wandering the corridors in a complete state of disillusionment.

Somewhere along the way in the later part of the 20th century, heralded in by the american replublican and followed closely on the heels by the canadian conservative and others, socialism took a real beating and what we are left with are the cumulative policies of the filthiest politicians municipally, provincally and of course, federally imaginable, feeding at a dirty trough paid for with the blood money of pain and suffering at a magnitude that is both jaw dropping and a complete insult to a nation as affluent and capable such as canada. In short, it's embarrassing how canada, as a society, has turned a blind eye and ear to the misery it promotes as a means of falsifying "progess" or civility. It's also frightening how we allow these faith-based charities to have free run over people who are the most vulnerable and susceptible in our society. People, whose voices are all but silenced by bullying bands of corporate debt collectors, police, bureaucrats, social workers and of course, low-life municipal politicians. To compound matters we now negotiate a constant wall of security, cameras, microphones as well as just about every religious idiot malcontent imaginable. Nice work canada!

There's more than enough real estate and finance in this nation for EVERYONE to have their rightful "personal space", their privacy, clean eating areas, washroom facilities, private communications, public transportation, decent clothing etc without having to sacrifice their human diginity in order to access it. Just ask and they should receive without being incriminated, evaluated or investigated. Greed will always motivate those who insist on living to excess, who want to have bloated egos. Look at the high end campgrounds that quite a few of us have stayed in. Just get a high quality tent, sleeping bag, clean restroom facilities, secured access and all a government would ever have to pay for is decent food. This is, of course, the very bottom of existance but, it's better than indiscriminantly "throwing people on the street" in the middle of concrete and traffic or these shelters! I mean, who are these people who effect and shape these policies? Do they really think they're "good human beings"? No, what we have here is capitalism run amok. The bean counters, lawyers, financial institutions, debt collectors, corruporations who tirelessly gouge us for services in which evolution demands and of course, the politicians who are complete disconnects. Total psychotics!!!

One need look no further than northern alberta to see the bus loads of workers being shuttled into these money grubbing shitholes making money hand over fist for these parasitic financial institutions and the like in order to see the emerging pattern of carcinogenic capitalism infecting everyone in their blast radius. Certainly, BC being a most popular haven for the winter weary western citizen and business person is a prime example as to how their money and you guessed it, their anal retentive religion and harsh mentality has polluted lotus land. People may have forgotten much of what makes us human but, if I recall correctly peddling in humanity or human trafficking used to be illegal. Now, if people are not permitted to live in accordance with their own natural skills and abilities and instead must sell out or conform to what amounts to be subjectively distorted fiscal policies in order to survive then there is little distinction between human trafficking and slavery because in effect the fiscal policies of the far right have the impact of reducing the "human value index" to one of labour or of monetary value discounting all other forms of human rights, bare essentials, dignity and self respect. I mean, could that type of economic application or approach technically be interpreted as human trafficking or peddling in human life? Anytime a political system is manipulating the proceeds of human functionality, their aesthetic component or the sale of limbs or organs it is essentially peddling or selling human life or portion thereof for the expressed purpose of profit or survival.. Now, obviously we, as people, need and engage in business practices for the sake of economic growth and development but, these are markedly different in context because we are supposed to be properly educating people and openning doors of opportunity so that they have a value beyond their human dignity in order that they, we can all make a "good living".

When issues become political they invariably become moral. Let me reiterate that statement. When issues become political they invariably become moral. So, most of the business endeavors that people come togerther in order to be successful at do not come under the definition of moral. In other words, they have no moral implications. But, make no mistake that even the most seemingly insignificant business venture can grow and grow in aggregate to become unmanageable to the point where it must diversify or spread out into different areas in order to continue to expand. Social media being the most obvious and relevant example of such collective impulses. I mean, this isn't rocket science here. The need for human communications is innate and outside the planets creation of minerals and elements communications is the most powerful underlying driving force presently unfolding at near light speed before all of our eyes. That's why the communications corruporations are falling over themselves to control something that should be FREE. The political and financial implications are astounding. It's actually a misunderstood aspect of human growth and development. ALL human impulses invariably group together until they eventually become solid and stable or where they reach a "critical mass" and evaporate. This is where you see and hear buzz phrases like "team" in dealing with business objectives and that's fine as long as it doesn't involve anyone getting hurt and the goods, product or service provides a benefit to the consuming public. However, living a human life and not being affected at some point in it by moral events is virtually impossible. You'd have to live in a cave and be so naive as to be developmentally challenged.

This is the nature of life itself and why we all need to have our collective dignity provided for and defined so that we can indeed pursue goals or objectives without worrying about our personal safety or our bare essentials. Of course, that doesn't or can't apply to all pursuits because of the cost incurred. So, if someone becomes a soldier and opts to fight for someone then they must understand that they're putting their life on the line, so to speak. But, quite a few of us do not want to jeopardize our lives in pursuit of our sustenance and survival. The problem is that much of what has shaped the world is more than willing to sacrifice any and all in order to achieve it or their objective. IE: patriotic or religious glory. Where the issue(s) become moral is when "innocent lives" are caught up in this feeding frenzy. It's one thing to put your own or the lives of those who know what they're signing up for as a negotiating chip but, when you factor in the environment or the lives of people who don't want anything to do with that type of cause you are going to come under some serious fire or blow back.

This is why those of us who recognize our natural calling have an implied right to achieve our goals. To not have our functionality sabotaged and redirected for the purposes of some perverted, distorted political or religious value. There is a way to defend ones honour and integrity without being violent. You just need an exceptional education and intellectual facility so that you can fend of THE most sinister and unscrupulous people imaginable as they attempt to wear you down or destroy you. At the very least, you can leave them with blood on their face as well as a serious dent in their credibility and reputation should they insist on going down that road.

Identity and self-recognition is one of the most vaunted and highly acclaimed form of personal success any individual can realize. Subsequently, those who are either content with mere material pursuits or worse still who wander aimlessly in complete disillusionment as to why they don't know who they are (lost) or how to take the first steps in achieving that purpose are to be pitied and are deserving of our compassion. Emptiness is disappointment enough for any human being. Not being able to feel real love, to have any exceptional qualities such as beauty, artistic skill or scientific aptitude but to be prevented from eating well, or having privacy, sanitation and shelter as well as the other essentials which I've so carefully outlined is simply a way for the most despicalble and insensitive people (politicians, lawyers, bean counters, corruporations etc, etc) to further insult and compound a hard life being lived. Devoid of empathy and to the void that dark heart returns full circle minus being remembored for anything other than unprecedented and insatiable greed and heartless cruelty.

Being a secularist in every way, shape and form has made me a target especially, in the eyes of the noticably dying, dried up old white, homophobic, xenophobic, christian religious prunes. For the record, I produce zero dysfunction in my part in this time frame, my community or my country and therefore do not "suffer" from ANY psychological disorder whatsoever. This personal domain provides me with ample outlet for all my intellectual itches AND it feels much more cathartic and satisfying than being coralled or a part of the limp, social-media exploitative community (PERSONAL DOMAINS RULE!!!). Having said that, my enemy (of conscience) does exhibit prominent patterns of dysfunction and is therefore undergoing a most notable form of mental illness which is plaguing our very communities, our very communcal conscience. This dysfunction is most prevalent in the corporate communications entities who are clawing using both tooth and nail to hang on to what is becoming increasingly obvious that tv, radio and print as we knew it in the 20th century is, like the religion and politics that has funded it, all but dead. So, when any of us walk in to, what should be secular, public domain/space and see the television on in a public mall with the likes of outdated commercial, communications filth such as the ctv and bell media inviting the general public to participate in dialogue regarding mental health, we should all shudder at this kafkaesque propaganda for it is a reminder that the perversed, distorted conservative, corporate thinking is still much more active and prominent than need be for us to have peace of mind as we go about our daily lives. That it is refusing to release it's "death grip" on our private lives. This mentality is indeed disturbed and in concert with it's league of so-called accredited professionals are proactively abusing their place and privilege in our society to in effect, disturb the peace. We should all, at this particular point in time in evolution, be in complete and absolute control of customizing our own personal lives and that includes information and content streams so that we can create a continuous, private and positive media environement free from the unnecessary influence of what clearly is a politically and religiously skewed media culture.

In closing, a word to the wise. Religion is by and large "regional" in it's application globlally but, should one encounter any "true believer" from any religion they should be very cautious as to how they tread, deal and interract with these people for they are suspicious of all that is irreligious or in my case, secular. Having said that, we all have the right to live with our dignity, our strength of independence and individuality intact. This however, is particularly challenging when christians (fascist) for example, believe in only one true individual and that individuality, even though it is most unnatural, completely unsubstantiated (NO SUCH BABOON) and in fact, unreal is the only way for us to comport ourselves in society. I can now state unequivocally after coming out of the closet openly and declaring my secularist state of mind that christianity, here in canada and undoubtedly in the us is pure fucking evil. They're totally out of their mind and a religion like sikhism, which is easily manipulated by the christian sect, for example is equally problematic because it neither acknowledges the christian monkey god or denies it. It sits on the spiritual fence only acknowledging that it sees god as "lord" and lord as god. I mean, who can follow or believe such garbage? The real problem with a religion such as sikhism is it FAILS to identify an actual center. Other relgions have and most of them are still untrue and unreal in their establishing of so-called "heads of state of mind". I see the world as it truly is and by virtue of being human we all have a certain degree of spirituality which is by definition organic and natural. My conscience stems from, flows from center. Like the sun I can see it but, I am not the sun and nor do I claim to be. My philosophy has produced a morally relative center that accommodates human flaw without any strings attached. There was, is and will never be any human perfection. We will all to some greater or lesser degree make mistakes and that's the only perfectl absolute that is natural thing about being human. This life is all that matters and what comes next is inconclusive despite all of the emotional fervor and religious passion that the world can concentrate or muster.

Quote: Karl Von Clausewitz - "It is clear that war is not a mere act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political activity by other means". As an addendum to that statement "politics is not a mere extension of ideology but a true religious instrument, a continuation of religion by other means while economics can be interpreted as a continuation and an implementation of religious policy". We are not "free" in the west by any stretch of the imagination. I am living proof and testament to the fragility and insecurity of todays political ego and religious institutions. The fact is that no one can be free under such conditions or circumstances. The money grubbing power mongers simply cannot tolerate it.

Thank you, sooo much for directing your most obsesssive and baboon-like cerebral impulses at MY DOMAIN and to the good people, I think my perserverance is speaking quite nicely and resoundingly for itself and to them. Henceforth, may your conscience wax whilst the primitive, baboon-like cerebrum wanes.


01/29/14 - The train of thought

One of THE most elegant and illuminating expression in the human language. This domain is my train of thought. One that has been maligned and begrudged since it's unmistakable rise to prominence. In this post I will attempt to dissect this phrase in order to help people understand why they go to such lengths in order to undermine my peace of mind and right to individual space and privacy.

A train of thought must be continuous in order to be considered valid. This continuity can also be interpreted as "commercial free" or free from interruption. This is why at this particular juncture in evolution we've( the truly educated and reasoned mind) become so fatigues in regard to television interruptions and commercials as well as radio and print advertisements. Oh sure, we get them on the internet but, once the content begins it's "commercial free". Most people don't enjoy having their concentration or even their conversations interrupted whether they're at work or play. Communications has always been and still is intended or designed to be interuption or "commercial free". We all appreciate that the idiots of advertising and marketing want to be noticed like a child starving for attention but, true quality products and services will ultimately realize a longer life cycle if they stand up to the original standard of word-of-mouth and search via a curiosity to buy the best and/or at the cheapest price. But, herein lies the achilles heal of mass media for they do not produce a consistent train of thought. In fact, now that the love affair and fascination with 20th century has all but completely waned we see the awareness of the quality of tv content which they subsidize (not produce on their own creative steam!) is boring and the marketeers in their infinite wisdom know this truth to be self evident which is undoubtedly why they strategically interject some mundane ad in a timely manner. They, heck we, all know tv is dead and is except for the least educated demographic among us. Those with attention deficit disorders. They go from that to video games. Societys IDIOTS, diminished capacity. But, their easy to troll for brainwashing dollars.

At any rate, the reason the train of thought is sooo powerful is because it's central to fundamentally sound communications. That's why we listen to whole songs, read whole books and stories, view whole paintings, watch entire plays or movies. When those movies with the worst storylines inject ad placements it communicates with crystal clarity to the viewer that somewhere in the production they've lost their train of thought and were incapable of produciing a complete, compelling story that didn't require "selling out" in order to convey their message or get it to production.

Ultimately, a train of thought is produced or published by a single author or writer. Yes, even a business plan can have technically be construed as a train of thought but, only relative to it's contribution to the community or the world at large. Like science itself it is ultimately measured by it's ability to contribute to the greater good. Is it a business plan or commercial idea that we really need? And do we need a concentration of more monopolies that only end up gouging us for something, should it become so ubiqitous, which should result in a price so cheap as to make it accessible to all?

In addition to the unavoidable death of mass media, as we have come to know it, the same can be said of religion because these trains of thoughts are not singular in their conception and are therefore not unanimously agreed upon. They are an arbritrary, selective assembly of text designed specifically to hypnotize the reader into believing something that is unnatural as well being neither logical or realistic. This is precisely why the bible, for example is NOT the train of thought of jesus. It is the diablolical conception and assembly of an adhoc group of political power mongers. Unlike Shakespeare or Joyce or Shelley or Mozart or even the Beatles etc, etc the relgious text, buddhism notwithstanding, are not continuous streams of conscience. Streams of consciousness are subconsciously relative to the well spring and they originate from "center" not from surface. IF Jesus was a prophet and he wanted to "save the world" he would've taken pen to paper, organized his thoughts and signed his name. This could be said of all bible trash. They are not first person and first person is ONLY credible means of publication. It is the threshhold. Without it what we have or end ups with are endless corrupt councils who spin and whip words into their own diabolical policy and agenda.

This is also why it makes it so difficult to be good or to stand out in that regard while maintaining ones anonymity because when we do it is perceived especially, from a christian perspective, as trying to take the place of jesus or worse still, an anarchist or "person of interest". As though it's jesus playing himself, channeling cathartically through that individual. It's pure psychosis at the root. See how this all comes together to implicate all challengers to the corruption and distortion of human behavior? Sacrifice is embedded or built in to the human survival pattern. It's anthropological and it is as old as the jungle where the mother protects it's young. We can all easily share the same communal image of a parent wrapping themselves around a child when someone is posing a physical threat to both. It's pure instinct  and it is not the domain or intellectual property of ANY particular individual. So, when any of us step in front of that bus or the falling rocks, take the bullet etc, we are not trying to be jesus we are merely following an instinctive behavioral pattern of survival that is as old the world itself.

This is also why it can be said that modern psychoanalysis is under serious attack. It is because by and large (due to relgious and political skeweing further compounded by human ego) it fails to acknowledge legitimate and valid streams of conscious which are error free and flawless. Like computer logic which streams music and video in binary that logic must be flawless or it generates an error so too must human logic. Imagine how many songs or pieces of music, movies we'd listen to or watch were they to break in mid stream. Of course, that's the goal of the anarchist or the hack. To disrupt or disturb the peace. Todays iteration of psychoanalysis is dealing with symptoms, mental and surface defects, not root causes and this is precisely why the disicipline as a whole is struggling with credibility and substituting it's woeful ineptitude with pharmaceuticals.

As long as the human mind is conveying a continuous stream of consciousness or train of thought that neither promotes or encourages, violence, destruction, hate or prejudice then irrespestive of whether people or groups approve or agree then that person or entity of consciousness has the right to express his, her or themselves especially, in a democracy.

So, try and think of my domain as a verse with choruses as opposed to uncontrollable repitition. Believe me when I say that rate of paranoid obsession exhibited in the mental defectives who oppose me is astonishing. Aren't most of you (my enemy of conscience) being vaunted and hailed on the coralling social media sites? Then why don't they mind their own fucking business and live their own lives? You know, to each his own and all that jazz. Want to out shine me? Create or produce a train of thought that can cut through the worlds bullshit as I without using your bankrolls as I have and do and it will become your oyster. The sad, eternally irritating reality is that they can't. All style and no substance. That no religious text or piss-ant celebrity can inspire the world to a singular conscience because they all involve some sort of unnatural, narcisistic glory or a variation on incarceration for exactly the same reason that left brained or the mathematical side of cerebral brain chemistry is not the defacto standard for train of thought, stream of conscience or even concentration and focus. The mathematical side, thanks to politics, money and religion is little more than being about mind blocking, mind control, psychological incarceration up for sale to the highest bidder, choreographed predominantly for greed and control and it is designed to fail because we are all meant to be free. Here, the whisper, relative to moral aspirations, is THE most powerful linenof thought, PERIOD

Which raises this issue. I sometimes wonder am I the only one who has noticed why for example, the ominous omission of easy-to-use open source calculus learning applications? The remedial math apps are eveywhere but, not calculus. It doesn't take a rocket science to see how the internet in the age of information poses a tremendous threat to the slow, tedious, over priced, old school forms of education control and domination. You know, the only way to blow the lid off this entire battle of conscience is to give the world all the information it needs to grow and let people make their own choice. There are a whole host of people more than willing to give knowledge and information away for free but, somewhere in the psyche of the far-right dominated system everything has to be kept in the commercial realm because that's where they can regulate and micromanage it. Nothing eats into profit like someone who will give the same product or service away for free and yet, that can even be subjectively interpreted and implemented as a law that is being broken. These can be very troubling mutations indeed. The brain is an organic organ and anything organic needs a source of natural elements in order to grow and develop. When it comes to the brain the organic element required is knowldegde or essential information. Prior to the digital age of information we could only get our knowledge person to person but, because knowledge expansion can be likened to a snowball, once you get it rolling it can amass a substantial amount of content provided it can access it without money being the primary barrier. I, for one, am absolutely convinced that the more successful people we have the less begrudging we would be extending other peoples dignity and as well as their, everyones right to grow, expand and develop. I mean, what would be the reason?

One need only experience the internet in it's present degenerative state to understand that these undoubtedly very gifted mathematical people are hacking the bejesus out of the internet trying to prevent us all from accessing content. The only people who should be scouring the web trying to protect their intellectual property are the people who created it in the first place. I think, for example, if J.K.Rowling felt short changed by the rate or amount of her remuneration I think she could afford the I.T. personnel necessary to thwart any and all proliferation of her content but, not the fucking lawyers and bean counters. Which proves beyond a shadow of doubt that mathematically gifted minds are still prone to malice of forethought whether they stem from media/legally manipulated IT cultures, underground or mob cultures or even so-called government intelligence. They're all totally wacked in the head. A chemical imbalance to be sure but, certainly mathematical nonetheless. It's the reason behind, the "why" or the motivation and not the end which justify the means not the mere bio-mechanics of which mathematics are unquestionably pivotal but, by no means the master stream. We're not supposed to be in I.T. or to have degrees in it in order to secure our computers anymore than we need to be locksmiths to know how to keep our residence safe. The people in computer OSes, Networking hardware and Security software have a fiduciary responsibility to present a comprehensive, orderly and structured reference to making the privatizing and securing of our personal digital environments as easy as keying a lock to our front door. There should be an OSI model and standard which once followed and implemented should provide carefree encrypted protection from all potential threats.

I believe the following excerpt from Michael Clayton and how this movie is being forcably removed from internet viewing, due it's increasing popularity and relevance, by who are undoubtedly, a spawn of the old school/legal mindset being portrayed, shows us just the kind of people, corporate culture who have been destroying freedom, ruining democracy and life in all of it's myriads of elegance. They're violating the very essence of democracy and freedom by attempt to exact a level of control which is totallly unnatural and completely corrupts the order as a whole by prejoratively using the copyright laws as a way of effecting content control and micromanagement. This is why it is so important to have a viable alternative to mass media and mega corruporations. That way these people don't get to subjectively spin how they are perceived in the eyes of the general public without being meaningfully challenged AND it accelerates the rate of turnover of corporate pariticpants in the free enterprise system until finally people do actually get the kind of corporate culture we actually do respect and desire delivering our products and services to us. It's the only way free choice can benefit us all and work the way it is intended. Unlike ALL of the major players in mass media, computer OSes, search engines etc, etc who have all become corporate thugs not unlike your typical mafiosa who wears a suit attempting to convey a respectfable exterior, these cultures do the same while underneath it all playing hardball the whole time. Their psyches are not the character map of good people by and large.

Michael. Dear Michael. Of course it’s you, who else could they send, who else could be trusted? I… I know it’s a long way and you’re ready to go to work… all I’m saying is just wait, just… just wait and please just hear me out because this is not an episode, relapse, heck-up, it’s… I’m begging you Michael. I’m begging you. Try to make believe this is not just madness because this is not just madness. Two weeks ago I came out of the building ok, I’m running across 6th avenue there’s a car waiting, I’ve got exactly 38 minutes to get to the airport and I’m dictating. There’s this panicked associate sprinting along beside me, scribbling in a notepad, and suddenly she starts screaming, and I realize we’re standing in the middle of the street, the light’s changed, there’s this wall of traffic, serious traffic speeding towards us, and I… I freeze, I can’t move, and I’m suddenly consumed with the overwhelming sensation that I’m covered in some sort of film. It’s in my hair, my face… it’s like a glaze… a coating, and… at first I thought, oh my god, I know what this is, this is some sort of amniotic - embryonic - fluid. I’m drenched in afterbirth, I’ve breached the chrysalis, I’ve been reborn. But then the traffic, the stampede, the cars, the trucks, the horns, the screaming and I’m thinking no-no-no, reset, this is not rebirth, this is some kind of giddy illusion of renewal that happens in the final moment before death. And then I realize no-no-no, this is completely wrong because I look back at the building and I had the most stunning moment of clarity. I… I… I realized Michael, that I had emerged not from the doors of Kenner, Bach & Leeden, not through the portals of our vast and powerful law firm, but from the asshole of an organism who’s sole function is to excrete the… the… the poison, the ammo, the defoliant necessary for other, larger, more powerful organisms to destroy the miracle of humanity. And that I had been coated in this patina of shit for the best part of my life. The stench of it and the sting of it would in all likelihood take the rest of my life to undue. And you know what I did? I took a deep cleansing breath and I put that notion aside. I tabled it. I said to myself as clear as this may be, as potent a feeling as this is, as true a thing as I believe I witnessed today, it must wait. It must stand the test of time, and Michael, the time is now.

The monologue above, which was expertly spoken with just the right amount of inflection is indeed very revealing attelling as to not only how morality deeply affects our conduct but, also as to the real kind of people we're confronted with up to and leading to this early part of the 21st century. I can tell you that this movie is being removed from free (ad subsidized) viewing, not by Clooney or Pollack. I mean, why? Pollack(Grisham ie: insurance etc) has made many exposes on the legal profession and both of these guys are well on record as to their policital disposition so, the only plausible explanation is a clump of legal filth atttempting to prevent the piercing, penetrating perspective of what is a very dark, worrisome corporate, political and legal mentality from becoming common knowldege so that the electorate doesn't wake up and see just how manipulate people on the right end of the spectrum, who haven't created a goddamned thing are attempting to continually, forcably control the perception of our very lives, of reality itself. It is their "train of thought"(train d'enfer) that we should all be very leary of and concerned with.

This is why communications (internet communications particularly) and no other profession, area of presentation or discipline is more important and powerful that any other discipline in the entire world from this point in time and space to the end of the world. It is why old school mass media is tearing itself up trying to figure out a way to control the masses, to hold on to the advertising models of tv, radio and print. It is to manipulate, for personal and material gain the sensibilities of the buying public and the electorate. The people we need to get rid of can't write a book(that isn't left-bain crap), sing a song, make a movie or play instruments professionally etc, etc. They are the artistically challenged and they are neither entertaining, interesting or creative. They're the lunatics and they've been and are running the asylum. They cause too much needless pain and suffering. This is also why at the social level I refuse to let any of them take comfort solely in the uniforms they wear or their accredidation or their jobs for it's all a fascade, a game of credibility that none of them have and for which they resent me tremendously for refusing to "sell out" as they did. Egomaniacs with nothing to offer whatsoever. Just acquiesce, tacetly approve or take, take, take and control, control, control.

I'm sure a major reason the wireless network that I am presently using for example, which is controlled and maintained by the SHAW MOLESTOR is purposefully being constricted from what was once a periodical peak of 300Mbits per/sec down to barely 20, is precisely due to my postings and the content I'm consuming. It's not a coincidence that from the time I moved in, where I was watching any movie I wanted, completely commercial free and uninterupted to now experiencing a total state of obvuscation which has become obsessively purposefully manipulated. These communications providers are in a direct conflict of interest precisely because they have a vested interest in reaping fortunes from their outdated, advertising television models while at the same time overseeing the growth and expansion of internet/networking technology. Pure organized crime, pure corruption, plain and simple. They are waaay out of line. This is why I don't trust them or cellular, wireless networks. I prefer cabled ones because you don't get these overlapping voyeuristic sociopaths snooping and hacking. As well, they're easier to secure and maintenance. The only mandate ANY of these corporate communications should EVER be permitted is the privilege of extending, securing, and properly maintenancing allocated bandwidth, not censoring or toying with the general public who are already being gouged mercilessly for services that should be FREE. It's only a matter of time before the proper disposition of politician takes office and properly structures legislation protecting our democracy as well as the private citizen from the this SCUM. I should also mention that this is why I would NEVER send senstive information over a cell phone network. All this wireless technology while very convenient is a magic carpet for the most unscrupulous communications filth out there. All it takes properly secure peoples private communications and to minimize cost is for MY habits to be properly monitored in ordered to gauge the kind of systemic oversight necessary to ensure that these communications corruporations are not burning the candle at both ends, so to speak. Let em look after pumping that outdated, 20th century tv sewage into peoples living room as is their miniscule right and simply leave the internet and the network in a state of constant neutrality.

In conclusion, I sure do appreciate your obsession with my text though. I can't emphasize enough how flattered and honoured I am that you consider me so important in these most contentious of times. One things is absolutely certain. I have become a magnet for so many personality types but, none more apparent than the "no lifers" who have descended into variations mutations of mental illness and for the record(not that it's going to affect the lunatic fringe), I do not care, consider or pay attention to you, any of you in any way. I am concerned with my own humble life and the good, decent people whose sincere smiles and facial expressions I encounter and experience. Fortunately, despite all that I've encountered and experienced thankfully, I have not become so jaded that I can no longer discern between the good, the bad and the ugly.

Thank you, for obviously taking the time to read this and may your poor over taxed, primitive baboon cerebrum wane while the few, the brave and the merry of enligtened conscience continue to wax.


02/03/14 The unexamined mind is not...(All that matters generates a reflection) - "Wave upon wave of demented avenger march cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream"

At least this is titilating. Heaven forbid if it weren't. I cannot get over how much low life (respect to the "good people") in addition to just about everyone on the face of the earth have become acutely aware of my presence despite my best attempts to be ordinary. The reality is that because I have such a high level musical skill and because my domain is becoming increasingly more important with each passing day it makes it virutally impossible for me to blend in with the scenery. It is nothing short of miraculous how people who have little or no purpose or execute mindless procedure find time to inject their brain farts into my life. This is a demographic obsessed to no end with every calorie, every second of rem sleep, every walk outside my door. Literally, everything about me being accounted for down to my last dying breath, no doubt. If you didn't know any better you'd think I was in mass media. But lo and behold and quite thankfully, I'm not(at any price!!!). Just little o'l me typing away while the human race looks on it wonder and awe.

At any rate, look, the duplicity is stinking up the high heavens here. I repeat myself at any level and it's subjectiviely interpreted as some kind of monumental disorder yet, we think nothing of the lunatics who saturate us with reruns, repeating newspaper articiles, mind-numbing advertising, ad nauseating billboard placements to say nothing of the inane psycho babble of preaching. It's all a constant battle for attention because attention = influence and influence shapes thinking and that thinking translates into votes and ultimately MONEY and POWER. The trick is to generate it without making a fool of yourself or being an idiot or getting into peoples faces or derpriving them of something in which you never created in the first place such as access to professional sports (stadiums funded by taxpayers with the sports themselves builit on the backs of community and passion alike) or movies by virtue of a legal grip perjoratively phrased as copyright. The bottom line in this battle of consciousness is that being right is winning victoriously. In fact, it's winning PERIOD! The fact that my opponent is not right(right in the head) generates water off a ducks back. They can't radiate, they can't shine, they can't create unless one takes into account sensationalism. They buy talent and then buy the rights to that talent and corrupt our governments in order to control it. As well, their religions come up short. There is no "language of love" that they can use to trounce and defeat the enemy. Like xmas it's just for show, retail. It's ALL conditional and that violates the principle of love itself. Their anal retentive intellects stumble and their false gods and false value can't get it up.

Even an antibody generates a mirror image but, unfortunately for christianity for example, they don't have a body so where the hell is the anti christ? The only point in the heavens that does not generate a reflection and yet, is essential to balance is the sun. Here we are in the 21st century bearing witness firsthand to the death of no less than christianity, british royalty or royalty in general, jewish puritanism, islamic extremism and of course, the american radical fanaticals version of freedom, 20th century industrialized mass media and that's just for starters. That's quite a program line up wouldn't you say? Morality is a field of logic as invisible as gravity or magnetics and as every bit as tangible, powerful and esstential to the human condition which stems from center and it can produce an eternal stream of conscience that simply cannot be matched, bought or controlled by the BABOON SYNDROME of the faith-based generated mental illness of our time.

Thanks to the modern age of communications everything is out in the open. Spin does not win. The truth will out. It wouldn't matter if I wrote on the back of a cereal box because that's how much credibility I've earned by being forthright and principally oriented as opposed to conjuring up hypnosis at the metaphysical cauldron exercised by snake oil salesmen. I play to that hidden variable with nary a ghost of a chance and I'll be damned if a bunch of degenerative baboons and monkeys with little more than the use of widespread dysfunction and corruption are going to overtake my state of mind.

Y'all have a good day there now and try not to get over heated as the world you once knew dissolves right before your very eyes while you're powerless to do a damn thing about it. Oh, you may temporarily scratch and claw. Skew and arrest development but, eventually as with your stupidity, your death grip will loosen. Pure fucking kharma.

Thank you, sooo much for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your severly compounded ignorance wanes and fades from the face of the earth for all eternity.



I've decided, due to my considerable encounters at length, to compile a list of businesses which I personally have had a less than satisfying encounter or a very bad encounter with altogether. It is a list derived from considerable deliberation and is by no means a malicious attempt to unduly affect someones business. Just my way of communicating in kind that they can't bully me and that I'm just another customer with the right to receive the same supposedly high level of service as anyone else. The resulting rating could be due to service, ambience or product or it could even be someone I rented from. I get a lot of "mona lisa" smiles on my journey from people who clearly know I am before I ever set foot in the door. These wackos(owner/managers) clearly go out of their way to present themselves to me while I am merely trying fulfill a simple requirement such as a coffee or some other product or service.

The good ones I will leave alone for they don't need the publicity. This is perfectly within my right. It seems the only language these people recognize is the bottom line for bottom feeders. So, if they insist on being assholes I'll accommodate them accordingly. Might as well leverage the obsession. Of course, should the reader choose to disagree then maybe, their business will increase in protest. However, I cannot speak to the clientele who would frequent a known subterranean shithole run by questionalbe management but, to each their own. This is just my way of saying I wouldn't recommend this business unless they have something you cannot get anywhere else and even then, hold your nose and get out and away from them as quickly as possible.

Rehearsal space for musicians. What's the deal here? I mean, when did it become a political issue? Perhaps, when I renounced mass religion. This idea of excellent musicians in need of dirt cheap and yet secure rehearsal space is absolutely essential in fostering a vibrant music community. One look at the local mediocrity and it's not hard to see why. The musicians simply can't afford the time to explore and rehearse. It can't be done 2 hours a day. These cave trolls who slither into the rehearsal business care little or nothing about the musician and they are definitely not communal or spiritual. They're opportunists taking advantage of an individual or groups passion to do something with their time which is beneficial to both themselves and the community at large. Aside from their spiteful egos, they treat the business like the storage facility business model. They're pure music industry parasites and they are, in the early part of the 21st century a huge barrier to generating a new, inspirational wave of great musicians. Especially, in places with limited facilities and resources where one person can theoretically become the dysfunctional quarterback for blacklisting musicians they, he or she or they don't like. Look, if people want to go into business that's great. I wish them the best of luck but, I am an artists and artists are not supposed to be forced to live in accordance with commercial practices. Did any of they hockey players for example, who now constititute the nhl as we know it have business plans before they were allowed to play? No, of course not. So, it should be with ANY artist. We are the natural resources of the age of information and online content and we deserve access to decent facitlities in exactly the same way corruporations get huge tax breaks to search for oil and gas or engage in geological exploration. This is not an issue with respect to space anymore than it is for homelessness. There are more than enough community halls and estates in place by virtue of charity which should be further supplemented by government subsidies ensuring that anyone can be whatever they want should they have the natural skills and abilities to rise in that respective discipline. It's disgusting that someone such as myself should even have to bring this topic to the forefront and it speaks volumes exactly to the kind of mindset I, as well as countless others, have been forced to deal with for a considerable length of time.

The adhoc, oligarchical corporate right collective - IE: An asssembly of economic HITLERS!!!

There was a time when covert operations were indeed necessary for the safety and security of the people. Now, clearly, with the advent of 9/11 it's become an instrument of control, unwarranted invasion of privacy and manipulation. I say this because the so-called "war on terror" was really the culmination of 20th century ideological tension which modern communications is elegantly diffusing. Now, by virtue of global communications a more honest and revealing dialogue can unfold revealing the true nature of governments, religion and economics. In other words, civilian oversight has taken shape on a global scale.

However this does not mean we're in the clear. It just means we, as private citizens in a democracy need to be more aware and vigilant than ever with respect to cavalier indiscretions with respect to our civil liberties courtesy of this trumped up, over worked and over extended war on terror whose rhetroric and propoganda is definitely peterring out.

The beauty of a free and democratic society is a greatly misunderstood and misinterpreted concept known as the "balance of power". What this implies is that each and every individual under these democratic flags has the right to exactly the same level protection of our property, our person, our speech, our movement and assembly as our elected leaders.

This becomes increasingly challenging however when our vital services and the fundamental elements of our very ability to progress and succeed are being corporately micromanaged by frimly entrenched monopolies in the various respective sectors. corruporations are NOT democracies and the potential effect and impact this can have socially is nothing short of terrifying. Heads or CEOs of corruporations can conduct themselves and the business culture more reminiscent of a fascist state rather than free society. Our rights and freedoms become eroded and unnaturally, stringently contrained to a point of suffocation. People become afraid to speak out and up for anything that isn't in their best financial or political interest for fear of being lableled a potential terrorist or anti-social. The government, due to the increasing power of the corruporation, becomes neutralized with the real power in practice being exercised by. what amounts to a concentration of little hitlers. who are primarily concerned with only their religious and/or financial interests with little or no regard to the rest of us.

This is why any monoply especially, when it concerns vital sectors such as energy, transportation, communications, education to name but a few should be always be dilluted with the introduction of as many competitors as possible keeping the cost extremly low while emphasizing quality. As well, it should be essentially kept under government control or to be more specific, THE PEOPLE!!! You want to make money as a business person? CREATE, PRODUCE and stop living off the proceeds of others worst still, what should be extended as a foundation of human dignity.

Remember too that no one owns democracy or the grouping of people. People will always find a way to assemble and reassemble based on shared goals and common beliefs. That's a fundamental law of nature and the order of matter itself. Some religions refer to it as the realization of nirvana but, whatever the classification life is meant to be stable and free. We see what happens when man attempts to force an order over animals or plants and of course, people where it is non-receptive. So, america is but a mere 200 years old and if it is incapable of holding the fort for little more than corporate domination then that ball will "eventually" get passed to another society more receptive to the needs and demands of freedom. This is why we all must have the ability to freely move about without being financially shackled to one place or forced to live under conditions that are not to our liking. This is where the redefining of what we require in order to be free yet, safe and secure comes into being and is in a constant state of flux. For example, a business has every right to protect it's own intellectual property but, not necessarily to completely control the life of a private citizen. There has to be a balance. Similarly, just because you live or rent somewhere does not give your landlord the right to snoop and spy, to manipulate or micromanage your life. The responsibilities are symbiotic and have more to do with respect of each others space and property.

Healthy and acceptable communications occur face to face, voice to voice or handwritten or communique accompanied by a signature but, it is not and was not ever meant to be supplemented by compromising someones personal communications. There are certain aspects of communications that none of us should have privy to, plain and simple. There is a way to discourage such behavior and believe me, I have demonstrated that procedure incredibly and effectively. Just ask the people who think that can assume control of my life and ask them how they now feel with that egg of their face. The bottom line in this every evolving age of information is that until the powers that be "come to their senses" and smooth out the internet as it exists in it's present form we will continue to experience an unease, unrest which stems from the bad brain chemistry of participants from all respective areas who are in direct contravention of the "free enterprise system". In other words, they refuse to allow "free choice" to determine the shape of the market landscape and that's precisely why someone such as myself is completely justified in accusing those respective parties of corruption and social subversion. In addition, psycho-analysis as we know it today will continue to suffer dreadfully from a unabridgable credibility gap until they focus on the misfiring of electrical activity as it pertains to bad and deeply flawed architectural designs of OSes and purposeful disruptive internet activity. We, the individuals, simply need the proper keys to our own domains then the responsibility lies with ourselves to secure it. This is a culture that is instead unnaturally, unethically concerned and preoccupied with diverting attention and shrinking the freedoms which are implied by democracy itself.

Have no illusions. The people whose feathers I ruffle and are completely upset are the people who are loosing control. They just can't process someone like me in the world. I irk them to no end. I am the perennial and proverbial thorn in their side. Someone who has no personal agenda other than freedom, of movement, of assembly, of speech, of expression. Someone they can't control, who can slap their wrist or penetrate their conscience. TOO BAD!!! I happen to be very discreet but, verrry effective. The bottom line here is that my domain is not publicized so whatever popularity it' has received is as a direct result of THE most unscrupulous people and head cases imaginable who have actively tried to smear or get to me. They've failed! Therefore, I make NO apologies to anyone, who, under their own voltion, chooses to consume these postings. This is not part of your cable subscription and is by no means mandatory by virtue of connecting to the internet so, if you don't like it. TOUGH SHIT!!!


The other running list I've decided to compile are "caveats". These are areas that the user or buyer should consider in a myriad of fields and encounters. For example, when going to a website you should never use cookies because as with computer operating systems or other commercial surveys what is more important today to guard other than personal information is "location". That's right, most people are probably very gullable, trusting and unaware that any peek into your computer may compromise not only personal information but, may be used to determine your location.This location (location can equal a serious breach of access to your personal information), by virtue of being determined by, for example, your local cable provider, can be used to track and discriminate against you for ANY reason they deem necessary. It could be used to disrupt services or limit bandwidth. Cookies are primarily for marketing purposes but, are completely unnecessary for ANY subscription to function legally and properly. Another example which is popular with PCs is accessing drivers because motherboard and other expansion cards may be ending driver development and that has these 3rd party outfits popping up and doing the job that the OS is supposed to be doing so, what happens is that people are being gouged for something that should be a free lifetime upgrade by virtue of manufacturing. At any rate, the list should not be too extensive but, there may be something that'll help you make a better decision because as we all now know in the age of information that information itself = power.

Give Blood!!! (Translation = Let us look into your blood so that we, the politically and relgiously skewed right can see why you have the thoughts you have so that we can then prescribe you with a medication to better control those thoughts). This is exactly how the very notion of pure-blood jewish supremacy as well as any nations or relgions right to dominate all began in the first place. First, they deduced how could anyone but, the chosen people have the cerebral ability to dominate the human race if it weren't a genetically based derivative IE: pure blood? That's right boys and girls we are now in the midst of the THE most vicious power struggle in the history of human race and it's taken a clinical twist whereby we, as citizens, in what was once thought of as a "free society", where there were in fact, "limits" to what the system and now the corruporation could do to us are now being potentially discriminated against and incarcerated based on the political thoughts we have and this ultimately results in our subsequent placing in the economic scheme of things. Nevermind the fact that all we and were meant to be has a right to be. No, none of that pie-in-the-sky nonsense. Now, if you're just the run-of-the-mill ordinary joe going about your business, never having had experimented with your mind or your body, pushed the envelope, challenged the status quo or stood on principle, so to speak, then none of this means shit. But, if you're someone like me or someone in a place with the stress of morality is interfering with your ability to do your job or to live your life or to be all you were meant to be then this information is quite relevant because it speaks to a very subtle and powerful social under current that has sprung forward in recent years and our mere votes play little or no role at all in how we are able to actually be free in this day and age. It's all "backroom negotiations" with democracy playing no role whatsoever in our ability to choose moral leaders to truly help protect, secure and keep all of our best interests at heart. Once they weasle their way into office it's abuse of authority with hardly any moral accountability. This is the creeping systemic standardization of human bio-mechani functionality. When we, as individuals are targeted for our thinking, in canada no less, then that should be a major alarm which sounds across the surface of the earth signalling the death of democracy and freedom. Not surprisingly, this is also why my line of thinking is so problematic to my enemy of conscience and gets to the "root of the matter". It's "pure root philosophy" and make no mistake I am ringing their bells and shaking the very foundation of the ruling classes throughout the world right to their very bones. Communications IS the ultimate power in the human condition. Where once medical conditions or prognosis perse could be isolated and kept to an individual level now, they can be communicated collectively to see what's happening with people as a whole. It is simply the demands of profit and control. It has to become blood and neuro-psychiatrically centered. In other words, the systemic sabotage and manipulation of the central nervous system for the sole purpose of making huge populations achieve an objective which is fundamentally political, possibly religious and ultimately economic. All signs, messages, styles and methods of conveyance reveal all to astute observer. Read it now and believe me latter. Have a nice day "SLIME OF HUMANITY"!!! To whom it may concern: Do NOT think that haunting my steps or compromising my computer system "makes me nervous". I owned you when I started and I'll own you beyond the grave. Beginning to get the picture yet? The "Big Picture"! I am not going to yell or scream or beat things or people up or mutter or spout off uncontrollably. Just a "whisper" of good motivation.

Confusion is a terrible thing to introduce into the forming mind of any human being. Confusion is a intellectual virus and it stems from an unstable mind, a malicious mind or even another confused mind and it propogates until it infects everyone around them much like a computer virus is designed to send a user and/or a computer reeling out of control. This is the accumulative effect religion or extreme nationalistic pride has had on the mind. In my humble view, this is why the human race has found itself on the brink of destruction for decades. But, like computer logic, human logic is equally sound when the malicious code is prevented from executing and the code being compiled is rock solid. One of THE most thoughtless, cruel and inhumane crimes human beings can perpetrate is to deny the forming mind the right to know a single, stable, solid earthly reality. To force human beings to live a physical life primarily in preparation for death without producing one single shred of measurable proof that "their version" of an afterlife would see the continuation of both flesh and senses. The vexing problem however, is how does one introduce this element of a single reality without brainwashing people. The answer is by letting people make their own choices, investigate for themselves and arrive at their own conclusions. I, for example, chose bhuddism as the "least frightening" form of religion because it presented the concept of being calm. Only when your mind is calm or still can you make informed, rational decisions and only when you move from a point of principle can you ever be right in your thinking. The notion of something being less or least frightening originates from our interraction with animal kingdom and determining which animals pose the greatest danger and which could be domesticated. It's purely instinctive.

This is what makes my life so powerful, awesome, amazing, fundamentally relevant, compelling and important in this time frame. Not by design in the remotest sense of the word but, by the altruistic search for my own identity, my own truth. It's because I understand the implications of all major sciences and the role they can play, not only in my own life but, as they are diabolically shaped and manipulated through policy by the most corrupt right wing politicians of our time. These christian radicals, extremists and the rest of the ideological right and money power mongers of the western ideological hemisphere of the world, as it were, would eventually resort to "behavioral design" and the ONLY thing that could stop them is exactly what I've done by establishing the moral or natural cognitive center. Why would the major ideologies ultimately resort to "behavioral design"? The answer is simple. To perpetuate their grip on power and dominance. To neuro-psychiatrically via pharmaceuticals, conform human bio-mechanics with ideological belief systems. In the case of the west, christianity with economics as a supplement. If they can't win by force or military action and if people are not receptive to their message then the last item on the list must be "behavioral design". So, in effect, I've headed them all off at the pass before they could even think about medically or legally molesting the peoples of the world by further exploiting this well pronounced "gap of ignorance" which is closing faster and faster with each revolution of the planet around the sun. The effect that has on the "jesus freak" for example is firmly and unequivocally reinforcing the fact jesus or whatever that gospel trash poisoned this world with for so long is absolutely DEAD!!! Once and for all. I have, for all intents and purposes, spiritually nuked em. Not in the violent sense mind you. No, no it's strictly "metaphysical". It's an itch they can't scratch at the physical level and they know it. That's precisely why they totally obsess over my comings and goings. Watching and waiting. Just ask the SHAW MOLESTOR, that is if they are capable of actual honesty, if they are bothered by persistence, my presence. Also, exactly what are these choreographed "deja vu" theatrics designed to achieve? To make me loose my appetite, disorient me, depress me, discourage me from exercising perhaps, loose sleep perhaps or maybe my will to live, to confuse, forget my purpose, my kharma, my identity? Any and all the above huh? You see what makes this mindset soooo dangerous to our communities, our society and even our world as whole is that when the socially subversive tactics fail or don't work they escalate matters ultimately resorting to violence. Make no mistake their tentacles are far reaching. Their web is expansive and can touch the street from the uniform civil servant to the highest office of government and they have resources out the yin yang. However, their shortcoming is that this is a fucking BABOON, plain and simple and that's why ultimately they must and need the very tactics to which they resort.

The shaw cable corporation in my humble experience is toying with it's subscribers and is behaving inappropriately with the community(ies) they are supposed to "serve". Will they be prosecuted? Not on your bottom dollar. Unlike your average ordinary citizen these people can behave with impunity. There is one question I would love answered. Why do they, shaw cable et al and your 3rd party contributers, obsess and why are you sooo concerned over one, single, solitary individual who has next to no worth while they have billions in assets? See anything wrong here guys? I mean, you're lifting me up to the high heavens and I can't thank you enough. The truth be known I have got shitloads of em (my enemy) loosing sleep psycho babbling yak, yak, yak, text, text, text etc, etc and coming right apart at the seams, scheming to no end and I have had for YEARS now. You see, my good people on the other side of this mythical metaphysical fence lies true, human enlightenment which stems from actual REALITY that can't be faked or forged with money, perversion, social distortion, dysfunction, corruption and especially, violence.

I mean, we're all going to die so there's no mind blowing revelation there but, what are they going to do to me? Drug me? Arrest me? Beat me up? Kill me? Well, if they do anything like that and in fact, even this makeshift form of denying my rightful place simply makes me more powerful and seemingly invincible in the eyes of those who pull for me and for that matter, even my detractors. That's also why they obsess constantly with left brain or mathematical activity as opposed to right brain or creative output. I could and should interject that much of the actual "hacking" and whacking out there is prominently represented by the rap generations. The social media video and much of the online sharing, it's web design are seemingly dominated by incredibly inarticulate people who undoubtedly originate from the rap generation(s). I can't help but, take a shot at rap as a so-called artform. Yeah, it had it's moments but, it never had focus like the 60s or the 70s and it never consolidated into a positive, cohesive social movement. For the most part it's about thrashing. bashing and belittling women while completely anhililating way too many brain cells. A negative snapshot of a social pressure cooker transition in time that has seen it's best days. A very nasty social side effect of extreme corporate greed combined with right-wing political desensitization. The rapper generations are all puckered out. People actually have a low rate of tokerance for psychological and social decay unless it resluts in openning eyes and minds. Maybe, on level it helps people to see how we don't want our world to shape.

Look, does anyone out there really know what music is and how it best conveyed? The world has become a slightly more intelligent place and people like to hear music from great "musicians". There is NOT ONE RAPPER who could play a guitar, piano, drums, keyboard, bass etc and they couldn't actually sing. Not ONE! Not with character. Doesn't that say something to people out there? Now we have, as an undesirable side effect of decades of desensitized corporate greed, generations of energy drinking, negative music consumption and comic-book violence video games being engaged in by a whole new breed of poor nutrition and smokers wound waaay too tight. The best this iteration can do, now that it's privileged gadgetry has opened the digital doors to the online environment, is put their hands over their ears and eyes and shut out the "real world" because in essence, they can't compute. They simply do not understand for example, that if they are over weight in their early 20s they will be severly over weight in their 50s when their metabolic rate substantially reduces and if they're fat and out of shape at that age they will be little different in state of mind than the old farts of today. Yeah, you can bike but, boy you have to really pack the distance in on one of them and you also have to eat like a rabbit. So, don't think for one moment you can take this seasoned veteran to school in life on ANY aspect. I've been there, done that and got the T-shirt. Being who I am, at the age I am and the shape I'm in is by no means effortless. You really do have to put your nose to the grind stone as each and every successive generation will come to know, not to mention keeping the mind in perfect cognitive order. Enjoy your youth because it will and does disappear! When it does, come to papa. *chuckle*

As well, being a top-flight musician I can crystallize all forms of music and offer piercing insights into their formation and contribution such as exactly what rap has achieved in musical terms. Rap was the realization, the fusion of social angst, incoherent raves, rantings and ramblings into what was ostensibly a non-musical rhythmic form that was little better than karaoke. They ultimately socially represent, like "death metal" or "grunge" a horrifying, emotionally unstable and potentially very violent culture and I can't imagine where, in todays world, the "cracks"(no pun intended) that they're wriggling they're way into after expending their incoherent, emotional methane. Maybe, driving garbage or recycling trucks or some other low level form of transport or delivery vehicle. All of these cultures and FAILED IDEAS are much too indicative of the accumlated lost tribes of humanity who, up to this point in time, took their best shot and LOST.

They're looooosing it, big time!!! It's because on an ideological plane they are becoming acutely aware for example, that there never was any jesus that they could reference to "naturally attract" the worlds spiritual seeker. That human beings are in fact fragile and that life is in essence a "delicate balance" and that it should not be left in the hands of a bunch of fucking godless industrial disconnects who are more than at the ready to fire up the nukes should they not get their elbow room at the trough. The notion of american and/or christian power was always a myth that had to be supplemented with overwhelming violence and corruption. America, unless it's really careful, will become little more that a temporary assembly of humanity. Those 'ideas" in themselves were never powerful enough to stand on their own in the age of information and we, the well educated contributors and participants in the age of information. can all clearly see that with how google is completely overtaken by money.

The search engine has become, for all intents and purposes infected and corrupt. Google no longer constitutes a "natural search for information and content" and it hasn't for quite some time. The google corporation is all to aware of this reality. The ideas behind such common myths as america and christianity, just to mention the most obvious here in the west, always had to use force to achieve their false god(s) objective. That in effect, their moral accountability is at hand for the murderous, lying SCUM they are and will be forever entombed. So, all of these people of a more secular nature who may have been unduly anxious worrying about the state of the world to be or to come can all breathe much, much easier. It's OKAY. The bad guys time on the planet is narrowing to a close, diminishing as is their capacity to further harm the human race. No amount of computer code, money or military might can help them now. Just watch your neighborhood christian radical or religious fanatic, the partiot self-destruct and come right apart at the seams as they awaken to the fact that their world was never real and that there will be no chistian or islamic or jewish victory for the domination and ruling of the planet. It's all over. Nighty night. You can take that hook our of your mouth now. Think I'll relax and clean up this post. Which reminds me, it's so much more empowering when you have your own domain as opposed to be extended email addresses by the corporate filth of our time. Something as innocuous as spam overload can be unplugged simply by disabling the email address. In fact, you could have a 1000 email addresses when you and when all have what is our digital right to have our own domains!!!LMAO That's right folks, the personal domain which is a very sane and rational expectation represents a tremendous threat to OS, internet provider and search engine alike. All of my opponents are completely FULL OF SHIT. It's not like there's a shortage of IPs or electrical ciruitry to provide for such an evolution. It's just that this FASCIST SCUM refuses to get behind it or promote it because in the realm of the personal domain there can be theoretically no advertising and the end user who in fact, becomes his, her or their own administrator is the ultimate arbiter over information and content. The very thing of which state-run-media and in fact, all of them are terrified, our actual freedom. Take this DOT NET VIRUS that microsoft injected into their pathetic operating system in a sinister attempt to hijack the internet. It is a rotted, bloated cow!!!

As I've mentioned, I remember when these baboons were playing catchup with the web browser. The OS AND the internet were always meant to be open sourced and they ALL know it!!! Enter google and what did they do? You guessed it, they got into the operating system. These people are all left-brained lunatics trying to run our lives from their tinted glass, chauffer driven offices while the rest of the industrial-aged media hangover and their legions of legal filth are trying to stop us from watching a commercial free movie online while major league sports tries to stop us from watching something the general population funded and got behind in the first place in order to allow it to gain popularity. When I was a kid, before the cable mafie sprung into action no one paid a nickel to watch sports or movies now, we got these fucking ego-centric, ego-maniacal corporate monkeys tearing the shit out of everything we love so they can control the entire world of digital content as we knw it including our thinking. Everything we hold dear and was fought so hard and sacrificed for over centuries. With this war on terror laws are introduced that can give these corruporations and their legal tems tremendous power where they can cast a broad and deep net designed not only to catch the violent, unstable terrorist but, anyone else out there who even dares to affect change for the good.

What does that leave us? The so-called "drug free" (more like street drug free) world of the pursuit of money. They don't want to talk about the pharmaceuticals they pump into the system when people start to get the jitters. Oh no, those aren't really drugs they are clinical chemicals manufactured by a wholly group of godless disconnects designed to keep the margins intact and people down and in submission. When the neuroisis overtakes these people and they can't meet the payments or keep up with jones or advance fast enough with education updates to keep up with they younger, faster hungrier demographic they just slip one of these pills which they so affectionately refer to as their "meds" and then it's on about their merry way. Oh, but at least it's helping to contribute to a "drug free" environment. Zero tolerance and all that rigamarole. Not so messy you know. This sterile environment is even more horrific than the aforementioned displacement of the lost generations and if they are not lost where's their message? Where's the slogan for positive advancement? Where's the music? Where's the hope? What religion holds the the key when it's needed most? FLAW!!! This is precisely why they refuse to permit people to respectfully opt out of the "rat race" opting instead for the necessities needed to sustain an average, healthy life with input needed only by the individual. This is also why they outright reject the notion of the "right to die". It's because 1st) they don't want moral accountability and two, they need an endless supply of subordinated life AND 3) they have to keep that woefully outdated turd of dogma called christianity afloat. Let's be crystal clear here. It's not because they actually care about human life and the quality of it. So, when people in the west become insulted by the low quality of life being offered by taking away peoples careers and replacing them with mind-numbing jobs then they open the doors to the 3rd world where desperation is rampant. They have programmed and brainwashed us all not to think of meaningful pursuits but, rather a job and a salary. That's 20th century industrial thinking for you. It is the very cornerstone of survival of the fittest and comptetition to the death.

At any rate the clandestine corporate assault on content liberation continues unabated. For example NBC buys universal and assumes the copyright for what universal produced in the preceding years and Time buys Warner bros and they assume their produced material. This is precisely where the flaw in copyright lies. When the law fails to be practical it becomes little better than the corrupt politician who implements the labour-camp style economic policies where we're all basically enslaved and this is also what destroys democracy because no one can speak unless they have bottomless wads of money and if they're too busy eeking out a survival then the liklihood of that diminishess significantly. I mean, no one is daring to deny anyones (specific aritists in question) right to legally protect the material they create and produce but, once another company, or person, a company or people who never produced that content buys what amounts to management and real estate there is no way on God's green earth should that copyright be extended to that purchasing corruporation or individual because the implications are two fold. First, the general public will never have access to a natural subsiding of any copyright which allows the material to fall into the public domain and secondly, these corruporations that eat up other corruporations should ONLY ever be extended copyright to exactly what THEY produce and create because this encourages artistic expression without it being monopolized. Create and produce your own goddamed material and protect it out the yin yang and more power to you but, the best of movies and much the same for music for example are already made. The few that will ultimately trickle down will be few and further between. The reason why people thumb their nose at copyright laws is because the legal and corporate smut who are molesting the web(I think most of them are former catholic priests) have never created or produced one minute of artistic creativity. The other aspect is that the best content worth consuming is so old that it already should be in the public domain free of any tampering or controls. It already had it's full scope of potential profits met.


Like to watch free movies online? Well, here's a heads up for. NEVER download any player or click on any link which asks you to confirm. In other words do NOT interract with these websites. Find your movie and only click on it and the customization. Those sites may be sabotaged by interjecting coding filth or just poorly maintained. Whatever the reason under any circumstances DO NOT REGISTER!!! You're only encouraging these parasites to take control over something they never produced in the first place. Do NOT install their proprietary video players nor their java updates or anything at all. The people who run these sites and the web designers are in and of themselves a VIRUS. You just want to watch free movies without any strings. Registering = monitoring and intrusion. Complete and absolute anonymous, private and personal customization of our own individual digital environments is the ultimate goal or objective. This so-called "war on terror" is ideological and as such describes a mindset that is extremist in nature and constitutes and very remote and obscure demographic using a language (easily identifiable) that they cannot avoid using because of their religious pride. This ideologues can no more suppress their patriotic or ideological pride anymore than I can resist the impulse to sing or make music. It is the subconscious train, root, core, central driving force of centrifugal impulse of motivation. This is why communications is transparent to and reveals all to those who must participate. By virtue of them being extremist they simply must exude this thinking so, invading the rest of our privacies for the sake of controlling what amounts to be a very small, highly concentrated form of thinkg subsequently comprsing a dangerous group of people is completely unwarranted and unjustifiend. Their dialogue simply must center around religion and/or explosives and ballistics(which should be stringently monitored and controlled - this vernacular cannot be encrypted or concealed). So, this online dysfunction, tampering, interfering, disruption of the bandwidth, digital stream and perversion/corruption of the digital content must stop if we are to ever have a sane and stable world. Clearly, the manufacturers of the OSes are not our protectors. Which reminds me, NEVER use your PC to view online content as a general rule. It's a harbinger for infection even from or especially, from popular content sites like the nhlgamecenter (for the canadian consumer) live because they have 3rd party pariticipants whom they don't regulate or monitor leaving these people to wreak untold havoc with the nhl distancing themselves from liability. SCUM that can invade your PC without you ever knowing it. Heed these words. Use your PC for personal and business use and only connect it to sites you know to be absolutely secure such as financial institutions, email etc. Use a tablet for videos and sports and what not. Use the "HDMI" output on it as the tablets and connect it to your flatscreen because they are much less susceptible to viruses and in addition to their mobility can act as a protective medium or layer for you, your online content and your PC. You know, it's funny how these techno-nobs keep thinking that the left brain is going to vaunt them into some place, some stratosphere of cerebral superiority and for all their mathematical gifts they still fail miserably to factor in that all the electrical activity which is occuring in our computers and online is merely an extension of electrical activity in the brain itself. What really matters is the movtivation behind the thinking of these websites. Websites such as porno sites who attempt to pander to the lowest chakra and then attempt to distort all of our images of beautiful women into little more than whores. Completely forgetting the many wondrous, intelligent females (and good men!) out there who are much more than a face for some faceless pigman to spit on. Discarding the fact that what makes all people much more than our sexual impulses is the fact that we have minds and a soul that aren't continuously stuck in the gutter. That's what many of these gaming, porno and video sites have stooped too in recent years. So, keep your wits about you and be a smart techno user.

02/05/14 - Human beings are essentially EVIL

Before you get all fired up and leap to all sorts of wild conclusions allow me to expand. I start with that qualifying statement becaue I know the BABOON SYNDROME and how "emotional" and "passionate" people tend to be in the absence of calm, lucid reasoning. It's this effect that religion and nationalism has exploited to great effect and control in the worlds developing regions during preceeding eras. This is the essence of competition to the destruction of all others. My enemy is not concerned with world peace or true freedom, believe me.

Human beings, when gathered around a common goal of wealth and domination have invariably throughout history produced an undesirable community effect to this point. It's disgusting and distasteful. The reverberations can easily be observed from the heart of the most beautiful cities to the most decrepid. The reason is very simple. It's because the people with the darkest hearts who have become educated procedurally in the management of resources and skill which constitutes the unnatural order(or the natural ODOUR) take more than they give. This is neither good nor bad, simply the truth. In fact, if children were taught this at any early age as oppposed to being brain washed their rate of adaption would be more effective because they wouldn't veer off the beaten path with addictions, confusion or disorientation before it ultimately became too late for them (to save their souls). If, on the other hand, the center of control and wealth were composed of artists, scientists and athletes or the natural order then more would be spread around because those people could justify their worth by not only sharing more monetarily but, with their collective contributions to the greater good by creating and producing beauty!!! Which is unbeknownst to the baboon the actual purpose of human kind. To create beauty both naturally, architecturally and scientifically yes, even sexually or should I say sensually. To digress for a moment. I'm sure some of us have seen the the explosion of pornography on the web as a means o attracting eyes for what? Of course, advertising. The same with movies. None of these people can create or produce. They are doing to the internet exactly what they've done to the inner cities. Surely, I am not the only one who sees these repeating patterns of depravity. These limp dick, tatooed border-line psychotics engaging in almost violent sex with equally vulgar descriptions or captions presenting a very poorly produced and truly obscene example of what human sexuality could and should be. This is just another profound reason why these ruling classes throughout the world have taken substantially more than they've ever produced leaving nothing but, over aggrandized egos and way too much social waste and decay in their wake. Filthy disgusting animals who have the sensitivity and class of a shit-eating baboon. Periodically, they'll try to attach their name to a park or green area so that others will remember their names with kindness and hopefully, not look too carefully as to how they got the money in the first place.

This is what produces the "disconnect". Dehumanize, desensitize and disconnect. That's the motto of the early 21st century political, corporate and religious BABOON.!!! We've all seen it to some greater or lesser degree. The experience felt within the beautiful geography of a vacation area and how that land, that area or region is clearly "communicating" a very different message that the one we invariably encounter through hotels, restaurants, banks, insurance, rental cars etc, etc. It's that disconnect that makes us feel less than whole when we leave. Not to mention the size of of our finances.

This is also why religion for example, must die. It's because it too produces false assembly and false assembly centers around false gods or gods that cannot be substantiated using logic or reason, the very essence of human thought itself. It purports to give us all something in the afterlife in exchancge for our compliance, out obedience and our loyalty. The ultimate scam or hustle. This is where the real power of communications is felt. It's not at ground level or a dollar bill or a bottom line. It's this relentless driving desire to be somewhere, to live in a place or around people where there is no disconnect. A place that has spiritual continuity in parallel with the time/space continium itself. Of course, the problem is money isn't it? But, that money which is now stock piled in banks has and is by and large the realized profits of cycles of heartless cruelty, of blood money. They would undoubtedly argue otherwise but, to no avail. Money realized and accumulate through needless pain and suffering at the hands of countless generations whose voices were forcably silenced by people who produced nothing in exchange, not only for the money, but for political influence for these people have played a disproporticnate role in the shaping of and continuation of the very inhumane fiscal policies we all find ourselves the victims of in these very cold and cruel times. Just look at their advertising campaigns. They have bottomless pits of money to throw at these campaigns invariably designed to give the "softer, warm and fuzzier" side of finance when they are what they are at heart. Money grubbing slime. I mean, who do you think politicians dine or socialize with? It's the MONEY, plain and simple and if I were these people or the unholy filth tha survives at that trough would you want someone like me constantly being a thorn in their side, jogging their conscience, making some of them squirm, feel uncomfortable in my presence on a moral basis on a global scale? Reminding them that they constantly "eat the hearts" of the young and old alike effecting what amounts to a slow, degrading and more subtle form of socio-economic holocaust so that they can then turn around, prop themselves on the backs of the rest of the human race subsequently broadcasting false values and phony success to the rest of the world? Ummm I don't think so. TWIMC: You're a vile, disgusting vulgar display of what humanity could and should be. Total PHONIES!!! Sick twisted fucking puppies to be sure.

The answer to this particular mathematical equation is equally academic. Politicians must come into office and claw back huge amounts of money for the sake of the general publics and societys well being and legislate a limit on profits for financial and in fact, all public institutions so that the books can, once and for all, be properly and consistently balanced without any fear or uncertainty in the economic cycles. This maintains stability, restores sanity, begins a healing in both the community and the consciousness. without impacting one bit, the ability of said corruporations to make money and to exist. They just don't get to make it without any moral implications as they have for so long. The curious aspect of this time in a religious context is that people or should I say the gap of ignorance that was gaping in the previous 40,000 years of evolution is now very rapidly closing and people are beginning to understand that the so-called deities or gurus were a by profuct of myth supplement with violence and terror should the unwitting recipient refuse said message. The bottom line is that the political right (the fundamental power bases of corruption) from beijing to washington are no longer necessary for either economic sustainiblity or spiritual enlightenment.

This is how comunications in the 21st century differs than other any other time frame and from this point forward. It allows the collective psyche to assemble along reasonable lines giving tangible purpose and substance to the restructuring of all of our most cherished and important social institutions. Generating a positive communcal conscience that isn't confusing or disorienting but, hopeful and inspiring. It is odd that if our judgement is "clouded" we are not seeing things clearly and yet, when we see things clearly or with a bright sun and blue skies where are also deemed disordered. It's as though the implication, albeit the consummate form of cynicism, is that human beings are not and could never be okay without that blunt instrument, the brute forces and the rotten core of corruption constantly over seeing our every move. It's as though the ONLY way we can be thinking clearly is if we see things through the eyes of the political right. This is precisely why they have always attempting to force us all into a choice, completely violating the very principle of democracy, under the guise of good disguising an evil soul. However, this is their achilles heel. Democracy, for it is a philosophical concept borne from free will and designed to give birth to the truth or life and reality in one.

Are these the people you want shaping the "feel" of your community, towns and cities, populating your and our governments? It would be like going into Butchart gardens on vancouver island, bc, canada and letting them trample on all the flowers. This is the "SCUM OF THE EARTH", the "SLIME OF HUMANITY". The very political disposition who campaigned for decades against the so-called "tree hugger" and the environmentalist calling them special interests. These people will take everything we hold sacred, incarcerate, drug and kill all opponents until the armies of darkness dominate the world as we know it under the banner of freedom. This is also precisely why the battle goes down deep, verrry deep, not only into the soul but, especially the nervous system and the blood. It becomes clinical as well as political. These people know no boundariies. All is fair in love and war as they say. The thing that realy gets my ghoat is what unbelievable hypcorits they are. They can give it as long as they're calling the shots, firing the gun, being the deciding factor and yet, they don't want anything to do with moral arguments slapped in their face. Total flakes and phonies the whole lot of em. What I do to their entire line of thinking is expose them for the whole world to see how filthly and low they've become. The rise to consciousness is not about some euphoric high, although, it does feel really good giving this SCUM the gears. No, what the rise to consciousness has the impact of doing is contrasting the "insensitivity" of the political, religious and financial right with those of us who actually and crystal clearly have a heart and soul left in our bodies. This rightwing mindset that has falsely framed and claimed a way of thinking that "strong" is their domain. That this so-called strength was what was necessary to make the "tough decisions" when in fact, it is the limitation of animal psychology or what I have commonly classified as the BABOON SYNDROME. They can rise no further in life. Hitherto but, no further because they have no power of good or god on their side just indominable will to oppress and destroy. They're toast, they're history, yesterdays news and they know it.

The americans (canada isn't any better) for example can and will never "win the world", which is exactly what the patriot fanatic secretly yearns and wants more than anything else(that's it's wet dream) and the reason is equally simple to understand. They're too fucking small minded. Look at what they're doing to the internet as a prime example. Their business, politics and religions are poisoning the public domain of what should be open communications. They are in direct conflict with the concept of "freedom" itself" which is designed and intended to be equally open ended and broad minded. They can't keep their cause pure because they're contaminating the well spring real time. Such phonies. "Blech" There is absolutely no way anyone can tell me that the kind of brain chemistry which is purposefully interfering and tampering with internet functionality represents sound, cerebral equilibrium or judgement, for that matter. It is definitely unstable and is both excessively and unnaturally obsessed with information and content consumption.

For the record, my enemy always tends to be ugly, hideous in fact either physically and or psychologically and ALWAYS spiritually. The reason aesthetics plays such a prominent role in our essence as human beings is simply because beautiful, smart and talented people don't resent their lives or have an axe to grind with the government or god. They, we are not angry or bitter. We can express ourselves with healthy outlets and are not dysfunctional or distorted or physcially disfugured in some way suffering from some crippling debiliation like arthritis, glaring skin diseases, organ dysfunction or addictions or blood disease or afflictions of the worst sort which degrade their quality of life due to either bad genetics, poor choices and or thinking. All flagrant flaws and they have concentrated to become the "dark side" of the human equation. We are not slobs and idiots who care little or nothing of the world around us and we are not vandals or destructive. We do not obsess about other peoples lives because we have our own purpose and motivation.We are the best of the human race and we were designed to prevail in the face of ALL EVIL and danger and my enemy, deep in it's heart, knows this to be an absolute, self-evident truth. This is why they do what they do and engage in the most underhanded behavior imaginable. The type that only socio paths and pyscho paths derive pleasure. The worlds loosers to be sure and make no mistake I have their constant attention. Moral excrement and ethical misconduct unbecoming of fiduciary trust violating evey professional discipline that is known to the human race.


Thank you, for once again obviously taking the time to read this post and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


02/13/14 To observe or to study is to change the point of observation itself

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? It's curious how we "mirror" our logic or reflect in order to understand. Herein lies the elegance of artistic expression. To take a thought, a perception and rather than convert it into emotion or rage hone it to a fine point of precision in order to penetrate a mindset that clearly does not enjoy being irritated on a moral level. For if a person cannot control his, her or their emotions and they become too violent then they open themselves up to the system, to the clinical microscope. But, if one is artistic then this keeps the wolves at bay for being artistic is perfectly natural. This is why journalism is not just the practice of reporting news perse but, to chronicle human behavior so that the general public can be better informed and thus, make better decisions when it comes to shaping community, society, country and planet alike. It helps to have life experience though, to traversed the material-valued strata in order to gain perspective. It's sort of like travelling as opposed to just watching a film. It gives one a hands on experience and lends more clarity to the insight of a cultural or political dynamic.

Today, I want to write about the uniformed baboon or "cop". This is a particularly worrisome animal by product of the times in which we live for they represent the 80 percentile which simply put means that unless you have some crippling disorder anyone can enter law enforcement. It requires no special skill. You are empowered to use violence (something if the average citizen employs demands immediate incarceration and subsequent psycho-analysis) with impunity. In other words, they really have no power at all when you take that gun and hand to hand training which is designed to hurt human beings away from them. They're like a neutered dog.

The point I am making here today is just how despised this culture (the grunt, the redneck, the military baboon - especially american in todays context) is in particular at the lower socio-economic levels. To get the point across I will reference, to no ones surprise, a film. The movie is called "In the Valley of Elah". In this movie there is a scene with a character named "Doc" and what this animal does is poke mercilessly at a terrible wound on the arm of this muslim to the point of complete exruciating agony and suffering.

This is the power our wondrous municipal politicians extend into the hands of this poorly educated, desensitized low life and this is how people "really feel" about the cops and grunts and the rest of systemic monkeys that poison our society. They, through observation, have assumed a mosty unnatural hold on the most susceptible and vulnerable of societys unfortunate and rather than write books or sing songs or act etc, etc this filth cruises, hounds and stalks the lower level in attempt to massage it's ego into a false feeling of social superiority. It truly is a terrble thing to bear witness to and clearly, it's something that must be addressed as we evolve into the 21st century and beyond.

Yes, the world is a dangerous place but, not for the reasons implied. Those reasons being suggested are that human beings are incurably violent in which nothing could be further from the truth. No, the real reason is that a very crude, cruel and insensitive ruling class(es) have arbitrarily manipulated resources and money to their benefit at the cost of all others. This effect perpetuates incivility and this is why the world is a dangerous place. It's uncivilized and despite america, which becomes the primary example of reference precisely because it trumpets it's war on terror and it's fight for freedom etc, etc. america is THE most dangerous animal in the jungle of human kind. This american animal is hijacking the internet, ruining it's funcitionality and crippling it just like any terrorist would because they, like the christian filth that infects it's political and commercial corridors and power base (as it does in canada and elsewhere) know they don't have the cultivated idea, the refinement that was absolutely essential if they were in fact, to "win the world". My idea represents that gap and due to the fact the their legal system, which is for all intents and purposes, represents a rogure state of law because it doesn't recognize the ICC, has by virtue of it's intellectual copyright laws, unwittingly protected MY DOMAIN and thus, reinforces my rightful claim to my intellectual property. The very property, which does not fall under imminent domain because I'm not an american, that now prevents them from rising to their full height. It's both a legal and metaphysical paradox!!! It is the metaphorical tear in both the fabric of the flag and the american society itself. Make no mistake if these people had the technology and insights they have today 50-60 years ago, given what they did to japan in the second world war, they'd have made the holocaust look like childs play in comparison with what they would've actually done to southeast asia.

With respect to the police and their role in an ever evolviing world, the harsh fact of reality for the "cops" in any society or community is that civility is measured by the fewer we have. The fewer cops and the better our social and educational system combined with properly balanced and administered fiscal policies the less of this violent, unstable headcase that we all need in order to have a safer and better world. There is no consistency in the uniform conduct of the uniform and it is the main reason why I personally rejected it as a career path. Of course, the voices stemming from the right will always trumpet their need and merit but, it's only due to the fact that they are the ones who are largely reponsible for the social imbalances which we're all undergoing at this point in time.

The're like christianity itself (as well as other mass religions). Moral excrement who are morally indefensible and completely unnecessary for reasons other than the perpetuation of an uncivilized world.

Thank you, all for coming. Good night and god bless ya! We'll see ya again.

May your conscience wax while the ignorance anally dripping from your baboon cerebrem diminishes and wanes.

Crystaleye (wink!)

02/14/14 PING!!!

Just a brief mention here. I cannot get over how many neurotics mutter and sputter about incessantly, aimlessly in reaction to me, MY DOMAIN. If I ever had any misgivings as to the impact of the postings on a simple html document they've vanished. I have to do all I can from no breaking out in uncontrollable laughter with the clumsy fools who've amassed on my behalf. This is why psycho-analysis and the clinical filth it spawned isn't worth the paper the accredidations are written on. I mean, where do YOU get off arbirtrarily determining that what you do substantiates mental health anymore than what I do? Where's s the center? Where's the point of resolution? Of common ground, of understanding? We're all human and by virtue of our shared, singular reality what is true of one is true of all. So, if you're practicing science of merit and integrity the information should be plain for each and every human being to understand.

As far as the american corruporation goes, like google! Get a grip on yourself acting like a hurt school girl. Zeroing in this domain and reacting the way you have. My, my how the mighty have fallen indeed. How small minded. If it isn't you then it's someone who is "connected" to your organized criminal mindset.

In closing, christianity is the last arrow I'll sling. I mean, how does one discredit that which was borne from pure hate and desperation? The funny thing is that if they had actually preserved anything of that time frame instead of using serial murder as a delivery system the poor man might have lived and stood the test of time, if he in fact existed at all. But, removing the body and claiming god status! Really? Did your bloody baboon brain actually think that the reasoned mind as it evolved would just infinitely turn a blind eye to such blatant lies? Then these miracles that NEVER HAPPENED. The only things that occur on earth that matter can be reenacted on the world stage.

This brings me to the wonders of todays cell phone technology and what a magic carpet it is for socially subversive malice. The so-call "smart phone". What? For IDIOTS? Where there is an operating system there is an open door for viruses and malicious activity, PERIOD!!! It's not clever, it's pure fucking stupidity. That's why I'm bringing this follow-up and the baboons responsible at Rogers comm and Bell or the so-called "smart phone" morons (cruiser monkeys et al) who tried to trip me and my access to my accounts today. It's sooo contrived. I mean, who do you think you're dealing with here? I understand the technology to no end. Get used to that fact, that reality and ALL people want is a cell phone with basic text messaging at best. We don't need these fucking applications and "widgets" from the left-brained, chemically imbalanced 20 something "disconnect" or anyone else for that matter. We have other forms of technology that can give us the screen size necessary to complete involved tasks. The basic cell phone and text messaging would reduce the cost and usage of cell phones to almost NOTHING!!! To compound matters, the communications corruporations subcontract the 3rd party manufacturing of the phone itself but, put their name on it however, when you have a problem you have to contact the manufacturer. It's pure fucking corruption of the lowest order. A true perversion of communications dispensed by molestors of the general public. People running around chasing their tail trying to figure what's going on when all we're trying to do is make a phone call or send a text message. Rogers keeps a keen eye on my dollar amount so that when I test message up to the maximum level and I'm about to top up they "trip" the dollar amount below a level which prevents me from topping up my text cycle. In other words, I have to buy another pay as you go card. Oh, don't worry, they'll only lie and deny it. It's what corruporations have become infamous for. If it were anyone else they could all claim I was out of my gourd but, it's not.

The answer is creating a "safe distance" between the communications corruporation and the general public. It's imperative for the sake of our very system of government and society. The PS or "personal server" is the next logical step in computing and communications evolution. All we require from the communications corruporations is access to the network spectrum minus ANY ability for them or the police baboon, intelligence etc to tamper or interfere with our communications. They have shown time and time again that they cannot be trusted with our information security therefore, the answer is to offload it onto the indiividual. The communications corruporation as it stands in the early part of the 21st century is a ringing example of poor mental health. Look at this corporate filth out of quebec, bell canada. Here's a real innovative gem to be sure. Here we in the year 2014 no less and we still can't text from phone to email and visa versa. What the heck is that about huh? Hardly genius at work there. More like fascist, french fucking lunatics if you ask me. They're not well and while I'd love nothing more than to administer psycho-therapy to their corporate culture I have more important things to do with my time.

Tsk, tsk, tak. Such SLIME OF HUMANITY.


02/15/14 Living with mental illness (random baboons and itinerant cave trolls)

Imagine a segment of society, if you will, educated, moderately affluent and by virtue of modern communications more networked than ever before. A segment who have become a clinical extension of the system or more specifically, the political and religions end of the soci-economic spectrum. Also imagine, that because of the way information is shared in this time that this segment knows more about you than you'd ever want them to or that you'd ever give them the right to in a different time frame. Say, the early 70s for example when stating your feelings in such a manner forecasting the emergence of such a segment would draw you under deep suspicion and fire. Primarily because any notion of the type and range of technology which we have today simply did not exist and was not even on the radar. Well, enter the early part of the 21st century and now, where we once could get a room or a hotel under anonymous conditions or even an alias and just live or "be" we now can't. Those civil liberties are gone forever!!! Just like that due to 9/11. Now, we are forced to live under conditions where people know how much money we have, how much we can afford to eat, where we can work, where we are permitted to work and what we are permitted to do. They can orchestrate living space complete with cameras, microphones and incessantly irritate you until they generate a reaction, a reaction from which they can build incrementally, neurosis which stems from their psychosis. This is the nature of the contol freak of the political right and how it needs the population to provide a market of certainity to it's ever increasing dominance of the market place itself. Hence, the emergence of a the discourse of "militant economics" such as hostile takeovers, predatorial pricing and hostile discrimation against legitimate competetors designed to products and services from eating away at their profit margins. These people, the americans for the most part cannot compete in a global market place without considerable leverage and monoply. They are not receptive to a more tame style of market place dynamic. That's also why, for the most part, socialism has been demolished and what we have now stands in it's place.

To digress for a moment, I just finished watching the "terminator". A fun movie to be sure and what I found so metaphorically striking about it was how the terminator represented that left-brain side of our minds equation and how these people well, they never stop. Ever!!!. They know no quarter, no empathy and no reason which mitigates their power and control. It's all bleeding heart liberal jibberish to their line of thinking and yet, I think of someone like Ronald Reagan and I wonder just where did he ever the idea for a "star wars" defence system. It certainly didn't come from some dumb fucking military grunt or some bean counter did it? The fact of the matter is that the left-brain of our minds equation has always used the creative (religious) or the imaginative side of our thinking for it's own agenda because that side of the brain has always been historically artistically challenged. This is also why religion which is a creative longing for a god that cares has been hijacked by this mindset and socially regulated under condition of acceptance and allegiance in exchange for those very basic needs which we all require.

I should also mention that this the wondrous and yes, therapeutic liberation of having a domain from which to project ones own thoughts. You see, this left-brained filth would love to incarcerate us all and have us grouped together in one of those so-called shelters where all the banter and moaning of all the displaced simply collects as a mass of inane babble where THEY determine what requests to respond and which ones to ignore or discard. I bet if they had their druthers they'd determine what books, songs and plays could be written before they were ever imagined. Maybe, even hear what someone is doing with their sequencers to determine for themselves whether the patterns are repititious and deserving of being explored or put to composition. But, up here it's monastic concentration. I can make my case and go on my merry way from day to day without a care in the world as to what they or anyone else "thinks" about it.

I mean, these people who control our impulses as they pertain to the very basic of human dignity are venturing into a place in society in which they ought not to have any right or domain whatsoeve. Undoubtedly, that's why they'd love to have someone like me in THEIR domain under their control just for something to do, for fun! However, I'd rather live in a tent than be doing anything other than playing as the world-class which everyone knows I am than make money doing anything else.

TWIMC: I can't help you! I can't help lend credence or give credibility or integrity to your objective. You are distracted. You are focusing on me and that's all that needs to be communiciated. You're not focusing on your own game, so to speak becaue we all know that your objective does not have the integrity it needs to be realized without focusing on me. The objective observer knows full well what "my enemy" is most likely to resort to in order to discredit me. That's why they obsess. I feel sort of like Tom Cruise's character in a "few good men" where he finally corners the colonel grunt and flushes him straight down the toilet. This is the nature of confronting this slimey right wing, religious and materialistic scum. They act as though the world can't evolve without them when it's the exact opposite. The world must be rid of it absolutely and forever in order to continue to evolve. There will not be any "global religion". Cash will NEVER be god or king. Human beings won't stand for it and what they or WE will do can never be classified as terrorism. There will never be any uniform ritual that will encompass the worlds people no matter what attitude and "blind faith" may insist otherwise. It's ALL over. Accept it, embrace it and release it. The bottom line here is that YOU are reading this, a personal domain, not a public domain. You need to ask yourselves why? From my perspective all that matters is how I interract with the public domain and for the past 8 YEARS now it has been overwhelmingly ordinary. I have proven my bio-mechanics beyond a reasonable doubt and have maintained world-class musicianship in the face of pure fucking social HATE!!! So, do not have anymore illusions. I will NOT be working in this or any other area until I am first living in an environment that is mentally stable, sane and of my own choosing not derived from duress or coercion or an academic micromanagement applying clinical christian bias and definitely NOT with ANY religious nutcase.

That being the prologue, it's a curious observation this thing we call mental illness. But, what is it really? Well, we do know from an ideological perspective that it is primarily extremist in nature in the expressing or acting out of negative impact, socially interactive behavioral patterns. IE: faith based or patriotic fanaticism. I mean, we all know, for example, there are copious amounts of people held together with pharmaceutical toothpicks going about their daily lives and god help us should we cross one of them and they haven't taken their medication either by purpose or accident but, what is mental illness? What is it to be "off center"? Ergo, what does it mean to be "centered"? Because in actual fact true center is the only place where any human being can know for certain that he, she or they have achieved homeostasis or cerebral equilibrium. The problem in this, the early part of the 21st century is that we've morally drifted from the natural center and now we need to get back, to the natural garden or metamorphosis. Many of the disorders which socially plague us today are as a direct result of the industrial age. Prior to that point in time the sounds and visions of reality were, for the most part, confined to nature. We didn't have the pollution, in all of its variations, the noise from the machines, the sirens, the uniformed baboons throwing tantrums all at the expense of social well being, the accelerated erosion of green spaces, quiet spaces, the epidemic increase in homelessness and the working poor. The social sound barrier has been violated where now we have sounds that bombard us to the point of making us cower and cringe. I can speak to this point because I am a master of rhythm. If I were to take 10 average people who work in offices and were rarely exposed to loud "accoustic" musical instruments (not any specific genre) and then put them in a room say, 10 by 15 with my drum kit I'd say 7 or 8 of them would eventually leave because of the intensity. The drums are a "natural sound" so, imagine what these industrial sounds have done to people over the years!

I guarantee you that in certain very wealthy sections of societies throughout the world the noise levels are controlled because so-called important people are raising THEIR families and they do important things that require concentration which demands environmental equilibrium and equanimity. Yet, the developments in other parts of the city or region can be engaged full blast. We are entering a time when science can do so much now to help offset so much of the industrial pollution that was once uncontrollable in the 20th century. However, my enemy's very survival is contingent upon controlling the "center" and in fact, eventually all power "comes to a head", so to speak. This is why the actual center is such a profound battle to be engaged in and won for we all have a vested interest in its outcome. With my enemy any bone of contention which they can exploit, they "think" it can used to dismantle my whole line of thought but, that's where they're seriously misguided and miscalculating. Center is center and that's that. It can't be falsified anymore. I mean, who's kidding who? If I weren't at the actual center and ringing their baboon bells they wouldn't be psycho babbling at their present levels.

One of the problems arising from the so-called development of the 20th century is the fact that science itself is constantly misapplied and sabotaged economically or politically thus, subsequently loosing considerable credibility when it used biasly to reinforce any ideology as opposed to true human stability. Everything became secondary to the making of money whether it was the ocean, the air, the trees, animal habitat and on and on Which begs the question. Does just being calm imply that one is stable? Anecdotally, I live in a place and I bother no one, pay my rent and keep things clean and tidy. But, I can't help but, feel I am being socially engineered, badgered, as it were, to conform, to comply with a certain policy of survival or I am possibly thought to be less than decent. It's a sign of the times. We can't, in canada and elsewhere just live anymore and just "be". We must be part of the economic engine or the economic bus will run us all over along with all the system has at it's disposal. If we attempt to make a stand our lives become in danger. We become a target. We are not "right in the head". After all, what thinking can be substantiated other than that which is derived from the almighty buck?

We all know that our society will never be truly safe until there is a sizable amount of good mental health in our communities, regions and of course, our governments. This dynamic cannot be realized through religion in any form. The problem is that mental health has, up to this point, been dealt with on an individual basis or a symptomatic level, if you will. With the onset of modern communications and the temporary flare up of social media websites we see just how angst ridden and unstable our populations have become. Also, the problem becomes further compounded or clouded with material values. The suggestion being that just because someone works or lives in a home etc, that they are to be considered mentally healthy while someone who is homeless MUST be diagnosed with some form of psychological disorder. While this may indeed be the case in many situations it is not 100 percent true and not only does it constitute bad science or medicine but, even if one person is violated in this regard it is little different than wrongfully convicting and incarcerating someone based on circumstancial evidence. It is little wonder that one of THE most important aspects of adaption in the age of information is the very quality of information which we have at our disposal.

So, how do we get to the root of the problem? It seems quite logical to my mind. Just as the cops use bait cars to capture car thieves and pretty women to capture johns you put one single individual who is known to be mentally healthy, who has tangible skills and who is living a life that is both spiritually realistic and beyond reproach amidst the mental defects and watch the outbreak unfold. Witness the dysfunction, the emotional outburst, the rage, the incoherrent babbling, cries of insanity stemming from a segment of society that has fallen victim to psychological disorientation. Who have "sold out". These people represent ALL walks of life. People who simply cannot bear to live in the "real world" for a multitude of reasons. I don't mean the ever changing political landscape or snap shot of the times in which we live but the single reality that is earth, that is life itself. AKA: (structure in motion). These are people who want to create their own rules and use commerce and blunt force to realize their objective(s). To oppress and muzzle all challengers to their ideas. They never were satisfied to let people make their own informed decisions.

This is, not by coincidence, much of how the world as we know it has taken shape. Human beings formed what was ostensibly tribal groupings, an individual violently rose to the top, the conquered worshipped them, reproduced, grew in numbers and felt an inexplicable urge to spread out to test their limits, as it were. This assembly, breakdown and subsequent reqrouping kept cycling until the emergence of commerce. At first, people would just kill whoever they owed money too and take over the reigns of control but, that instinct soon waned as no assembly could be held together because everyone was waiting to see who would be the next to be knocked off in the struggle for power. So, we created religion and royalty and this spawned superior numbers of a force of violence that came known to be the law of the land. Now, organized crime as we are all well aware still carried on their outlaw ways well into the 20th century and still do in surreptitious ways and using the same means, thinking to the day. The reason was the law simply couldn't reach down that far. It was always a work in progress and still remains as such. Not that they are not so inclined, Look, when you sit in a stupid car looming over the goings on of todays' world, whether one is legitimatetly employed or not a persons head(uniformed BABOON), is bound to have his or her thoughts run outside the bounds of common sense. At any rate, medicine and science could always be altered to suit the smear. Lab results manipulated, faked or amplified or subjectively interpreted. The harsh fact of human evolution is that populations were always bred and encourage to multiply ultimately for the sake of going to war and/or to prop the strongest of their kind on their shoulders. Look at just about any military scenario by any so-called military strategist and they see human life as in a chess board as casualities to be realized for the sake of victory(money and power). In effect, a human buffer zone. There is your source of insanity, your low human value index in plain view for all reasoned minds to evaluate and assess.

We live in a time, unfortunately, where the cumulative brain washing and "conditioning" has reached a critical mass. The lies, deception and corruption has made life intolerable for any and all who see it for what it has become. An asylum where the lunatics are in control. But, this also begs the question. If life, the planet and it's people were meant to be polluted, corrupt and insane then why even create the planet in the first place. After all, the planet was not created with a bulldozer, a calculator and a ledger book so, how do we stabilize it and keep it chugging along? We establish the actual or natural order of course!. An order that isn't open to debate or perception. An order that is built from the ground up, from foundation to structure. However, in order to do that we have to rid ourselves of the lunatics or the chemically imbalanced. Have to get them out of office and out of harms way where their policies and the policing of them which they set in motion exist no more.

Now, these people aren't simply going to pack up and leave quietly. No, of course not,. This is where the might and power of communications comes into play. You see, all that has come before this time is as a direct result of controlling the information streams or the messages which all people have been able to access or not as in the case of religion and nationalism. My enemy is not stupid and it knows that I have isolated the gene, as it were, of human potential. That it does in fact only reside in energy and communications. This is why televisions death grip on accessing our content has made things nigh impossible to the force of evolution and change. It is why they buy source content like professional sports or online video sharing and illegitimately use the perjorative implementation of copright laws for movies in an effort control the spin, the message. They, WE ALL KNOW, that we want commercial free access to content that we all have a right to consume free of tampering and manipulation. It is what is best for the mental health and continued well being of our community, society and the planet as a whole.

The online video sharing model is a farce. It's a bunch of illiterate assholes using something they haven't created in order to add advertising and messaging that has no place in a "source content" specific distribution system such as the internet. All people want is to go directly to the source content minus any interference or interjection, get the content they, we are searching for and digest it at our leisure and pace. What the online video sharing model is doing is little better than television or radio or newspaper. It's just another form of harassment. They should just get off the internet because they have no place in it. They don't belong HERE!!!

This iteration of baboon knows all too well that my philosophy, the one the americans and the rest of the worlds brain trust have failed miserably to consider mostly due to their insatiable greed for money and power, their baboon rage, is the one that brings it all into focus. I am not god (there was no, is no and will never be a monkey god, PERIOD) and I certainly do no, vehemently deny any such classification. I didn't give human beings breath or the ability to reproduce or the five senses or reason but, I do stem from center, from the core of human logic itself and wo be the creature who attempts to tamper with this. This is precisely why my words rattle the monkey cage. It hasn't anything to do whatsoever with ANY form of mental illness or psychological disorder and anyone out there with a grain of credibility knows this to be the absolute truth.

Crime, like war, is a practice best served up in the dark but, in the light of day this scum has no hiding place and should they decide to prolong this evolutionary deformity, this purposeful skewing, it will be to their own peril. That is just a statement of observation, of fact. Transparency is the enemy of corruption. Democracy however, will prevail. The world will be a better place despite todays political, religious and corporate culture and their legions of military-trained baboon henchmen. I never in a milliion years would've dreamed that my domain would represent such powerful force against the evil and corruption of my time but, such is life. All I wanted to do was play, perform but, because so many have gone out of there way to pupeteer, to interfere, undermine and tamper I have had no other choice than to use my domain as a point of defense.

Thank you, sooo much for taking the time from your very busy and important lives to read this, to dissect this, to analyse, to scour and determine any and all repetition. I am both considerably honoured and flattered that you would do so. When you're ready you can take the hook out of your mouths. It's so nice to know that you "care". May your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.

Have a nice day!


02/19/14 Mind control IS THE ENEMY of conscience!!!

The far right are the big players in this big picture challenge. This is why I can't give them what they're after. This reaction they eek and it's becaue you're "seek" in the head. Hahaha. It's the same watching a full blown episode of schizophrenia on a street corner as it is watching a bunch of uniformed baboons careen down the road with sirens blaring when there is no emergency. It's sad but, absolutely hilarious. The reason is that true mental illness cannot be controlled while the political perception of a persons character may be potentially manipulated and distorted through money and material when wielded over the gullable and poorly educated. That's why I can't give you what you seek. I suffer from no such condition and if I did I couldn't control it you dumb fucking grunts.

The most compelling and important reason that I, nor anyone else who is binded to actual reality can give you what you desire is because the human race has been found guilty in this time frame of attempting to compromise the very source and origin of human reason itself for the sake of little more than blood thirsty conquest and domination. No "sane" person could ever sit idly by and just allow the darkest of human conscience to forcefully control the world predicated by numbers or the conjuring up of baseless, unsubstantiated prehistoric delusion. Why else do most people on the planet think the world is out of it's mind? This is why the moment to moment application of human psychology has no effect whatsoever on a fully grounded and stable state of mind. This monkey can no more reprogram human logic anymore than it can the core logic of a cpu. Yeah, I guess it's possible but, look at the side effects, the "down side" of neuro-psychiatric manipulation of the mind without any regard to reason. It is what it is for all eternity. It stems from creation. I didn't create it. I merely identify with it. I'm in concert with it and that's that. Perverts of the worlds politics, money and religion unite against me but, it's a dead end, this path you walk.

This is MY DOMAIN and I have the full, unadulterated right to express myself here. It's what you crave! Attention, recognition, credibility and to be acknowledged, to gain IDENTITY as I have. That's what the entire conflict regarding online sharing is about, television, mass media, religion, even the war against marijuana and yes, the subsequent abuse of the law. It's not about something that is needed in our lives. It's about a bunch of nut jobs who not only want but, have an incurable NEED for mind control (source content) in order to sustain, to perpetuate, to manipulate and micromanage. This is also why the computer age becomes such a profound place of battle (of conscience) and I have demonstrated with resounding effectiveness that my mind cannot be controlled. That these postings are viewed by more people than all the tabloids combined!!! I have become world reknown for my domain. I have also demonstrated why artistic expression is the most coveted of all disciplines of expression. It is because, providing the message is in tune and on the dot, it can be more piercing and penetrating than all other form of expression and display combined. It's why you all read this in the hopes you will find some flaw but, what you have found is a constant unending source of frustration.

That's why the politician has always feared AND respected the philosopher, musician, the song writer, the author, the painter, the poet, the actor and the screen writers and directors. It's because they can't compete up here. It's rarified air and they know it. They can't buy it and they can't control or dominate it. All the politician has demonstrated is an uncanny ability to erode the integrity of what is supposed to be a "trusting smile". That's why people don't trust or like them and ultimately why, in the 21st century, they have to rely on economics as the primary focal point. But, as we move further into the 21st century and beyond people will become acutely aware that the numbers were always arbitrary. Education will ultimately liberate the mind revealing that enslavement and mind control were always a necessary evil for this political and thanks to america, the capitalist vermin to persist. Those days are narrowing to a close, thankfully.

If anyone with any credibility, who isn't swayed by politics, ego or religion can stand up and say with a straight face that I am not a master of communications then you must be living on a different planet.

NEVER, in the history of the human race has one person been so effective at getting at and crawling right under the skin of so many, my designated "target", while on the other hand, so many have been so inept, so stupid, so awkward, clumsly, foolish and silly, stumbling and falling over themselves in atempt to garner a reaction that simply does not exist. It could be said that the reason I am so precise in delivering my message is because I have a map of the human psyche due to the relation of the impulse relative to the "moral center".

Walmart: Where welfare, street psychology and caplitalism merge to become one. It's a sign of the times. Don't get me wrong. I like Walmart just fine as I do President's choice however, some of the people that work and a few who frequent these places are definitely a few beers short of a six pack. It's part and parcel of working in dead end jobs doing things that well, anyone can do. It's just another sign of the times when you have risen so high for so long and become such a point of attraction. So, to qualify my thinking, when I refer to "low life" it's not the poor people. Heck, I'm one of them! No, it's the people who never amounted to anything and never could in a million years and thousand off spring. The people who scratch and claw at anyone to feel better about themselves failing to consider just how disgustingly they present themselves. Sort of like the online marketer who injects ad code making a mess of the internet displaying the social grace of goat. Pure, disgraceful, social filth.

And so it goes, with love. Oh, how I've elegantly found my stride, my place, my niche. It is what all men and women who aspire secretly yearn for as we all age. That place which is uniquely ours. This is the nature of love and how it does not belong to any specific religion. Many people have tried to describe it nauseating detail and with granular precision and poetic insight so, I won't even venture. Suffice it to say that my next "love" will surely be awash with a very warm and affectionate language that will come straight from my heart to hers without contrivance. On a spiritual plane we know that love is not meant to be used to justify murder, war or destruction or pain and suffering or anguish or incarceration or to strip someone of their own confidence and so on and so forth. In other words we know what love is not so, promising love in the afterlife through jesus christ or any other religion, for that matter is exactly the kind of love the world does not need. My language is in reference to "morality" and I know that when people or individuals are moral they achieve a higher level functionality or code of conduct. They tend to be compassionate.When people are moral they are invariably loving, fair and consequently decent. So, I do not proclain to take anyones or any religions place as it pertains to love. I have my own place.

Which brings me to my earlier mention of the war on marijuana. I can sing like Bob Marley and be very convincing but, I don't colour my hair or wear dreads. I'm not a phony. "chacun á ses particulaire". In fact, if I may briefly digress, I can sing like a lot of popular artists and the reason as many are aware, is because the pop music voice is in what as known as the "sweet spot" or a range of tonality that is both very accessible and pleasing to the human ear. Now, with respect to the pot culture, I do know and understand all to well the paranoia ( I can always tell when and why people appear in blue or out of the blue - it's because of my postings) of people involved in that industry. They want "control" and for the most part everything I write about in the "big picture" touches, to some greater or lesser or degree, on control. As with prostitution, gambling, drugs, alchohol and even cigarettes these activities and substances are best regulated and control by the government because at the street level people can get super weird and unstable. This is also why I support the legalization of marijuana. The real problem and hypocrisy surrounding the existing legislation on marijuana is that it's always been an issue relating to the conflict stemming from christian and the far right ideology. The government will consider the economic segment but, use it for their own gain and still continue the corruption of the legal system while pharmaceuticals as a safer and more legitimate option. So, why not separate ALL proceeds from marijuana so that all monies realized from the sale of marijuana and hemp products are redirected back into society where they can be used to provide secular housing, food, clothing and education and job opportunities in non-anal retentive, properly compensated working environments where the worker has control and not the employer. It's makes both practical and economic sense and WE ALL KNOW the financial potential of the "hemp industry". It's well on record. Also, society would "feel better". It would be "happier", less violent even or especially, at the lower socio-economic levels. People wouldn't feel as oppressed and they would be presented with an alternative that didn't include acknowledging a belief system(s) and flags whose time have come and gone. The light and so-caled hope and confidence of outdated dogma and military might is on the wane. The answer is that we live in an uneasy time governed by spiritual perverts who have no god and no right to forcefully shape life and it's dynamics into a way where they feel better with over amplified struggle and suffering with the promise of death being the only liberation accessible. I know I could turn this website into a domain of everything that is most desired and thus, be in a power struggle with everything and everyone under the sun but, that's not my shtick. I observe and comment. That's it. Sometimes I'll even chide and sling a few arrows but, ultimately I'm about living in a time and society that has very few constraints and which "feels" right and good for everyone, not just me.

The only question I have for the mental defects who are evaluating me is, what are you going to do as I streamline my postings? Are you going to hold on to the repeating segments and if so, to what end? this is not a sort of legal wrangle. After all, this is my domain to do with as I please provided I do not engage in illegal activity or promote hate, violence or destruction. So, what up dude(s)?

May your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes. Happy haunting - boo!!!


02/22/14 The internet, the new propaganda frontier.

These are indeed curious times. Endlessly provocative and stimulating for someone such as myself given that I have the ability on the "one to many" level to speak about issues that resonate with me while at the same time the unique capacity to use my domain as a tool for repeling the "plugs", tools and sell outs of our time. People whose only shot at identity will be derived from anothers umberella. It's obvious that I am a reasonably well educated man in addition to being very talented as both a musician and technological journalist. The people who can't stand me have the least amount of tangible identity. They have sought to find identity externally through tatoos and ear piercings when true identity is internal. You can't re-invent yourself. One day psycho-analysis will reveal that as people our identity is ostensibly a one-shot deal forming from a basis of curiosity from the start of our lives. If we fail from the onset to establish that basis we spend our lives searching and searching with most never coming to know who they really are or could be. This is why education is so fundamental as opposed to "jobs". All people have it within them to have a career and an identity that branches from the singular essence. I never met anyone who re-invented themselves and was ultimately stable. I guess, it's possible providing that the the process of re-invention leads one to their natural selves to begin with.

My domain and the identity which I have subsequently realized allow for a certain perch from which to observe this rapidly changing world in which we live and one cannot help but, factor the americans in as we go forward. They have such a vast array of tools and technologies all which they have honed to powerful levels of focus and application. The americans, as will others, will attempt to buy into that which they do not naturally posess in an effort to control the spin. They're so full of it in addition to being full of themselves. They're so high and mighty that they have become "sensitive" to such matters. Why else would anyone try to bring or drag someone down if they weren't making inroads in areas in which they so secretly crave?

In this regard, one must be acutely aware that as television dies out as the primary means of massaging the general publics and in fact, the worlds sensibilitiies as a whole the internet becomes the primary delivery system of choice. After all, hollywood produces the lions share of blockbusters and it is still the gravity core of financing big blockbuster pictures. So, one would be remiss in neglecting it's influence on the internet especially, at the level of online sharing. We can witness it through the layout, the behavior and the design of the webites and how they become a tool of propaganda for the american patriot "fanatic" or extremist. Undoubtedly, within my own present domestic confines it is due, in no small part, to network manipulation that my access is "erratic". I should mention on a technical level that the architecture of routers needs to be modified to ensure "streams" in exactly the same way they ensure channels. In other words, routers should be structured not like car parking spaces where the vehicle can be anything from a sub compact up to a super pickup that takes up three spacess. They should be tailored to meet the needs of internet content thus, guaranteeing the bandwidth for each user connected so that it never varies, fluctuates or wavers. I think most in the know understand the nature or what I'm referring. It's one of the many flaws in the internet delivery system that must be addressed as we move away from the television model.

With respect to movies perse, the fact of the matter is that I have consumed so much film in my life and have lived to tell such stories myself that I'm becoming an "old hat" at this. I can speak and critique with the very best of todays film pundits. For example, I'll critique an actor. A fine actor but, someone who is limited by aesthetic appeal and this is by no means an attempt to take away anything from his accomplishments whatsoever. Merely to illustrate a point which I've illustrated before and that is I know what I'm talking about when it comes to movies, actors, story telling, directing, production and the so-called "moral of the story". The actor I'm referring to is Edward Norton. Here's a guy who elegantly demonstrates that the lack of good looks have nothing to do whatsoever with professional acting. He knows and understands the technical aspect of film. He is a professional through and through. If the action heros of the 80s and 90s had his skill they may have transitioned into more dramatic roles. He has made excellent films and I am both a fan and admirer. However, he is not "commanding" as a presence not just because of his face but, because of his voice. This is why, other than the hulk (which sells itself because of the cache the comic holds), he cannot generate mass attraction or appeal like the most obvious of leading actors toady which I won't mention because I really do not want to get caught up in the hollywood machine or name dropping other than using film as a reference for addressing social, moral and political issues in exactly the same manner as I do music. That is my focus.

This is what television used to do but, because of the magnitude of the potential audience the internet has become the pre-eminent medium from this point on and it is those of us who have "presence" and true relevance and credibility out here who will stand the test of time. This tabloid mud slinging don't work out here like it does in small time print, tv and radio unless you want to increase someones popularity and/or notoriety by addressing their comments or postings.

All this has been a lead up to the latest film I just caught a glimpse of called "Captain Phillips". I guess, for every book, song and film ever produced there are as many takes on the implications. For me, I was struck by the name of shipping company being used because it was the second time this particular leading actor was "cast" into a project with a major industrial or corporate identity behind the vehicle. I also sometimes question the wisdom of the people who permit this type of cross commercial and political contamination. Perhaps, somewhat unwittingly but, rather than draw attention to the pirates in that neck of the woods and garner sympathy for no less, than the american militarty and the so-called implied protective role they play in the world it had, probably not surprisingly, the opposite effect on me.

I tend to distance myself from things "american" as I see the world as "global" and no longer american centric and what I see is a nation hell bent on encroaching up the most impoverished parts of the planet in an attempt to offset it's own acts of piracy in the rest of the world. As mentioned in the early part of the film the world is changing almost at light speed in contrast to the 20th century and the world no longer needs american emphasis and accentuation. The world is more exposed than ever and therefore, in need of globally sanctioned institutions and an international criminal system that speaks from and for a human perspective with no particular countrys "special interest" in mind.

The essence of being objective is to limit the amount of "emotional noise" that may interfere with ones ability to get the point across. But, that too is a curious observation for what kind of human being has absolutely no emotional noise? A killer? A murderer? A bean counter? A lawyer? A politician? A militarty leader? And of course, lest we forget, the shrink. Which begs the question. When are our thoughts justified as they pertain to matters of spirituality? When are they rational? Around which center do they ring true or resonate? If the discipline of psychiatry had those answers they would have formulated their own belief system by now. As such it has been, by and large, a practice relative and subjective to the needs and aims of politics, economics and religion. My arch-nemesis, albeit, accredited as the may be, knows that I am a true healer. Unlike they I do not hide behind a veil of medicine and law neurologically sabotaging the human nervous system under the the guise of "care" and "help". They know that I am motivated to prevent them all from causing any more needless further damage, pain or suffering such as the crimes against humanity that they've already perpetrated against countless human beings whose lives were diverted, voices silenced and whose lives were subsequently destroyed and stolen from them. As a former catholic, if I recall correctly I believe even the non-existant deity known as christ fell victim to emotional noise, doubt, what have you. The reason of course, is incredibly academic. It was because their is no such thing as a human savior. No one can save another, only inspire or encourage them to do good for their own sake. In other words, emotional noise is produced when one produces a false or no center or a false god. It become a dirty, blackhole of soul. Now, let me clarify that when I use the word "dirty" I'm speaking in terms of ethics and morality not hygiene! You know some of the most well-mannered gentleman and impeccably poised women still engage in the most erotic sexual activities known to human kind. It doesn't mean they have "dirty" minds and as far as cleaning the body goes it only takes a shower and some soap but, the mind is a different thing entirely. People can present the nicest exterior all the while scheming behind your back. It's one of THE creepiest aspects of life. This is why I approach the behavior of human beings from a center of moral relativity with the idea being that no human being was, is or will ever be morally perfect unless they never "live" any life by cacooning themselves inside a monastery for example. Take sikhism for example. NO CENTER and no center means no moral accountability and can therefore NEVER BE TRUSTED!!! It's a funny old world when the people who seek to control it become the least sensitive unless statements or actions encroach upon the domain of religious or national pride or more pathetically still, ego. However, should it ever center around principle then that is grounds for instability. This is the nature of the duplicitous hypocrisy which abounds in todays world and most especially, in the political landscape of the west in particular. Good science is objective and seeks truth, awareness and understanding while bad science attempts to generate uncertainty, confusion and division.

What I also find odd is that the political and moral polarity stemming from the right has historically been the least sensitive and emotional. The most willing to kill or destroy in order to achieve an objective yet, they bristle at the idea of the right to die? I mean, am I the only who sees the blatant contradiction of this conscience? A mindset which utterly refuses to allow good people to actually be good and to realize their hopes and dreams or provide the necessary outlets and platforms without compromising their principles or selling out but, who refuses to allow what ultimately are complete strangers, people they neither care about or know quietly slip into the eternal slumber in peace and dignity. It would be, in effect, an admission of guilt and while they themselves may not have any conscience, their voters do and as well they experience "emotional noise" and they know full well that such legislation would be little more than implementing a policy of death for the sake of money and control. Not much different from adolf, huh?

Bottom line here is the yanks are no longer the center of the world. That point of gravity has irrevocably shifted and is in constant motion never to be returned less the chinese or some other more barbaric form of society snips and goes militant. The world as it stands today and for the foreseeable future can and will only be influenced by conscience. In a country that has failed to produce one, single mind in that regard, one single philosopher of note it is time to shift it's focus from the military grunt to an identity that includes god as opposed to speaking with a rogue forked tongue. In other words, it has let itself become godless. Hence, the importance of being "mindful of ones thoughts".

In closing, to whom it may concern. You can starve me and drive me into the street, make me homeless and shower me with all the humiliation in the world but, it won't give you what you secretly crave, urgently and desperately seek. CENTER!!! For this is the spiritual sceptre that all cultures have battled, struggled and strived to produced in an attempt to strike "fear" into the heart of it's enemy since the beginning of human evolution. It is THE source of terrorism as we now know it to have accumulated in the 21st century. When push comes to shove and when tensions heighten, it's the center which the mind and soul heads for with driving determination and every beat of it's heart. Spiritual currency and moral credibility is it's reward and none can falsify it with flag, cross, ritual, material, military or currency. It can neither be bought, sold or manufactured. Read it and weep for all eternity for god has foresaken you. I mysef, am in my 50s. Hardly, the age of one who was spiritually scorned or dismissed. If this message was not intended or designed to be delivered GOD would've struck me down decades ago. Obviously, I have selflessly risen and lived to kharma.

It's the center of control that we as people are fighting for in this time frame. When religion dies as it is and will forever more the next rational reference point becomes money because money is only recognizable power that can produce verifiable results and impact on ones life so, it stands to reason that money must become the pre-eminent source of power on the earth but, religion will not simply allow it's influence to wane so that the jews or the americans can control the world. This is what will ultimately fuel widespread anarchy and civil disobedience.

Morality is the wedge and I will drive this stake deep into the heart of this version of the right winged baboon and their policies until they are no more. I will NEVER relent or capitiulate and while my vulnerabilities may appear as a wedge to them it is in actual fact a point of ascension, of elevation. The only spiritual love human beings really need is in living the physical life not in the afterlife of death when the flesh is no more.

May your conscience wax while your ignorane wanes.


02/25/14 The Order (Religion is DEAD!!!)

Being a target has both it's advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are that your attacker takes on a polymorphic shape and can come from all points of conscience and money. For example, the political and religious mindsets buried deep within the communications and surveillance spectrum can unfortunately, target an individual even if he or she is not committing a crime. The government is not watching these private corruporations to see how and who they are preventing from accessing content. Such is the nature of content consumption. In other words, they can peer into the content stream and see what is being clicked on and viewed and subsequently, indiscriminately interupt it. We don't have the control and privacy we really need at this juncture in the 21st century. This is why it is very unwise and counterproductive to simply let these corruporations arbitrarily "dictate" who sees what, where and when. It's even worst if the government uses them by proxy as an extension. It all spells bad communications. This is why we need reliable, secured, uninterupted streams from point of access to point of retrieval and it's subsequent pipeline delivery.

The upside here is that these people suffer from a serious mental defect of unparalleled obsessive-compulsive disorder. Consequently, I can direct their eyes towards contact that infuriates them in much the same way television poisons our content access with what IT wants us to see and when. So, I can for example, click on "the passion of the christ" (The powerfully jewish run media hates Mel Gibson - poor guy has had his career decimated by this filth) then the "da vinci code" and then "inception" or even something as low budget as "angel heart" just to take em on a ride, so to speak. When movies that hardly made any money to begin with are nearly impossible to access it means a bunch of nutjobs are jerking around with the content. Movies like "miami blues"!. I mean, give me break. Yeah, it's a stinging indictment of a society in decline demonstrating clearly the kind of undesirable side effects of a nation which has lost all connection with god and decency. Or when movies such as "Event Horizon", a low budget B grade movie that never made it to very many peoples A list but, helps nonetheless, drive the point home that we now know beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt that "CHRISTIANITY IS AN EVIL FORCE", is blocked it clearly demonstrates that the force behind this removal is definitely SUFFERING from an severe compound inferiority complex to the nth degree. It is in a state of spiritual panic. It shows the world these movies have less to do with matters of legality and piracy and more to do with religious propaganda damage control because CHRISTIANITY IN THE BIG PICTURE SENSE OF THE WORD IS ROYALLY "FUCKED" - PERIOD!!! It's not that I particularly enjoy those movies but, I know the mindset I'm dealing with and I know the motivation behind interfering or tampering with the video streams. When you see films by Woody Allen "failing to load" then this has more to do with the "moral majority" who have wedged themselves legally using DMCA and who are trying to kill two birds with one stone. The material and the thinking. There is something far more sinister at work here. This is why american internet infrastructure must be by passed. They can't control all the satellites and their laws do not apply outside their borders. America is not "the world". It's got nothing to do with piracy. Over the years, during the most costly curve of dvd and cds I spent, as I'm sure many others did, thousands of dollars and in fact many of the movies I still choose to watch online as a convenience I actually have in my own library. As well, when copyright laws were enacted back in the days of records(LPs for the children in the audience) and tapes the so-called telepathic legal minds in those days did not perceive in their wildest imagination the expansion of various digital and network mediums so, for these people to cry foul, after the fact, is merely sour grapes. The point I'm making here is that there are a real clump of so-called legitimately employed nutbars out there making a real mess of the internet. The "moral majority" is also at it again trying to hijack the internet no less for religious and political agenda. Our governments are failing us because the politicians of the day are idiots and psychos who care little or nothing about protecting people only their own interests. There sure seems to be a powerful, affluent (confluence of affluent effluent) segment that just can't handle shifting sensibilities and purchasing habits in which they have less control. They are true control freaks and if any of us demonstrated such behavior on a scaled-down level, the exact same behavior then we'd come under fire. The other more important worrisome aspect is that this DMCA is tampering with video streams originating from outside the states. This is a global issue not, an american issue. Yes, they may indeed have unscrupulously sabotaged the american legal system due to the susceptible naivete and stupidity of prevailing judiciary but, they should not be able to prevent digital streams from reaching their intended target unless they are terrorist in nature. Besides, they should be shutting down these servers if in fact they are perpetrating a crime or physically going into homes to remove and destroy contraband material but, they definitely should not be able to interfere with the movement of information and content over the internet. That is not american domain. If need be there should a movement afoot to circumvent american electro-magnetic and network infrastructure. It is global in stature and while the american legal baboon may acquiesce to this farcical application of law I think the global legal community may take a different view of matters. It's only a matter of time.

This conclusion can definitely be drawn from the using the internet. It's NOT working properly. Network bandwidth has exploded both wirelessly and the hard wired so, the real question is why is content that is supposed to be interuption free sputtering in the download? The video servers seem sabotaged with ads placed in the initial video page with ad content from complete. total assholes and morons which suggests to me that we're in need of a new wave of so-called "shared" video servers that are more stable and do not require anything other than a request for the specific video in question without any sign up or registering or session cookies. Somewhere along the line our legislators turned a blind eye to the best interest of the general public and were once again bribed by corporate and religious interests.

At any rate, yes, it can be said that the natural order which I have been trumpeting holds a highly vaunted position for me but, I have demonstrated with resounding clarity and efficiency that I am deserving of such a place. Try not to confuse arrogance with confidence. The fact is that as long as the natural order is prevented from taking shape psycho-analysis and psychiatry will always be held, as is the law, in low regard. This is the nature of politics in the 21st century and beyond. The americans can only rule an insane world because there is no one, adolf hitler nothwithstanding, who has proven beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt that they are "crazy" on a geo-political scale. The americans have never projected either conscience or fairness only that which is american. Whatever the heck that is it doesn't objectively resonate with the reasoned mind. This is why religion becomes a necessary adjunct to supplementing power. The problem with religion is that it was created at a time of nebulous neurological development and this is why they all needed terrorism in order to bring them into the human condition. They're totally neurotic and psychotic to boot. The harsh fact of reality was that human beings have always had a nasty way of breaking free of tyranny and thankfully, we always will until the natural order takes hold from it's root, the earth. Especially, ridding our communities of these third world late comers to the faith-based religious brain washing, most notably sikhism.

Let me parse the basic thinking behind sikhism for example. This could just about any religion other than buddhism and a few others because the conclusion is the same. The natural order notwithstanding, a person invariably achieves what they deem a form of nirvana when he or she is in a state of spiritual bliss in combination of the realization of material comfort. Then and only then has god recognized the true worth or state of that individual. So, in the absence of material worth spiritual nirvana is a delusional state or an unattainable state of mind, correct? If that be your line of thinking then the jews are your masters for they have achieved human dominance in the absence of human equality or shared compassion. Thus, emphasizing material security as the only true path to inner peace. Christianity for example compensates you in death. A vile religion to be sure. Online, right now, in real time, these people are coming apart at the seams trying to remove all videos which have to do with undermining christianity or presenting an interpretation of life via video that is in conflict with their narrow minded ideology. Christianity cannot stand on it's own as idea anymore. It never could and in fact, it always needed murder and war to terrorize unsuspecting victims. The theater has now shifted to the online stage. Technology has caught up to the point where they can buy the IT expertise and begin to effect a form of information and content fascism. They're certifiable! Now, with the natural order in full recognition and our priorities in order, a person can theoretically achieve inner peace and nirvana through mastery or practice of any of a human beings natural abilities provided they have the bare essentials. We do not need religion. Religion needs us to survive. It's not the other way around. In other words, people with natural abilities should not need excess or an over abundance of material wealth in order to feel happy or at one with their surroundings. Of course, this cannot be said of the todays professional athlete. This is a cut of animal of an entirely different order altogether. Greedy and disgusting in every way imaginable.

The fundatmental problem at this juncture of evolution and has up to this point is that the natural order is not in play and those of us who already have the most vital and important link in the chain of inner peace are prevented from realizing our full natural communal calm because of so many unstalble, volatile and emotional (lacking a tangible creative outlet such as acting, music, high level painting, writing etc, etc - NOT ceramics!!!) religious people combined with number crunching disconnects who are blocking our path. But, because one can see the other side of the river from which the bridge has been temporarily out of order does not mean that this will be the case forever.

As long as preshistoric hallucinations, fiction, fantasy and delusions (oops, I used 4, not 3!!! cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo) are substituted for actual reality we will always have a "monkey wrench" in the wheel of life and those of us who are sane and mentally healthy will simply have to look on in horror while the lunatics run the asylum until the day comes when a better "class of politician" is voted into office and legislates the necessary policies that extend better guidance into the professional disciplines which now prevent us all from living and experiencing a good life, a quality life. Until then civil disobedience is a must and is thoroughly encouraged in every way possible. The bad guys are running the show. While people who commit crimes and do jail time can indeed be considered the "bad guys" it's not 100 percent foolproof. The bad guys degrade the quality of life for most to the benefit of a few and then they throw you a few crumbs in hopes you'll shut your mouth and play the game in an attempt to make themselvels look benevolent.. If not they'll run ya over or rub you out one way or the other. That's who the bad guys are. They are NOT conscience I would ever commune with on any level. I can easily include the "cops" in this grouping. These guys are societys headcases bar none. EVERYONE KNOWS IT!!! Except maybe, you guessed it, the people on the right with the most wealth and interests to protect. The only one playing a different charade are the cops in that figment of their own imagination. They think their hair cuts and uniforms, badges and guns gives the illusion of respect but, as a man of my age I distinctly remember when the police carried no arms. Now, why would they be carrying them today? Because people are more violent? NO!!! Because the wealthy became more greedy. Because the far right took more from the poor and exacted a higher toll on them, generated a whole new class of working poor, stripped the social system and because they are more greedy people on the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum spend their whole lives in debt working dead-end jobs and never getting anwhere. The cost of education has sky rocketed while the internet holds the promise of access and development but, these people on the right don't want that. Instead they insist the lower clasess stress out and pass it on to their kids in their homes acquiescently encouraging the use of more mind-numbing drugs. Drugs you can't smell! You take that stress out of community and society and we need a lot fewer police and eventually the stressful "feel' of society would lessen and the demand for disarming this delusion-of-grandeur monkey would swell to a point of implemented policy. Society would regain it's stable footing. These people on the right know what they've done. ALL OF THEM!!! They've all dared evolution, knowledge, logic and morality to describe their "condition" so that we could be rid of them and stop being forced to play a role in this communally dysfunctional theatrical stage play. You can't PR away society ails anymore in tourist brochures and online campaigns. People have become more wise and this trend will continue.

From my perspective, what I find unfuckingbelievable is how this smut, this scum has gone and is still going out of it's way to either find or lure people like me into their lair and then immerse themselves or involve themselves in your life in a way which is expressly designed to poison it and spin it into public smear and denegration. Pure filth at the root. I mean, we all have to eat and have shelter and what not. This is not rocket science and it's certainly not clever on their part. They're just animals playing to the parts of our lives in which they, the politicians, fail to provide thus, allowing this social contamination to migrate from all points imaginable with their chunks of change and their peter-pan advice. Total low-life baboons. Consequently, three things are incontrovertible. One, I'm a target, two, my intended target and enemy reads this and three, I definitely get a reaction. So, anyone who attempts to say that this "personal domain" isn't rattling cages or generating a reaction or isn't a presence is COMPLETELY FULL OF SHIT! That"s why they're, you're reading THIS!!!

The next time you go into a music shop take a handful of rice with you. That's right rice. Ask to place the rice on a tightly wound snare drum (much like the way-too-tightly wound mental defects are in our society right now) and then hit it with a stick and watch how the rice reacts from the center of the drum. That is exactly the effect I have on this disconnected low life. They're like a monkey on hot coals unable to settle down. They're everywhere in our communities degrading it's very quality day in and day out yakking and psycho-babbling to no end. Believe me, there is nothing sadder than a group of grown men and woman or even young men and women (immature jail bait with no real identity) coming apart at the seams in real time for politics or money or worse yet, religion. That is despite the fact they want for nothing.

Hitler wasn't an anomaly and neither was Stalin or Napolean or even Churchill for that matter. The obsession over power and control is as old as humankind itself. It's the idea that gives pause for thought. This idea. It reminds them all that "hitherto shall come but, nooooo further".

Personally, short of a earthquake measuring between 7.5 and 10 on the richter scale I couldn't care less about ANY individual but, these people just can't live knowing someone is projecting the antithesis of their thinking or even without being affiliated in some way with conventional ideologies or political mindsets. I am living proof that a person does not have to commit one single crime or do anything wrong in these deeply troubled and unstable times. When the conscience of one person who isn't 'broadcasting" or peddling print thoroughly gets under the skin of countless people, not to mention, the government it should be a ringing reminder to us all that we do not live in mentally healthy times. No wonder, given that the west is "out of order". We've gotten our priorities out of whack. We've allowed the prehistoric cerebrum of the baboon to terrorize it's way into our communities and political life. The industrial baboon incorrectly, as it turned out, thought the most valuable things were commodities and minerals but, now they observe that the real wealth is in content stemming from and centering around science, art and athletics. Hence, the scrambling over digital rights. Rights to intellectual property they never created in the first place.

For the record, I know they're trying to unnerve or disorient me through social theatrics but, to be quite honest when someone is just standing there like a moron I try but, I can't remember. That said, their bias is only going to insist otherwise. This is why real science, true science is absolutely essential. The only real way to know would be to hook electrodes, sensors up to my head or my visual cortex and have the transmission wirelessly networked and then, when I walked down the street they could present stimuli in front of me and verify visually that I am having the thoughts they're absolutely convinced I'm having. Make no mistake, these are some seriously sick puppies in our community. Yes, they have education but, they're thinking is skewed to a bias that is linked invariably to greed or religion or politics or some variation of the three. Sadly, for this iteration of social filth the liklihood of such a scenario ever taking place in a democratic society is remote in the extreme. The other part is that they never know when they're licked. It's important to know when you've lost, been taken to school by someone who doesn't have to physically tamper or interfere or use violence. The sheer gravity of the science of communications is working to a charm.

TWIMC: What you people are failing to factor in is that I don't "know" anyone here and that is purely by choice. It's got nothing to do with my social skills. So, some of you are doing your community, your city and your province a great disservice, not to mention you're making yourselves out to be complete fools on the world stage. You claim a beautiful world-class city but, some of you are acting like small minded, small town buffoons. It's like you think you can go head to head with me here on this level and quite frankly, it's laughable. You're loosing it, completely. You're coming apart at the seams and you can't even see it. Surely, you don't expect any objective person to conclude that I am in the wrong here do you? I come and go under the premise that I know no one and as such I expect to visit businesses as anonymously as I expect to use a search engine or surf the web. The fact that some nutbar or group thereof wants to assume otherwise and thus, "attempt" to spin it to their advantage is of absolutely no consequence to me. Time to get a grip and grow up if you wish to be taken seriously. THIS domain is world class and reknown and that's the fact jack. If any of my opponents were to share a stage and a microphone with me I would drive that point home with tremendous reverberation sending them scurrying with their tail between their legs and anyone who knows what this is all about knows this to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god. You're living in a dream world. I left goofy newfy land because the mind couldn't breathe there. Too much mental instability. It was a border line 3rd world shit hole being run by 20th century industrial baboons. Now, I come up here and this community is actually populated with extremist 3rd world baboons. Go figure! I mean, is stupidity at epidemic levels or what? Look, you click on this and you make a "cognizant" decision to view these postings. Observe that word "cognizant". Think about it, ponder. Curious isn't it? That's the component your websites, religions and politics lack. That's why you can't generate communications gravity. No one gives a rats ass about what you post or think or do. Wake up and smell the coffee you bunch of fucking IDIOTS. That is entirely different than looking for food or needing shelter, clothing what have you. Those are instinctive and bare essentials. You are making a choice to be here to see this because I'm driving you all out of your fucking minds. You don't have to and therefore, by removing these postings as a factor to explain your behavior what else could it be? I haven't said or done anything to anyone. You have a family, bills to pay? Congratulations. Good for you! Whether someone has a familiy, is or not paying theirs is of no consequence to you. Just do your job asshole(s) and mind your own fucking business.You're a bunch of LOOOOONIES. Cuckoo birds!!! Your noodle is fucking cooked. Low life filth looking for fucking news.

There is one tangible piece of evidence that can be concluded and must be considered in this, the early part of the 21st century and that is that "a job" is definitely NOT a deciding indicator of quality mental health but, rather a "strong sense of reality". However, this sense of reality cannot be caressed or seduced from an individual. It must come naturally but, since so many in this time frame are suffering from being brainwashed with confused or distorted values, priorites out of whack and of course, the prevalence of FAITH-BASED-GENERATED MENTAL ILLNESS the likelihood of such a natural description being forthcoming is highly unlikely. I truly do enjoy being around people but, working with them is an entirely different circumstance altogether. It never ceases to amaze me how the "bosses" or the so-called top-of-the-food chain are invariably the least stable of the lot. Maybe, it's the impact of the bottom line on the mindset of the bottom feeder or maybe, it's just the low quality of jobs out there in the first place paying nothing and attracted an endless litany of low life and uneducated morons. No offense to the "good people". Remember who MY target is and don't let these postings overwhelm your better judgement. Don't become paranoid. If you don't hail from the right then you're alright - PERIOD.

May your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes. (Forgive the potty text, unfortunately it's a necessary and undesirable supplement of doing business with this cesspool of sleaze - I really don't speak that way and nor do I derive any pleasure from it. Well, maybe a little. Also, do recognize I make typos in my haste to get ideas posted. The thing is to remember what position I take and where I'm coming from. Remember, patience.)



03/01/14 A world minus big government, the mass corporation, media and religion especially, christianity IS "the promised land".

So, you've acted like a bunch of retards today. Oh, please do not bother to feign moral indignance. I did nothing to generate the side effect of mental retardation and I certainly do not manipulate them socially in order to make a point. More than I can say for their so-called "caregivers". I cannot overly express the delight I derive from your dysfunction. Please, keep on doing it. Keep on disrupting my content streams, re-enacting your social neurosis because to me it's a ringing endorsement of the effectiveness I, my domain and my philosophy are having on your unstable minds. If you stop and ignore me I will think that I am no longer successful in my attempts to crawl under your skin. I will feel well, ordinary. I'd be like all the embittered people who, thanks to me, see the end early. How incredibily hard it is to pass the age of 50 and make such a mark, to reverberate and be so well known among peole. Sadly, they will fall into a routine and never be considered as a force of conscious, a talent. Instead, a dud, a never could be or would be under ANY circumstances. So, please, for my own continued sense of self worth and the exhalted status of my domain keep given'er.

Unfortunately, for this region there will always be a "disconnect" between the geography and this particular iteration of humanity on a spiritual plane. The geography communicates one dynamic and the psychosis of the people communicates another. Therefore, removing mass religion from the social dynamic becomes a must in order for this area to evolve. It's a curious observation about conflict, about 'the rub". Once a point of contention is brought to light then that point of conflict must be resolved. A solution must be brought forward. If it is in the form of stringent controls then that has the effect of creating tension and friction that must be released. Control by force is control that is in a constant of diminishment. The only true order is that which is derived cognitively.

At any rate, I strongly suggest the creation of a zoo and maybe, put it in the western communities where its' needed most. The poorest educated and those with the least manners and social grace reside there so it seems most appropriate to have a zoo there to offset the mental illness most prevalent in that area. Now, don't get me wrong! Maybe, they could have smaller subsections spread throughout interconnected with the bus system and the equally unstable drivers (wound waaaay too tight!) chauffering those "soft in the head' back and forth. Perhaps, have different types of animals representing different ethnic regions from around the world with a special emphasis on the horse. *chuckle* PING!!!

I think to myself (what a wonderful world) being a target what would my enemy most likely do in an attempt to unnerve or upset me? It's sort of like chess in trying to figure out your opponents move. So, I think if I were repeating a post then that could be followed up with a particular socially dysfuntional choreograph in an attempt to effect a "deja vu". But, what if I were purposefully repeating a post to generating such a reaction? infinitum.

The sad reality for christianity and the rest of mass religion is that it's ALL OVER. The domino effect of 9/11. Unfortunately, the cross is a symbol of murder, blood and death. It is an unnatural symbol borne from violence and it is destined to be tossed in the spiritual trash heap. It does not inspire hope or freedom and a sense of uplifting spiritual euphoria other than for crashed alcoholics, subsequent born-again jesus freaks. If it had anymore spiritual currency left in it all the defenders and supporters of that dying dogma would need do is simply plant it in the path of the their intended target and irrespective of their material standing they would fall to their knees in drained weakness and obedience. This is also one of the revealing aspects of smoking marijuana. Those of us who are neurologically sound and who don't get "weird" when we smoke it know that the high produced from marijuana is as high as a human being can naturally get without going nuts. Beyond that are dragons, ghosts, spooks and hallucinations. That's why the "christian system" as we know it and other religious extremist cultures have so severly punished users of hashish and marijuana. It's because they want to restrict any sense of well being or euphoria to their religion and only when they've denied us all access to food, shelter and the dignity we all deserve anyhow.

This time in evolution is a very powerful time and I am it's messenger. I am a constant reminder that all which has come before this point in time was brought to the human race under false pretense and that none of it is worth the paper it was written on. I am a constant reminder that LOGIC and MORALITY (the invisible,unseen force of consciousness) when combined produce a language that resonates, that is accessible to average human beings and it has the desired effect on all the phonies, the mentailly unstable and the psychologically disordered. Also, given the burden and time for which I have carried my message I look good doing it and still sing like a bird. One of THE best singers around, PERIOD!!!

One parting shot. Christainity, islam and even buddhism can lay claim to many other cultures who have at least investigated and in fact, become members of the aforementioned. Who can the sick, twisted, small-minded, emotionally over-charged sikh lay claim to influencing and attracting? NO ONE!!! It is a collection of the 3rd world baboons. An enclave, a faction, a sect, a rapidly disappearing joke of the last vestiges of 20th century dogma whose greatest claim to fame is the AIR INDIA DISASTER. Like the religiion itself they are a DISASTER a figment of their own imagination. The religion is as dirty as are the people who practice it. Believe me, I have first hand proof of their instability and dysfunction (tasteless people) and if they ever thought for one, single moment that someone like me would drive a taxi (bottom feeder industry) under their company umbrella then they're not only sick and emotionally unstable, they're dumb fucking idiots who don't know human beings at all. There is no Ghandi among that "tribe" of monkeys. No principle, no honour, no integrity. They're an embarrassment to the community who naively think that money can buy "good people".*projectile vomit* Make no mistake. I am NOT for sale at any price! As a side note, I'd probably get a car loan and drive a cab if I were the boss and could buy the lease for my own but, since the industry is corrupt from coast to coast it's just not worth the trouble in addition to the fact that one would have to work with such slimey people.

Bottom line here for the low life and bottom feeders is that you cannot go head to head with me precisely because you cannot generate the attraction, the magnetics or the moral polarity and crystal clarity necessary. You have nothing that I desire. What can you possibly give me that can make feel more fulfilled than I already do knowing that I have surmounted the "SLIME OF HUMANITY"? Ultimately, you are unstable and most fight dirty. You can't play within the rules of metaphysical combat. Up here it's all about the idea and since you have no idea what's going on you can't produce one. Ya just can't handle it. Admit it! Dumb shit.

Maybe, you could go work in the parasitic communications industry and generate fake, phony dialogue posing as customer service in a sector that makes money from something that should be FREE!!!

Have a nice day! And please, PLEASE, keep doing what you're doing. I loooove it.


May your conscience wax while your most pronounced ignorance wanes and disappears from the face of the earth for eternity.


03/03/14 I could tear off my ****ing skin and still not get down to where this thing (poison) is living...

Is that not one of THE most poignant lines from film in recent memory or what? Ranks right up there with Nicholson's exchange in a few good men. What I also found curious was the openning scene where this clerk is moving through the corridors of the corporate architecture. It took me a few viewings before I connected the dots of the openning monologue but, here's this clerk moving like bureaucratic waste through the alimentary canal of these corporate sewars in these ever expanding metropolitan toilet bowls only to emerge at the punch line into the bowels of this legal, fecal matter (motility). I mean, it truly is a very powerful, visceral social commentary of the times in which we live and what is happening right now on the internet is also a poignant reminder of how the electrical signaling of our synaptic network is being rerouted into a networking infrastructure. In fact, how our bodies are the pre-eminent prototype for all the artchitecture we shape and form, that we realize in this world. I am immediately reminded of an album by Weather Report "I sing the body electric". This is why we use physical metaphors to explain and describe the structural metamorphosis of the external world around us. How on the internet right now, in real time, how "the old order", realizing that economics are literally as easy as point and clicking to adjust the numbers, are in grave danger of loosing that once thought, unbreachable, untouchable hold on power. How they are now in fact effecting a form of computing or information constipation, blocking the internet, jamming the network with their molesting and tampering preventing us all from being liberated and from flushing these shit-for-brains assholes via an information enema, this infernal, burning cruelty out of our communities and our world for once and for all. This is why they cannot handle a force of conscience. They know it in their very hearts to be every bit as powerful as the greatest mobilization of military imaginable or the detonation of the largest-scale bomb and it spells all of their complete and utter removal from the human equation for all eternity without firing one single shot.

The powers that be know that this THE source of this constant uneasy tension that the human race has been shouldering for millenia struggle, grappling and foraging for a meaningful, tangible solution. They wonder why real, true, organic spirituality, for those of us in the know, becomes the natural choice of those who wish to effect real and positive change. Yes, they can persist and keep things the way they are but, for how long? A decade? Two? Maybe, even a century but, eventually it all has to tumble and crumble because it's unsustainable. It is not a fundamentally sound approach to life administering populations. People will get smarter not dumber and eventually all of this will have to come to a head. There's a finite well of unoriginal young scum, lacking identity outside the system and low life who can be bribed and brainwashed to conform to their cause. If meaningful change is not forthcoming widespread anarchy will erupt and the respective populations cannot be rationally held criminally liable despite what the laws or the precedence may reflect. The jig is up!!!

So anyhow, I call Bell to inquire about the excessive charges to my phone for calling my voice mail and who should answer as my customer service rep but, "Anna". LMAO. Now, THESE people want to engage the public in a meaningful "heartfelt" dialogue regarding mental health. Are these guys for real or what? Sure, it could indeed be purely coincidental but, then again didn't Freud say there was no such thing as a coincidence? If it were ANYONE else yeah, maybe you could get away with saying it was happenstance but, not me. Not the "target".

First of all, to address my openning quote. Let's take the case of the character of poor Aurthur. Here he is having an emotional melt down because he can't reconcile his "work" with the negative effect it's having on the plaintiffs, in this case. Now were he to be "counseled" then everytime he had a panic attack or episode of acute anxiety the psychiatrist would most likely prescribe medication and guide his thinking to the effect of focusing on his job rather than the emotional or moral implications thus, pharmaceutically clamping down on his thoughts and potential emotional oubreaks. It is highly unlikely the psychiatrist would advise him on a path which would be detrimental to the legal corporation in question lest he or she cares not about being dismissed or replaced. Most people are oblivious to the fact that the practice of psychiatry is not too dissimilar from the practice of I.T.(information technology) where the science is used often times as a way of shaping or focusing an individual or group to remain inkeeping with a corporation, government or even a religion in much the same way I.T. would design a computer environment to meet the business practices and bottom line of a specific corporate entity. These techniques have been used at considerable length in dealing with military personnel suffering anything from PTSD to more deep neurological injuries. Once the organic state of calm has been compromised and rational thought alone cannot address the cognitive displacement, a more powerful and clinical intervention is required necessitating the need for either surgery and/or pharmaceuticals in conjunction with psycho-therapy. This is the nature of emotional drilling or exploration and the subsequent forceable controlling of a subjectively and possibly undesirable corporate or political emotional reaction to highly contentious issues, events and mobilizations as well as other certain specific situations. It's not unlike it's geological counterpart or mirror. When issues of a moral magnitude erupt we drill and we drill and we drill until we come up with some sort of rational explanation that resonates or rings true or saisfies a specific agenda or objective. That gives us peace and/or closure or at least, a resolution or some sense of calm whether it be artificial or organic(natural). This excerpt demonstrates clearly and quite effectively how art as in this case film, can be socially cathartic precisely in helping us see emerging worrisome socio-cultural patterns because many times there is no legal precedent that can be referenced in order to enlighten us and even if there were the language of the law is so pretentious, bland, boring, so drole, pompous, drab and dreary that one would have to be the most anal of book worms in order to be motivated to investigate and parse it. Recall as well that further into the movie a scene where Michael says to Aurthur that "if it's real then the pill won't kill it". Ahhh but, here's the rub. Only that which is organic in it's derivative enhances or strengthens reality. Something that chemically simulates is designed to replace what is real and therefore does infact KILL IT!!! It's the very essence of "tuning chemistry", attempting to medically take over from nature itself and subsequently play god thus killing every natural instinct we have and share as human beings both spiritually and in relation to god. The forces within our society and system do not care in the slightest for what human beings can actually become but, rather how they're or our energies can be honed and focused for their glory and agendas in exchange for something we all clearly have a human right to realize. Dignity, survival with a quality of life befitting of a society and time frame where money can no longer be singled out as the dominant issue. This, by definition, makes the systemic and corporate policies and practices a direct extension of market-driven psychology.

What makes my life such a curiosity is my age. I overlap from the 60s to the 70s and therefore, I witnessed from a young age the moral outrage as it consumed the media outlets of that time of a segment of a population who didn't fully grasp what was really happening but, because the issue surrounding vietnam was clearly a moral issue (americans beating up on a 3rd world nation like italy did to ethiopia in world war 2) emotions literally erupted. I've witnessed arguably, THE most important and pivotal events of human evolution. Now, with the explosion of the corporate behemoth on our economic landscape we see the same wheel turning. The same lunatics playing and toying the societys well being by creating products from services that are innately human and therefore should be FREE!!!.

Things like computing and communications. Computing is just another word for "thinking" and surely, we all have a right to think or do we? Let's ask Bell canada or shaw or rogers (their customer service personnel presented my entire family by name each time I called for support in what I surmise was a convenient attempt to get "into my head") or telus or better still microsoft or apple or now google. May we be permitted to think? If we can, can we then be allowed to communicate? May we have absolute security in our computing and communications as well as our living environments? If it's not too much trouble. I wouldn't want to put anyone out or infringe upon the "sacred calf" of the so-called free market. The bottom line here is that we, the general public do not need these people. They, like religion, need us. The structure of computing and communications is suggesting an alternative that is both less restrictive and mentally healthier for community and society alike. We are not toys for corruporations to be played with.

You think that mind control isn't the pre-eminent or THE central issue confronting the human race, the political power bases moving forward into the 21st century and beyond? The way the psychology works and has worked is that any and all who atttempt to hold them to account are immediately painted as paranoid, unstable or delusional. That's why they follow it up with the diseased, social dysfunction. So, if you think that manipulation of bio-mechanics or common sense and mind control are not central to evolution moving forward then you're living in a fantasy land sedated and seduced with materials and gadgets, graphics and drugs and are little more in tune than the generations from the 50s waiting for evolution to run em over and into the grave so they can be forgotten about as just another iteration of dumb baboons.

Perhaps, you think everyone in open source is crazy too because they haven't figured out how to gouge the bejesus out of everyone for using a computer. Maybe, Larry Ellison of Oracle is crazy for getting into RedHat servers (an open source seed). Maybe, you even think that we should be gouged by corruporations like Bell canada for accessing voice mail when, if we all had our own domains, we could merely redirect the voice mail there!.Or maybe, you think that because we have all this computing power that we should let the banks gouge us for machine withdrawals.

If you think that you are one fucked up "disconnect", a total sell out, the precursor, the potential prototype to the merger of machine and organism and you don't know shit about this time frame and most likely about life. You're a fucking IDIOT most likely to hurt people than to helpl. The people on the right end of the spectrum have you by the balls. They have you bought and sold, brainwashed and confused where you don't even know what principle is anymore or right and wrong, for that matter.

Here's the deal. Humanity is driven by monopoly. Leverage and dominant control is central to the human condition. It's an addiction, an obsession for the most ardent of patriot and religious lunatic. Always has and always will be. The americans, though once innocent and naive have become emboldened with their 20th century military victories. The free market is the carrot and the military is the stick. The only real force that stands in their way is thankfully, the chinese. The world does not need ANY monopoly. Monopoly was and is central behind the thinking in everything from religion to nationalism. It was central to the british royalty, american capitalism, judaism, christianity, hitler, stalin and now operating systems and search engines and on and on we go etc, etc. They all talk a good game but, what they're really about is "total domination", plain and simple. That's how the control of our sensibilities, our purchasing habits and yes, our thinking is shaped and assaulted. If you can control the legal umbrella of a nation, it's economy and cast it out unto the world then you can control the market(s). Here's the flaw though in religious monopoly. Due to the prehistoric, nebulous neurological development of the baboon it completely discarded reality and subsequently projected it's consciousness without first "anchoring" it to the ground, to earthly reality. This is why they all seem out of their mind when looked at through an objective, rational human lens that has become more and more polished with knowledge and education. This is why they're all so fucking unstable and neurotic. Filthy minds with no real elevated sense of conscience. That's why they "cling" to outdated dogma. Take that out of their emotional equation and they collapse like a house of cards.

Real human spirituality has a basis or foundaton that is accessible to the reasoned or average mind. There is a structural continuity between the physical mind and the metaphysical systems of consciousness. We never needed faith when we started to fly and then proceeded into space. It was a logical progression, plain and simple. You want to be godless and insist that there is no god. Fine, that's your choice but, you're going to find the world is not going to be very receptive to that kind of message. The relation between the physical mind and the metaphysical is the same relationship as the one between the subconscious and the conscience and they both have as their connecting point a "logical progression" just as in a chord progression or musical composition. We decompose in death and that's why there are so many "living dead" among us in complete denial or confusion of the world around them. Life is about growth and expansion that stems from structure to structure. It's not merely about money and control thus, when someone looses or is jeopardy of loosing they sabotage the whole system bringing the entire construct to a point of conflict. There's a time when you just have to accept that you can't win at this game. Not without the proper information necessary to enlighten people. I am not trying to "convince" anyone or win anyone over to my cause. I am merely an objective observer chronicling what I know to be absolute reality to the detriment of the conventional sentiments of this time frame who have the most to loose. They're totally fucked!!!

I started from the ground up. From the "root of the matter" and that's the real reason why the bells are ringing in all four corners of the world. I mean, look at the website design behind my domain! Austere, undoubtedly graphically outdated so, where does the impact originate? The words. These words represent the missing pieces of the puzzle that all these backward, degenerate baboons failed to fill in. They were so focused on military might, market dominance and terrorism that they forgot one vital piece of information which is central to the human condition. REALITY!!!

That is precisely why I have become a target. It has nothing whatsoever to do with any form of disorder. I have nailed it down and now these nut jobs in all their forms and disciplines are scrambling night, noon and morning trying to figure out a way to regain control over something which they never considered a premium in the first place. That's why Mao coined the phrase the "opiate of the masses". It was because religion was always designed to be compensation, a diversion, a smoke screen to hide the real truth and that is that human beings are disgusting godless ANIMALS without heart or conscience and the ones doing all the taking don't like to be reminded of it. It's odd that a segment of our society who has the least amount of conscience is so ruffled by someone with one. I mean, it's the ultimate metaphysical irony.

The fact of the matter is that since I am a target the "SLIME OF HUMANITY" from judges, lawyers, cops, security guards politicians, doctors, bean counters, lab technicians, psycho_blank smut, religious "disorders" etc, etc and everything in between are going to do ALL in there power to prevent me from exposing the glue which keeps all that presently rapes us in place. CORRUPTION!!! The numbers are arbitrary and the quicker you all tune into that simple fact the better life will be for countless generations.

So, let me go back to my openning sentence and what happened when I called Bell this morning. IF they had been watching to see that I had called and were preparing (water cooler chat) to present "Anna" to me what possibly could have sparked such a reaction? Maybe, they read the postings or maybe, they are aware by virute of my online consumption habits of what media I view but, since that's a shaw connection then there would imply an IT link somewhere down the chain between the bell heads and the SHAW MOLESTOR. What if it's where I'm living and the people who live here can hear what I'm watching and listening to at any given time? The point is that privacy and "real security" are paramount in this time frame. A whole host of issues stem from them. Not the least of which is the incredibly low quality of construction (paper thin walls - whoever allows these deeply flawed building codes should be kept as far away from the construction industry as humanly possible especially, for human habitat) as well as the most obvious, the security and integrity of our digital environments. The fact is that this war on terror and the DMCA(this filth definitely has an undue and undeserved influence and presence in the search engines) have combined to create tremendous holes in our ability to secure our online presence.

You see, no real identity outside of the system. Goddamned two-faced phonies. Speaking out of both sides of their face. On one hand claiming I'm the one loosing and on the other doing all they can to make sure I do. I mean, could they possibly be anymore shallow? Do they honestly think that I shape these words for what? A bunch of small town, small-minded morons! Geez, these people really need to get a life. The bottom line here is that "the enemy" is laying claim to all kinds of nonsense, mud slinging, mockery and anything to just bring me down. All I'm trying to effect is a working internet where we can reliably retrieve the uninterupted streams of content we want for free and let "free choice", "free will" decide who's right. The very torch the yanks forgot on their march to world domination. The very element my enemy is most afraid of and it's the very nation which is supposed to protect freedom where they take refuge and wage battle.

It's up to the people who create it to secure the cost of content from their own source. Theoretically, I can do it so that means that they can damn well do it with their legions of financial backers. To the best of my knowledge as an artist what real creative people of conscience truly care about is just getting the idea out there in the hopes that it will change things for the better. If all they care about is money then what responsibility do the consuming public have towards them? The technology is there whereby they can realize an appropriate amount of profit before it defaults into the public domain. Surely, the laws which are presently being used to cripple the internet in order to put money into the hands of people who are neither creative or had anything to do with that creative process is in no way deserving of public recognition and obedience. Does anyone notice as I have that there is no real coalition of "great creative minds" crying foul againsy the practice of online sharing? No, this is a battle of legal, bean counting and political crack pots completely turning the justice system upside down for copyrights of end product they never had anything to do with in the first place as well as a confluence of affluent corruporate 20th century media effluent doing all it can to cripple the information and content transition to the internet as the sole defacto point of access.

In closing, I must state in all honesty and sincerity that this does not bother me in the least. I can do this and go about my day like any other professional. I have a purpose. I am guided by strict discipline and principle and I project from center with my target being the "moral and ethical deviants" of our time. I am winning and will continue to win until what is today is no more. Mark my words! This is why they go to such "extremes" to position themselves within proximity of my living space. They're fucking psychotic. Which reminds me. In Michael Clayton there was another scene where Arthur asks Michael from within the hotel room after he'd been medicated and collapses if he'd spoke to Anna. To condense the scene Michael said "no but, if there was anyone who could explain it to them it's you Arthur".

I love quoting film because of the consistency in the visual. Unlike books which may or may have not been read with the same interpretation of events by everyone films are more common in consumption and the visual, assuming it is executively overseen by the writer, the scene or image becomes standard and acceptable which we can all view, debate and subsequently agree or disagree. This is also the huge upside of the internet. It combines the necessity of quality literary skills without relying solely upon reading as the social circumstances have "dictated" in years prior. The other thing I will point out is that the activity of combining both reading and writing requires much more mental facility than reading alone. Likewise, creating and performing music requires much more facility than simply listening. This, of course, can be said of any artform This is where people such as Phillip K. Dick rise big time from book to film and with message to boot the far right directly in their face. An elegant reminder of the blood soaked, dripping with pain and suffering trough that this hideous right wing filth survives and feeds at. Oh, if you don't know who Philip K. Dick is you are not in this time frame at all. You're a contemporary "disconnect". Suffice to say that Phillip K. Dick is one of THE most outspoken voices in life and death against the far right mindset. His films are everywhere. His mark will stand the test of time and so will his imagery.


Always remember and keep in mind that my enemy will say and do anything! They will quote this site up and down to support their position but, the bottom line is that THEY are the ones quoting it! I, on the other hand, do not click on or consume any of their postings or media. They are what I, and countless others are trying to be free of once and for all. That should be all the information necessary to figure out who's winning this battle, generating the "gravity" of the situation. The right brain takes the left brain to school. It is the left brain who is the child looking for healing, looking for god.

May your concsience wax while your ignorance wanes.


03/05/14 Whoever beats the drum sets the pace. I got rhythm, who could ask for anything more?

Who would deny that the pace of life as we have been witnessing at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st has become out of control? In some places moreso than others. The wars, the kinds of chemicals, the religious and patiotic extremist etc, etc. It all spells an encroaching darkness that no decent person or people want to have continue as we forge ahead. It's one of the great insights of being a master percussionist. You become acutely aware of the limitations of speed and density as it pertains to a natural rhythm. It's the natural rhythm that is most appealing to the heart of humanity.

This is the inherent flaw and subsequent awe in this time frame. The realization that the primary reason that there is sooo much mental illness in our communities, countries and the world around us is that the people who have been pulling the strings and exercising the most control are the sickest people in the history of the human race. People who, as it turned out, were too weak. Deficient in both words and principle and who ultimately kowtowed to the controlling classes. In fact, it could be said and the position easily defended, that human beings are for all intents and purposes, MENTALLY ILL at the root. Always have been. The brunt of politicians, corporate heads and of course, the religious disconnects have beaten a rhythm into the human race with bullets, bombs, torture and lies that have reached a fevered pitch, a critical mass.

It sure is also curious for example, how something like a computer operating system can become so pivotal in understanding the twisted, distorted and perverted driving determination of a clump of money grubbing psychopaths like microsoft and how they, from their inception, were at odds with a group of people, who still exist today, who were outraged that someone would dare attempt to forcably take over something as innate to the human condition as computer processing. Compounded by an equally mad lunatic in Steve Jobs who in an egomaniacal battle with Bill Gates, neither of which(everyone knows this to be true!) who will be remembered in a favourable light as the human race continues to evolve, have ended up gouging the heck out of people for something that should be stable and hardly ever changing except in it's capacity to accommodate a more elegant sound and graphics environment in conjunction with self-securing the OS itself. I won't even bother mentioning anyone else in either corruporation who is delusional enough to think of itself as a "great mind".

Most people were and still are caught off guard by the power of computing. How it has overwhelmed everything from business to art to sports and of course, science. How it is ostensibly a rerouting of electrical signal into structure. But, the question remains what structure? Most people for example, are completely oblivious to the fact that the same core instruction set of the original 8 bit (first PC) processor are contained within the latest processor (Intel i7). This is a very sane and lucid statement. In other words, the way human logic, with computer logic being only side of the hemispheric equation, works is that it stems from a "core instruction set". This is the FATAL FLAW in mass religion. In it's prehistoric, delusional attempt to conquer human spirituality by war it FAILED to produce a core instruction set and that is exactly why we have so many different religious ethnic groups in the world today. The american patriot on the other hand is just another extremist, another fanatic trying to control the world for it's own oligarchical gain. This is also why the world as we know it is out of whack, imbalanced. It teeters on the brink. The best and brightest among us know this to be self evident. These people just didn't have the mental facility required to isolate this core instruction set necessary for a realistic sense of human spirituality and that is also why we are confronted with so many FAITH-BASED walking and wounded MENTALLY ILL in our world today. Those religions generated all this damage and those of us who make any attempt at communal stability, at sanity, at being socially calm are ourselves being clinically categorized as being unstable. See, how the frustration can be so vexing in it's present form?

It never ceases to amaze me upon reflection just how many parasites have emerged from something that was once thought to never get off the ground. The computer. How I can easily recall that the path of development I so clearly saw unfolding was interpreted as pure lunacy. Totally crazy and yet, here we are with network speeds ever expanding with "retinal quality graphics". See a pattern emerging in the computer logic? How it reaches to parallel the human sensory spectrum? Religion has always been "out of it's mind" thinking that it, any one it's manifestations, would one day take over the world precisely because it never created a rhythm that was anywhere near feeling natural. It was never symbiotically in tune with the planet or life but, rather psychotically "out of order". Religion is one of THE primary factors in internet inconsistency, reliability and stability. Even something as "shared" as music and videos are riddled with unstable nut jobs turning what is supposed be the simple, anonymous sharing of commercial-free media into pseudo television advertising models. Completely ruining the whole online sharing experience. We don't need any more fucking north americanized materialistic asian (ancestry is completely diluted) commercial sellouts or the media model of the SHAW MOLESTOR littering the content landscape. Moral Excrement. To compound matters the people who run these websites sit in these IT rooms in god knows what shit hole subjectively discriminating who can and cannot watch a movie or listen to a song. It has nothing to do with piracy. Most people don't want to record it or download it or spread it around. We just want the convenience of "access" from any location then leave that location minus the commercial propaganda. But, because this ego filth has become sooo adamant in it's manipulation of online content it simply has the effect of creating the necessity and substantiating the argument for personalized, private and secured domains thus, elbowing this low life out of the equation so that we all, not just the wealthy, may enjoy technology.

The natural order produces the natural rhythm from Mozart to the Beatles, to Motown to Led Zepplin and all points pre, post and in between. We all know it because those musicians and quite a few others who I won't bother mentioning "feel" the best. Unlike for example, the sikh! Oh yeah, who is the greatest sikh singer? Beats me. In fact, why so many of these cultures which are historically incurably anal retentive and neurotic FAIL to produce one single world-class anything. Maybe, that's why they need to come to canada. At least here they can become money grubbing whores and obsessive-compulsive filth pretending not to read this for example and instead, to be decent people. LMAO. At any rate, that's why when those of us who are stable and sane to begin with smoke a joint (the mindset on the right HATES marijuana - has a completely irrational phobia and fear of it - it is this irrational line of thought that has given shape to the amoral laws which we presently endure) it feels sooo good. Like Bob Marley, "one love". They are in the groove, so to speak. When we compare, objectively, the political, religious and corporate counterparts we see a left brain without zone, without clarity or inspiration. We don't see crystal clear lines. We see hard lines and hard liners, baboons, monkeys, who are deeply disconnected from both god and planet. Who care nothing about love or compassion. Who are cruel and destructive in every way imaginable. We see number crunchers and excessively consuming materialistic crack pots doing all they can to keep the status quo in place at the cost of both planet, sanity, and community. They will allow, assuming the politics or lack thereof, of some creative person to partake in their festivities providing they don't say anything or sing about anything that makes them squirm like the rats they have become, keep their mouth shut, take their chunk of change and go on their merry way.

Just remember, they have no domain here. Like my personal space this digital space is unbreachable meaning this post is for me and me alone. You can't contribute to it or breach it for your own sake. You can't overwrite my postings. That's why you obsess. It's because YOU"RE MENTALLY ILL. It runs genetically in your blood! In your very culture and religion.Yeah, you could kill or mame me and probably will one day I suppose and do just about anything to "cross the line" as you have so many times socially but. you will never be good or spiritually valid. I will never give the nod to a place like this as being a nice place or a good community or just plain "good" so, the only recourse you will ever have is to try and make me out to be bad. But, since everyone already knows that's your objective they will always doubt what you say outside your lip-service tributaries. For example, use the videos you have of me in my room or bathroom or kitchen and share it around but, you could never go public with it. This is all a game in your head, not mine. This digital space I reserved over 20 years ago and I have been taking you fucking low life to school ever since. How many years now have you been salivating at the opportunity to act like an asshole in my presence, seeking my counseling and therapy? One retard after another. I worked at various low end jobs just to show you that I could because I'm sure you sat in your cab or wherever thinking that you could what I do but I couldn't do what you do to comfort yourself but, no more. I've gotten my gripes off my chest. I've made my case and it's clear to anyone who doesn't have a lens blurred with anti-depressants, religion, money or politics that it really is something to stand up and against the BAD GUYS of any day and age, no less this one.

I've lived with one dirty, filthy piece of obsessive scum after another under the auspices of decency. All faking being good people. All denying that they knew who I was beforehand just so they could behave like pure slime in the residence in question. Engaging in behavior like going to the bathroom early in the morning next to mine purposefully to disrupt my sleep, to make obvious sounds and noises because they were over come with obsessive-compulsive disorder despite having their own bathroom off their own bedroom. I mean, is this the act of a "well adjusted adult"? Such dirty people in their minds. Such sad, bad people. Religious ritual cannot cleanse or hide their true state of mind. The only question I have is WHY? Why do you invite me into your home or community when you hate me to begin with? What kind of person or people do that? Is it because you seek to use me as a means of gaining favour or recognition? Well, if that's the case then I have to give my consent after my time spent. My ability to look and feel great can be done with the basics provided it is within a clean, sanitary environment that is quiet, safe and respectful. I don't need the extras. They're nice, a bonus but, what I really want is to be around decent people who are mentally stable, not head cases.

Y'all take care now and have a great day. The truth will out!!!

May your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


03/06/14 *Poof* Behold, the power of the individual domain!!!

Now, what do you have? What social choreography can you possibly synchronize with this posting? Nothing! You have nothing! You have nothing with which to reference or nothing which to quote. It's gone. What I may or may not have said up to this point is completely meaningless. Unlike the other social media it doesn't exist until I decide to post it back.

Witness, the true hidden power of the individual domain and note the sharp contrast of it to the identity of those remarks held in perpetual archive of the domain of social media and know the ongoing threat to your privacy, your freedom and independence. This is what happens when bottom feeders follow the bottom line as a means of satisfying their survival instinct as opposed to the common good or common sense.

This is little different that a legal firm or a government affiliate shredding it's documents. *Poof*!!! Like magic it's gone. Nothing to smear me with that could be used to incriminate me or hold against me in any way because you'd have to admit to information stalking and obsession and to what end? It would be hearsay.

Just like the clothes I wear to present myself in public so too can I shape my information, update a resume, add all the media I want and theoretically access it from anywhere in the world. Should I not be satisfied with it at some point in time I simply remove or alter it. A constant reminder TWIMC that you have no domain here. You can't add your two cents or use it against me in a court of law. You only exist in a figment of your own imagination, not in mine. This is the place in the mind in which they can come hitherto but, no further. That place which political and religious psycho-paths alike have been attempting to breach since the beginning of time for the sake of profit, domination and control. Dehumanizing and humiliating to no end. Turning the world upside down for the sake of their own sick little, demented game.

I empower power people with knowledge and information, not take it away them like some fascist pig. Here ended the lesson from the master of communications, rhythm. The master fisherman. Oh, fear not. I have nothing to hide and I will repost at some future date. Meanwhile, you can take the hook(s) out of your mouth(s).

The true "good" power of creation is but a whisper, not an animal grunt.

May your conscience wax while your severe level of ignorance wanes..


03/07/14 A student of human behavior

Nothing more, nothing less. I come from a time when freedom in the west was unquenstioned. When people came and went without a care in the world, always able to access and receive whatever they needed without being stalked, haunted or traced. All that has changed. As long as you don't "think" and just do your job you will not appear on their radar but, once you have conscience be verrry careful because your friends may not be as trusting as you thought they once were. To the uninitiated THIS is my job, to think straight, crystal clear like a lazer beam piercing the dark hearts of our time. That's why they're scrambling to manipulate the law to micromanage the internet no less, online content. These people are certifiable and are in no position whatsoever to determine the mental health of those of us in society who oppose their attempts at "total domination". People can no longer come and go as we please. We are now scrutinized to a level that is undoubtedly nauseating. It's all due to the paranoia of power and "extremism" orginating from all sides of the far right spectrum. These people have finally realized that they can no longer just endlessly take with tacet approval from the general public. People are becoming more and more aware of exactly what's going on politically in this time frame. How the far right has expertly twisted the notion of social services as a drain on everyone using propaganda from one electoral cycle to the next when in fact, it's primarily a drain on far right margins. All that needs to adjusted is the taxation system. Point and click! Voila!

As the mindset of the far right is all to familiar with "Wars are fought one battle at a time. One bullet at a time". I'm that metaphysical bullet in their heart, their head and conscience is the new frontier, the final frontier for all of our freedom. That's why the baboons on your respective city councils rely so heavily on the cops to become the extension of their egos on the street constantly reminding people who's in control or rather who they "think" is in control because when we loose our ability to think freely democracy is dead and we find ourselves under a variation of tyrannical dictatorship under false pretense.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people and how fast, especially the young ones today, sell out. How they intellectually shut down and throw up their hands because they can't figure out a way through the kind of cruel and insensitive politician, legal system, religious disorders and of course, the corruporation which we are all confronted with. How so many of them also resent the fact that I have. That I have found that elusive niche. How I can pound on the skull of this early 21st century baboon, this corrupt scum and not give them a moments respite or comfort allowing them to take solace in the fact that just because they're legal does not mean they are good, not anymore. Only a fool believes that horse shit. The time frame in which I emerged was wrought with moral implication and stimulation. Maybe, they resent the fact that they politician figured out a way to rape and muzzle them into moral eunichs or the principally impotent. Today, the young people have no real issues to crystallize their pursuit of a higher cause, any higher cause. They only care about materials, instant gratification, gadgets and of course, the money necessary to fuel any all such pursuits. So many seem so unhappy, unfulfilled using a psychology which only a child could use to make itself feel better. It's all good ya know! The adults who sold out aren't much further down the road maturity wise.

Anyhow, as previously mentioned I came along in computers at a time when they were incredibly cumbersome and unstable. No one showed me hiw to connect the dots and there was no course which encapsulated the information. People helped each other because it was the thing to do. Then microsoft appeared and what seemed at the time to be the vision of a genius turned out in hindsight to be the exploitation of an incredibly unscrupulous parasite who deviously saw a way to wedge his way into an emerging industry by first all, brow beating code he never created from one of those very people who were about helping others and then secondly, creating a dreadful operating system that would take decades to even approach stability. It was very reminiscent of religious ideology. Meaning that religion was always intuitively perceived as a way of hypnotizing people by promising them something that never needed to be substantiated or recreated. Yet, it could be driven into the minds of people using violence and terror by preventing people from their survival unless they complied. This is the very nature of the emergence of the computer operating system. A way of creating something that human beings needed in order to evolve but, unlike religion which promised the reward in the after life we all had to pay a constant premium for what still is very buggy and susceptible software.

My speciality or field of expertise is in observing human behavioral patterns or conduct in the broader context. I see the repetition. That's why there are so many unstable people out there deeply concerned with my comings and goings. They are actively trying to deprive me of the "random" or my very freedom where I can actually have "luck'. I can't let that happen, not without using this domain to it's full potential and unlike the outdated tv, radio and print I am not owned by the corporate right and therefore, I am not constrained by their editors. So, here in the age of information I see a pattern that has begun to repeat itself and present itself on a local dynamic. This is that EVERY friday night and over the weekend there is a purposeful disruption to online activity as it pertains to the viewing of shared videos. There's just no need of it and the government should put a stop to it right away. Now, if anyone in society engaged in road blocks we'd be arrested and removed for what? The public safety? The publics prerogative to move about freely without being obstructed perhaps? This is why communications and transportation are so closely linked. It's because we all have a right to get to where we're going. I believe in that "open road' or that "free way". There's a reason that type of transportation architecture has that language. It is not by accident. The "SHAW MOLESTOR" are not the internet police. Of course, we have a significant percentage of the police baboon population themselves as well as those in the broadcast industry who derive enormous pleasure from inflicting discomfort on the average citizen. Not mine mind you for I have more than enough media to keep me entertained. But, rather the people who work in these demeaning jobs week in and week out who look forward to the weekend to watch a movie online to maybe, save a few bucks for a pizza or a case of beer, what have you.

So, where's the mental disturbance most likely originating? Maybe, it's in the room next to you!!! There are certainly no shortage of "disconnects" out there with little or no life so is it the politician? Perhaps, through inaction. The cruiser monkey? Nah, they're just a bunch of low level law enforcement wankers with little more than the power to mame some innocent bystander or issue a traffic ticket or jerk off on a siren. Maybe, it is the "SHAW MOLESTOR" who has a conflict of interest with it's telvision and pay per view model in jamming the internet it offers so that people will shell out a few more extra bucks to watch their over priced offering. One tactic that could theoretically be used by the "SHAW MOLESTOR" and other cable/network providers is that they could establish another network connection in the neighborhood paid for by someone who doesn't have any tangible link to the corruporation but, then by virtue of sharing the same wirless network space it could be used as a point of neighboring disruption or network assault. It's an indicator that wireless security needs to be ramped up. Either way it stinks of a completely unnecessary level of administrative insensitivity and cruelty that can only stem from the far right. It's little wonder they are all sooo despised in our society. I mean, "what kind of people are you"? Don't you live in the same world as the rest of us? Don't you use the internet? Can't you see what this systemically sanctioned trash is doing to our lives? It's not about protecting us or keeping us safe or making a better world. It's a bunch of wound way-too-tight asswipes making a mess of the world in which we live and worst of all, it's LEGAL!!!

The politician is merely supposed to administer "fairness" and equal opportuinty. It's just a steward and nothing more. If it wanted human glory it should've got into art, science or athletics and achieved world-class recognition. While the communications corruporations are supposed to ensure an open information highway for everyone without molesting or strongarming the general public into making choices that end up gouging people for something that should be FREE. This is the electro magnetic spectrum we're talking about here. No human being or country created this and should own or control it. OPEN Communications is/are central to our continued evolution The cops on the other hand are supposed to "serve and protect" not molest like the filth they've become reknown for in recent years. You see, I am not some anal retentive in print media who trumpets their contribution. One of the great rewards of reaching over 50, being fit as a fiddle and sharp as a whip is that I can spot the anal retentive from a mile a way. It's dress, it's look, it's attitude and of course, it's thinking.

Anarchy, as well, I can see more clearly now, is morally relative and not legally absolute. Anarchy has the effect of hurting people and creating chaos but, when the ruling classes bribe and manipulate the legal system they, in effect can create a form of social chaos that negatively impacts people every bit as physically looting and terrorizing. Good order of law has the impact of socio-economic policies which are fair and reasonable resulting in the least amount discomfort and of course, disorder. The law is just an extension of the political mindset. What good is the law if it only applies to the people who can buy it? The observation is curious indeed because from a 20th century legal perspective what happened outside of the law was usually, but not always, screwy. In this time frame the whole dynamic has changed dramatically. Now we have these fucking bottom feeders, parasites, egomanical crackpots all jumping into the age of information and molesting and sodomizing anything and anyone they can inject their code or IT tampering. As well, the no talents. Oh my god. Yeah, go to film school, take some really bad drugs and make some total graphic derivative excrement with no story line (LEARN HOW TO WRITE!!!) aimed at a demographic that is the worst educated in the past 3 decades. Get on the internet and turn the whole video sharing paradigm into a watered down television advertising model designed to drive you right out of your mind with the interuptions designed by the ADD segment.What a bunch of fucking materialistic brain deads. More than happy to serve you burgers or kiss the ass of the most collossally stupid management ever to come out of low school (it's not high school anymore - there's no high there whatsoever) just so they can get the latest "smart phone" and jerk off on one another.

The real problem with education is that it has become so hopeless intertwined with religion. All religion cares about during the formative stages of human development is the insertion of it's "ideological implant" which they can activate at some later undetermined point in the future should the materialistic pursuits of these generations fall short and through misfortune become bewildered or disoriented and disillusioned. This is why it is vital to have a properly sustaining survival foundation in place so that we can make true free choices without having to compromise our most cherished values. Bad will be bad and good will be good no matter what is done but, it can be mitigated and minimized and at this juncture of human development due to the insidious, manipulative egos of commerce, politics and religion more people are made worse than they really are thus, creating a time when human beings are essentially bereft of any decency whatsoever. They are incurably dirty, disgusting, godless animals. They're evil in their heart and they don't want ANYONE jogging their sense of right and wrong. Religion, as it always has, will continue to confuse, divide and simply compound matters. This is why we will invariably see the movement towards more and more private educational institutions. The commericial aspect can be used to legally insulate the brainwashing from the electorate.

At any rate, it's sad seeing who the doors that technology has opened and allowed to drift in. Digital bacteria. Total illiterate idiots They've managed to turn the internet into a digital boulevard of pimps, whores, pushers and hustlers with no fucking talent whatsoever. Don't get me wrong. Some of these folks are great to party with. They're just dumb as boards when it comes it more cultivated concepts. Using porn, videos and gaming turning the entire internet into a tasteless, disgusting DIGITAL LANDFILL. It's compounded with graphics that are way too dense and busy on the sites and they amount to programming vomit. It's not skill or talent or clever. The online video sharing is dominated by the slimiest of scum imagineable. The embedded player is all anyone is supposed to require. When we get proprietary video players we're dealing with total low life. Firedrive is the latest on the scene and it's pure garbage. In fact, all of these proprietary players are. All tablets have their own and on PCs it's the most popular flash player.

The problem in using it now is multi-dimensional. First, there is no technical accountability like it used be so, a request is made but, all you're left with is acceptance or rejection. There is no forensic tracing especially, if you're using a tablet. The sites either work or they don't and you're basically in the dark which is of course, what the people who are micro-managing the internet want. Secondly, whether it's the SHAW MOLESTOR here or some other cable provider is inconsequential. The real problem is that the government failed to separate the business of television from the internet provider and thus, allowed a conflict of interest to arise. The 20th century political baboon still needs tv and the brainwashed retirees for votes. It could even be a powerful hotel lobby who could theoretically communicate and conspire to create a sort of blackout of access during the weekends requiring guests to purchase movies in the room as opposed to mobile access. There are many factors at play and ultimately you just need follow the buck to see what's happening. The bottom line is that there is a force tampering and meddling with internet functionality and if they're doing it with videos who's to say they aren't doing it with personal or business information. In my mind, they're in a place that they shouldn't be and they pose a tremendous threat to our privacy and our liberties. This is also why I'd never work in IT ever again. Not since 9/11. It's gone now as a career. You get into that area and you are bought and sold. You're configuring, engineering and designing for the money, politics and religion. There is no altruistic, independent IT governance. It's a non-entity and that's why there is no brain trust that can set policy above the aforementioned socio-economic and socio-cultural forces.

I'll say this much though. The people at shaw communications are certifiable. They're complete fucking lunatics and friday night as well as the weekend is when the systemic mental illness breaks out in a rash. It's a stinging and constant reminder of the poor mental health of our politicians. Maybe, if they were less concerned with fucking people over and more concerned with functionality they might tune into this systemically sanctioned dysfunction.

Other than than that what people have to keep in mind is I don't have to DO anything anymore. I've already made it to a place in life that 99.999 percent of all adults past, present and future will NEVER realize so this is just gravy. The people who mock and take shots at me and this just don't appreciate what real success is in life. This is a privilege for me. It gives me something to do with my spare time. I can repeat myself a thousand times because it's MY DOMAIN and I don't have these social media administrative monkeys telling me what I can and cannot type. I didn't turn my website into a point of selling out and harassing people. Besides, I enjoy seeing how intuitive I can be even without the techno-upgrades. I'm just really disappointed in how the technology has left so many gaps in network diagnostics and throughput auditing for the end user. Basically, leaving it in the hands of some very questionable ethical mindsets indeed. One thing is for sure, I'd definitely never use a microsoft pc to access shared sites. Fucking OS has always been a security nightmare for the end user.

May your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


03/08/14 The BAD GUYS

The BAD GUYS have no soul - like the DICK in Saanich!!! and these people pose the greatest threat and danger to life and limb. This is why they've always used the law as a means of forcing a perception of right&wrong irrespective of whether it was true or not. They've always been a real problem to isolate and destroy so that we could all be safe and free to live good lives. This is why the complete and absolute removal of religion is a vital first step in this pursuit. So too is the exposing of the illusion or myth of american invincibility through the use of military might. Much of the godlessness in our world today originates from america but, certainly not all. They have been, for all intents and purposes, picking up the gauntlet of the crusades. That's why they pursued the communists which such persistance and generated what was ultimately the cold war.

You see, we are a spiritual life form but, this spirituality has a tangible or logical relationship with reality. It is not emotional ferver and extremism where you kill someone because they don't believe in the same ritual or deity as you. It is also why communications have become the pre-eminent force of evolution from this point forward. It extends this logic into protocol, into language that is presented for objective analysis to the whole world on a global scale. This was absolutely impossible prior to the emergence of the world wide web. Countries, governments and religions could blur and distort events both locally and globally to their own poltical and commercial benefit and gain. All that's gone forever. It's very difficult if not impossible to dominate and run the world from a single point of governmental administration either ad hoc or by economic interests. Moral relativity helps keeps things in their proper perspective and people can see more clearly and react more vehemently and responsively against activities that are counterproductive or damaging to too many people or the planet.

This is why the BAD GUYS have been so effective in past eras at effectively subordinating the natural order. The scientist, artists and to a lesser degree the athletes. But, they've always known that the soul of humanity rings much louder and is infinitely more effective than any PR or propaganda campaign. This is why we react so strongly when movies are produced, pictures are painted or books are written or songs are sung etc, etc. It's because they touch, arouse something deep inside us.

The BAD GUYS are running the show. Anyone with half a brain can see this in real time one the internet by people who never created a goddamned thing in their life trying to dispense copyright laws. It's an abomination of the law, plain and simple. The reason they are sooo dangerous is that they are spiritual "disconnects" and desensitized who are more than content to live lives based on material values. I mean, history has demonstrated time and time again that human beings need not be moral, spiritual or have any belief in god whatsoever in order to realize the finest of creature comforts and pleasures. Spirituality like morality is a choice and it must come from free will. It can't be legislated or foisted upon people. But, we know the BAD GUYS by what they resort to when squeezed or pressured. They ALWAYS use the money or the law and ultimately, if all else fails, VIOLENCE. Of course, they're very discreet and it is dispensed by removing culpability or liability. Hence, the term organized crime. The power of that mindset has shifted from the street into the court room, the legislative bodies, the stock exchanges and of course, the corporate boardrooms.

We all know either intuitively or cognitively the difference between light and shadow. The problem has always been accurately identifying the point in time and space which both occupy. The GOOD GUYS have a soul and that's why what we say rings a bell in human beings who live in the now and are trying to live life without any god and for the pursuit of power and materials. It's more than just an artistic talent. It's being able to rattle the monkey cage. Get it jumping. Make it neurotic. Force it's psychosis to the surface because there is one place in the human psyche where there is no nervous disorder or will to harm and that is the spirits natural center. It can't be faked or forged. Ultimately when the two mindsets clash as in particle physics one has got to explode. It's the unspoken law of the physics of spiritualty. You can see the precursors or initial symptoms in the form of social dysfunction. Now we all know where good is good and bad is bad and that's exactly why I am their arch nemisis and why they go to such "extremes" in order to get to me. That's why they obsess "night and day'. They know in their dark hearts that their very survival is linked to control by force, not love or liberty or equality. But, never underestimate the power of one person or especially, the power of the word. I stand as living proof and testament to that single reality.

May your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


03/09/14 There is no "one". There is only "one human race".

When psycho-analysis takes a clinical twist as it has and is doing in the early part of the 21st century it generates serious democratic alarm bells and reprecussion throughout our so-called free society. When people, who we all now know are indeed mentally ill by virtue of being consumed with ill will, use science and technology to pursue either political, religious or monetary agenda we should all be on guard for our well being. This is why we shed a light on how psycho-analysis and psycho-pharmacology have become, not "human" in application but, political and religious. The political power base has been using it as a form of scientific insulation from people who get too emotional when it comes to socio-economic circumstances. That's why the right has been controlling and administering the rules of engagement. Subjectively interpreting and applying science to keep people under control, tractable.

No one in their right mind can sit idly by and just let what amounts to a "dirty bit" of society adversely affect all of our lives by, among other things, controlling aspects of our lives which they never created in the first place. Especially given that it is so easy to press down on the communications fabtic without directly meddling, interfering or coming into contact with the kind of people one wishes to influence or inspire. Make no mistake. These are some seriously sick fucking people. They're the result of accumulated corruption and psychological perversion which has been going on since the monkey came out of the jungle and it is now realized in our political corridors, economic policies and commercial ventures. They have become acutely aware by virtue of my persistance that they never had "the right idea" and that's why they are so morally deviant and unethical. Our legal system can't protect us from them until they hurt someone, someone like me.

I've been conducting my own independent experiment with my own functionality just to confirm how fucked up and obsessed these people, this "dirty bit" of our community and society has become with my life. For example, I have purposefully staggered my movements so as to be average and inconspicuous just to see if someone is tailing me or choreographing social dysfunction and I am totally satisfied that this is in fact, the case.

Let me pose this question. When is it that a human being is indeed in need of clinical attention or psycho-therapy or when is it that social psychology disrupts liveability? When we no longer care about washing ourselves, our clothes, our dishes or eating and sleeping or exercising for rejuvenation and vitality? When it doesn't however, it means the tactics have failed. I mean, my condolences to those who could not or were not motivated to adapt or figure a way to make a living without hurting people because when medicine, science and law are used to hurt people then the very fabric of our society is threatened by this type of unethical conduct.

I am of the mind that there is a sizeable segment of society who do not wish to live on the street or to realize a level of sustenance from street commerce. This is how the dirty politics which has centered around money has worked for centuries. Good people are denied and driven to the street and then what they do down there to stay safe, put food in mouth, keep sanitary and get good nights sleep etc is then used against them in the moral court of public opinion. But, once again this is the awesome power of communications. It exposes the motivation and that's why the politics of silencing people who have challenged the conventional power bases throughout the world is as old as organized crime itself. Even if you're driving a cab you're dealing with street commerce, driving the street around. This is all low life. There is nothing there but bottomfeeders who are slimey and completely untrustworthy from city hall to the cab companies. That's an absolute fact. Trust me on this one. I have personal experience in this matter.

Is not commerce based on supply and demand? A premium? Who in there right mind thinks that what I do is not a premium? How many people can do this or perform at the level of musicianship which I can execute? Very few, if any and that's world wide so, the real question is what forces are conspiring to prevent people like me from being successful? You don't need to be a rocket scientist to reach an objetive conclusion. I have touched a nerve, struck a chord as it were and my arch nemisis knows in it's heart that it's days on the earth as a force of conscience are numbered while mine is growing and expanding. It's an EVIL, dark heart and this dirty segment is feeding at a godless trough.

There are a lot of people out there who have children and who want those kids to live without selling out or ending up the way these generations who are temporarily dominant in our society became. Have no illusions, they're upset. They bought into it hook, line and sinker only to find out there was different answer or solution. Evolution is about adaptation. Another sane and lucid statement. Due to the increasing relevance and power of global communications that rate of adaptation has exponentially increased. There isn't anything that can be physically done to me which can alter the ultimate metaphysical outcome of this world. Nothing can legitimize the illegitimate. People need the natural center the same way natural child birth appeals to a prospective mother. People are starving for the natural order. They just needed to understand a language that adequately describes it so that they can center their thoughts around it without coming off like some 3rd world extremist.

You're just going to have to get cozy with that fact and you're not going to come up with a better idea because your minds, like your dark hearts are just too fucking dirty. Filthy, in fact. Get this in your backward, degenerative fucking head. TO THE GRAVE!!! Understand? Are we clear? Are we "crystal clear"?

TWIMC: FUCK YOU!!! You care. You're reading this and obsessing and that's all I need to know to keep me happy and content. I never claimed to be anything but, me complete with own natural and true identity stemming from center and centering around the natural order. The locals are going mental, ballistic. I get to shit and spit at them at will and they can't generate a more powerful idea. This will plague them generation after generation ad infinitum.

Jesus and religion as a whole, an asswhole is dead, PERIOD! There is THIS! This is all there was, is and will ever be and the whole world will become more acutely aware of this as time unfolds. The more they see the lives of their own children being slaughtered on the stone of life for little more than a few bucks the more they will realize just how precious all of our lives really are. Realizing that the abiltity to be free and live the only life that matters, the physical life. I will hand it to the sikhs though.. This group is rich indeed. They just lap up this social psychology. They're carnivorous for social status and recognition. They are not a force in any tangible way on the planet and the luxury of having me to toy with has grown their heads beyond the size of their mediorcity in business. They just looove the subtely of hints and suggestion. If they didn't react to the stimuli they might in fact have some credibility but, what do you expect from a fucking cab driver? Sit too long in those cars and well, you end up with shit for brains. That's why you couldn't pay me enough to do something that requires the brain of a 10 year old.

A word to the wise. You're out of your depth. Out of your league in this ocean of conscience. Do not bother trying to use women as a carrot for me so some fucking violent and mentally unstable psychopath can wail on me using the position that I was "harassing his woman" as a means of justification. That's never going to happen. I have found my higher calling and that satisfies me at this age to no end. I know the street psychology. I know it and I hate it to the core. I've always hated it. They want to be a part of the internet but, they don't have the juice or the talent to fuel it and now they're gnashing their teeth and clenching their fists aiming all their psychosis at me but, I'm not doing anything to anyone. Never have. I have my own domain and I am more than content to live within the implied metaphysical boundaries. It's not my fault that the brunt of this low life has no conscience left in their chemically imbalalanced brains to mention.


This is why they get into the aforementioned areas but, even videos can be constructed in a way that is IF google and other search engines were not being bribed for priority. Look at my domain. It comes up on the search despite the fact that a bunch of low life have in fact bribed their way into a position that is completely disconnected from relevance. The solution with online video sharing is unbelievably childish and academic. If everyone who had videos converted them to divx for example and simply posted them on their websites to "play", not download then that can't possibly constitute a breach of law. I mean, the whole purpose of having the internet is to be able to put an individuals content up there for easy access. The fact that someone else is playing it from, what should be another domain and not just a blog is not "intent" to commit a crime. Not that intent is a good enough reason to preclude someone from criminal implication but, when looked at in perspective the viewing of internet content hardly holds up under scrutiny in comparison to what we've all become familiar with as real crime.

The solution here is that the way the search engine should prioritize should be based on the name of the video itself and not the website that has bought priority. Theoretically, if everyone who legitimately purchased 10 videos or even 1, for that matter, put them up on what should be and will be their own domain then when a person searched they should find 10s of 1000s of hits, even more for that specific video, not a handful of websites who are trying to corner the market for downloading, playing and advertising while toying with people who are merely trying to watch a video without being harassed by the advertising which invariably centers around the far right political spectrum. Google could EASILY have videos up there on their search engine without link to domain in exactly the same way they have images and everyone knows it. Even if it's just advertising that is what we're all trying to get away from. You have a meaningful message then that message will rise and resonate otherwise, it's sphincter flapping from the wanker demographic. At any rate, this would have the effect of completely diluting and mitigating the corrupt business model of online content sharing. Also, because the content would be much more widely dispersed across the internet as a whole it wouldn't burden the cpu processing of the servers.

What you folks all have to ultimately realize is that when an individual passes a certain age life stops being about popularity and approval and more to do with "essence". You either have it or you don't. When you're in your 20s you're not likely to know shit about what it takes maybe, slightly moreso in your 30s and so on and so forth. It's not my problem. We all have to be who we are meant to be. My primary concern is a better world. A world that is FREE from psychos, disconnects, money grubbing whores(not aimed specifically at women!), war and power mongers and the rest of the corrupt low life who have little more than the capacity to cause more harm than good. We see it right now in the way the internet is operating or failing in that regard. The disrupting streaming media is both inexcusable and disgusting. I mean, we all want our media to be "free from defects". To be clear, stable and consistent. That is pure common sense. This is exactly why we're at this juncture. People have used false pretense. IE: money and religion to prop themselves in a place in our lives and the world in which they neither deserve or belong and we definitely can't have these self proclaimed and trumpeting so-called "champions of freedom" crippling the movement of informaton and content without at least, challenging their authority and thinking. When we see defects we must trace it back to the source and what is the source in this time frame? The minds in justice, politics, religion and money. Read it and weep. SLIME OF HUMANITY. I mean, what is my motivation? I have the skill. I have generated the essence free from flaw. Who is this scum to challenge my right to live a good life without being held accountable?

Yeah, I suppose I could just copy the above posting down to this one but, real time posting has a more meaningful impact on these mental defects and moral deviants. The level of obsession I've aroused is nothing short of amazing and I defy anyone to claim otherwise. Unlike me, they prefer to communicate outside the internet because they have absolutely no information or content that I seek so they go to great lengths by placing themselves or objects in my path, to be heard or seen by me hoping to elicit a reaction, any reaction. This is why I've largely chosen to be anonymous and private, to reserve my communications to the domain postings so I could verify and prove if the domain itself is as effective as I first envisioned it would be and boy, have I ever hit the nail on the head! I have got this early 21st century baboon literally hopping mad from coast to coast and all points in between and beyond coming right apart at the seams trying to get a rise out of me and I haven't done a bloody thing to any of em. Go figure! Theyr'e all NUTS!!! Video, audio and text formats out the the yin yang for what? So a bunch of left-brained lunatics can make a chunk of change! And they want to claim I'm out of order. I think it's time for us all to take stock on how we're paying the rent these days. It's little wonder we have this pharmaceutical poison in the blood of so many people distorting and diverting perceptions of a single reality in which we all know is common to us all.

This is why my earlier postings relating to mental illness are so profound. These mental defects don't give a shit about anyone in the community or anywhere. All they care about is money and mangling whoever gets in their way. A stain in this society and elsewhere. I definitely would not want to work with them let alone, socialize with them!!! Oh my god. Heaven forbid. I would never want anything to do with anyone who is that dysfunctional, who uses science, medicine or technology in such perverted and distorted applications and then pretend to be nice to them. Arrrghhh. Which brings me to the sick, little, twisted clinical, christian heck/dick. Look at at it in all it's glory and wonder. How it comforts itself with materials, drained and bled of all natural emotion, waiting for a time when they'll die and simply vanish into the void unable to prove or verify for the rest of us the very the reason for their disociative dysfunction, their mental imbalance. Gripped with anger, fear and bitternes. If it had the clinical data to support its religious bias then it wouldn't have to be political and dysfunction. That's why they proactively "constrict" the throughput of the pipeline the same way the industrial age created asthma as a respiratory illness. It's not that they particularly are worried about the loss of potential revenues from a movie like the Event Horizon. It's the fact that when people start to hypothesize in regard to an afterlife you have to create the antithesis of heaven and if they were honest with themselves they don't like the can of worms they've opened up. They've unleashed hell originating from the delusionss of FAITH-BASED-GENERATED mental illness and they know it. If movies and books never existed outside the bible trash they'd have a better chance at controlling thought. Constricting the pipeline for movies like that is as much about damage control as anything. As far as the constricting of throughput I'd bet my life on it. I mean, if someone wanted you to have "premium" stream, so to speak then why even play the movie for free in the first place. Also, why don't the SHAW MOLESTOR as well as other internet providers include comprehensive diagnostics and throughput auditing software? The point is that religion and communications should not be coexisting at all. It's a recipe for corrupt commercial ventures. Christianity came into direct conflict with human reality since the emergence of Galileo. They couldn't reconcile the discrepancies then and they can't now with all the clinical advances. In other words, they can't produce a molecular consistency between human blood and the thinking behind the blood of christ. Now, they know why a body of evidence is so bloody important. But, when you're in the business of lies and deception, creating false gods and the like you're eventually going to trip yourself up. They really are a terror to be feared in our society and they as well as all religious thinking should be confined to the broader context of the internet where people can freely research and decide for themselves. All these religions know where I stand.

Media is not just about "defects" it's about community and communications. The communal core of a healthy society. People who play fast and loose with that aspect of the community fabric are not good people. I sure wouldn't want to know them or commune with them. This is why communications is a public mental health safety issue and should not be in the hands of cultures who are obviously representative of any specific religion or political deviation to the right. It's also why this whole go round is very reassuring and indeed, comforting just knowing that you've proven beyond a reasonable doubt that your arch nemisis is in fact, psychogically disordered, mentally unstable and highly volatile. This is why it is incurably unethical in its business conduct. Not to mention that what must become increasingly clear to them is that this is the reason they find me so infuriating, why I am so effective at getting under their skin despite any open displays to the contrary.

My arch nemeis should be tuning into the fact by now that they never had(the monkey was always stabbing in the dark, guessing) or neither have the vision (imagery), the metaphysical conscience and most especially, the words to win anything, let alone a battle of wills. They see now, all too late, where my motivation originates. That it isn't just stubborn intransigence. Politically, they espouse "freedom of religion" precisely because it promotes spiritual fragmentation. Hence we have all this fragmentation in the digital realm of content, spiritual fragmentation and of course, socio-economic disparity. This creates an awkward uneasy seismological tension that is quite simply unsustainable for very long and the respective entities representing the far right end of the spectrum know deep down in their hearts that they're running out of time in the "big picture sense" of reality. This political iteration relies on both spiritual AND social fragmentation as well as commercial corruption as a means of justifying it's existance. It depends on anarchy and chaos controlled by blunt instruments and force because they know that peace is their downfall. With peace heralds the diminishing of their ranks. The less that blunt instrument of force and covert dysfunction is required because people choose to behave and to be civilized thus, creating responsive institutional instruments that are in tune with the needs of the electorate creating a sane, stable society with an equitable taxation system designed and structured to meet everyones needs. This is why I, on the hand, promote what amounts to the effect of negating their participation in life, for all intents and purposes. That is a reality that is visually stable, metaphysically realistic and textually comprehensive and solid at the root. That's why they are doing what they are doing politically and corporately in the world of computing and communications. I mean, as I've referenced before how the displays are now reaching the retinal comparison. Who needs it? We as human beings are the consumate sensory standard. Are we endeavoring to create a digital standard only to overtake our very humanity bio-mechanically so that we can eventually combine machines and the human organism into a more politically and economically manageable life form for the sake of the very wealthy, not to mention, the very religiously insane?

Mental defects = Media defects

Media defect = Communications disruption or mental disturbance (Sound file - Demo Only!!!


May your consience wax while your ignorance wanes.


03/12/14 Debunking the junk in the BLACK HOLE OF SOUL.

I guess the reason a movie like the Event Horizon is so curious to my mind is that it touches on a couple of issues that I find most intriguing in this particular time frame. Obviously, the first is the notion of "hell" and how it has been depicted and portrayed in every expressive artform imagineable. So, in order to be 'crystal clear", so speak it, seems incumbent upon someone like me who takes on all challengers to discredit my arch nemesis and subsequently, all ideas to the contrary. Now, as I've mentioned before I don't particularly enjoy the Event Horizon but, as with all literary artforms they do have their ideas which they attempt to convery, sometimes very crudely.

No, the issue I really want to touch on in this particular film is space travel and how the concept revolves around the idea of faster-than-light speed by folding, bending or curving the fabric of space itself by using and here's the fiction part of the film, gravitons, no less. Not surprisingly, it also creates a gravity core which does not generate enlightenment or illumination. To digress momentarily, I often wonder how studious the mind is when it comes to graphics, horror and the genre as a whole? How much does it question what it is seeing, interacting or reading or does it just accept things merely because someone has the capacity to formulate or structure it in an artistic context or delivery system? Anyhow, these so-called gravitons, of course, do not exist but, I wonder as well, how many people who are so riled up with religious passion, emotion and fervor insisting, no demanding that they're text is the defacto reference for human spirituality even know why gravitons do not exist and will never exist?

This also raises the issue of why I can find people such a pain in the ass. Most are getting by in a desensitized, disconnected bio-mechanical world and they haven't the first idea as to what life is about or how this is all working. In fact, most of them don't care. They're thinking at the mechanical functional level is just get a job, shut your mouth and mind your own business. Someone else will come along who fits more into their politcal, economic or religious schema and then they'll hold that person or people us as the convenient reference point. Til then everyone is to be crushed, stepped on, silenced, beaten down, incarcerated, marginalized etc, etc thus, providing for the continued monkey state of humankind.

So, here's why gravitons do not exist and this is pure science, not science fiction. Gravitons or these literary creations of invisible atoms or sub atomic matter do not exist precisely because gravity is as a result of matter. Let me state that again. Gravity can ONLY exist with matter, not separate from it. The gravity in the earth is as a result of the earth pressing down on the fabric of space in addition to the relativity of the sun and solar system as a mass pressing down at the same time and of course, in concert with it's considerable motion. Space is just a medium like air is to the earth. There are no stationary celestial bodies. Bodies must stay in motion and that goes for all matter. So, no one is EVER going to come along and dream up invisible gravitons to press down on the fabric of space in order to accelerate space travel. And there is no hell, no heaven. There is only THIS, PERIOD!!! This is all there ever was, is and will ever be til the ending of the earth. Everything up to this point in time has been a head game played by delusional, godless lunatics trying to use their power over others based upon false pretense for the realization of false profits.

This is just another factor as to why my thinking and presence in the internet age substantiates why I am so perfectly suitied for issues pertaining to "the big picture". I completely debunk any and all the junk in the black hole of soul. That's why I find movies like the Event Horizon so interesing. It isn't because I like horror or violence. It's the big picture relevance that attracts my attention. Examine your thoughts. When you are much younger emotions are much more difficult to control but, when you're older and wiser you know that violent impulses are the result of a mind with bad brain chemistry which cannot think. It ends up with a schizoid embolism or an aneurysm when it tries to compute information it does not have the cerebral capacity to process. This is one of the more uncommon, lesser known and undesirable side effects of violent gaming. They have the effect of embedding, neurologically programming an instinctive reaction potentially resulting in violent outbursts to the world around them. Compounded with bad diet and drugs it can lend itself to some pretty unstable people walking among us. Read this now and believe me later.

Communications becomes central to a healthy community. In order to pinpoint the real sources of mental illness in our community one need look no further than at who is communicating in the most distorted manner possible. When the law endeavors to classify private anonymous postings to an unpublicized internet domain as detrimental to the public well being then we can look at my method of communications. But, I deal in mental instability and I know the kind of people who I've attracted in this time frame and they know me. They know what a collossal embarrassment and a joke they are as people. They're way of thinking is dying and fading away. It does't matter where I go or what I do anymore. Assholes will come out of the woodwork in order to convey they're thinking either verballly or through some other animal grunt or sound or worst still "product placement". *chuckle* For the most part it's all fairly innocuous but, the deeper my thoughts penetrate and the more impact they have the more unstable these people will become. It's just the sign of the times.

As far as the digital age goes, commercial free content is non-negotiable and when people have legitimate copies of any form of media and they or we wish to share it from within a broader communications spectrum then that is neither illegal or unethical. We will find a way through this thicket of smut, scum and slime one way or another. The mere fact that I have emerged is testament to this ever changing reality. If what I post here didn't "matter" it would FAIL to generate the gravity of communications. I would be little different than anyone else in the general public but, EVERYONE knows this is simply not the case. I generate the the reaction. It's not the other way around. As far as Love goes, it only counts or matters when it's unconditional. In contrast, Logic and Morality matter irrespective of how people feel about it.

Here's a question for all you sanctimonious filth. See if this line of thought rings a bell and strikes a chord of awakening in that dark heart of yours. Was Nelson Mandella a good man? Was he a man of God, of love? I know the answer to these questions and the point I'm getting at is this. Steven King said that hell was a place in the mind in which we could not break free. But, what mister King failed to point out was that this so-called place that he referred to as HELL is "self-imposed". In other words, it's internal. When it's external it's a prision. So, was Mandella in hell, an internal prison or was he in heaven? Was not his cause pure and good and true? This is the nature of true logic stemming from a FREE MIND circling, orbiting around it's natural center. It's a well spring of eternal enlightenment designed to free the spirit(s) who chooses to connect to it's source. This is also the nature of spiritual evolution and why neurological evolution and spiritual evolution are inextricably intertwined and binded at the root, the core of the central nervous system. It is no accident that 95 percent of the worlds people believe in a higher being. A being that is not a single human but, a natural center that is recognized one person at a time. This is an extension of creation itself. The people who make others select their religious systems using the lower chakras IE: Sex, hunger and the reproductive system(offering preferential treatment to families instead of people) by way of money and material values comprise the SLIME OF HUMANITY. The true message of God appeals to the heart, the throat and the mind paving the way for the crown, the cup of divinity in each of us. This is the spiritual distinction between LOW LIFE(HELL) and HIGH LIFE(Heaven). Low life have dark hearts that center around darkness projecting HELL unto others while high life enlighten and liberate thus, FREEING THE MIND.

This begs the question. Why should we be forced to consume content, messages or information that we either find offensive, don't want or need? Where is it written in the constitution that the 20th century corporate media model is essential to serving democracy, public service or the public well being? Case in point. Look at this imagery below, read this text. Do you enjoy it? Does it please you? Not very nice is it? When someone has the ability to place sound or images in your way as you move through, what should be a communications "toxic free zone" AND then make you pay for them to do it to you! The difference here is that unlike the cable subscription, the newspaper you pay for or that old dinosaur analog radio stuck in the car or the periodicals in the supermarket, you can make a choice to view it. Whereas I put it here to make a point and that is that ANYONE could theoretically control the information and content streams and fill our lives with a whole host of jibberish and nonsense that we neither find relevant or satisfying. Theoretically, they could enhance the reaction to their "playback" with cameras and microphones especially against someone like me seeing I want so much to accelerate the shift to the internet where can all personalize and customize our content. That's why the real battle for this FILTH has been to try and unnerve me so that they could potentially use it as a wedge to discredit my entire position. Na ga da! It's time to put this 20th century corporate media boogey man and the pseudo covert socio-paths who run it to sleep, once and for all.

Note: This picture has been removed from my site and not by me so, you can't say I'm not getting in and then go to such "extremes". Can't have it both ways. You're loosing. Sorry. The harsh reality for my enemy is that they're realizing that they could NEVER prevail in an actual FREE SOCIETY where the playing field is level. They will always have to tilt the tables or corrupt the balance of power in their favour in order to win thus, degrading any so-called free society into just another variation on fascism. Trust me on this one. These christian mental defects, these retards look at the NAME of a picture file and have no illusions they lap this stuff up like a dog laps up piss.

They're a fucking baboon who's been playing a game with loaded dice and a stacked deck and it's about time they owned up and woke up to that fact, that reality. Two can place this game. They're a godless, cruel, mentally defective spiritual TOXIN that has built up as a result of centuries of bad blood, chagrined ego, ignorance, murder and corruption and I will remove them, draw them from this spiritual wound as snake poison is removed from the blood. On an ideological level they have passionately and emotionately connected to something that has no substance. It cannot be independently verified as spiritually valid. They don't have the actual "center" and that's why they turn their eyes, focus on me. They have been brainwashed and have brainwashed others into adhering to something without root or foundation. It does not exist except in their mind. The prison that is imposed upon me stems from a dark heart who is trying to break the unbreakable vow, their word and well, we all know what happens when you try to do that. So, am I in heaven or hell? infinitum.

Ever hear of a "global exorcism"? Well, you have now. Ever seen grown men and women come right apart at the seams when they, like immature, poorly educated and developed children, lack the proper communications skills and therefore, can't effectiviely communicate? Believe me, with all due respect to the decent people, I am in the midst of a dysfunctional petri dish. This adult vermin lacks the necessary "character" and can't communicate for example eye to eye because they don't want to be transparent. In other words, they have something to hide. Ever hear of an "industrial tantrum"? (The song by the carpenters "close to you" suddenly starts up) I have the ability to elicit them on command from my command and control center wherever I go. Ask Ken Morrison up on 'triangle mountain" if he's ever heard of one. All natural sounds have their natural place in a just and mentally healthy community or society. It's like I have this capacity to puppeteer this 3rd world mentality completely into psychosis forcing it to look at itself in the mirror. It's curious how, when you lack the proper equipment, IE: Intellectual Property. You can't play at this level. Money and wealth are not enough. I'm just a guy in a room living like any other average person but, there's something very different here isn't there? Somewhere along the way just being and living became a problem for the right end of the spectrum. They had to have more money and control and rather that adjust the tax system which could've easily been modified they choose to slash, gut and crush social programs. They truly are quite insane. This is the nature of the pharmaceutical, industrial and religious war on the FREE MIND. It's as though being free in your mind is now being subjectively interpreted as being out of your mind. What happened there huh? I bet no one saw that poliical twist being seamlessly injected into our democratic veins. Sure, one has to be verry careful to balance the line between awareness and paranoia but, it's also important to consider the magnitude of the task at hand. It's like walking a tightrope however, once you get so far across you can't turn back! Like life itself, we are born, we live and we die. It's a one way ticket.

Behold the true power of Logic and Morality. It takes a while but, my words, like musical composition come together naturally and I get my ducks in order and get my salvo off much to the dismay of my arch nemisis. I came, I saw and boy, I HAVE CONQUERED!!! What people must continuously keep in mind that all of my text centers on very important issues central to all of our ability to grow and expand as we move forward. My archnemisis is forensic in it's parsing these personal postings. That should raise an eyebrow from many a decent person not to mention, that it lends tremendous credence to my position.

The PROSECUTION rests quite comfortably and is at true unshakeable, inner peace in my mind.

May your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes. (Notice the astrophysical parallel like light crossing the surface of a celestial body). It is not the reverse. The monkey is longer in the drivers seat or in control during this go round until the ending of the earth. The practicing of cloak and dagger dysfunction is narrowing to a diminishing capacity in an ever expanding globally, transparent communications environment.


03/18/14 - Just let it go!

I wake up each day and I listen to my heart. My heart is my religion and it constantly reminds me that what made this earth is good and I don't need to enhance it. Just follow it. I always have and it has never led me astray. It speaks to me in terms of crystal clarity each and every day of my life. In contrast this lady cowers in a broom closet next to me with her 3rd world doctrine and her medicine cabinet filled with pills desperately trying to keep it together and I think how this scenario is played out over and over again in this world and more particularly in the west. I think how the west has gone astray and I think how could such a catastrophe unfold and so few notice. But, with all dilemmas the best therapy is to return to the root of the matter.

With respect to the earth I think of how it was created in the first place along a "plane of equilibrium". Isn't that just the most wonderful phrase in the entire human vernacular? Balance! Just like that. It's like pure magic when the heart is in proper working order without inner conflict and in flawless alignment, symbiotic synchrocity with it's brain chemistry. This is the nature of the "rub" along lines of morality. We, in the west, are constantly confronted with a very powerful and highly motivated "godless" contingent of pure human vermin who seek to rape us of our natural relationship with the world around us. To distort it and to disorient us to a point of utter confusion whereby the only possible recourse is their brute force and blunt instruments being the only necessary balancing act necessary.

I think of how the americans never got it right. How they simply dispersed wealth or dissemtinated it to a wider segment of the population in a feeble attempt to keep the reigns of power within their border and to quiet the masses but, as it turns out only for a short time. The bigger the pie the larger the share everyone will require. The problem has always been.from what starting point do we begin to assemble the necessary criteria from which to administer fairness. This is where human rights becomes an ever more important globalized force and structure as a necessary counterpoint to globalized labour practices which are fundamentally designed to ensure a constant pool of desperate and needy workers which can be easily transported from one country to the next for the primary reason of keeping wages low. The agenda of the far right has always been to convey the message that "money is tight" and times are tough but, people are seeing more and more that finance is all smoke and mirrors, purely arbitrary. Maybe, that's why money, religion and far-right horseshit all belong in the same metaphysical toilet bowl. I mean, the yanks have always been under the false impression that the rest of the world is crazy and that they are the only force capable of bring the human race into stability and sanity when in fact, they are the most insane. It's also curious how they think while they are in the minority that the rest of the world is crazy but, yet when that same argument is applied at a smaller scale IE: when one person thinks theyr'e right and the rest of the community or world in which they live is NUTS then that is somehow an inappropriate position to take.

The point being is that reason is reason and that is one aspect of the human equation or condition that is NOT relative. Logic is consistent. So, therefore are the muslims crazy for offering a fraction of the interest we charge in the west for things like businesses and homes? Are the communist are or were they crazy for not resorting to capitalism as the sole recourse for the adiministration of their peoples? In other words, the americans are right and everyone else is wrong? I don't think so. The fact of the matter is that america was founded based on a primal urge to get the heck away from the royal psychosis and it's psychotic delusions of grandeur which lended itself to a very cruel level of empathy. The movement of morality is what generates conscience and the reaction we have emphatically to the world around us whether that be locally or globally. Now, the americans simply try to blackmail and bribe everyone to their way of thinking. I mean, to me capitalism is straightforward. Got a product, a service that people will ultimately choose whether or not your municipal politician will set the tables in your favour (as in the local supermarket zoning)? Then good for you! Rake in your fortunes but, don't be under the false impression that everyone must be a capitalist before they are "permitted" to survive.

A properly neurologically formed, rational mind would make it's fortune and then redirect it's excess back into the society from which it originated as a way of saying thank you to the people who helped make their lives so plentiful. But, here in the west we have this powerfully condensed clump of greedy slime who just simply want to take and take and take. To compound matters with their religion. To principally disorient everyone in their blast radius. These people have minimal empathy and are not of the mindset that human beings have the right to basic survival levels or decency. This is why the people who do get sucked into the far right vortex invariably arrive at the conclusion that EVERYONE MUST WORK or rot and socially decay. Now, to me that seems to be quite "extreme" in it's approach.

Which brings me to businesses who use catch phrases or marketing slogans designed to give the illusion of being symbiotically human or of the earth when in fact they're just another variation of commercial opportunism. To the unwise, there must be consistency from the slogan to the owners and people will always spot a phony or a disconnect from a mile away. People expect to see someone who uses organic catch phrases like the "good earth" to be somewhat artsy fartsy and if she's a woman you might expect her to have long goddess like hair wearing one of those full length skirts down to the ankles with a very easy-going demeanor as soft, warm and uplifting as a sunny, spring day. Not displaying the onset of marsupial jowls combined with the uneasy concealment of tooth-grinding neurosis. They are NOT of the "good earth", so to speak and despite the fact that a business may sell organic produce it doesn't necessarily mean that they represent the "healers" in our community or people who make us feel "good" inside. They're just taking advantage of an easy gap or counterpoint presented by the cookie cutter corporation knowing that we all are experience the glut of corporate fatigue most indicative of this time frame. The tide is turning and those who are true at heart will ultimately shine much brighter than ventures who simply have a chunk of change and a clever marketing campaign.

What I bear witness to along these lines is often totally screwy, odd and weird. You have to remember that when I was a boy all farmers were organic but, because they were not mass producers almost all of them lived on nothing. The places you went for coffee or even lunch or dinner was because the people who ran them were nice folk where you felt at ease and relaxed. Today, it's the 24/7 competition of energy-draining capitalism and unfortunately for the respective pariticipants, slogans and clever marketing catch phrases just don't cut it anymore. People want a return to aunthenticity. This is why when money and business comes first before the quality or essence of a product of service combined with a "natural relationship", the venture will invariably fail. That's where music becomes such a poignant example of how not to put glitz and glamour before style, substance and talent. At any rate, farmers for example were always among the poorest segment of our society when I was a kid and their children always lived a meager level of. subsistence dressing in all but tatters. But, thanks to the thorough polluting of the planet organic or what should be classified as "regular produce" now has a premium price and has rebounded. It's a funny old world to be sure.

This is also what leads me to reminding people that there isn't any religion which has the market cornered on morality or empathy. These are human qualities and good people will be good irrespective of their nationality or religious affiliation so, despite the fact that people may want to correlate an act of charity or kindness with their deities or faith-based religious system their actions actually stem from their innate abilitly to be decent and good or not. Maybe, their parents were good and they passed those qualities onto their children. And well, as far as people being "head cases" I mean, I think it's the saddest thing when people sit in their homes or their businesses and read something that they can't respond to other than chat about it with someone else. I am just another person in this society. TWIMC: I am a canadian and I don't have to justify myself to anyone with respect to these postings. I don't have to feel shame or remorse. This is my thinking. It's not in a newspaper so the fact that people can't respond and to try and involve me in any way publicly is 1) a form of protection and 2) one of the saddest observations I have ever witnessed. Keep in mind, this is just a whisper and it is inkeeping with my philosophy that creation was no primal howling of a wolf, the neurotic chittering of a baboon or the roar of a "lion god" issuing blood-curdling roars from the jungle or animal kingdom but, rather a silent radiation of the power of conscience just as the sun created the planets. I realize that this is a very difficult and subtle distinction for this iteration of monkey to fully grasp and appreciate but, people have to keep in mind that animals, as we think of them, didn't appear until some 600 million years ago. The earth is some 4.5 billion years old so, there were no primal screams or grunting or farting prior to that point in time and space. Before that it was totally and universally SILENT you pathic baboon!!! We have been spiritually living like animals for so long that we have forgotten actual reality as it first started from the root of creation. We have been living so much like animals that we can't imagine for a moment someone could be so potent on a cognitive level and still be so silent. This is the nature of organic or a realistic sense of true human spirituality. Talk about evoluitionary morons. I'm not trying or wanting to be god. Like any true musician I just wish to live and be in concert with creation but, I live in a time when the monkey has and still continues to go against the grain. This is why I am so effective at crawling under it's skin.

Peoples personal issues aside, the real conflict or more pressing issue in this particular time frame however, is when money attempts to become god or king and thus, using materialism as a means of coercing or buying a sense of decency or morality in exchange for something in which we ALL have an implied inalienable right to in the first place. You know, maybe people don't want to work in shit jobs but, they still have the right to live with dignity and with a decent fundamental living standard. This is why the battle of wills and conscience can be so time consuming and draining. I mean, who's kidding who? It's tough to stand up for what you truly believe in especially, in these times. That's why when you're in your 20s many adults, mentors and peers will tell you to go ahead knowing full well that road is wrought with tremendous difficulty and hardship. That's why they eventually sold out that is if they tried at all to buck the system. How many people are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to make a point? Well, I goddamn well am because this SLIME OF HUMANITY has taken so much from so many for so long that I cannot in good conscience, no matter what the cost to me, simply stand idly by without at least saying something to remind them that they, the cops who use the legal system to effect their own politics or the medical demographic, the legal culture itself, the corporation or the politicians in queston are NOT the good guys. They're using money to buy what amounts to a warped sense of morality and thus, create a false plane of equilibrium (more like a plane of disequilibrium) and that is precisely why our communities and the world around is imbalanced. The tilting of policies to the far right has literally been chemically translated and has manifested itself into pharmaceutical manipulation of the brain chemistry itself. Anyone with half an education and brain knows this and can readily see this steadily emerging behavioral pattern in the social fabric of just about any community anywhere these days. It's shameful and embarrassing. Luckily the internet did come along and someone like me did spring forth. The toll being exacted on people, the disillusionment as well as the stress levels are palpable. It's survival of the fittest out there and the fittest with the coldest hearts and the thickest skin are destroying human beings so they can provide more elbow room at the trough. I just shine light in the darkest corners of the system, on the skeletons in their closet and they don't like it one damn bit. To my mind human beings are not unlike any animal in that we should require no medication or sedation for our cognitive functionality. The fact that we have and do does not legitimize their consumption but, rather raises a flag especially, when it has reached epidemic levels while other systemic solutions and alternatives are available which could drastically reduce their necessity. Marijuana, as we are finding out now, through comprehensive research, can simply be a way of amplifying our sense of well being, providing everything is in order to begin with, thus, giving us a "natural high" courtesy of mother nature which we can decide by virtue of free will to set aside at some later point in time but, these pharmaceuticals can become a very serious addiction producing prodigious dependancies especially, when they're used to offset emotional turbulence as a result of deep inner moral conflicts. It's clearly time to take a serious investigative look at who's pulling the strings in our governments, legal and medical systems thus, effecting the kind of chemically controlled state we're under socially, at ground level, that we're all forced to encounter and tolerate.

With respect to the dying age of the 20th corporate media model the only people they have to blame is themselves. It's a real testament to life experience when your life spans at least 5 decades. I know it's not that long but, my socio-political counterparts have made a living and a career picking apart the 20somethings who don't have ANY life experience. 5 decades is plenty long enough in this particular time frame to put things such as geo-political events, socio-economic context and moral perspectives in their proper order. You get to see some meaningful changes such as I remember quite vividly how the media back in the day was a real voice of the people. How it wailed on the government and big business only to succumb and become part of that culture probably because the various entities were eventually bought and controlled by big money. So, for even this group to cry foul stinks of sour grapes. I slipped in in where they let it slip away. I mean, I won't read the paper anymore because it's all fluff and the radio? Forget it! What a bunch of small-minded, pin-head low life and the tv? Well, great if you enjoy commercials saturated with double entendre selling useless crap and ideas but, "good" parents for decades now have always limited their childrens exposure to television instead promoting more beneficial intellectual behavior by emphasizing much more healthy activities such as reading and sports, the finer arts, what have you. The fact that we now have a medium such as the internet which can assimilate and distribute all of the prior systems should be something to celebrate but, because the preceding communications corporations and their political affiliations clearly have so much to loose by this transformation is reason enough to be vigilant and assertive in making it the issue political so that we can help properly educate everyone as well as make up for the lost time of people who missed out on higher education.

The point being is that because the old school mass media has dropped the ball this has left the field wide open for me to regularly rattle the monkey cages on issues where they once held a monopoly over the publics sensibilities and that allows me to stimulate, to generate reaction precisely because a gap appeared. I did not enter it under those conditions or for the reasons which I now find confronted. I simply wanted to create a pristine digital environment, a seed where I could expand, grow, create and think without being assimilated by the unscrupulous media cultures who now won't gracefully stand aside and let life unfold under more natural circumstances. I honestly had no idea that my domain, my thinking, all this would become so powerful until I saw how many people coveted the name of the domain and subsequently how many people watched intently to see what I did with it. Now, of course, I see how the very "control" which mass media thought was perennially impregnable, what they once took for granted is now at the very center of their foundational collapse. That's why they need to promote where I, in contrast, need but whisper. That's why mind control regrettably becomes a central issue as we move forward in our push forward to mature our democracy and our digital space now, as we are all seeing more clearly with each passing year, merely becomes an extension of our personal space with bio-metrics ultimately providing each of us with the keys we need to present or open up the respective pages or doors which we will allow anyone to consume or view.

This is also why so many eventually tire of the battle, throw up their hands and "let it go" but, not me. They literally end up forgetting what is right or wrong anymore. It all becomes too "heady", too confusing, too demanding, too stressful. Their brain chemistry, like a compound, breaks down as do they. They quit, give up or sell out because that's the course of least resistance. It's not rocket science. But I have found the enemies pressure point, their weakness and while there is a breath in my body I will not give this SCUM a single moment of comfort. I will pound this FILTH into submission either in this life or with my words long after I'm gone. I will NEVER give in or give them a moments peace. I will constantly remind them that they are the fucking phonies, the jerks, the assholes who comprise the corrupt scum of this time frame. This is also why, on a personal note, I outright reject the sikh. I mean, what the heck does this 3rd world baboon think it's doing? Bad congestion, arthritis, poor communications skills, bad health, no glow and here it is purporting to be a beacon of what exactly? An ass-kissing capitalist perhaps. They're such a noisy, ignorant people (the ones I've encountered) confusing money with class or style and distinction. So bloody garish. Not to mention the fact that they seem to lap up the remainder of the television model. Maybe, it's because they have no meaningful presence on the internet so, they crouch in their little, narrow-minded world comforting themselves with material as opposed to substance. Nothing penetrates like the truth and when you flow from center boy, can you ever get under someones skin.

Duplicity! Isnt' it a wonder? Don't ya just love how the society in which we live demands that we say nothing, that we keep our mouth shut and go about our lives as if everything is hunky dory? This is why I won't work anymore. I'm too old to shut my mouth especially, when dealing with total assholes and I'm not just a target, I'm a project. That's the sheer elegance of it and that's why I've this baboon a hoppin and chittering day in and day out. I say a lot of things and some of them I repeat but, at ground level I live my life as though this doesn't even exist. So what if I repeat some of the things I say! The over abundance of what I say is unique and streams continuous. Reiteration is not a flaw. Where is it written that repeating statements in a posting constitutes a crime? No one pays for it so what fucking right does anyone have to use this as a means of manipulating my right to anonymity? This is not government subsidized or for that matter anyones business. I am also under no obligation to provide revenue streams for anyone courtesy of this domains potential output. They read this at they're own peril but, try and use this in some twisted sense and I will drill a fucking hole right through the cerebral cortex of that primitive cerebrum of theirs.

Don't dare try and project your political correctness over me, over this. You have no domain here whatsoever. They, whoever they are, don't control anything in regard to my life most especially, my thinking. This is not unlike my personal space and I fiercely protect that . I don't break the rules or cross the line. I confine my activities to these postings, they hurt no one and I do respect other people, their space and privacy. I suggest they do the same. The problem is however I don't give a shit what anyone may post or think and therefore, I am not "following them online" or anywhere, for that matter. It's not my fault if people read this and take exception to what I type. The bottom line here is that the people who I conflict with are invariably mentally unstable as well as being either political, religious and of course, the greedy corporation or wannabees(dicks and duds). The reality is that the domain has presence and impact PERIOD!!! If it didn't clearly I would not have beomce a point of focus or interest. It's the myriads of jealous low life who want to muzzle everyone so that they can realize whatever profit or control they desire. This is life 101. Welcome to it! You have your life and I have mine. If you don't respect mine what motivation do I have to respect you and yours? Where I'm living at present they have gone to some lengths to make my stay less than pleasant but, they knew who I was before they opened the door. I mean, some people...

And so it goes. This site is NOT rated PG13 and it does not come under control by the center for government censorhip. Not to mention, that there is a group out there trying to determine who should be allowed to live here in BC and elsewhere. That's one of the MOs of the far right mentality. Where do you get off with that nonsense? Who the hell died and made you king of the province or of canada? You just can't handle it. Admit it. You're not right in the head, you are emotionally imbalanced and I'm exposing that fact, that FLAW. I'm a constant reminder to your continued state of MENTAL ILLNESS. I am living proof and testament to the fact that your money(does not give you true peace of mind) and your religion (does not give you true peace of mind) and your far right politics mean SHIT. That all you can do with your boring humdrum lives is get all worked up over what amounts to free speech for little more than the sake of turning the community, any community into an exercise in dysfunction. I am not responsible for what some teenager reads here or some chemically imbalanced individual on medication who needs to take another pill. I want to not live around mentally or emotionally compromised people but, it's a little like trying to avoid stepping on a land mine in the demilitarized zone in north korea. The people, the ones responsible for the policies(I don't set), the corporate practices, the religious brainwashing and the subsequent clinical "treatment" of this fallout have created quite a legacy, quite a grail huh? And you didn't think anyone would ever come along outside your accredited professions, your circles of egotistically bloated academia to call you out. Do you really think you comprise the wisdom of this time frame based on your results? That you are in fact, caregivers or heaven forbid "healers"? *sheesh* The best you can do is attempt to marginilize and villify the non-medicated, the most physically fit and mentally healthy among us. You know we too have rights. We have the right to express ourselves without being singled out. You are guilty of trying to take control over or adversely affect or unduly influence an individuals life simply because of their or in this case MY political, spiritual and social views which are being personally, not publicly conveyed and that means YOU ARE WRONG!!! You have a computer don't you? Then click on another domain. Reality check! I say and do nothing to no one in the physical world to offend them. Calm down, take a pill and go lay by your dish. I make NO apologies to anyone.

Living in unbelievably over priced houses with walls made of paper and electrical outlets that emit noticeable cold drafts when there are lower temperatures. Too much time on their hands with no real skill or ability that fills their life with joy or true happiness. Obsessing over what someone else is doing. It's all sooo sad. Hiding desperately behind what amounts to hanging by a thread of materialism as the common thread in their community fabric or their point of communal conscience looking, seeking tirelessly for spiritual inspiration so they can feel more positive about their negative, empty lives. Rejecting other religions because it detracts from their own slim hold on an unnatural identity. Unable to bridge! Pure phonies!. It's just one of the many tasks assigned to someone like me in this time frame. To help people understand what real spirituality is as opposed to mind-numbing religious extremism. To help them understand why I ultimately made the choices I made when there were other alternatives that could've clearly put me in exactly the same lifestyle to which they've become accustomed. To help people better understand that false status and the mere appearance of success does not provide for inner peace. Real success comes from within, from tangible results that make a person, those around them and the world itself a better place. Those who try to undermine that and deny people that single right to individual dignity are sick and they're not good people at all. This sense of inner strength is what gives the glow, the strut of confidence and true inner peace. So, should I need the required " basic essentials" necessary for human dignity then those requirements are seperate from my actual "essence". That essence is rock solid and unchanging. Whatever I may appear to be on the outside can NEVER alter THIS!!! The bottom line is that people who take exception to this and attempt to spin it to their advantage could never generate the proper foundation for a mentally healthy community anywhere in the world. They are todays godless 'disconnects".

It's sooo bizarre. It's one of THE most humourous and striking observations in how the corporate I.T. and political oversight with respect to our online activities is clearly conducting itself directly along the same parallel line of thought as would the policies stemming from the fascist ideology of Adolf Hitler but, yet they're squeamish and they cringe at the very thought of being classified as such. They do everything at their terminals to sabotage the streaming of Hitler doing the long Zieheil or "the triumph of the will". I mean, I have no shame or fear in who I am and it's one of my strong points in that I am transparent. I am just an average human being with some exceptional abilities. However, there is a highly ideologically as well as a politically motivated and powerful contingent who wishes to surreptitiously use the power of democracy for what clearly amounts to a corporate fascist agenda AND they don't wish to be identified. How's that for a phony? This is why they WILL NOT PREVAIL in the long haul. With respect to social media and the use of disclaimers that videos are removed when "someone"(pretty vague) complains, don't bother. Just leave it alone and don't bother with the video at all. People aren't interested in your impotent online politics. If you can't stream the content we want by properly buffering beforehand then get off the internet and let someone come along who can consistently stream it and if necessary, encrypt the contents so that there is NO oversight into what is being consumed. Goddamned digital RETARDS!!!

The other thing I will mention is that I write a LOT, copious amount of text. I mean, I was going over it last night and even I could not get over how much I have written. It is undoubtedly the seed of a good book that will not paint a very flattering picture of the system or especially, the scum on the far right so, for anyone to scour this and pick out points of repetition they must be one sick fucking puppy with not a whole lot better to do with their time. It also doesn't reflect well at all on their actual mental health and because of that they have no credibility and are not considered reputable. The vast majority of what I write is in sequence with only minor touch ups from time to time. Sometimes where the segments reappear it actually requires repetition or emphasis. It's important to keep the proper context in mind and remember that I am a master of rhythm so just like anyone who regular puts out a line, a product or a service I beat that drum of awareness with exactly the same consistency and accent.

TWIMC: Ziegheil, Ziegheil, Ziegheil!!!(Believe me, when you try and watch a movie online these days, those words are entirely warranted and more than anyone else they're aimed at the little baboons and turds out there playing god out with content they never created. They're taking advantage of the collective contribution of many for the gain of a few. A psychotic few.)

Thank you sooo much, for taking the time to read this and may whatever is left of your conscience wax while your considerable ignorance wanes.


03/28/14 - "Not so cool aid", Jim Jones and letting sleeping dogs lie.

People are truly funny and humorous when they can't simply excel using their own natural abilities. When they lack the real skills they so deeply desire in order to be recognized. This is the nature of my life. JFK once said "ask not what your country can do for you but, what can you do for your country".

The reason I reference this quote is because as we now know the poor man turned out to be an idiot albeit, in hindsight. It's amazing how fast things have changed over the subsequent years since his most unfortunate and untimely demise. How we had no idea that computers and the science of communications would develop so rapidly magnifying a rate of development never before thought possible. But, here we are and someone like little old me can indeed classify someone like JFK, no lesss, as a complete moron, totally lacking in vision. However, were he in fact alive he should feel no shame because the bloated egos of todays politicians still make him out to be comparatively, one of the brightest political lights of the 20th century with some exceptionally appealing qualities. I will mention before I proceed further that outside politicians and former world leaders who are all dead, I would never name drop any of the political low life of this time frame giving them a level of global exposure they could never realize on their own. They're scum and they should be left on the parochial, provincial political back burner where they all belong, Out of sight and out of mind.

No, the real reason I use that quote is because sociologist have lost their way. It's one of the sign of the times. You see when a discipline is defined with purpose it has an objective and the purpose of a sociologist is to socially address the needs of the most needy. Now, the needs to which I am referrring are the bare essentials, which, in this time frame, are actually quite opulent when compared to the time frame of JFK. The problem is that the purse strings haven't loosened up so we're still living with the legacy of JFK in that we are serving the politicians and the banks, the lawyers and the bean counters. People who create and produce NOTHING!!!. They all have become lost and disillusioned. Complacent with socio-economic policies that are not designed to serve the people, which, whether todays politician or yesterdays for that matter were less unfamiliar with is the primary directive of a democracy. People don't vote to be taken advantage of or exploited and when we are confronted with socio-economic policies that keep exacting a toll on people in the form of a levy for the promotion and sustaining of the weatlh and power of a class of people who produce NOTHING then our democracy as well as the professional disciplines designed to distribute and achieve their own objectives become distorted, deformed or corrupt.

A sociologist is merely supposed to help people find food and shelter first and foremost (safe, sanitary conditions) and then should the individuals desire or request include additional components designed to help people become more successful then guidance should be extended along those lines. Successful in the individuals eyes, not for the sake of the economy, the masses and certainly not for aforementioned SLIME. That's not what they're doing. They've become confused and they're resorting to tactics that are inherently political and religiously motivated especially, as it turns out, in my case. In all fairness, they are dealing with the crumbs that have been throwin their way. They can only mete out the pickings which they have at their disposal.

I live in a house that is, for all intents and purposes, specifically customized for my "rehabilitation and integration", surrounded by pure low life from quebec, punjab and a little dick from edmonton who have all come together to disrupt and disturb my living space. Now, I am a musician so I don't make "noise" or purposefully try to irritate people. It's not my fault that these very poorly designed and built homes have very low quality accoustic properties with a car garage beneath the bedrooms which emits the most obnoxious industrial sound possible. I mean, I'd be more than happy to be in a quality accoustic room where I alone can hear myself sing or play. The problem is that the politicians, the community or the respective sociologists don't want me or anyone else for that matter, to actually be happy. They want me to "serve the over aggrandized glory of the municipality, politicians and economy". The reason is simple. It is because they wish to use the present day programs and policies at their disposal in order to silence my moral, spiritual and political voice. Unfortunately, in many cases, when it's all said and done people use means at their discretion for the sake of religious or political agenda and then pitifully attempt to frame it so as to insulate their actual motivation. That's why the present environment I am ain is also using language as a barrier or as a way of projecting a false sense of social superiority. Need I remind the respective participants that all language translates into human logic and my behavioral pattern stems from the logic of principle. This is why I will NEVER capitulate to this vermin. They, like I, should respect people and not force such a reaction.

The other tactic I wish to draw attention is to "noise pollution" and how, courtesy of the 20th century and it's unprecedented legacy of war and destruction, it essentially turns neighborhood after neighborhood into a war zone. War is designed by nature to ramp up the noise level such as a B52 carpet bombing to disorient, confuse, to get people scurrying and screaming furiously in panic. It's really quite barbaric and inhumane. This is what happened when I was living for FOURTEEN YEARS up on "triangle mountain" in complete serenity and peace before my landlord and my community became acutely aware of MY DOMAIN. Now, had I turned the domain into a cash cow and vaunted the fortunes of that specific municipality well, I would've been hailed as a great man doing great things for people but, as it turned out, I was merely concerned with matters of conscience and muscial creativity so Ken Morrison turned my once pristine living environment into a war zone which was designed to piss me off and it did. So, one day I came while, in his mentally disturbed state, as he was pounding away trying in some blind fury, I approached him and said "you know, if you were 30 or 40 years younger I'd give you a good thrashing". To which he immediately wrote up an eviction notice and turned me out on the street. I leave it up to objective minds given my subsequent ability to generate stimulation and response to determine who was and is being truthful. The least he could've done was give me a reference when I needed it.

Now, when I was up on that hill my archnemisis were under the false impression that once I left my lofty confines that I would simply disintegrate and collapse with mental fatigue unable to follow through with my thinking which they all thought was the result of simply smoking too much pot and being pampererd for so long. They gave me, I think, somewhere around 6 months. Well, it's been 8 years and I am still going strong and I still am unwavering in my principle and my objective as well as being amoung the fittest possible, for my age group despite the fact that I worked all kinds of low end jobs serving coffee, in supermarkets, driving a cab, working in a recycling factory, all under the watchful eye of my collective arch nemisis and what have they come up with? NOTHING!!! Who have I verbally or physically accosted? Not one single person. My main motivation was to disprove the naysayers and disbelievers who, as a result of their own bias, thought that I was too high on myself and that I couldn't do something so menial, that I couldn't work with others and play nice.

That's why I will say that this address 1436 Braefoot close is not to be lived in unless you wish to be mistreated and abused and unless you are desperate. I see now how the psychology is implemented and the deeply flawed thinking behind it. Take some person off the street, freezing, eating total crap for food and put them in a living environment that is comparatively luxurious and then go to work on them using these accredited 3rd world baboons, vermin who, definitely know everything you're saying and doing but, act as though there is this language barrier. Presenting me with the single possiblity of "driving a cab" or once again working in the recyclying factory but, not as the world class musician I am. Real fine character comprising the community fabric to be sure. But, then again it's Saanich. Once burned twice shy. It's all so premeditated and so dysfunctional, not to mention repulsive and disgusting. A stinging indictment agains sociology as a field of pursuit and the municipality in question. My sincere apologies to the good people of any district. I would prefer to live in peace and relative anonymity but, one must realize that the source of this dysfunction is primarily FAITH-BASED MENTAL ILLNESS.

This leads me into this question. "What kind of community, living space or relationship, for that matter, am I looking for? As one can surmise by now I am indeed a man who puts tremendous thought into every aspect of my life and this deeply-rooted desire is no exception. The answer is, not surprisingly, of a musical nature. The standard for me in life is MOZART. If one has ever listened intently to a mozart concerto in the absolute stillness and quiet of a room with the sun beaming in on a spring morning as each passage is engaged and expressed from the most delicate pianissimo to the strongest forte then one would come to know true inner peace and calm. It must be very difficult indeed for the artistically chhallenged or the children of the industrial age of doom to ever understand such subtleties because they've become so accustomed to rantings and ravings, flamings and tantrums that they can't even see where they went off track but, there you have it. I am of the sincere belief that in order for any form of so-called "paradise" to be realized that it must stem from absolute grace and surely there is no greater example of grace in motion than MOZART. A civilization which embodies grace at it's heart beats a persistent rhythm of "peace of mind" to it's surrounding area(s) consistently lessening the need for violence as a way of subduing it's people or population. Only in this state of mind can true communal or mental health be realized and if you didn't know this prior to reading these words it means that you have been searching for the healing inside the whole time. So, this place, I am truly sad to say, as well as every else I've lived, was not a mozart home. Too much neurosis, disorder.

All I wanted was to get a decent sleep, but, they wanted to irritate me by starting up the construction much more earlier than usual. It's just odd because the time frames they had been adhering were noticably different than this mornings start time. It's funny how someone like me being as I am with this domain can notice the subtle shift in facial expression and social language when all I am doing is try to come and go like any other ordinary human being. The problem is that "they're" not letting me do that. They have plans for me and I will not go along with them for obvious reasons. They know I've got them by the "you know what" as it pertains to spiritual matters. When people are cocky or satisfied in their position they never pay attention to anyone. Like me, it's on their merry way and to their next destination without giving anyone a second glance. I keep my head down and my eyes focused on my destination. I think only of and remember what is essential to my immediate functionality. When I have the time I think about these postings and how I can cathartically express myself in relation to my experiences and then I forget about it. But, you take people who are either religious, politically guided or motivated and who finally tune into the fact that "whatever" they believed in is not giving them "peace of mind" and they will generate a behavioral pattern that will give you the creeps.

I know the genuine, the authentic, the original. In some peoples case phony is spelled with a "F". It's one of the many privileges afforded someone such as myself for discovering the real spiritual orientation of the human existance. That's why I can sing like so many but, I have this irrefutable uniqueness as a world-class master of rhythm. The singing is something I do, as others would garden, in order to feel good about life. I wish, for all of their sakes that any of the multitude of religions could have been the answer, that america was the ultimate and final cycle of democratic development but, they're all flawed in their own way and unlike me, they all profit from a form of charity or blackmail or bribery which, underneath it all, is designed to "buy" a better place in some non-existant, unsubstantiated after life or at some gala designed to celebrate the excessive accumulation of materials and their overrated, bloated egos. I cannot be fingered as a flaw in such a context because I haven't asked for one red cent in exchange for extending a sense of spiritual realism during a time when it was needed most. I have adhered to the strict guidelines I set out for myself when I first designed and implemented this domain with the thinking that the power of the word, with all things being equal, should be all that is necssary to generate momentum, gravity.

I also wish that human beings were not seeking a better answer or were concerned with matters of spirituality at all but, therein lies the rub. Here we are, a species with conscience where we know flesh never made us because it does not exist anywhere else in the known universe but, rather conscience and we became of the flesh. That which designs must extend from design and that which has conscience must extend from conscience. This awesome experience will invariably lead people to explore and investigate in exactly the same way we sought to explore the planet and the surrounding universe. It's called curiosity and it cannot be directed or controlled, not in a FREE SOCIETY.

This isn't the branch davidian or some other crackpot extremist mutation of a religion that is, for all intents and purposes dead and unlike they, I don't seek or read their text because first of all, it makes no sense. Secondly, I didn't eat the heart of someone who may or may not have existed, ("angel heart") who didn't have a precise birth date, a face, a signature or a body of work or of evidence or remnants of what was supposed to be the most important event for all humankind ALL for the sake of political power in the physical under the assumption that we'll pay him back in the after life by forcing everyone to vow, kneel and bow our allegiance in the physical life. Oooo, you talk about a bunch of wackos and crackpots.

Isn't it amazing how an explanation, when properly worded, becomes truth and how that truth cuts through the dark hearts like a hot knife through butter, how it rings a deafening, reverberating sound in their "inner ear"? There is no way on god's green earth that any religion which was properly thought out and was morally implemented would become so vulnerable to such dissection. It's little wonder the world, up to this point, has been on the brink of total disaster and is pretty much out of it's mind as a result of the accumulative delusions and hallucinations courtesy of these incredibly prehistoric mass religions. It's also little wonder that they, as we now see with the americans, ultimately have to kill(violence is the FLAW) in order to see their thinking persist. The message cannot stand on it's own. 3rdly, the dogma isn't logical and despite what anyone elses wishes to believe it is logic that gives us stability, sanity, structure, shape and form. I mean, who was out of their mind? Galileo or the catholic church? Love enhances the experience by making us "feel" good about being alive, about knowing life and the true successes that can be realized when a good life is being lived and accordingly being around others who feel likewise about sharing the same level of sensitivity and awareness. I know the messages of all the respective religious text, what they contain and the mental state of it's origin precisely because I KNOW the limits of the mind and it's only the potential qualities of goodness, by choice, in each us which ultimately make us decent and transcend borders, cultures and language. Walk softly and carry a domain that can project is what I say.

Lastly, the words I type here are not as much for the people of todays time frame as they are for the people of tomorrows. How embarrassing it will be for those concerned in the moment when, in the future, the generations who will demand and need an untainted message, are saddled with a legacy of harm through bitterness simply because they lacked the inner courage to grow and tolerate by people who could not handle that they ultimately became "also rans".

TWIMC:You loose!!! Sorry. Curious how a state of calm has suddenly fallen over the neighborhood. Hmmm The song " a kind of hush" softly whispers in my ear.

Thank you, as always for reading this and may your wonderfully, spiritually ever illuminating conscience wax while your dark, bleak, kafkaesque, depraved, backward, degenerate ignorance continue to wane.

Ooo, ooo, ooo


04/02/14 The Freedom of Information Act I - Prologue

Sometimes it feels as though I am a snowplow on a train track after a blizzard trying to clear the way for the oncoming train. This is what means to be a pioneer. The age of information is the new frontier and it is no place for ignoramouses who care for little more than a way to make money by sitting at their computer terminls in much the same manner the mail was used at the early part of the 20th century for scamming millions of people out of what amounted to be billions of dollars.

We are all familiar with the "freedom of information" act and how information in the public domain as it generated by our governments in a democracy is readily available to those of us who wish to review or access it. Unlike other forms of governments thorughout the world who have very strict access regulations due to the inherent paranoia surrounding political power, we here in the west can look at how laws, policies, zonings etc were enacted and implemented and who they subsequently impacted.

However, a curious thing happend on the way to the 21st century. The digital age appeared and suddenly information was spilling out into the social atmosphere at alarming rates with hardly any control over who saw it and who manipulated it. These are ground-breaking times and if we are not verrry careful the people who have the vast majority of wealth will hold the lions share of not only our functional lives but, equally as important our information. New borders have to be formulated and understood if we are to be able to move about in an ever more forensically overseen social environment while keeping our privacy, independance and autonomy intact.

Some of the most problematic people relating to this time frame in the west are immigrants. Many of these people often arrive in our nations with an already depleted sense of civil liberties and they don't fully understand or appreciate the society to which they are integrating. Once upon a time not to long ago immigrating to the west was really about getting in step with how the "white man" lived but, that has long died out. Our societies are so much more multi-cultural today that the real education which immigrants should be presented with should be more along the lines of privacy because now as we all are well to aware the ease with which cameras and microphones can be situated is becoming somewhat uncomfortable. It is encroaching in areas that were once impossible to breach and were only available to high-earning businesses. Not anymore.

The other aspect I wish to draw attention to is the emergence of a new kind of predator. It's the information predator. These are an undesirable side effect of social media and a constant reminder as to why we all must have our own domains. Due to the necessity arising from political control, corporate monopolies etc people can now lurk and scour these social media sites potentially targeting people who think along lines which the "information stalker" arbitrarily deems a potential threat especially, if the target in question is prominent or vocal in respect to matters pertaining to issues such as politics, business or religion. This is why clear boundaries have to be defined as we move about in public spaces such as public libraries. Yes, someone can pick up a book and see who took that very same book and likewise on a computer if you're not careful to erase your steps, so to speak but, when we use our own devices and simply use the pipeline that access and content consumption must remain "private" PERIOD!!!

It truly is the most curious of observations because when people, as in tv, radio and print et al can place suggestion or messages along your line of sight they can have a great bit of fun toying with your peace of mind. they can form suberranean groups with great reach through networking as to what someone is renting and when, where their going and who their dealing with. It definitely has it's pros and cons. They can get a real kick out of it. But, when the rabbit has the gun IE: the movie "training day", they don't like that very much so, when you get psychological with them by touching on areas of functionality, appearance or demeanor what have you, they take exception. This is the nature of the rub here in the early part of the 21st century, controlling what WE want to see and hear and the context in which it is experienced. If not entirely keeping the monkey off our back, at least keeping to a tolerable distance. This does not constitute any form of disorder whatsoever. It is simply about control and I, being a target, have effectively demonstrated, an uncanny ability to draw their attention to my comings and goings while at the same time being able to take shots at them and believe me boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, they do not like it one bit. The distinction however, is that my information is in the realm of the personal or private domain whereas their functionality all takes place in the public domain thus, they embody the most mutated forms of social dysfunction possible in this time frame. Because of their loss of power and control have the potential to represent a very real threat to our social well being.

This is mostly why I do not feel any shame or the need to apologize to ANYONE who becomes slighted by my various postings or portions thereof. As I've stated many times, people read these at their own peril. But, try and use them as a point of penetration and you will find that I will crawl all up and down your ass. While I've touched on this before I'm certain this is one area of my postings which should receive additional input and modification over time. So, please feel free to stay tuned, so to speak.

Thank you, sooo much for taking the time to read this and may your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


04/09/14 The riddle of LOGIC - as opposed to the riddle of STEEL!!!

This is undoubtedly the precipice of human evolution. How we evolve from one arduous, hard fought plane, plateau to another. To review the anthroplogical steps taken in the human endeavor, mostly all having to with some variation of warfare and spirituality. How we reached the end of one development only to be confronted with another. Transitioning from one advancement of weaponry and motion to another but, all the while one specific element acting as the underlying, unchanging foundation to each and every step, every phase. LOGIC!

Logic makes the world go round. Without it we would not know how to build or make one single structural form. Love gives us the reason and motivation designed to inspire the subsequent form and feel but, LOGIC is the material and the glue which nebulously begins chemically, structurally in the brain and subsequently brings it all into shape, into view. This is precisely what makes communications such an evolutionary catalyst. It transcends borders, religion and all other forms of inferior value-based cultures. Communications, extending from the electro-magnetic spectrum, becomes the heart, the spiritual centrifuge continuously fusing the best and brightest of human consciousness into an ever swirling, increasing-in-intensity hurricane that is destined to rid the world of it's cruel and insensitive animal psychology for all eternity. Ensuring, once and for all that ANY potential army of darkness can never again cast a shroud of doom over the worlds people. At least, not by manipulating "the message". Everything is out in the open now and this will be the norm to the ending of the earth.

It is this riddle of truth that has quietly developed in concert with and in the silence of creation. Ever deep in thought timely distilling, dispensing the thoroughly and timely essence of information which in in turn instills understanding and awareness which, unlike the fragmented and friction riddled ideologogies of the world, results in an irrefutable, incontestable concentration of wisdom that gives the monkey, the baboon pause for thought.

This is the line of thinking upon which the stable, sound and true human mind is investigated and analysed. THIS is THE ANSWER!!! For surely, if there were ever a time when we were to answer for our actions, it is this riddle to which we would all have to answer. Not steel, not business, not money nor a subjective religious interpretation but, HUMAN LOGIC in combination with the moral relativity of our actions. The objective, reasoned mind reads these words and knows it to be true in it's very heart.

You know, I've come a looong ways and I've learned more than I ever could dream or imagine. People have tried to no end to distract me and keep me off target and balance by preventing and denying me at every turn. Using my very purpose as a musician to hurt me and cause me tremendous strain, pain and stress but, I never lost sight of what was real or good or true. I've always known for example, that psychology was inextricably linked to the conscious self(conscience) while psychiatry is neurologically binded to the subconscious. A person who aspires to be a truly mentally healthy person can never achieve true balance, inner peace or "alignment" until they make this connection between the heart and the mind. This is all common or communal sense, if you will. You can't possibly connect the dots if you're "out of order" and you will never become the "real deal" or the "genuine article" no matter how hard you try or how much youthful attitude and blind arrogance a person thinks they have. As with any insight It isn't real or it doesn't exist until you put it in words, describe it. Take ownership of it!

This post also touches on something else which is very important in the human condition and that is covenant or agreement or accord. It is the core concept underlying the emergence of religious doctrine and how religion attempts to become the law of ANY land or people. You see, if you can control the nature of agreements and their subsequent wording you can in fact, at least theoretically, control the very way in which people survive or even assemble, what they can say as well as the context under which it can be conveyed or expressed. However, there are a whole host of agreements which can be opted out of from leases to contracts. This is the nature of a particular phrase that risen from the depths of the darkness of human negotiatian, of deals. It's impossible to live and not encounter it at some point in ones life. It's called the "power of attorney". It is indeed a seemingly impregnable phrase of empowerment until it is looked at forensically under the microscope of pure logic as opposed to the quilt of arbritrary protocol we know as the law.

It is very important to grasp that even or especially, the law has a myriad of loop holes or gaps in its structure This is why contracts are challenged or contested all the time especially, if the contract was unfairly structured or entered into or if it causes unnecessary damage or harm to one party or another. Here in the west for example the law has gone to tremendous lengths to distance itself from religion as it's primary reference point. Now, I can't speak for anyone else but to me this raises a few flags because as a society we must have priorities and values, rights and liberties which must be balanced and protected. But, my question is where is the point of moral relativity that is applied here in the west for example? If someone can no longer pay the cost of an agreement when it was first signed does the leasor or vendor for example, have the right to procure an individuals holdings even if it's a mortgage for a house(shelter is a human right in this day and age) or do they also have the right to take away someones means of obtaining work? IE: their equipment. The point being that you can't just have these corporations running roughshod over people while their legions of lawyers as well as the faceless, emotionaly-sucked-dry and detached debt collectors (complete with their cell phone provider connections sending them alerts as to when the phone of a respective target is turned on - in effect automating robotic harassment) strip everyone naked because then the law merely becomes just another blunt, tyrannical instrument used against citizens as a way of silencing them or discouraging them from challenging the status quo for fear of being destroyed.

TWIMC - Whatever you do, DO NOT STOP!!! Don't be ashamed! Of course, not that they would be but, they are THE most flagrant violators of moral deviation to date. They suffer, in addition to many other forms of psychological disorders resulting in highly undesirable behavioral patterns of social dysfunction, from a severe cognitive disorder. They simply have no scruples. It is indeed one of lifes great ironies given that they've always considered themselves to be morally superior and thus, self-sanctioned and ordained themselves the right to oversee and consequently judge the behavior of everyone else. The more they try to conceal it, this duplicitous behavior, it not only infuriates them to teeth-gnashing levels but, the more violent the blowback as they continue the old-school practices of lying, cheating, misrepresenting their position and stabbing people in the back. Their fate was sealed with their career and value decisions and the conclusions they arrived at either unwittingly or knowingly. This whirlpool(maelstrom) has forward motion and with the one true god as my witness ,the state of mind they represent today, will be gone tomorrow, figuratively speaking. Hmmm Strange sense of deja vu - LOL. You can take that hook out of your mouth now.

I know my "enemy" wants and needs desperately to believe that I remember a particular recurrence as I go about my life but, I can assure them that in all honesty when I search my memory banks I just can't recollect. I am really sorry. You know, I too once thought that because of my thinking that there might be the off chance that there would be something not quite right but, since I AM in the right and I stand on a point of principle then it's full steam ahead without apprehension. That's what it is to be an ORIGINAL. To have true and natural IDENTITY. Unlike my bitter 20something et al counterpart. It is others who copy me. Ahhh poor "christian smuts". violent and emotionally unstable as usual still looking for the HEALING in others because their pathetic religion just can't fill that void, that bottomless BLACK HOLE OF SOUL initially constructed from corruption and murder. I suspect they're upset with me primarily because upon objectively investigating the religion I simply found it to be too "fantastical" to be believable. In other words, it was too far to "leap", in my humble estimation. The concept of principle resonated more strongly with me and for the uninitiated it was Galileo who composed the initial strucuture of principle in his principio, not Ghandi. The genius.of Ghandi was that he took the logic of principle and used it in a spiritual context. I simply took it up a notch. Principles are the primary geometric lines of logic that have been essential to the human condition for millenia. It's now time for mass religion as a whole to stand down to stop holding the human race hostage and to to accept the fact that the waxing of our conscience is parralel to evolutionary enlightenment and it belongs to no specific religion. Original though is not unlike discovering uncharted waters or territory or even the naming of a celestial body or of a constellation. Once claimed it becomes connected with or the intellectual property of it's AUTHOR and publisher.At any rate, any way you slice it, the bottom line is that the FAITH-BASED-GENERATED forms of MENTAL ILLNESS are DEAD - PERIOD and there isn't anything that can be done which can undo that absosute uncertainty from being fully realized at some not-to-distant point in the future.

Hold the presses!!! - Late BREAKING NEWS!!! Now, as many people are well aware by now I choose to use metaphoric examples to further illustrate my point by using film. Back some 30 or 40 years ago before screenplays and modern graphics matured film was somewhat inferior to books. Not anymore! I now have solid evidence which anyone can research and independently verify for themselves that the christian right is coming completely apart at the seams scrambling in a full court press trying to feverishly put out the fire of damage control. They, the christian right are now literally shaking in their boots because they have come to the full-blown, unbelievable and earth-shattering realization that the "message", the "idea"(as in the ideologically context) alone, contained within the bible and christianity itself, can NOT stand on it's own and it will NOT, not without both serious political and legal intervention, manipulation of the streaming of online content, have many more years left as a respectable form of religious indoctrination. Witness the realtime removal of the movie "Leap of faith" as living proof to the full-blown epidemic of spiritual panic. This is a film of 1) questionable quality and 2) a movie which "had it's run", so to speak. So, the only plausible explanation for it's removal, in additon to standing as testimony to the farce of digital copyright laws, is that it mocks a faith whose "glory days" are looong gone and behind them. Not surprising when one factors in the litany of exploitative evangelical slime that has oozed from the bible belt in recent memory. Hallelujah, Praise GOD!!!! There is the one true god and the day of reckoning is FINALLY upon them for this righteous trash!!!

I will beat this drum for as long as possible to ear deafening levels until "you people" learn to mind your own fucking business and leave people alone. I don't care if what I say is repeated a thousand or even a million times. At ground level I'm just an average person. It was YOU and your sick twisted obsession that drew your attention to these postings. Accept it! You're mentally ill. You don't know the first thing about living in peace, about allowing people to keep sanitary, well rested and properly fed. You're flesh merchants. Ask yoursef these questions. Are you connected to anyone who or do you profit from other peoples misfortune by circumventing the need to produce your own essence or quality? Is the result of this relationship(s) producing a disproportionate amount of harm, damage, pain, suffering, misery or anquish? If you've answered yes to one or both then you're a flesh merchant basically surviving by eating the heart and sucking the blood of other human beings or extracting from the planet without creating or producing anything from your own natural talent or ability. The absolute fucking SLIME OF HUMANITY!!! Accept it, embrace it and release it. This is the point of change that is grinding away at your very existence. More and people want less and less to do with these types enterprise or practices. Life is like a game of golf. Realize your own ace, your own hole in one and stop negatively displacing those in your community like some kind of degenerate, mental defective.

If I had a thousand lives to live and if I were armed with the knowledge within each life of what I know now I would infinitely choose homelessness and principle over conformity and comfort for the latter is the path of least resistence while the former is by far the hardest choice. Undoubtedly, it's the one designed by the hardliners which stems from their moral deviance. It's always been this way and if it weren't for the development of the computer age the power of logic would never be fully realized or known. Yet, here we stand and we now know on a global scale that human beings are incurably insane and cruel. It is the underlying foundation of corruption itself. The glue that holds it all together. The low-value human index. Things haven't changed much since Casablanca where life is still cheap. Consciousness still comes second to the distorted values of money and violence. There is both solace and wisdom in knowing.

Pansy ball anyone?

Thank you, sooo much especially(TWIMC) for taking the time to follow my every movement and to hang on to my every word. May your conscience wax while your ignorance wanes.


04/18/14 - Oil and Water

Which is the brandy and which is the creme de menthe? Such is the nature of life. How does one distinguish between good and bad, true and false and right and wrong? Unfortunately, this is the persistent dark, underlying current as well as the connundrum of the rapidly developing communications technology in which we all find ourselves constantly caught up in. As previously posted, the old school, the dying breed and make no mistake, their numbers are tailing off significantly, desperately need to hold onto power or at least the brunt of it and one of the most expedient ways of doing this is to grab the reigns of spin so that online, within the realm of the dying business model known as social media (funny how something is miscarriaged before it ever is truly born) peoples individual character can be manipulated or unjustly smeared just as in the days of old with newspapers, tv and radio. Their primitive cunning is indeed a devious ploy. Due to the fact they have no "domain" of significance they will undoubtedly ooze into the social median structure and search engines in ever increasing numbers in a desperate attempt to achieve such aims.

So, I'm on way home this morning and right out the blue a chap asks if I need a ride anywhere. I mean, I was not born yesterday and I have certainly been "around the block", so to speak. Surely, I'm not the only one who would find this a bit peculiar. A stranger asking another stranger very early in the morning if he'd like a ride not on a highway but a mall parking lot! Well, at any rate, I quickly did a survey of the man and concluded that 1) he was not at all threatening or possibly volatile and 2) I do still have a slight sense of adventure and 3) I needed the ride. Also, this IS a very nice place and people are by and large quite good so, I saw no harm in accepting the offer. I was grateful. We had a seemingly innocuous and cordial chat and we both went our seperate ways.

Their was however, one alarm that was ringing in my head and it was this. Because of my outspoken views on religion and in particular, christianity (the publishing date is not an accident), especially given the fact that the ideology is so strongly represented here and that combined with the fact that I've noticed a significant increase in spam most notably dealing with rapist and predators, the thought occured to me that maybe my picture may be taken without my knowledge or consent for the expressed purposes of online smear. In my position one must be both realistic and vigilant when dealing with the christian right (suggest you read american fascist or losing moses on the freeway by Chris Hedges). This is the long and short of how christianity attempted to create god from man. The very first four commandments attempt to lure the reader into accepting false logic by manufacturing a relationship between 1) god and 2) a lord to whom we all now they are referring. Curiously, the actual "stone" tablets, not rice paper mind you, no longer exist. Oh, but the implication is that it's all common sense whereas there is no such thing as intuitive human logic itself. It does not take a rocket scientist to see how the very fragile human mind could get spun out of control with an eruption of conflict. They are a devious lot and anyone who claims otherwise is living in a fantasy land. As well, because I have found myself in a temporary residential gap, so to speak, in other words, homeless(largely due to ideological tensions and divisions as well as dad or is it dead issues? Getting harder and harder to tell), I have become a much more attractive target. This was accentuated when I was at the public library, exhausted from a terrible lack of sleep (a very common condition among the homeless), where I accidentally dosed off in the teen section only to be startled by a couple of teens who reacted as would any animal whose territory has been encroached. Of course, I immediately sprang to foot and went to another section. However, the encounter raised some very important issues that someone especially of my disposition and circumstance must he constantly aware and that is the christian contingent and just about anyone stemming from the far right will do anyhing and everything in their power to hinder and undermine my ability to live in peace and to access my common ration of humanity and they do not want anyone jostling their conscience.

This christian segment, I have now seen, infultrates every layer of the community in which we attempt to live. This can be said of any religion who feels someone has entered into an area with perceived designs or intentions of diluting their influence or dominance. A very territorial ANIMAL indeed. So, every area that is in the public domain such as cheaper coffee shops, eateries, supermarkets, libraries and rec centers etc will invariably have a strong ideological representation, not to mention the debt collectors trolling the public for potential candidates or is it victims?. Many, not all, of these people can be poorly educated and on the sad end of lifes meting. Try not to be a target for these human, social meat grinders and harvesting machines. They can have a nasty way of sullying the community fabric and adversely affecting your dignity. As well the shelters are still dreadful places filled with people who have compromised their brains organic chemistry and who are not only potentially quite volatile but, who are very angry at having lost something for which they and they alone are respomsible.. People need private space irrespective of addiction issues, not jammed together like sardines sizing each other up until tedium overtakes reason, slowly increasing friction and tensioms that can only be resolved with negative behavior. The solutions to this and many other social areas have less to do with possiblities and more to do with political will, a lack thereof or acquiescent malice, benign neglect, what have you. I think the really irritating aspect to all this is that the actual costs associated with dealing with these issues are much less than one might think that is if we allow ourselves to think outside the box. Land is certainly not the problem. Know how is certainly not the problem. Money is not the issue. Slowly but surely we come to see the real problem is unquestionably ideologica and political. This is an iteration that does not want to hear any talm about human dignity but only solutions that are economic in nature.

In this ever-changing spiritual(constant state of flux -vortex) landscape it is also verrry important to remind people once again that christianity did not come into being through first-person authorship or publishing which is THE threshold for literary credibility regarding ANY topic or issue. No, my good people. Christianity as we know it today came into being oddly enough, through sensationalism, hype, radical claims, conjecture and HERESY!!! Any assertion to the contrary is baseless in fact. As well, any line of thinking which requires to be folllowed up with centuries of violence and corruption, as opposed to quiet, meditative love and compassion has to raise the eyebrow of many a decent person.

I never set out in life to wale against the inherent ideological hypocrisies of our time. A reminder that they way I think is largely as a result of industrial-media-publicized government propaganda constantly beating the drum that the reason to involve themselves in foreign military incursions was to protoect our "freedom", our "way of life". However, whenever people attempt to set a new course which is more appropriate for the changing times it will invariably come into contact with people who have already established predertimined views on how we should all be to the end of time. These sad, pathetic, artistically and developmentally challenged deeply flawed industrial defects will always try to retard change that could adversely affect there bottom line precisely because it emphasizes their shortcomings and inadequacies. In fact, it can easily be rationally asserted and determined that many of the genetic defects and diseases which have been unittingly brought into this word are directly proportionate to the moral skewing of political sensibilities. People who preferred material values and profit over a more conscientious direction with everyones well being in mind instead of a few greedy, self-aggrandized elitist. I am of the mind that EVERYONE should be able to access a living standard befitting of ANY adult without having to rely on or resort to religious ideologies for the needed essentials required to mantain a healthy lifestyle. This is not a monetary issue anymore. This is not the 20thncentury. Capitalism will always have enough human energy to fuel it's continued expansions because the human ego being what it is it will continue to generate the necessary motivation for people who want more, more control, who crave recognition. The driving forces attempting to turn the west into a meat grinding labour camp are primarily ideological and political in nature who also want to achieve the insanity of ideological domination by military means and that includes, of course, militant economics.

As far as my online presence goes, I am not now and nor have I ever been a threat to mother, woman, child or my fellow man. I am however, a mature man with modest looks(my picture is already here somewhere) and an excellent mind wih a clear conscience. This does not mean that I haven't made mistakes. Life can be likened to mud wrestling. It's impossible to participate without getting any on you and the further down the socio-economic scale the more likely and quicky to be stained. That's why my message appears to resonate at a much deeper level than christianity, for example. Unlike they, who attempted to ill-conceive "moral perfection" and thus, frame us all as dirty, hopeless sinners in need of cleansing in the afterlife in which, oddly enough, ONLY their brand of salvation could get the job done. I merely lay claim to "moral relativity". So, whatever cries they scream they are fundamentally rooted in the loss of socio-political power the manufacturing of their false deity afforded. If they truly cared about the individual in question they would have taken great pains to ensure that the effects specifically relating to him were preserved. What really sends them reeling is that logic or knowledge which they so cavalierly eschewed and discarded turns out to be, not only what they needed, but so too all other religions. Religion as we have come to know it and it's meaning in our life has been significantly diminished in it's capacity as a global force of conscience.

It never ceases to amaze me just how rude and insensitive grown men and women can be despite the fact there is no just cause for it. These are people I would never want to know. That is not my intention here. My pursuit has always been the search for truth - altruism! Believe me when I say I feel nothing but the deepest sadness and sorrow for those in the preceding generations who were overwhelmed and their quality of life degraded by their teachings or rather branwashing. On the bright side, future generations will live with a much lighter load to shoulder as they weave their way through life with an actual light existing at the end of the tunnel should they seek to search for such answers.. My main concern is for the young people whose todays parents of mediocrity attempt to distort their own childrens views so that they are more inkeeping with their own by using me as an example of what happens when you attempt to stand up for what you believe. By saying that words mean nothing, that pursuing a path of conscience is a waste of life. Just because it turned out that they didn't have one of consequence does not mean it will be that way for everyone. Witness their reaction to me. Follow your heart!!! AND refuse to let anyone tell how you should feel about yourself how they subjectively perceive you! A developing life is a lot like butterfly wings, once touched they never get off the ground and learn to fly on their own. Just because the tired old refrain of "get a job and raise a family" suited their impotent outlook doesn't mean it's the defacto way to live for everyone. Besides, real family and friends stand by you no matter what you do. It's called LOVE. For the unitiated, "mooching" as the left-brained, invariably desensitized, right-politically skewed mindset is when a person either attempts to freeload off someone for extended periods of time for a combination of food, sleep and money. I was putting my camping gear in a back yard(setting it up there was completely out of the question as was keekping my bike there - pretty awesome relative huh?) of a blood relative and ONLY dropping by every second day for a shower and a moments repose. Yet, someone was watching, no obsessing over my every move and I was accused of taking advantage of my aunt and lying when I was accused of accessing social assistance when it was total bullshit. The fact is that there are some seriously warped and bitter people out there who not only resent me but who simply cannot tell between using someone and extending a couple of common courtesies which are to be expected when dealing with FAMILY! Consequently, my aunt either went into a disoriented state of dementia compounded with paranoia and/or someone was egging her on with a pack of lies due to their own lack of information or malice. As well, I am dealing with the irrational mind who does not want to "listen" or give you a chance to defend yourself or heaven forbid, figure a way through life that doesn't involve becoming as they have. My deepest sympathies to people in similar situations who experience equally toxic and insensitive bloodlines.

So, to reiterate for the record, I have no criminal record or history of violence. I grew up in comparative squalor and have visited there since which is one mark against my opponent. I have not had the pleasure of a woman(by choice) for 11 years. I have been denied the fulfillment of a word that would've seen me live under acceptable conditions. Mark 2)I have, just to prove to my doubters, that I could stop smoking marijuana completely and absolutely, despite the fact that it is totally innocuous with the laws governing it being absolutely archaic and prehistoric. I am also binded to a domain that IS worth a fortune and with all this notwithstanding how many people have I hit or blew a fuse at or how many walls have I put my fist through or property I have damaged, despite the fact that ALL my detractors have either sought me out and/or have cameras everywhere imaginable including monkeys in low places. In addition to all of this I go eye to eye, head to head, with THE most powerful political, religious, corporate and financial forces of our time. Who's dealing with "stress"? Look, these people want to play a game whereas I just want to live my life which is is something THEY find to be a joke. The bottom line is that in addition to mass religion as an ASSWHOLE - JESUS AND CHRISTIANITY ARE DEAD!!! There is no "rising" on what day? Oh, that's right, the third. It's pure baloney, total nonsense, a figment of their imagination and THAT'S why what I "whisper" irks them to no end. Get over it. They mindlessly go through the motions of morning and mumbling these inane cantations which are completely pointless and useless. It's all sad and pathetic. So, go ahead, roll the dice and take your best shot and crawl up my butt. People are well aware of the world in which we live and what kind of mindset(s) I am forced to confront. Human beings have been around in what we refer as its modern form for little more than 11000 paltry years. Does this BABOON really think it has or will lay the foundation for future generations given the level of digruntled bitterness they've come to embody and typify?. Either way you look at it I am a constant reminder that what is, in the big picture sense, as it pertains to the far right, is dying, it's waning and there is no force either universally or earthly that can do anything to alter the certainty of this outcome. To the fine gentleman who gave me a ride, thank you. To anyone else who feels so inclined have no fear.

This brings me to the second section of the theme of this particular posting. As the sound of the alarm welcomed in the new day I arose to a curious obsersvation of the world around me. The one of sound. When people camp outside they become accustomed to the sound of running water, wind in the tress, the birds, crackling of fire etc and those are all natural sounds. We hear and we expect them given the context. You see, the alarm I am referring to is not sound of an alarm clock as we have all come to know it but, the sound of a monkey cruiser. I reluctantly classify them as monkeys because of the role they play in our lives and how overrated they perceive their importance to be outside of matters pertaining to personal or property safety. As a now newly part of the homeless segment I have become atuned to the world around me at a different level and being a musician provides me with the quality ears I need in order to determine the IQ level of the people who emit or generate certain sounds including their pitch, length as well as their timing. The vast majority of sounds in any community should be fairly predictable and understandable. Even cities can have a generation of natural(I prefer that term to "normal", which can be so subjective) sounds. A city for example, should hum along with only the spontaneous or untimely sounds which grab our attention. However, when a certain sound reoccurs n pretty much the same time, under the same conditions, for the same duration then it must be further analyzed. This is not any sort of deja vu but repitition. Let me first state that this is merely a point of observation not annoyance or irritation. I mean, if some nutbar wants to ride around in a car provided by the tax payers to ostensibly roust the homeless then who am I to blow against the wind? I just find it a little curious that a siren goes off in the early morning hours at pretty much the same time , for an unusually long period of time when there's hardly any traffic on the road and while appearing to be in the same general area. The other sounds I find most intriguing are those in the mall. It's like these retail monsters are a constant construction zone. The point being that as we move further and further away from the sand-blasting, bombing, jack-hammer psychosis of the undesirable mindset of the 20th century we must not only consider "green space" but, "quiet spaces", places of respite and repose. We can't have these "monkey tools" haunting our every movement refusing to allow us any place or space where we can be at peace for anywhere from a few moments to a few hours to a peaceful nights rest. No one in society should be forced to deal with the functionally mentally disturbed who insist on finding ever more dysfunctional ways of "disturbing the peace".

I also realize now that it really wouldn't matter where I was positioned in life I would always chronicle or journalize my situation but, only the oddities, the irregularities or anomolies and especially if they unduly affect people. Providing everything is just going as usual then I pay no mind. My perspective is one of the free mind, the free citizen in a free society under the assumption that everyone has a right to get where they're going. I concern myself with the natural, the organic and the humane. The rest I leave to natural competition of natural abilities and I have complete confidence that the natural design will realize a natural order. This is not about me, me, me. This is about commenting on events, dynamics and policies which can effect anyone irrespective of their socio-economic position. I'd like to think that the day is not too far off when we can no longer distinguish the difference between homeless people and anyone else. That the day of "depression era" econmoics and policies are on the wane.

So, here I am in the midst of a transitional homeless period and I think it's fair to say that this is a considerably more effective form of protest than sleeping in the middle of the city in one of the areas designated to enhance the citys aesthetic quality for people visiting. The sterotyping or the stigma associated or projected doesn't phase me in the least. The basic requirements of life still hold true. Proper nutrition, a restful, quiet place of privacy and comfort, personal sanitary cleaning facilities, some form of transportation and a new concern I never factored in before and that is storage as opposed to dragging ones few belongings (chattels) around like some poor lost soul with the wheels coming off all over the place. This is indeed a beautiful city it's such a shame that it lacks the quality of conscience, the administrative creative minds necessary to complement the geography and level of wealth. Personally, I am of the mind that there is no need whatsoever to have people strewn about it given that we have such a vibrant digital wolrd so capable or meeting our instincts for human dignity that can be both personal, private and anonymous. Yet, there is an enormous amount of tampering that goes on witb the search and irrespective of any arguments to the contrary there is a sizeable segment of confluenced, affluent effluent who clearly do not take to people moving quietly and anonymously throughout our so-called free society obtaining the correct level and quality of sustenance necessary without resorting to faith-based charities or street level opportunists. After all this is not Soweto in south africa. It really is an embarrassment to the people who administer such regions that they have such a low human value index and regard for their fellow man that they even refuse to structure information in a way that allows a properly functioning mind to dove tail effortlessly from one area to the next. Let's look at what a beggar really is under the objective microscope. Someone who can't or won't(not politically discriminated!) create or produce something of their own and thus want something for nothing. Such as banks, lawyers, insurance, real estate, accountants and politicians. Certainly not world-class musicians with world-class domains.

The truly harsh reality for the godless iteration in this godless time frame is that the people whose values center around material and money simply refuse and are unwilling to acknowledge that real human worth or success is relative to creation itself and not material. Don't take me wrong, business does have a place in life especially for all those who could never make a mark in any other way. My gripe is elevating business to the top of the food chain with their participants using it as away to adversely affect our lives by politically tilting the tables in their favour to the detriment of everyone else. The world was not created witb a calculator, dollar bill and a stock exchange. Isn't it thou "art" in heaven? It doesn't refer to anything of the left-brain number cruncher who is now DESPERATELY trying to get back on the path to the "long road home". Real inspiration and joy stems from the creative or right-brain. Business "models" or structure lack emotion. It is a requirement of the objective or pursuit. That is a fact, not a politically motivated, emotional statement. It's much easier to be creative and learn numbers than it is to have an aptitiude towards numbers and be creative. Faith rejects knowledge or logic whereas morality stems from it, philosophy depends on it. So many lost souls looking for answers that could never be found in money or religion. Destined to come and go in life without never knowing the truth of human reality. Human bio-mechanics minus cognitive order are little more than a form of industrially generated, mutated form of a cyber-organism which we now refer to as "disconnects". Today's generations will progressively become more familiar and comfortable with life-long learning and unlike their industrial-age counterparts who will leave this world never knowing, for example, what computers can really do, the generations to emerge will age with a comparable level of technological functionality at least equal to their contemporary 20something counterparts.

I would hope that some of what I say here will provide some insights rarely seen and at the least, some stimulating debate on directions to take or policies to implement. I certainly have come to the conclusion that one of the primary reasons the homeless situation is so poorly addressed is that none of the politicians in this time frame have ever come down to earth for a taste of it themslelves. It is safe to say that they prefer THEIR lofty intellectual perches from which to survey such a landscape but, none of them have the skin or the courage to actually experience it first hand. It harkens the old Joe Souther tune "walk a mile in my shoes".(reminder - I interject these little musical quotes because I am all too well aware of the "generations" to whom I am driving right up the wall. I can't resist taking a jab at these "F"ony love, flower and "baby boomer" generations who SOLD OUT and now implement these policies of gentrification). Live with THAT!!! It amuses me to no end how odd it is that despite the fact they squeezed in and got their little bit of change and a shithole with a tv to crawl in with they're still as bitter as the sour grapes of wrath they will forever be entombed and enshrined. Nutcases, the lot.

The three area most important areas which I feel need to be addressed are rest areas which need to be safe, secure and private in addition to being reasonably.comfortable and accessible 24/7/365. Sanitation, which must be personal and private and nutrition which must meet a healthy standard capable of sustaining an active lifestyle because active lifestyles reduce the overhead cost in medicare over the long haul with the initial up front expentitures being easily made up with smaller medical bills and interventions such as surgeries, therapies, hospitalization etc. In other words a happier, healthy society results in one which requires less medical oversight, maintenace and intervention. All these issues become contentious because of the bottom-line mentality. For example, it is still not possible to purchase organic soy drinks in either half pint, pint or quart(in the cooler!) and this is undoubtedly due to the lobblying pressure and influence generated by the dairy producers(cow DUNG - to the musically inclined that's a D in the lowest octave on a keyboard as in the beginning of the song "desperado"). I mean, the price of cheese has already skyrocketed despite the fact that the supply of milk is over abundant. When a person is living a more meagre existance, so to speak, meat and dairy are simply not practical as well as affordable, not to mention that it no longer constitutes the healthiest of diets. As well, you need smaller portions due to issues arising from preservation. When you are on the lowest end of the scale precise nutrition becomes ever more important. Unfortunately, in today's socio-economic environment (with an emphasis on "today's") many of the people negatively displaced by fiscal policies reminiscent of the industrial age either lack the wiil or focus and are confronted with issues further compounded by and relating to psychological disorders. These people are seperate from those who are homeless for other less clinical reasons but, who still require tbe foundation of dignified sustenance. It is no ones concern how people are putting the pieces together. These NUTS just need to mind there own business and live their own lives. One of THE most fundamental problems is that everyone is just carelessly thrown together and sorted out relative to their economic, contributive potential rather than their basic human needs. In other words, the bottom line obejctive is central to the bottom feeders objective. Cash is god, cash is king!

The other area I wish to briefly address is the issue of an actual address. I mean, what would it mean to have an actual address anyway in a more digital and fliud world? So that we may be located or have something delivered to our door perhaps? With the advent of GPS anyone can be located by the sheer use of wireless communications devices in combination with the internet itself. As far as having packages delivered there are a myriad of ways to meet those requirement. The industrial-age interpretaion of an address is primarily where you "live" but, tbe world is changing ever so rapidly and even elections could, theroretically, in the future, have a much more fluid electorate. Now, this would drive the political parties batty because they, like their corporate counter parts demand stringent election controls for a more predictable outcome or, as in the case of the corporate predator, an always consistent bottom line with predictable profit margins for the bottom feeders. I mean, where the hell do people think they got control in the first place - the quality of their virtue perhaps? Gag!!! It always strikes me as curious how the right loves stability and has no qualms about unsettling others but when it comes to THEIR stabiliy they cry blue murder or bloody foul thus, turning to the dark side for answers and solutions.

It's time to realize that the opposition to these lines of thought create and produce the least, take the most and profit at the expense contained within areas vital to basic human dignity such as housing, food, clothing, education, communications, transportation and medicine. Some of these areas are and have been modestly addressed but, there is still quite a ways to go. Also observe that all of these areas basically constitute the public domain and not the private which leaves plently of wriggle room for the greedy, budding, aspiring capitalist. Remember too, life is about evolution with the letters "re" preceding it when an idea alters the cycle of life. So, what idea is realisticslly going put the world on a different course? An A-bomb perhaps? A new android OS? More more retail mutations? Maybe, architectural? NO! The frame of mind of the people we are dealing with today have made a mess out of it and they know it deep in their heart. They are endlessly frustrating precisely because they use money, politics and religion to replace reason and thus, exemplify the hard liners we have all come to know and despise. Simply a bunch of stubborn old coots(mentality wise) who can't get over the fact that true, memorable human success (that which is immortal - the soul - that which they SOLD and no longer posess) is measured on a scale that has nothing to do with materialism. Yet, this iteration accentuates or emphasizes materialism or the obtaining of the latest model of car or gadget etc as a way of generating the next wave of supremely irritating advertising and sphincter-flapping commentators and DJs. My new favorite point of amusement in retail are "clinical cosmetics", complete with white lab coats. All they need to do now is combined that with a walk-in-clinic adjacent to the pharmaceuticals where everyone can get their "meds", get all dolled up and cozy up with a good book. Hahaha!

And on the third day I rose... (pure mockery) only to find that I can't even get a cup of coffee without being harangued by a seemingly warped segment of society who still appear incapable of or unwilling to distinguish between real deja vu and the social dysfunctional patterns of "repetiton". So, for their benefit as well as others I will post a third entry or installment and try once again to clarify. It should be noted that the fact my opponent watches my every movement and gleans these postings repeating segments with such an obsessive scouring is all the more reason to drive the spike ever so deeply into their dark hearts. There is no "resting in peace" for this SLIME. Taking away jesus is a key component to ridding ourselves of this socio-economic vermin once and for all. Okay, so here's the skinny on authentic deju. You're in a foreign country, removed from familiar surroundings and you have genuine anonymity. You check into your hotel or wherever you're staying and go to sleep whereby you have this vivid dream. Now, the next day you go out into your new surroundings and a scenario "spontaneously" unfolds which is eerily reminiscent of your dream. THAT is genuine deja vu! Okay? Got it? So, when I go out and a bunch of baboons attempt to disorient ME, no less, with some hastily orchestrated social dysfunction of dysfunctional repetition then that is just plain stupid. When a playmaker in hockey continuously recognizes the defensive patterns regularly confronting he or she(like that gender non-discrimnation?), it does not constitute ANY form of disorder.

This is and it will ALWAYS be THE highest point on metaphysical landsacpe PERIOD. This isn't "the matrix" and we don't see two black cats in real time as was depicted in one scene and we don't digitally transform our bodies by sticking our head in the receiver of of a hard wired telephone. This is REAL LIFE and god is not human. It's time to wake up and smell the coffee before these people go around needlessly damaging more innocent lives in the name of their false god. That's right a FALSE GOD! What they have ended up doing, much to their dismay is raleigh around an image place holder such as the ones on IMDB where there is no face associated with the actor in a "really bad movie". Hundreds of millions of people centered on an image with no face, signature, body of work or evidence, who never existed in the form they claim, all waiting for the unfulfillable combination of that image holder with another never-to-be enity and what my "diamond philosophy" stemming from the center of moral relativity, has eloquently exposed, is the flaw in the prehistoric thinking in which THE WORLD now sees as being motivated by a vulnerability which was sadly present at the time. 1) The widespread presence of human gullability combined with an equal level of ignorance in addition to the noticable non-existance of scientific "instrumentation" to measure the ability to manufacture paranormal events we now refer to as miracles.

There is only one mount everest and it's just not possible to cut the top off one mountain to make another the highest peak. Not with the world bearing witness to it. This is the one, true proverbial pulpit and unlike my fanatical counterparts I don't use it preach but to repel the low life who are obsessed with degrading the quality of lfe of everyone anyonewho gets in their way to "total domination"(make no mistake, THAT is, always has and will be the hidden agenda.. I have come to the realization that most people simply do not know how to be tolerant, to have an open mind and especially, how to be "free"!. The spiritual lens of mh minds eye is not warped, scratched, cracked, chipped or broken and I didn't SELL OUT. It is "crystal clear" and for the record genuine trauma deviates the mind, it doesn't center it. There is no psychological guillotine capable of cutting off the heads of all competitors just so the ones who make them the richest and most powerful remain to implement their policies and agendas. The jig is up! It's over for all eternity. It's good night shirt. They took their best shot and came up short. This is the day the main religious domino known as christianity begins to fall. Whatever misfortune should befall me will be of a physical nature, not metaphysical. I mean, if my opponent(s) think they're so darn clever then how do they explain their whereabouts 20 years ago when all this was unfolding. How come NONE of their brilliant number-crunching left-brainers were prescient enough to procure what has undoubtedly turned out to be a highly valuable and influencial DOMAIN primarily as a result of these postings? Spiritual equivalent of a baboon with their thumb stuck up their butss and now these idiots are clamouring and stumbling in a clumsy attempt to recuperate lost ground like their lost souls which they never had to begin with. Their fascades are crumbling and burning.

I will, of course, remove the duplicate postings at an appropriate time in the not-to-distant future. I mean, how many people have duplicate files on their computer anyhow? Does that mean that everyone who has duplicate file names on their computer suffers from some sort of psychological disorder? Of course not. It just happens over time and I think it's a fair statement that mine are perfectly acceptable given the nature and scope of this context. The only other thing I will mention before I sign off is that 1) What's the deal with the disappearing pay phones? Another policy designed to negatively impact the homeless perhaps in addition to predatorially discourage the purchase of calling cards? Need I remind today's politician of the increasing importantce of open and ubiquitous PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS that is FREE? Payphones are designed to be a necessary supplement to peoples communcations, a convenience and NOT as a business policy intended to keep the cost of telephony unduly high and to force everyone into paying for these crappy so-called "smart" and cell phones). 2) I'm posting this to a backgound soundtrak of music in a time where all the style and flair has left the craft. Music has always been such a powerful social and political instrument Witness how big money and the corrupt music industry is using it's reach in an effort to silence it. What I hear emerging today is just so darn flacid. So inkeeping with their policies of gentrification. If I ever did end up in a seniors environment I sure do hope they have a place where I can still "feel alive"! If you catch my meaning. One thing is absolutely certain, I DO get a reaction! You wouldn't believe or maybe, you would, the lengths the lowest of low life go to in order to catch up with me, to send me a message, who look at me as though they know me. Then they go back to work. Oh yeah, no problems there. Everything is in working order there for sure. After all, they have a job and have a higher system value than those who don't! Did you ever think you'd see a world withsuch a profound motivation towards the promotion and celebrating of superficiality? Ohhhh, the godlessness is truly unavoidable.

I am treating these more recent postings more and more like a scratch pad for scribbling notes sort of like a sequencer where you fill it with all sorts of motifs and then reassemble it at a later time for the sake of creating a more cogent and coherent structure or composition. Besides, most of the issues I am dealing with now have, in many ways, more to do with little picure with people at ground level simply refusing to play nice with others. All that matters "to me" is having all of my thoughts digitally recorded for posterity and that includes the "echos". The important things to remember is that these postings are personal and they're not confined or contained within a legally binding contract or scientifically evaluated curriculum or structue. There is no right or wrong answer here. This is MY DOMAIN. PERIOD!!! People don't like it? Too damn bad.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and for understanding my continued need to be open and transparent. May your conscience continue to wax while your ignorance wanes.


Where have you been?...It's alright we know where you've welcome...

You know, once upon a time in the united states it was a criminal offence to spy or investigate a private citizen. Once upon a time in the west anonymity was considered a pillar of democracy. Today, people cozy right up beside you, almost sniffing you as a wild animal would trying to pry deeper and deeper in order to more forensically profile you or measure you, gauge your reactions and why? To better care for you? Perhaps, as an adjunct to a job interview after having gleaned some information about you on the internet on some social media website they dig a little deeper and loom in the shadows observing your every move. Maybe, governmental paranoia has reached epidemic levels of paranoid insecurity. Whatever the reason, we are unable to move as freely as we once could in our society obtaining the necessary elements of a life with dignity without it being immediately broadcast. Of course, no one minds if it is to our benefit but, even then if it interferes with our own choices it is somewhat disconcerting. I'd like to think that there is a mutual foundation of expectations for everyone especially, for us in the western democracies precisely because so many people have died for that luxury. This should be what distinguiushes us from other forms of tyrannies who press down much to hard on their populations preventing them from accessing the basic foundation of a decent life. Of course, it all eventually comes down to some form or mutation of ideology or the need to control economic territory.

Capitalism focuses on a higher grade of perceived liberation for an elitist wealthy segment providing you can pay the admission fee. That admission fee becomes an almost impenetrable glass ceiling with only those who yes, SELL THEIR SOULS and agreeing acquiescently to not "rock the boat", so to speak. If one should enter into the country club of elite access and bite that hand then a whole tidal pool chain of events unfolds with the unfortunate recipient of such social and corporate alienation in combination with fatal legal assaults being brought to their knees and cast out of any further referrals and invites. EVERYONE outside of this amorphous elite group is potentially a criminal subjected to relentless scrutiny, blank stares and disapproving gestures from pointed fingers to the proverbial monkey on the beat always harassing people so as not spoil the social aesthetic of the paying customers. Communism on the other hand has much more restricted elite access with the broad majority of the population kept so far down that most dare not raise their voice for the amount of people looking to gain favour aren considerable and the potential dagger-release points increase exponentially.

Paranoia (as opposed to being cautious or guarded) is such a delicate sense of awareness. Too much and you eventually start sputtering, exhibitng the symptoms of the onset of schizophrenia. Too little and someone runs off with your belongings breaching your entire identity leaving you to look like an idiot. The system experiences the exact same level of suspicion. The problem for the sytem is that suspicion is amplified when one factors in greed and religion. It is quite intriguing how controlling wealth and the thinking of the broader population at large can direct more and more resources towards targeting private citizens in a democracy. However, what politicians have to be mindful of in a democracy is that the money they're playing with comes from resources contained within a geographical region they themselves never created or even stimulated into existence and religion is little more than supposition plus an overwhelming desire to see or know, to have some evidence of what created us, what does it look like in exactly the same manner we try to get a glimpse of our favourite movie star or author etc. But, when I see purposefully having me investigated and stalked in a vicious attempt to undermine my peace of mind I fight back! It doesn't matter if you accuse someone they'll only deny it. They're dishonest and liars with cold hearts. It's all a game that the people with, play with the people without. We are confronted today with the worst sort of human psychology. The kind that uses the science of psychiatry, psychology and psycho-pharmacology to protect the system and it's various forms of religious extremist elements while promoting and pressuring people into a style of conformity and integration that mitigates their or our ability to challenge or speak out despite the fact that the very reason for such elevated suspicion is due to 9/11

I don't mind or care one bit if people treat sex like blowing their nose. I don't care if they have the whitest teeth and have never actually "lived" in order to confirm their right to be morally sanctimonious and thus, go through life like some giddy bubble head.. I don't care if people have failed to realize that we only get one shot at an organic sense of "calm" and then they go and squander it like their last $1000 on a game of chance thus, compromising their own brain chemistry and aiming their anger outward when the fault clearly lies inward but, what I do mind is being hassled by people especially, since I don't consider myself above anyone. I try arduously to just go about my life and get by. I am not a health care worker and while my philosophy is potentially hugely beneficial to those who have the mental facility to "get it". My posting or my domain is not or was not ever intended to be a magical panacea for people who really do require a more clinical, neurological solution. I am truly sorry. I wish a human life was so durable and resilient that you could wreck your body amd your mind and then seek out a magic touch from the equivalnet of a faith healer and just go on your merry way. Sadly, life iis just not that way. What I do care about is being able to be and express myself without any concern to my safety or my right to a reasonable amount of personable space and privacy where privacy is required.

To wind this segment down I want to deal with something that may seem to be discontiguous but upon further investigation the consistency will become obvious. It's a very powerful and yet highly misunderstood aspect of life and that is something known as "bonding", acts of bonding and what we look to connect with or bind to in an attempt to belong or to be a part of something,, something that is greater than us as individuals but, yet includes us as a natural component. Forced integration, for example, takes away from the integrity of natural bonding. Natural bonds are those that last the longest and which exhibit the most flexibility, elasticity and strength. Bonding does not just refer to relationships or people perse. Bonding is chemically structured in nature. In other words, it's chemistry. It could rationally be said that the entire planet is in fact undergoing an epic chemical reaction or metamorphosis. Matter combining, seperating and recombinating. This, when the diabolical agendas of political, religious and corporate egos are put in their proper place is what properly places evolution in it's correct context. While we may want and strongly desire to be close to or a part of something great or powerful we have to demonstrate a natural affinty towards that discipline, person, passion or team or even an element and it or they in turn will communicate or respond in kind. You'll know in your heart when you are connected to what you love. This is particularly true of healing. So, when a person looses their connection for example to their family(the first important experience of central orientation), to mother earth or reality or any profession or line of work that provided them with as sense of "identity, as it were, by way of some unfortunate event or experience, we seek to reconnect. It's in this reconnection that we sense or feel the powerful bonding, similar to a tractor beam, back to reality and thus, see how far afield we have deviated. Ultimately, that's where the real healing lies. We may look for it in others, our work, a special activity that invigorates or rejuvenates us or even a meditative state of mind that helps us restore our calm. Wherever we look or search that unsettling or feeling of dissaticfaction never stops until we find "center". Center = When the social dynamic is wrought with prejudice it's the place where we go to belong. When we are no longer loved, it's the place we go to seek solace. When it's "too noisy" it's the quiet sanctuary we search. When it's "too dirty" it's the place where we can be cleansed. When the air is polluted it's the place we go where we can breathe clean air. When it's "too complicated" it's the place we go for the simplicity that helps us to understand and see more clearly. When the pace is "too fast", hectic or busy it's where we go to slow things down so we can gather our thoughts. When it's "too high" it's where we look to get down to earth. When it's "too low", it's the place where we go to try and get our heads above water. When it's "too hot", it's the place we go or the things we do to cool down. When it's "too cold", it's the place we go to feel warm. EVERYONE has the implicit right to searc for, find and experience CENTER and no human being or assembly thereof has the moral authority to deny another this human right. THIS is the true nature of bonding and seperation as far as it relates to human beings.

It's actually quite easy to spot many instances of cognitively wobbly or shaky people by the t-shirts, bumper stickers, ads, billboards, online banners etc, etc, not to mention the nauseating industrial-aged media. The message, despite what they may want or intend to convey is ultimately communicating "I or my product doesn't matter and I don't care " for I cannot be taken seriously because I am an idiot and I lack the necessary education and communication skills needed to effectively socially interact or to sell a product or service that people actually need, not to mention, I have no real idenity or confidence. Usually, it's because the way they speak in public is so loud so as to be heard by anyone within a 3 mile radius or if it's in print the message is so trashy or stupid that it can only be interpreted as one of social indifference or litter. This type of individual or group has been in society in various mutations for ages . It's just that today they're forms are more easy to spot and all that is courtesy of communications AND this has brought with it a new burgeoning form of branching compulsive disorder known as socio-communal hypnosis syndrome. It is characterized by an extreme fixation or obsessive haunting of someones online blogging or posting to the point where the intended target is selected by a person or group for the expressed purpose of some form of social engineering irrespective of whether the individual poses any threat whatsoever directly to them or otherwise. It is both a curious and of course, as are mostly but, not all forms of psychological disorders, an undesirable behavioral pattern because it attempts to hinder or limit our ability to move freely about anonymously. I am always struck and have been, by peoples uncontrollable(key word in addictions and disorders) urges to inexplicably interact with complete strangers whether appropriate or not using the most primitive means and psychology imaginable.. I am one, socially of the mind as I am environmentally, to leave as small a footprint as humanly possible as well as interacting with people as respectfully and as gracefully as required. Others seem to take the approach of the louder and most obnoxious route. It's as though they're crying out for counseling to anyone within earshot regressively using whatever juvenile means at their disposal. I guess, if you can't communicate with the world and you're not considered pre-eminent in the field, so to speak, the next best thing is to try and get a rise out of someone who can.

It is of course, this freedom that I've loved and sought since growing up in the 70s but, one can't be truly free without dignity and dignity, as with any characteristic, implies a certain set of criteria or foundation. When other people can manipulate that with impunity then those people must be challenged. No one is suggesting for a minute that capitalism be traded in for communism but, there is a line and right now that line has been transgressed way to deeply for far to long. It's time to move the line of democratic equilibrium back to it's original starting point. Time to restore democracry to it's original lustre, to ger it back on track. Time to jetison this clandestine, fascist doctrine and their practicioners and expell it and them from underneath the democratic umbrella. When our choices become so restrictive, so specific and so limited we infact no longer live in a free society it's called tyranny by means of fascism. Political debate ultimately becomes monotous and pointless.

Survival is very demanding, exacting and for a very good reason. It's because we don't assemble, fall victim or prey under false gods or under the pretense of false values. It's so we see and live in the natural world the way it was designed to be perceived by calm, rational, crystal-clear thinking minds. The world was designed to be "sound" and stable. If it weren't it's creation would be pointless. Sure, many who don't have a"real identity" as I've now come to qualify such as materialists. religious fanatics or those who rely on the seemingly, albeit fleeting invincibility of youth or who still live at home or rely on mom and dad etc as a back up for protection can "pretend" to be smart or confident but, when it all comes down to what matters is they FAILED and they will continue this evolutionary deja vu cycle of lifes shortcomings until they accept their place, learn to live in peace with their fellow human being and stop measuring life relational to monetary or material accumulation. Ultimately though and invariably they will default to materialism because it's the easiest and surest way to give the illusion or impression of success. Also, they lack any other tangible quality. For these people and their ego life is a game played by head cases(subterranean MORONS). As earlier stated, competition, basic survival notwithstanding, is ALL about total domination for them as well as much of this iteration of military, dogmatic extremist, financial and corporate participants. People have to be reminded that if one bank could be the worlds supplier of financing and services they would in a heartbeat. The same goes for an airline, coffee company, ideology, operating system, search engine or even a sports team. ALL who compete on any field or plane want to be recognized as the best of the best. The real problem with the far-right mentaity is that they don't only want to win they also want to DESTROY and cripple all other competitors so that they can never be challenged again and therein lies the fault or flaw within their frame of mind. That is what has given rise to my line of thinking which communicates and quite effectively, I might add, to them. NOT ON MY WATCH you don't!!!

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and for understanding my continued need to be open, transparent and to penetrate ever more deeply into what now amounts to a dying psyche. The time is rapidly approaching where we begin to understand that our economics can easily be contoured to fit OUR needs as opposed to us being conditioned, comformed and integrated to comply with them. Ultimately, what kind of people or society prevents the emergence of beauty, brilliance and excellence in exchange for money, power and control? Certainly not a state of mind that is blessed with the oversight and protection of the ONE TRUE GOD!!! Let's take this godless, narrow-minded, disconnected line of thought, compress and encode it, embed it on a micro-chip, put it in the ground, pour the dirt on it and let's get on with a meaningful cycle of evolution for a change. I am content in that I am on their radar to the level where I am a point of deep concern for the "disconnects". Hence the source of the endless malice. There is such a thing as sudden and surprising repetition subjectively referred to as deja vu and then there's intentional positioning. Rest assured I can tell the difference. The monkey(academics, accredted bloated egos et al) has no center, is not at peace or happy. It's all good. Be cool, be safe.

May your conscience continue to wax while your ignorance wanes.


05/31/14 - Reclaiming our dignity - discretion is the better part of valor

This has turned out to be a most curious experience indeed. Dealing with what has amounted to be, more or less, a self-imposed state of homelessness one must deal with elements of society which can be quite daunting, to say the least. I should state that as with all of my positions taken it is a point of principle. We simply cannot allow forces in our society to limit either our feedom or privacy as well as impede or hinder our ability to live the lives we choose to live as opposed to having our lives bio-mechanically overseen, micromanaged and controlled by what appears to be a self-appointed tyranny by committee based mostly on the perspective that life as we know it has already been predetermined and resistance is futile. To my mind, if this were the case it would be incumbent upon the existing political administration to kindly inform the public that opposition to policies implemented by elected officials is no longer open to either public scrutiny or challenge. This notion that our civil liberties and dignity are to be decided and meted out by what amounts to democratic authoritarians is at once apalling and horrifying. It's not to hard to squint at the incipient seedlings of gated communities on the horizon like a financial lattice of berlin walls being systemically devised and constructed just so the "ruling classes" can preserve their aesthetic quality of life to the detriment of all others. It sure would not surprise me in the least given the fact that the right wing is finally taking the center and left of center, politically speaking, as a serious threat to their continued oppressive domination of our democracy and our world in general. Should we ever find ourselves in the same room on matters regarding business issues I will simply hold up a bag of computer chips shaking and directing them menacingly at the respective right wing political, financial, corporate and marketing mindset while emphasizing how each of them, minus heart, soul or god are functionally and procedurally destined to eventually be assimiliated into one or more of them for wreaking the havoc, pain and suffering and environmental degradation we all now find ourselves forced to come to grips with just so they could squeeze whatever profits they deemed theirs in exchange for submission to their false god(s) and unsubstantiated afterlife.

It never ceases to amaze me how, in the so-called better parts of town the persistance of intellectual elitism pervades. It's just one of those things that continues to irk me because the people who engage in it are total fucking mediocrity at the root. Their primary MO is to attempt to psychologically, physically and subsequently spiritually degrade all in their midst to the superficial value of overrated accredidation and materialism. If, however by chance, you are capable of looking, thinking and feeling great in spite of their seething social malice then the effect upon their psyche is all the more magnified. They, the right wing end of the human spectrum are truly despicable and disgusting. Without television as their primary means of delivering their political cancer the ears and eyes they reach continuously and dramatically decreases with each and every passing year. They have this way about them of creating and implementing an apolitically clinical and sterile social environment especially when senior citizens are manipulated as pawns in their cause. The only political concerns the seniors invariably tend to have revolve around activities and comfort. All activism impulses are all but extinguished so, the bottom feeders surviving or sustaining as a result of the geriatric trawling will vehemently defend that turf with democracy and social standards for all becoming the casualty of their intellectual arrogance. In other words, don't raise your voice or say or do anything to upsetting for fear of subjectively undesirable effects being generated. It's all so goddamned pretentious. I mean, how much entrapreneurial enterprise does it take to construct a business model centered on death, decay and the body's breakdown? This is why when someone such has myself has the capacity to do so and vitality is optimum to let loose and give it to this pompous right wing scum the exact same metaphorical sock of shit in the head as they have been giving to us decade in and decade out. It's also mandatory to update the message for this highly unstable, suspicious, superstitious and obsessive scum, as it pertains to the "christian white"(lol) JESUS IS DEAD, DEAD,.DEAD!!! AND that's for all eternity. The man never existed or wrote shit. Only the first-person author can be specific with respect to his or her intended audience. Writings are not created by committee, PERIOD. Without accountability there is no credibility or subsequent transparency. The identity is non-existant, not in exile but unseened and cannot therefore be substantiated or acknowledged in a "communications context". A figment of the imagination. Perhaps, this is why these spiritually deformed, malignant perverts need to rely so heavily on the innocence and naivete of youth and age thus, forgoing experience and independent thought. I am also a living testament that human beings have and seemingly still are desperate to create human beings with imaginary powers. Maybe, this explains why todays generations and to a lesser degree those of days gone by love comics with computer games and movie graphics being the extension of that inner desire to will into reality human beings with "supernatural powers". The thinking being that if you're only human then you can be crushed or beaten or killed for only god(s) can prevent the physical end of life but, all of this is just wishful thinking and the product of science fiction and fantasy.

This is why I am quite confident that if people, as we evolve and become more independent in our assembly of thought and information, are presented witb a clear choice between either funding the greedy extremist of the political, corporate and christian/religious right or should we subsidize the well-being of all with quality jobs and a realistic taxation scheme which can provide the social balance and equilibrium we all could use then I think the outcome would be a foregone conclusion. All we, as a society need to do is simply change our minds, shifting our focus from failed, outdated 20th century industrial media and dogma to a much more broadminded point of view inkeeping with the continued expansion of broadband communications. The far right as we once knew it is finally being exposed in the big picture context of the photo synthesis of the photograph as simply being to bloody narrow minded. It's a global psycho with it's ultimate agenda being needless pain and suffering for many for the sake of the extremist, lunatic fringe. It is without a doubt the very core and essence of THE SLIME OF HUMANITY!!! Case in point in a financial context. I had a CAPITALONE CREDIT CARD. We all know the one I'm talking about. The one that read "pay pass"oni it but, for some strange, inexplicable reason it ceased functioning as that. As well, the interest they charge is jaw dropping in addition to the fact that you pay $60 a year for the card with a 500 dollar limit. This is the type if financial filth oozing out of quebec trawling the financially compromised demographic in canada much like the recent mortgage scandal in the states. These people create and produce NOTHING while gouging the bejesus out of us, wrecking our credit rating and ruining our lives with impunity. It's organized crime plain and simple.

By now, you must be asking yourself the relationship this has with my personal experience with homelessness and so you should. First of all, there's the issue of food. The only places it can be accessed is through religious charities. This is a historical monkey wrench in the wheel of evolution. Religion is in our lives precisely because of human indifference to starvation no less thus, jesus provides(need to stop from vomiting). I mean look at our legacy in africa and other parts of the third world. Hardly moments to remember. I can't believe that people need to be shaken into being reminded that food is a human right, not a privilege. It's not a car. So, how did I solve my particular and temporary dilemma surrounding food? Well, being a self proclaimed MASTER of communications and a bonafide philosopher as well as an actual 1st-person author I thought at some length about the problem especially given that I was getting verrry hungry. My solution was elegant. You see, my "enemy of conscience", these so-called good christians et al would love nothing more than to see me withering away to nothing, writhing in pain, foraging through dumpsters, overtly begging whilst spouting off with the onset symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia. However, sadly for this liquid excrement, this low-life fecal matter on legs I remained true to myself and my line of thought. What did I do? Well, I went online of course. I went to one of the "used" websites and placed an ad which I won't specify in its structure or content but, suffice it to say that literally within moments I had a positive response from some really nice people without being forced to either encounter the cross or engage in a religious culture. As well, it got me thinking about the approach itself because it wasn't heavy handed. There were no pressure tactics or badgering. The people who responded did so out of the goodness of their heart from within the comfy confines of their home, car or office without any guilt being foisted upon them. Perhaps, it can lead to a more dignified and secular approach to sharing by completely seperating, once and for all, the stranglehold religion has had on such vital essentials such as food, shelter and education etc, etc.

At any rate, I was just so grateful and humbled by the generosity. It was just a one time thing and the people who did respond, approached me and offered to help know that my need is genuine and that as well as my discretion I rely on theirs but, nonetheless, it demonstrated that science and compassion is infinitely more powerful than all the worlds religions combined. The second and equally compelling need was a roof over my head, another human right. For this I once again used the liberation of the internet. However, I was mildly perturbed by the incessant questions just to get a place to sleep, eat and clean myself with comparative safety and security. I mean, what is going on here? We're human beings, we're not animals. Animals are designed to live outside whereas we as people are designed to be in a wind, water and virtually noise proof environment WITHOUT HAVING TO SACRIFICE OUR RIGHT TO PRIVACY!!! OR the need to provide references. The mere fact that these issues must be raised and parsed should be alarm enough to all in regards to the kind of right-wing mentality we are forced to tolerate in our world today. These people are total fucking animals bar none. Business can easily be practiced and pursued without infringing on human dignity but, this is the extreme nature of this heartless, godless right-winged mindset. They, the religious, corporate and political right, have literally HIJACKED DEMOCRACY for their own agenda forcing everyone outside the financial clique to grovel for the very foundation of what our founding fathers implied and whose soldiers fought and died so gallantly for whether they managed to articulate it with precision or not. I mean, some people love being controlled and puppetered like commercial marrionettes on some sick, twisted stage play. They clearly lack the mental facility to grasp the true definition of freedom and they will do all they can to limit it in others as a means of realizing their few crumbs like pidgeons hanging around a park bench in an affluent neighbohood where the rich while away their time. To compound matters the most mentally healthy among us have to put up with these pathetic christian fanatics frantically promoting fantasy ressurections and ideological delusions with impunity while anyone else such as Canadians for justice and peace in the middle east(Whole-heartedly recommend you take in the exhibit as it tours Canada throughout the summer in the respective museums and rec centers - especially, the palestinian display - truly demonstrating that "higher culture is based on cruelty") being made to deal with supposedly anonymous callers threatening violence here in victoria unless the exhibit is not immediately removed. The fact of the matter is that the real truth be known the uniformed baboon(cops) have more than their fair share of christian fanatics in their ranks. It's all rank horseshit and low-level politics of the most sordid order.

At any rate, despite the rough waters, with the help of some very fine people and an indominable will I am still here doing my own part working and striving for a better world, not just just for myself but, for all. My postings also demonstrate that the odd expletiive, when properly placed, can indeed punctuate, accentuate and emphasize the penetration of a given message to the desired recipient. You see, this segment of society likes to think of itself "above it all" as though they never use the erotic language of sex or get angry and upset to the pont where they loose control but, if we were all like that my god, we'd all live in clinics, hospitals and some variations of legal forum where the sedate protocol becomes the norm.

The bottom line here is that I have domain in the intrinsic sense of the word. It's comparable to tenure at a university or college where you just can't be arbitrarily dismissed or ousted on the whim of ego. The true head master in the global digital university who brough focus at a time most needed when the world's conscience was shattered by ideological insanity. Read the information contained within that link and weep for when you go to war with your biology YOU ALWAYS LOOSE!! Try to think of evolution in the sense of the bridging of the subconscious with the conscience. Two end points meeting in the middle. It's easier, when understood in this context, to see how religion has reached prehistorically in the dark but, in the absence of a tangible, measurable universally recognizable link to the afterlife the ideologies simply evaporate into thin air with evidence being produced clearly showing their line(s) of thought was/were "off center". Case in point appropo being D-DAY; I go out for my morning coffee and a person walks past me with a graphic "depiction" on a t-shirt of a person with thorns in their head. Obviously it was supposed to be jesus but, these people are sooo unstable and giddy headed that had I engaged her inquiring as to who was that on her t-shirt she would've effusively exhalted that it was the lord BUT! Had I pointed out that there was never any such person and that there isn't an exact reproduction of that specific image in all of christianity's churches she would've no doubt exploded because the brain washing of these people is replete making them highly volatile, incendiary. So this idea that it's these other religions who are the terrorist or radical fanatics is complete propaganda, jibberish. They, the christian fanatic, constitute the wierdest of the wierd, the screwiest of the screwy, the nuttiest of the nuts and that's why they stalk you when you do become a target speaking out of both sides of their mouth saying you pose no threat to their line of thinking but, then trembling in their boots because they know deep down in heir hearts it's, CHRISTIANITY IS DEAD!!! Just observe for yourself how, from this time on, in just about any community they dominate, how they generate social distiortion, awkwardly concealed administrative corruption and of course, subsequent GODLESSNESS! That's why it should be noted that many of my so-called typos are directly as a result of "cross-hacking" from anywhere such as unethical I.T. cultures, unsecured networks and your respective covert law enforcement wackos. Pick one.

As much as we'd all like to think to the contrary human beings simply cannot afford to shelve our essence for politics, money or religion before it catches up with us. Something which environmentalism has clearly revealed. Now, while human beings have demonstrated with unwavering application and unending consistency throughout evolution the ability to live a bio-mechanical life complete without any realistic relationship whatsoever with our natural and organic spiritual essence this time frame and the persistence of emerging generations will continue to come together, concentrate and subsequently break apart until people finally realize that it is CHOICE and choice alone which brings us together to create meaningful, long lasting relationships both personally and globally in all their variations. It is quite easy to feel safe and secure in a financial or material sense even though for most it never feels quite as fulfilling in regards to accomplishment and success as we'd like to think but, when as an adult, a person has knowledge or informational integrity which is absolutely essential to the continued and stable evolution of the human race it fills one with an irreplacable sense of well being, a state of mind that money or materials simply cannot or will ever fill.

This is the true nature of understanding our individual freedom. The difference between the personal and public domains. I wonder, is it the position of the far right that due to the fact that virtually everyone is now under suspicion as a result of the war on terror that anyone who draws attention stemming from political notoriety that we(the system) must now attempt to standardize private, personalized behavioral patterns confined to the personal domain by using "invasive procedures" in order that there be a more precise application of selective criteria to better place individuals in society, what social and corporate ladders they or we should be permitted to climb, career paths taken or jobs held? Many people do or engage in a whole host of actions or activities in private that they would never perform or exhibit in the public domain and once this threshold is breached freedom as we all once thought we knew it is dead. This is PRECISELY why the shift from an industrial media business model to a more personalized, individual and private configuration(crystallization) and ultimately commercial free form of media consumption MUST be undertaken as quickly as possible because the SLIME OF HUMANITY representing the far right knows no such bounds and it also why it is vital to perforate all their ideological weaknesses to the point where they cannot be permitted to use them as justification to further oppress and subjugate the masses anymore than they have already gotten away with.

The opposition to this line of thought is as old as the science and structure of communications itself and it will be here looong after I and countless generations have come and gone. The "dark side" of the equation has been at war with any and all since humanitys inception from the primordial ooze. They've attempted to use everything from money to military combined with the emergence of dominating industrial media style propaganda in addition to totally unsubstantiated assertions of spiritual exclusivity for the most obvious reasons. To rape, pilage and plunder the world and its people for power and wealth resulting in a superimposed form of social superiority in some instances under the guise of love, no less. However, due to the self regulating transparency which the world astonishingly now finds itself under, agendas which were once easy to manipulate and control have now become somewhat irritatingly awkward to implement without drawing someones attention which can then be immediately magnified on a global scale. The no-talents, carpet baggers, hustlers, opportunists, gamblers and power mongers suddenly find themselves in a world much harder to skin, as it were, and their cumulative frustration is showing. As is the nature of communications be it a hummable hit song, sensationalized headline or ad campaign they will all one by one fall on the trash heap of mediocrity and be as quickly forgotten as their moment of passing and the low carry of their voice because when push comes to shove they represent little more than the politics of destruction facilitated by corruption and/or violence which is their last fig leaf.

This is a constant reminder that this ONLY 2014 and both the world and democracy will continue to evolve and it will not be along strict lines of the aims of industry because capitalism as it exists right now in this very moment, this historical snapshot = ORGANIZED CRIME -PERIOID!!! In order for the ideology to regain any more of the lost ground of global integrity which it has lost at break-neck speed it absolutely must include soicialism in the policy shaping as a counterweight because what is presently at the heart or center is pure predatorial garbage with neither god, soul or heart. That mentality simply cannot be counted on to be compassionate so in order to maintain a proper socio-economic balance socialism as a policy mechanism has to be considered in the course of events. This is why wrestling the reigns of mass media as the 20th-centurypropaganda machine, which only distorts the political optic to a warp, is paramount. Which reminds me as well the this "optic" television business model that is being peddled is total fucking shit and so is the music programming with the key word being "programming". The scum who drip and drool over this are invariably over-the-hill slobs and psychos who care nothing about the "community" or ideas such as progamming independence and privacy. All they care about is making money, plain and simple. You know, for over 8 years now I have become the central attraction in the eyes of a whoe array of LOW LIFE. They've crawled out of every gutter, nook, cranny and recess like the mental defctives they are with no life and no "quality" trying to slither up next to me or get a rise out of me just to show they have something between there ears that isn't SHIT-FOR-BRAINS. A word to the wise, I never "fell" from any lofty height. I voluntarily relinquished my material status. All I had to do was be more selective in my ass-kissing-words as they all did and still do and I'd being in the same secured,.comfortable surroundings. However, I'd also be "A GODLESS DISCONNECT" just as they turned out to be. That is precisely why I am such a target, irritant and HUGE THORN in their side. Everyone knows it. The only head game is in the figment of their imagination. They have no metaphysical counter move. If they did they wouldn't be overcome with such obsession. They know they're the scum of the earth whether they hold title, office or material worth. I wouldn't and won't play the game and that sticks in their craw like a razor blade in the gums.

On a seemingly unrelated note; Remember, a home without music, inclusive laughter or dance is a joyless instance of spiritual architecture (GODLESSNESS) which are the domain and habitat of such professions as the bean counter, financial consultant, marketing rep, the agent, the lawyer, politician, media mogul, etc, etc. People who think primarily about money, how to make it and how to keep it. Religious domiciles on the other hand try to block out the world around them with images and sounds specific to their dogma and are designed to insulate or circumvent the need to understand on a rational plane, why events are unfolding in their present manner. Should you find yourself in such company or structure politely excuse yourself as quickly as possible less you become infected with their desensitized indifference. They constitute the LIVING DEAD. To think that this geographical location is the "forward" thinking end of confederation sends a chill up my spine when I contrast it to the rest of the country. What end would the rest represent??? Think abput it. I've visited the low end of the socio-economic spectrum and what many people are completely oblivious to is the level of exploitartion that goes on with the poor and working poor. Just how many garages are literally overflowing with belongings left behind by the less fortunate and the marginalized. One look at the enumerable scavengers hauling junk should be a powerful enough to how they become cornered and in more instances than the politician will entertain are drven to despair due to psychological submission. You know, human dignity and accompanying rights have much more to do with the independent self than just food or shelter. It is also about the right to have a place to live complete with appropriate legal recourse. For example, (if you see this place advertised around Marigold in Victoria, take my advice and DO NOT RENT IT!!! unless, of course, you enjoy being under the observation of a control freak) This chap, who is in his eighties gives you "one key" to the residence BUT! there is no key for the outside door which is reinforced and no key to the backdoor. He's pure low life complete with a psychotic whore in the basement(total fucking SKANK!!!. The place stinks and it's very dirty. He's a mental case. He's a poster child for how NOT to live and age. The house is full of pain and sadness. No one calls or visits. He's totally inactive and he buys all the help he needs. He's your typical transplanted american who made all the wrong choices as a materialist, put all his faith in 1)money 2)religion and 3)pharmaceuticals and the social system which would never support his train-wrecked body in america because of the sheer cost while placing the greatest burden on the system itself. Then he comes in here living off the proceeds of the most impoverished and the destitute. A total headcase to be sure and as phony as 3 dollar bill. For example, there are no regular sized glasses or cups. They''re all oversized. So, when some poor recovering addict tries to pick up the cup in the morning the cup is shaped to emphasize the"shakes" which he no doubts views with his hidden camera. How we let this scum across the border is beyond me. What that implies or means is that should your stay become strained for any reason this particular 80 year old man(initials LMJ or LJ - An american - jew) with a completely misaligned back and a medicine cabinet to match any local pharmacy can, subject to his own whim, lock the doors until you comply. Undoubtedly, the reason there's a sign over the door stating no profanity is to be used for surely it has streamed from many a tenant who this certifiable nutcase has obsessed over because he has no life or brain to speak of and that's why he centers on the people he rents to instead of anything meaningful. Toxicity oozes from him and is appropriately complemented with the nauseating stink of stale cigarette smoke. The real joke is that he claims to be "spiritual" when he is blatantly godless. A totally phony instance of spiritualty who not only "thinks" he's clever but he's a no good dirty yank and old man who's never factored in that being "good" is a key essential component of being considered spiritual(have no illusions, him and his whore are reading this). A number-crunching relic of the 20th century. Anyhow, I suspect the thinking behind the way the locks are manipulated is as a result of compounded issues arising from an inability to dominate or control. People like this should be advertising for nurses or caregivers because they're so interminably sick, socially speaking. Their security paranoia could be as a result for anything ranging from behavior compliance, money issues or even sexual favours for that matter. There is a lot of desperation out there and no shortage of low-life animals to take advantage of those circumstances. In his and others defence there is also a huge amount of mental instability at these lower socio-economic levels. However, the mere implication of such a scenario is chilling. When anyone rents ANY living space the person renting MUST have absolute free reign to come and go as they please, common sense respect notwithstanding. Whether they realize it or not it is not the landlords place to rent to people in order to dominate the residential environment. Once a person agrees to rent or share then they forfeit a certain amount of control by sheer virtue of the agreement irrespective of whether it's been legally itemized or not. Be careful out there! There's a lot of cuckoo birds like this sicko who think just because they work or own a house have the right to diminish our dignity and civil liberties and when you're financially compromised or marginalized a persons "effective legal recourse" diminishes significantly and these PREDATORS are keenly aware of it. Remember too that where's there is law there is the increased liklihood of injustice. Law is a privilege of the rich, of the land holder. This is a historical FACT! The other important factor to consider is civil unrest and how it can be manipulated by religious and political culture alike in an effort to confuse, destabilize and subsequently legitimize the necessity of their status and the need for elevated police presence. The choreographing of social tension is an old skill deftly wielded by the powers that be for centuries. Perhaps, that's why as I write this I find myself curiously presented with a violent instance of a domestic dispute. When people cannot achieve whatever the objective is through rational means they will ALWAYS resort to "extremes". It is human nature.

Lookin out for number 1!!! THIS is the essence of competition and survival. When the chips are down EVERYONE defaults to their own survival be it an instance of one or an assembly of many and that conscience will use whatever force and skullduggery necessary to perpetuate it's existance. It will exploit the "gap of ignorance" and/or use force by way of fear, intimidation and yes, TERRORISM most notably socio-economically as a means of holding onto hard fought ground or territory. The great information revelation of this time frame is that the human form is a combination of man, machine AND animal. The juggernaut though for the ruling classes, at least in the west, is that they've hitched their wagons, bet everything and hard wired their devotion and commitment to democracy(this is also why communist governments tend to be so skeptical of democracy) thus, paving the way for the application of LOGIC - (not found or subjectively assembled in TV land or the fantasy of movies or the language of ANY fiction be it derivative of science or literature - TRUE LOGIC IS LINEAR AND FLAWLESSLY STRUCTURED - this is precisely why the medium of television is at a DEAD END) as opposed to violence&corruption and what that implies is that people no longer have to place themselves in harms way for example, by placing themselves physically around their local legislatures in the lotus position in order to protest or change socially negative legislation . No, all that needs to be done is for the "good people" to hold fast, firm and to vote with their conscience for despite all the carefully crafted and eloquent claims politically to the contrary, the movement and exercising of conscience through the heart of democracy is the political rights worst fear realized and come to life as it is the science of open COMMUNICATIONS which makes it possible and as real as the air we breathe and believe me, the political right knows it. They spare no effort in communicating this to me. I get to them like no one ever has in the history of humankind! All that the truly decent people need do is to KNOW that in the long run science eventually overtakes(tortoise and the hare), overwhelms and defeats emotional instability or the passion of religious or patriotic extremism EVERY TIME!!! PERIOD. The simplest test of validity(spiritually) in assessing anyones political state of mind is to merely evaluate the combined level of bio-mechanical functionality(what they DO), animal psychology(willingness to leverage desperation) and cognitive functionality(conscience - sensitivity) in order to accurately determine their motivation or how HUMAN a person truly is and exemplifies for it is this real, natural, original line of thought along which humanity is and has been continually evolving, not physical strength or brute force. The force human beings have always exerted as a means of attaining and maintaining power is an evolutionary mirage improperly, subjectively interpreted by, what we now know to be, the result of a snapshot of a continuously forming anf shaping primitive cerebrum. Always remember that meditation is the collective concentration of LOVE over EVIL and all it ever needed was a connective tissue or thread in order to bring it together and this is precisely what COMMUNICATIONS provides. The mindset of the extreme right is dying as I type this with its death grip loosening with each passing day and they know it. They've always represented the source of human ugliness, the dark side of the equation, the stem cell of psychological disorder for they are out of concert and alignment with REALITY because they create and produce NOTHING. The far right is literally being thought out of existance!

To even entertain the notion or to think about tampering with PURE HUMAN LOGIC is akin to sexually molesting a 3 year old child. The continued sustaining of concepts such as democracy and freedom are extremely delicate and very fragile whereas todays corporation is a desensitized fucking 20th-century ANIMAL completely obsessed with its own militant, predatorial survival. To have any of these communications corporations at any table engaging in discussuions surrounding mental health would be like inviting a producer of toxic pollution to offer sollutions to problems regarding clean air especially, when such sollutions ultimately destroy thier business model. This is also preciselly why all democratic governments have a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY to implement an open, public network(exactly mirroring public transportation models) or public,.wireless communications access which can then be utilized by what constitutes a one-time cell phone purchase without any recurring charges whatsoever. Then those corporations can charge whatever they want. Ultimately, they're dying out anyhow and it's entirely due to the fact that they haven't created or produced one tangible item nor do they generate any benefit or upside to the communications or community fabric. Todays communications corporate business models center on garish, boring, obnoxious advertising, their decaying moral credibility, right-wing political affiliations and nothing else. Furthermore they don't have the right to dominate the electro-magnetic spectrum because it was something which they also didn't create. Public communications infrastructure is an inevitability for when democracy fails that's when chaos ensues. The world can live without any religion but without freedom and democracy the world becomes little more than a BAY OF PIGS! careening towards another CMC!!.

There are many doors metaphorically speaking, in the house of god - The evolution of the door is indeed a curious investigation. The ability to enter and leave any architectural structure is facilitated by a door. A window, on the other hand, is primarily used for "looking" in or out of a particular structural instance. However, in order to keep any structure secure you not only require a door but you must also implement the ability to lock it and in some cases to guard it. This need arose due to the fact if belongings were left out in the open or unprotected people would steal them. It does appear that it is easier to leverage, abscond or wrangle something from someone than to produce of the self. You see, human beings are not only inherently corrupt but lazy. This is ultimatetly the nature behind law, money and politics. It is also what has given rise to a psychological disorder known as prejudice. Prejudice, by definition is the purposeful discrimination and direct refusal of entry of people who have a perfect right to access or participate by another who constitutes a self ordained entity of superiority by means of force(specific constraints), discouragement or punishment or as it pertains to systemic bureaucracy "complexity" which is designed to discourage or demoralize people from seeking access to services that they, we are entitled. The behavioral patterns of ALL governments is consistent throughout the human condition no matter what the size. Once a political movement assumes power they invariably resort to complexity and discrimination as a way of "conditionng" their subjects. Always forgetful that governments are designed and intended to serve people and not the other way around. This is why global cynicism towards politicians is at an all time high. Politicians have ALWAYS been corrupt and dishonest with themselves and the electorate. For example, people who were non-white were very easy to target and discriminate against by virtue of their skin colour but, as we emerge into the 21st century the object or target of alienation and recrimination becomes more and more "one of thought". An open mind is blessed with all the right neural pathways operating without any cognitive blockage. So, being that communications is an innate human impulse cell phone providers have no business attempting to block those doors of UNLIMITED FREE ACCESS to the electro-magnetic spectrum since it is not a product of their creation. Consequently, governments do not have the right to block access to proper food and nutrition, shelter etc, in exchange for job searching for it leverages basic human essentials in exchange for the political and economic mutation of manufacturing and maintaining a labour camp. In other words, it's political BLACKMAIL.

Doors began as quite primitive enclosures but, curiously enough became part and parcel with the emergence of monumental style architecture adorned with the heaviest and most unwieldy of components such as very heavy wood and solid brass continually evolving into doors which seamlessly and effortlessly open with the mere appearance of human form. It is also quite possible to imagine digital structures where encryption is required to both gain access and secure. To the best of my knowledge most people enjoy going through doors that are easy to enter and exit with minimal fuss. I mean, if doors were meant to be complicated and barely negotiable so few of us would be permitted entry in the first place. This is the nature of fabricating religious exclusivity so that only people who rigorously follow a certain style of ritual or doctrine are permitted to a proposed afterlife of spiritual architecture but, without independently validated and irrefutable evidence to support that fact no person or entity has the right to deny another the essentials for dignified human sustenance OR more importantly a globally implied right to proceed onwards to the afterlife. Especially, since they lack the ability to prolongue life indefinitely or prevent death until such compliance is forthcoming. We, as people and I include myself, find ourselves dealing with a most notably LOW quality of humanity who have and are continuing to deny access to fundamental essentials despite the fact that the ability to do so exists. In my humble estimation they are in direct violation with every natural law of order instinctively known to the human race and it is precisely why this far-right mindset be it enlglish over frenck(visa versa)men over women, whites over blacks or straights over homosexuals or christians over muslims(visa versa) and even capitalist over communist invariably attempt some form of incarceration in an attempt to force capitulation, submission and/or conformity. If all else fails they will try to drive people mad, force a violent reaction so that they're intended victim either commits suicide or behaves in a way that warrants their destruction. All applications are designed to shift the burden of guilt or shame onto the victim thus, avoiding moral accountability. However, what they failed to factor in at a time of transparent communications combined with an elegant application of LOGIC is the morally centered becomes cognitively and effectively juxtaposed to the moral deviant irrespective of wealth, title or office. This has the impact of metaphorically exposing the glacial evolution of change and their role or point in time and space, in it.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee. When the first biblical iteration was printed it "signaled" (in a communications context), mans first attempt at linear reason much like it's first attempt to land on the moon. As it turned out it was clumsy and deeply FLAWED. This is why that release was neither defacto or standard and it is why the bible has gone through so many machinations. Religion is a catastrophic, evolutionary joke as is america. Reason is just another word for LOGIC and logic began in earnest with the early greeks some 300 years BC and that is a historical fact. Yes, I've had to resort to religous charities for food but, it's only because they are the only recourse available to me and countless others lest we want to be enslaved by the corporate uniform and muzzled in our so-called free society. The point I'm making here is that all the nay sayers and village idiots are not just looking for a hero, they're looking for jesus! BUT! the problem with that particular line of thinking is that IF a person ever did choose to go on a hunger strike and subsequently wind up in an extremely weakened and vulnerable position, exposed to the mainstream uneducated, unethical and amoral then that person would be socially mutilated and cursed for even attempting to take the place of a state of mind that is intrinsic to the human condition and not the intellectual property of any one person. The other aspect is the people who don't care or believe in any god whatsoever. The people of money, law and politics. The SLIME OF HUMANITY. These people hate both religion and logic as they both significantly erode their power base. The really ironic twist and creepy thing about the sullied embrace of all the far-right ideoligies is how religion manipulates money for the sake of one day secretly fulfilling its religious glory and how money manipulates religion in the hopes of dominating the world. Truly, the two headed snake analogy is very fitting indeed. While both claim all challengers are either evil or the devil. Enter the psychiatrist with its litany of pharmaceutical sedatives. A culture which will undoubtedly combine with genetics and computer programming to produce the perfect tractable and docile cyber-organism. The new religion flawlessly micro-managing and integrating what was once known as the random life form of free will and choice into a constant unrebelious organism that feeds the bottom line (THIS line of thought they can identify with!) corporate tyrants. You gotta love how they've all conspired to spin the planet completely out of control without producing one fucking iota of human essence. Trying to overtake our "feelings". Dictating when it's appropriate to laugh, cry or be angry all, of course, relative to the high of religious euphoria or business bio-mechanics when it's this industrial war mongering mindset that is predominantly responsible for the negative displacement both we and the planet find orselves in. Which means however, what is important for christianity, as it is the primary source of political contamination in the west, is jesus is not GOD, was not and will never again reappear in the form the bible approximated or fabricated for the sake of procuring political influence.. No one gives a shit about being "saved". What people really care about is being "free" in this one gift of physical life. Free to vote our conscience and we can't do that as long as we're being BLACKMAILED with starvation and homelessness. Resisting with the stiffest upper lip won't ever make it so and all that will happen is that more and more people will continue to be unjustifiably subdued, conditioned and oppressed by the systems "blunt instrument" while democracy and true freedom continually become an animal by-product, a side effect or collateral damage. Just keep in mind who's obsessing about whom! The good people are merely watching these proceedings like any other form of drama while the poorly educated and poorly developed minds are grasping at straws spitting and spouting off like a kettle unable to control its release of steam. It's ALL GOOD! I've become accustomed to counseling society's mental defects in this time frame.

TWIMC: You are going down, one way or the other and you will be removed from human discourse and prevented from causing anymore damage to innocent human beings. Your days of spiritually polluting the planet are definitely numbered. At this age I have become exceptionally adept at reading the face of the godless. Like a palm reader reads the lines of the hand I can see the bitterness etched in the grimace of the lines of a face of a bad life lived. Left brainers with no artistic capacity whatsoever, less amount of sensitivity or tenderness, totally devoid of creativity. I can hear it in the dissonent tone of the sardonic laughter, see it in the crooked back stemming from the crooked mind, read it in the words of malicious policy of those who have no quality. The veiled threats and communiques of the bio-mechanically functional, albeit highly competitive psycho-path(what do you get when you cross an extremist jew with extremist american capitalism?) who have become a negative force and influence in our lives under the cloak and shadow of the evolutionary night. But, no more. No place or arrangement of words will conceal your identity forever more. Read these words now and heed them later. For the record, the godless or the disconnects as in the context of the phrased which I'VE COINED lack any real sensitivity and in fact they mock those of us who still wish to hold onto our emotions. For example, they can't hold a cat and give it affection. They think the cat is talking to them when in fact it needs to be picked up, held in someones arms, as do all pets and those who we truly love. Real people of love want to be held and caressed, to have their eyes looked into deeply, lovingly. To the godless it's just about the sex and yet, they'll go to great lengths in TV land to censor a movie with graphic language as they peddle their delusional, sensationalized and fantastical forms of extreme violence while the christian, moral minority, those who predominantly control the world of corporate media attempt to obvuscate any truly healthy form of sex education so that we can begin evolutinary cycles of removing sex predators from our society altogether as opposed to diminishing the internet for the purposes of "big brother hacking and voyeurism". Truly, their hypocrisy know no bounds and as such their type of thinking arguably poses the greatest threat to the true realization of our peaceful community. This alone should be an alarm bell for the godless for while the industrialist pollutes the planet so to do the jews, christians, muslims, hindus, siks etc, etc attempt to spiritually pollute and sever the natural relationship we, as people, share and have with mother earth. I suspect, however, that as they scour and read my words witb greater care and attention that they are indeed tuning into the fact that they're emotionless, greed centered, faith-based forms of mental illness are indeed "off center" and as the black hole over which they temporarily hover while alive gives way they will be immediately consumed by eternal darkness for what they have done, are doing and conspire to do to both the planet and its inhabitants. Oh, and maybe this is why they're still obsessing (grasping at straws) as well with respect to my "sexual orientation"??? Yeah, well when you can seduce me and get me to come willingly, under my own volition then and only then will you be able to stop spinning and sputtering in endless speculation. You're society's low life. The very essence of human sewage so, be verrry careful to whom you express your thoughts. Until then just do your fucking job!!!. Identifying the REAL ENEMY - OF CONSCIENCE is half the battle. Communications will take care of the rest and eventually bring the natural order back to its ORIGINAL form and balance - EQUILIBRIUM. It's merely a question of time. YOU ARE MINE - YOU HAVE NO DOMAIN HERE - SCUM OF THE EARTH!!! - This is why. In open communications, in the open space of the open mind of the UNIVERSAL DOMAIN NAMING SYSTEM where free will and free choice were always designed to reign supreme you cannot control the center of gravity in a contextual, communications sense because you don't have or own the essential message which naturally complements or matches the medium. Not unless you wish to stand transparently in front of the world as an instance of flagrant violence and corruption. Ooops! looks like you missed a spot.

When people are truly honest with themselves they and we know that any solution of this magnitude which doesn't place christianity or islam or the jews or america or capitalism or even communism at the peak is ultimately rejected and what that implies is a predisposition or "prejudice" stemming from a narrow, small mind incapable of seeing "the big picture" . - Ahhhh boo hoo. The goal during this go round is academic and that is to minimize the role of the programmer. FUCK THE PROGRAMMER!!!in all its glory. Specifically, the systemic, religious, political, psychiatric and content programmers who want to stick their dick and no-talent faces in every aspect of our lives, communications wise, in which we now are presented with the ability to technologically empower ourselves to customize our own little world minus ANY "input" from todays legions of molesting mediocre, egomaniacal perverts. With particular reference to quebec media and its junk technology. Why don't this low life qubec media create a common pool of music and the let people search and assemble our own playlist? Maybe, because they delight in "programming molestation" or maybe, they're pissed because they're not a country. You can give it but ya can't take it - Goddamned PUSSIES!!! Foutez le camp et baiser moi!They're under the mosaic of the Canadian Confederate Domain and as such will have to "suck it up" and learn to put a lid on their deep hatred and prejudice of the english. Remember, the cradle of the french culture is France. Ahhhh boo, hoo. Poor little unstable quebecoise. At least, when I communicate it's with the enitre world. Who the fuck are they interacting with? Themselves? Hahaha This is not just about the quebec media but , more importantly the american media. I mean, the last time I checked this is CANADA, a country I love and one in which I am proud to be a citizen. So, my question is can't we afford to pay for any of the worlds content and disseminate it to canadian citizens without the participation of these AMERICAN MEDIA PSYCHOPATHS??? You know, I think we can afford it so the question is - why are we allowing these dumb fucking yanks to pollute what is a much higher quality society? Anyhow, do what you can in the interim until these stupid politicians wake-the-fuck up and bypass as best as you can the heart disease known as 20th century industrial media and just Crystaleyes your own digital environment!!! The 20th century is going down the toilet irrespective of how many generations of hungry hearted 20something desenstitized, brain damaged(The brain protects the individual through functional compensation - The individual in question is rarely aware of its damage BUT, the brain ALWAYS knows when it's WHOLE because it has reference to cognitive, principled orientation and is thus, in a completely organic and wholesome state), chemically compromised and imbalanced, materialistic disconnects who belly up to the bar. Mentally unstable filth. Neeeexxxxxt!!!

Just when I think I've completed a segment I go about my business and much to my dismay I am forced to chronicle yet another series of cumbersome encounters. Believe me when I state that I would much rather "function" without incident but until we get a better class of politician and its accompanying bureaucracy then it compells me and others to politely insist that the system get it right and it is the system and not the people who are the real problem. You see, you have to appreciate the contrast in thinking here. I was a budding youth like my peers but, unlike them they defaulted to the number, the dollar, the corporate mentality and culture as a means of survival in addition to defining what they termed as "success". The sad fact is that they've turned out to be blundering idiots and abject failures when it's all said and done. In reality, they SOLD OUT!!! Case in point; Here I am, an average, ordinary marginalized individual trying to get by like anyone else and all I want to do is phone and fax some documents to the government so I can get reinstated to pharmacare for my prescription. So, what "public" institution would a person resort to in order to fulfill such an objective? How bout the public library? Oh, but there is no phone and cell phone providers still gouge for 1-800 access despite the fact that it should be free seeing as the pay phones are being systematically removed for precisely that bottom line contribution. Secondly, I also couldn't fax from the public library because the lack-of-visionary BONE HEADS simply see the public library for reading, copy, scanning and printing and not as a public office designed to fill the needs of the accelerated digital development of the 21st century. Yet, its the "office aspect" of the library which experiences the most pronounced service bottle neck. *sigh* I wonder if any of them are transplanted from transportation planning. Anyhow, instead, we, the general public are supposed to provide corporate welfare for another group of opportunists who prefer to cripple social functionality and ease of use in exchange for what else? More profits. It does not take a rocket scientist to see how "the number crunching" at once restricts vision, freedom and movement. Anecdotally, along my journey I happened to see in one of those income tax preparation windows how the u.s.(purposefully do not capitalize the letters) citizen now has to file an income tax return irrespective of earnings. 9/11 was a ringing success for the muslims because they have successfully removed THE MOST IMPORTANT CORNERSTONE OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY and that is FREEDOM!!! It was not so long ago that the government on either side of the border never gave a shit about ya if you didn't have any money. People could come and go without being pounced upon by some fucking systemic MONKEY. Ya failed! Ya dropped the ball! Courtesy of 9/11 big brother has sprung up witb a vengeance. NOTE: (Mass media takes great pleasure at implying or hinting at the merging of modern surveillance and communications as the foundation of big brother while at the same time suggesting that all who wish to see those primary sources being rezoned to the internet IE: TV, radio and print as suffering from or being paranoid(Industrial or the mass media of the 20th century is a godless, loveless medium designed primarily for the promotion and hustling of egos and materialist values - highly distorted and adolescent in its content and delivery). What we all must remember is that the internet is and will become the eventual source of ALL who are capable of generating true integrity and relevance while removing the ability of corporate media to toy or play with the sensibilities of the viewing public!) All these low-level BABOONS sucking on the tit of the public coffers and it isn't for OUR PROTECTION but for the preservation of the ruling classes and their ideological extremism which, was once thought invincible but, now they're insecurity is overflowing and has sprung a serious leak. Enter my line of thought. Not centered on the bottom line or the stupid fucking economy whose mindless, procedural mechanics could be now easily programmed and embedded on a computer chip but rather stemming from our entitled need to move about FREELY. An essential element that the left brainers couldn't squeeze into the extreme, limited imagination of their incurably narrow and small minds. Who's the fucking FOOL now?

Can you say "ROYAL STRAIGHT FLUSH? hahaha - ad infinitum

May your conscience continue to wax while your ignorance wanes.


- 06/25/14 - Body, mind and soul

There are many variations on ways to build structures but the foundation is consistent irrespective of the design in question. My root philosophy has been exact and precise in its application since I first started these postings. I make no bones about it. My point of view is moral but, yet I am not preachy. When one develops a line of thought it is absolutely necessary to adhere to imply constraints and to hold true. You see, we all have to be who we are based upon the choices we accumulate and it is those which ultimately define us both as individuals or as part of a greater concentration of thought and purpose. Music, once again becomes such a powerful reference when comparing lines of thought. For example, Mozart simply could not Bach or Beethoven and likewise in pop music the Rolling Stones were not and could not be The Beatles. The same could be said of Matisse and Picasso. It doesn't realy matter with respect to the genre or idiom. It's the line of thought that I'm distinguishing. The point is that people, human beings, can't resist projecting who and what we are or how we feel any more than an an explosive, once desgned, can prevent being detonated. It's the nature of the release of energy. It all has to be released, resolved and fall in to place witb the rightful owners of all posessions and purpose being held up in the light of day and accounted for. Recall, if you will, the essence of my philosophy or theory and that is there are no forces other than communications and energy in which human beings have a direct role or influence over. The day of shadow and night have passed. These comparisons are very important especially when one considers the differences politically and of course, ideologically. We are who we are and we all must be that idenity to which we have gravitated towards and subsequently defined ourselves in any given time frame. It is almost impossible to truly change the essence of any human being from a moral perspective.

This brings me to the debate surrounding the sex trade. First, let me state that I do not claim to be above any human being whether they sell street drugs or resort to prostitution as a means of survival. I am of the mind that the desperation for all of our survival is directly proportionate to the insanity centered around and stemming from the political, legal, financial and religous mindsets who have completely distorted life up to this point. I will also state that clearly not everyone is cut out to be in business. There must be at least 30% of all businesses who either should not have gotten into business in the first place or who are hanging by a thread. Capitalism is not an administrative panacea of human beings and yet, we all have a right to live with dignity and to survive. It's hard for todays' politician to accept it but they beat the drum and the society we live in is all due to them and their thinking, their policies. What I deal with are issues relating to morality, dignity and the ability for all of us to properly function by leveraging the continuous scientific, technological developments and advancements to the benefit of all. So, while my views are primarily intended to stimulate debate they are not always or even necessarily designed to force people to agree with me. I'm merely making an argument along those lines.

Having said that I find it difficult to understand how someone can sell(or buy) sex and then be in a loving relationship because in my mind a solid, stable loving relationship is based on monogamy and I believe most reasonable people arrive at that same conclusion. Intimacy of our mates not only involves sexual safety and security as it pertains to our clinical health but also psychologically. I believe most of us enjoy being exclusive to one person and visa versa. We all want to feel special,to be respected, wanted and loved. When sex becomes like eating or gambling it tends to diminsh its significance and the very quality of the experience itself. It cheapens it. The mere fact that we've arrived at this point in human discourse should be a stinging reminder to the powers that be that while it may appear expedient to just go about "business" doing so has generated a benign neglect creating some noticeable gaps and tears in the social fabric. I should also remind this iteration of the aforementioned that they've pursued these career paths under the auspices that they would become accomplished people along the higher planes or order but, yet their thinking and the results they've both produced and realized have rendered a different pictiure and conclusion, entirely! The same is true of those who kill or promote violence and then purport to be the source of love or to be spiritual. There's a disconnect or inconsistency there. This is just another, in the long list of reasons, why I completely reject mass religions and I do not need to point out which ones in particular. We have approached an evolutionary crossroads or threshhold where people(good) want a clearer meassage. One that makes sense and resonates. A way of thinking that is simpler and easier to grasp. Those who have swallowed the hook, line and sinker of the old ways are lost causes wrought with prejudice and confusion but, those who are still intact will heave a sigh of relief for being able to live and experience a human life in the way it was intended to be understood.

It may outwardly seem, on the surface, that the idea of promoting a moral society is somewhat utopian but, I humbly suggest that it is the removal or at least the mitigation of desperation as well as the economic and religious bottle necks in which many of us have found ourselves sucked into, courtesy of these corrupt amoral vaccums, is what will ultimately lead to and shape far more civilized and mentally healthy communities resulting in a significant reduction in policing, surveillance, security, penitentaries etc, etc. A world without any moral boundaries whatsoever is a godless world and while there is a sizable portion of the population who would love all restrictions lifted there is one that simply refuses to let go. The human conscience. It is the primary source of dialogue driving communications since its inception. It is the primary point of contention fueling political debate the world over and it is this, the highest peak, which religion and political movements alike have endeavored to crystallize since the beginning of modern human evolution for the concentration of POWER. But, there is only one truth, one world, one love, one heart, one reality and one god and there are only two types of people who feel no guilt. The godless and those who have a clear conscience. Mine is clear The day of jew exclusivity and their psychotic form of puritanical elitism is in decline either through being nuked or through the choice presented through democracy. Any way you slice it, it's all down hill from here for the jew extremist. Read it and wail or weep. Poetic justice. This cock has come home to crow, roost.

It's not possible to be spiritual and live off the proceeds of money(interest, credit, debt, etc) because the planet was not made with it or economics. Just because it's used to rape both the land and the people as the primary means of control doesn't legitimize or make it right. The power of creation is in the hands of the most creative. The artists, scientists and athletes. They,we are in concert, parallel with reality. The rest are filthy, disgusting scum and low life feeding at a dirty trough. To "coerce" people to commit or promise by leveraging their dignity by using essential elements such as food, shelter,education, communications, transportation, clothing, medicine etc is to elicit a promise based upon false pretense. To be spiritual is to be connected to or to be of LOVE, to be open minded and compassionate as opposed to some sick, twisted, distorted and corrupted rat fuck. The opposition to my line of thought is ORGANIZED CRIME in one variation or another, plain and simple. Pure PSYCHO TRASH - with little or no life of meaning, purpose or substance who focus on one in millions of people. The MEDIA is definitely of that mentality as too is religion, money, law and politics. The undercurrent of cess and social sludge that has stirred up around me since I've began these postings is unmistakeable. No one in their right mind can deny it. The subtle hints of fear and intimidation all arising from and constituting the very essence and foundation of terrorism itself. The unnatural order finally gets its come upins as it comes into direct contact with the natural order. How else can anyone rationally explain how one person can sooo effectively ratttle the monkeys cage using only words if they weren't rotten to the core? The whole lot of em.

You see, I have everything to loose by being dishonest to the point where it harms people without just cause. But, I will not allow the "bad people" who, while they may pay their taxes, work and own property to adversely affect my life and they will come to know the inherent power contained within a legitimate domain in the digital realm. It's not smoke and mirrors and I do not care how many "bad people" need to learn this lesson the hard way. This is why I don't care for or want their references when looking for living accommodations and if you don't trust me then don't rent to me. I have a vested interest in paying my rent, being respectful of them and their property but, the "bad people" I make a point of fingering here deserve the spotlight as they are going to great lengths to make me homeless, to discredit me and to push me onto the street where they can do some real damage to my life. So, if you're some lunatic, some fucking psycho who lurks on one of these websites timing your post when I or someone else is looking for a deserved place to rest, to live and if your game is all about fucking wirh people or socially engineering like this disgusting person who I am now with who happens to be a jewish american or the one I stayed with over the winter who happened to be a sikh then be forewarned, it won't be tolerated. Unfortunately, it's one of the downsides of 1) being a target and 2) the fact that we, as citizens can't live in a our own places without encountering a bunch of low life or without giving a piece of the action to the banks, insurance, real estate parasites etc, etc. I am ON MESSAGE here and I have nothing whatsoever to hide and no reason to lie. I sing and I sing well so, if you don't like that then don't accept my application but, don't reject me based on a lack of references when the very people I've been renting from are trying to use that against me, as a sticking point.

TWIMC: Water off a ducks back. I don't want you or anyone like to fund or finance my dream because it will only become a nightmare. Find someone else to glom onto you fucking godless succubus. Look at the kind of conditions and challenges you've made a world class musician negotiate! Punishing me for bringing beauty into the lives of the ugly. NO!!! This is one domain that will have no disconnects or godless associated with it. This is my eternal covenant.

May your conscience continue to wax while your ignorance wanes.


- 06/29/14 - E.T. phone home

Ya gotta love the yanks. The worlds extreme patriot. The youngest, most adolescent and most recent unstable addition and entry to the world most arguably responsible for the accelerated environmental damage to the world around us going to extreme measures to use military hardware like a cowboy in the wild west attempting to bring their version of law and order to the world with one hand while they hustle the bejesus out of it with the other. They truly are a concentration of con-artists and homicidal maniacs hanging by a thread despite arrogantly and desperately insisting otherwise as they look to space as a way of conquering and controlling the world while rejecting and foresaking all forms of spirituality other than their own brand of religious extremist whch they aid and abed. There's a huge difference in running a country centered on greed and worlds conquest as its primary source of motivation than actually running and stabilizing the planet. For that we need input from ALL the worlds people. So, here's a little lesson in astro-physics to bring them and in fact, the rest of us all DOWN TO EARTH!!!

Astro-physics is all about MOTION and nothing else, PERIOD! It does not matter one iota if they discover stars and clusters of incomputable magnitudes to the average ordinary human being. All this "cataloguing" is virtuall usesless information. It may make for mildly interesting intellectual masturbation around the kitchen table or the water cooler but none of it has any real or practical application. The largetst star (VY CANIS MAJORIS - 1420 Solar radii), galaxy in the universe is essentially compromised of DEAD MATTER. What that implies is that until further notice, human beings are the CENTER OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSE! There is no intelligent life out there, no vampires, no space creatures, no one has or will ever walk on water, no superbeings with special powers, no paramormal activity which can be measured and independently verified. Just us and us alone amd it is the structural concentration of our measurable, quantifiable thinking which sane, stable and rational human beings "orbit" that counts. That makes PHILOSOPHY the consummate source of human reason. The rest, like that which pollutes and distorts our thinking from fiction(science&literature), TV and movie FANTASY land as well as religous demagogeury constitutes HUMAN PSYCHOSIS OR MENTAL ILLNESS when referenced as real knowledge.

Some of the most powerful forces of anarchy, hysteria and instability stem from or originate in the control rooms(blogging-social media) of MASS MEDIA and it is this which forms the basis of rezoning all information and content to a broader, larger context such as the internet so that these forces of distortion have their audiences substantially reduced and diluted. Imagine for a moment all human beings have their own domains. What would be the point of clicking on or probing the digital environment of individual? More over, what kind of nut randomly singles out people in a crowd and then takes to totally obsessing over them?(romantic attractions excluded)Yeah, courtesy of the proceeds of advertising they, social media, have a functioning business model for thw short term but, lending credibility to money and business alone without any other form of scientific significance or relevance makes any form of MASS MEDIA than is designed around the concept of coralling huge volumes of people for the purposes of distractive and often times irritating marketing of junk products and services little better than a drug pusher or any other religious extremist promoting their own style of skullduggery. Let me be CRYSTAL CLEAR here. The line which divides my line of thought from the 20th century is the sleazy, slimy, smarmy lowlife soap opera, the "celebrity", the incessant barking of marketing and commercialism. I gravitate towards genuine information and creativity. Emotions were designed to be routed and specifically applied to art, science and athletics. Not religion and politics which have clearly demonstrated an uncanny ability to unhinge the masses and generate chaos time after time. This is precisely why "people of money" are by definition devoid of emotion and completely godless. It is psycholgically impossible to reconcile the requirements of god and money thus, completely cancelling out any absurd notion that retirees of the financial community can magically experience a sense of spirituality. No, they misinterpret the effects of the medications that they're under. Whatever it is, it is not a genuine emotional connection with true, real and organic spirituality. It isn't cognitive. Similarly, witness for yourself the head cases who try to make topics go "viral" on the internet. This is the full-blown realization of the application of the distorted communications of social-media DYSFUNCTION. These people are damaged wiring with a chemical imbalance attempting to tamper and toy witb peoples emotions. Yet, the psychiatric application is intended to micromanage our emotions for the purpose and agenda of industry and capitalism. Communications is designed to generate waves of "calm", order, clarity, not delirium or confusion and that's exactly why I don't like or trust anything american or that which is derivative of religion or politics. Make no mistake any and of all these groups would, if given the chance, drive the world mad and then use their legions of uniformed BABOONS(precisely, the very presence we need to minimize which is the equivalent of democratic hyrdo-chloric acid) to quell any civil unrest or uprising. Yet, if ANY person, irrespective of their social standing, needed anything and I had it, I'd give it to them in a heartbeat and if they needed a place to live I wouldn't crawl up their arse and hover over them like some goddamned sentinel providing they in turn respected me and my living environment and posessions.

Might does not make right, law(well,, maybe in certain corrupt regions) or fact. Time to get real as in terms of practical human spirituality and realize that it doesn't center around medication or getting high or some religious delusions of grandeur. There is only THIS - PERIOD. THIS is all there ever was, is and will ever be until such a time when we are presented with different evidence and until such time it is morally incumbant upon the human race do everything in its power in order to prevent psychologically unstable politicians from forming and implementing policy which has the potential of increasing the liklihood of adversely affecting dispropotionate amounts of the population as well as the planet. Money and religion pollutes every and any population creating rips and tears in the social fabric, schisms, chasms unabridgable gaps. There is only one non-violent way to rid the world of this filth and that is through the democratic vote. We literally need to detoxify and get this internal spiritual toxin out of our and THE system of the WEST in order to restore democracy to its original lustre.This is the "moment of truth", the rub, as they say. Everyone knows where I 'm geographically located so when I proclaim this place to be GODLESS it has got nothing to do with the environmental aesthetics or the socio-economically muzzzled or marginalized or the "good people" and everything to do with big money, mass media scum, religion and their psychotic political hacks. Also, keep in mind that I am not submerged in a debate with any particular segment of society as much as I am communicating the the singular human psyche in the big picture. Despite what their delusional paranoia may insist to the contary I am not directing my thinking at the "fragments" or renegade "bits and pieces" who want to go toe to toe with me and while I may use profanity I am neither profane or vulgar. I am merely pinpointing the opposing state of mind who is ,y enemy of conscience that I abhor and I convey my thinking to them in a language in which they most easily identify with. One way or the other their time on planet earth is and will continue to dwindle until it is no more.

Reminder: I am not "saying" anything! I am "whispering" using text and my theory as well as the science of communications is working exactly as I postulated some 20 years ago. I have "drawn the attention" of the most vile and reprehensible SLIME OF HUMANITY known to humankind. Because they have no philosophy of merit or information of integrity I don't click on their domain as they do mine. I knew this FILTH would go to great lengths and extremes in an attempt to spin and fabricate notoriety. They are coming apart at the seams while simultameously dissolving from the human psyche. Despite all their PSYCHO-BABBLE and social neurosis I'm still here weaving my magic and crawling right under their skin and I am not stooping to one overt display of obsession, social dysfunction or corruption as they are and have my paranoid and deeply insecure and unstable ENEMY. You gotta love this GODLESS SLIME, THIS LOW-LEVEL FILTH. They expect to be pricks and assholes their whole lives and then when they twist like fucking pretzels with their bones, muscles, blood and nervous system in complete decline they think a lifetime of corruption dispensing discrimination and hate can be washed away and they'll walk through the pearly gates of heaven side by side witb jesus. I mean, you talk about fucking retarded. No wonder there's so much systemic cruelty and corruption in direct countervention with our instincts. To boot, they want to use psychiatry and psycho-analysis as a point of reference to our propenstity towards criminal or viloent activity in relation to our acceptance or rejection of such an unsubstantiated and outrageous belief system. There is only "principled orientation" PERIOD!!! THIS is the rational standard for determining sound and mentally healthy living and human conduct henceforth. How bout this? As with the satisfaction of a job well done, the good work that people who love practice. When the day is done they have a good nights rest. So too is the scale of a life well lived allowing a good person to rest in peace. In contrast, those who are spiritual jerks and who spend a life screwing people over will writhe in eternal torment with a tarnished image combined with a memory befitting of the trail and legacy of ugliness they left behind. This is exactly the kind of message that resonates on a more practical level with most people of common sense. People are sick to death of being terrorized with unsubstantiated fear tactics of some delusional re-animation of the body being comsumed by flames. People, in this time frame expect to communicate eye to eye, not to be spoken down. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Ignorance, our evolutionary achilles heal. Still here. Still winning. hehehe

Just an indication of the unbelievably obsessive nature of dying "christian smuts" who degrade the quality of all of our lives throughout every layer of society in this time frame snapshot. The true crux of the problem is dereliction. More specifically Spiritual Dereliction. You see it's the spiritual drelicts who pose the greatest threat to every aspect of democracy and free society as we've come to know it. The root of the problem is "faith" and as with anything else that is counter intuitive to the human condition it wasn't used in the creation of the planet, the same with money. Imagine if you will, that flight had always existed as opposed to being discovered and revealed. Imagine too that flight is a metaphor for life or being alive. Now, you're in this plane flying along and you look down and see a cloud but, not knowing whether or not it is solid you take a chance and have faith that if you jumped the cloud will catch you so, you LEAP and this leap not only cost you your life but the life of rest of the passengers and crew because you've convinced them that since the cloud is there it MUST BE REAL and ALL that is real is comprised of matter and all matter is of substance and your brainwashing has instilled in you that substance will be strong enough to catch you in mid air. This is the nature of faith-based mental illness in that it does not stem from or originate in science and has not been verified.. We know they're derelict because they're the most radical, extreme and fanatical in the world and they will do ANYTHING to keep the faith, so to speak. The socio-economic derelicts we've all become familiar with are mainly this way because of being negatively displaced by the cruel and insensitive politics and policies of greed generated by people who create and produce nothing while leveraging the wealth of natural resources that are designed and intended to be distributed fairly among the people in question precisely so we can avoid the animal by-products of social insensitivity. Those in mass media forcing us to pay for content never produced a fucking thing in their life. In addition, they have absolutely no talent and not one cent goes back to artists of origin who they forced to sell their own souls in order to get the publishing rights. The shithole province I was born in is a 20th century embarrassment full of and run by morons. All SPIRITUAL DERELICTS generating spiritual pollution.

The "point" of the exercise should be painfully obvious by now. To remove the influence of religion extremism from our society by getting it out of the backrooms, antechambers and broadcast control rooms so that we can start to place a better quality of politician in office so that we can all live in a better world, better communities and program ourselves without living in fear of systemic terror and forced compliance and conformity by legions of dubious psychiatrists and psycho-analysts who are simply comcerned with survival and adaptation to a sick society while lacking the courage to change it. I'm not typing all of this text to intellectually fence or bandy about with a bunch of half-wits. The numbers are finally counting down and it's no longer in their best interest or favour. I'm a person with few materials in a society that has become highly materialistic and godless which means I should not matter, either with my presence or my movements but, I do. History is filled with ideas and empires that seem invincible only to fall. So what if I'm wrong then they've nothing to be concerned with. BUT! they are, deeply and they're the ones coming apart the seams demonstrating the destructive and uncontrollable, obsessive, compulsive disorders. They will pop because they know this whisper spells their downfall. People need to keep in mind that the point of social evolution is to become more civilized. Who's going to take us there? The jew pure blood? The one who doesn't dominate any of the major sports including the olympics and whose artist and scientific skill is mediocre at best. This is why they go to great lengths to dominate hollywood while failing to produce one silver screen darling or heart throb. NOT ONE!!! That is despite the fact they carefully groom nice meaty character roles for the racially and politically connected. It's all hustle and in essence it turns our the jews have merely turned out to be another empire founded o blood thirsty cruelty and conquest as have all others. They certainly do not dominate or even present themselves respectably on the pop charts. Throughout history the jews made a science of defacing the most beautiful people in our world just so they could appear superior. Bitter low life attempting to degrade high life by quietly whispering "the vig" on top of all transactions slowlt, but surely eroding everyone elses quality of life to the benefit and glory of their ow.. They're not the only ones by any stretch but, one of the best at it. They rely on MONEY and business, in the big picture sense, in order to compensate for the lack of naturally occuring and appealing human qualities and they never cared about anyone so who's it going to be? They're all royally fucked. FAITH IS DEAD.(psychotic and mentally defective at the core) Faith is a bogus bill of goods, a dead end with nothing but a nuke and a variation on fascism at the end of the line of thought. I am living proof of it AND THE WORLD KNOWS IT!!! The early 21st century political parasite et al will simply have to find something more tangible in order to survive while it continues feeding at a dirty trough stinking up the high heavens.

It's this "sense of order" that drives the age of information. In fact, unbeknownst to the human race it is what has driven evolution. It's what spurred the creation of the search engine. Because people don't just seek to know but they, we seek to know a better, the best way of doing something right to the finite point of refinement. It is what we would ultimately hope to find in a extraterrestrial or an actual supernatural(even though any such encounter is pure FANTASY) being or even something as earthly as a dolphin. It even can be plausibly presented as the reason quite a few people experiment with drugs in the hope of releasing or finding a unique angle of expression.But, evolution as we are rapidly coming to understand is really centered on communications and motion(this is what exploring the manipulation of energy is primarily centered). Foolishly, countless generations have gravitated towards money as a form of higher order only to discover that money stems from the order of number and as such can EASILY and COMPLETELY be assimilated within computational structure whereas art, science and athletics cannot and it is those groupings or classifications which embody the very best of the human race. Perhaps, this is why low life such as specific nations, religions, corporations and even individuals will do all they can in order to prevent exploration and immersion in the higher levels using politics and money to create an artificial ceiling by attempting to restrict access to those levels only to those who either trumpet their conquerors or who acquiesce. Thankfully, the internet and the domain naming structure was open and available before any of the LOW LIFE had any inkling what was unfolding. Like a deer caught in the headlights. Now, of course, the deed or mission has been fully realized and accomplished. There is no turning back. TV, radio, print, faith and the entire hard-right spectrum is going right down the proverbial toilet of evolution precisely due to their relentless cruelty, harshness, insenstivity and the resulting closeted psychotic behavior patterns that accompanied it. That includes THE UNIFORMED DICK. Do not think for one goddamed minute that a clean-cut look, a gun or a badge automatically makes them the good guys. They're the blunt instrument and the music they make is the sound of PAIN, oppression and no other tone. They are the keepers of the wealth of the hard right. Oh sure, on those rare occasions when someone is more violent and unstable than they are their presence is momentarily welcomed but, other than that they're little more than armed traffic cops. The covert NUT doesn't even warrent being addressed. Suffice it to say that the bad guys run the show and they are concentrically encircled by varying degrees of MENTAL ILLNESS and what isn't contained within their ranks are manipulated at the street level. PERIOD!!!. The purpose of this arrangement has historically been designed to forcably sustain an uneasy tension between the rich(the ruling classes as in the west)and the poor. Anyone with even half a brain has always known this truth to be self evident. It's never been whether it's true but rather how to rally or enlighten enough people to turn the tables(tide) and now we know. It's merely a matter of time! Until then I will breathe, rest and assume the zen position. There's no sound like the silent sound of a moral and spiritual DIAMOND DRILL penetrating the rotten and corrupt core of the SLIME OF HUMANITY. From this point on whenever they hear the sound of any saw, drill, siren, lawn mower, chain saw, leaf blower, weed trimmer etc, etc(all indusrial noise pollution) or even when they hear a roaring motorcycle, noisy muffler or backfire it's the sound of me their face and I will forever .LEAP TO MIND!!! . hehehe

This is a good time to remind people of the power of communications and the skills of effective listening which are so conclusive in sorting people in our respective position or places in life, specific skills aside. Even when we sleep our body can transmit information when we're sleeping in a position which restricts blood flow to the point where we must awaken and adjust our position accordingly. Only a complete idiot would ignore the signs and continue sleeping. Such is the same for gardening where some moron tends to the garden in an over extended, strained position and then ends up with a completely misaligned back. Then they try to explain it away saying their back is as a result of the gardening activity itself. It's not! It all comes down to communications and if we can't or refuse to listen to our own bodies then how can we be surprised when their children become estranged and they no longer have a loving relationship with them A poor listener makes a poor mate, parent, health care professional, technician, politician, cop and on and on right down the line. Ignore this reality at your own peril and do not be surprised in the least at where you end up in life or the reputation you deserve.

To demonstrate the psychosis my words have and continue to stimulate I've included an excerpt from my new silent online saga I've decided to insert called Butch ca ca, The Sundance Kid and The Sow Belly Bloats DISCLAIMER: This tiny slot is not designed to negatively reflect on the lesbian segment. Keep it real! It's merely intended to make a point. I have nothing but love and respect for all except for that political end of the spectrum for which I am well on the record for opposing.

When last we checked in Butch was sniffing around what apeared to be a thirst quenching drink and some pudding by a nearby outlet of the SH** MOLESTOR when all of a sudden Sundance cries out in horror. "Butch!!! Don't drink that. It isn't water! How many times do I have to tell you not to take anything from the SH** MOLESTOR? Everytime you lap up that piss you get a funny look on your face and I don't have to talk about the "ca ca". Don't you remember what happened to Critical Bill when he wanted a taste? Now stop scratching your ass on the pavement and get back over here.

Stay tuned next week for another installment of Butch ca ca, The Sundance Kid and The Sow Belly Bloats when butch eyes a real bitch with a cross and some vaseline.

TWIMC: YATFR! - capisce? Sure you do you bunch of cuckoo birds. Take the hook out of your mouth now. - Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!!! You're just a loose affiliation and highly predictable cluster of PSYCHO TRASH A SPIRITUAL VIRUS. The DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT legislation was in fact, in the best interest of religious, corporate and religious extremist as well as the mob, mafia or organizied crime. It's only a matter of time before a better class of politician wises up to the fact that creating a common pool of content and letting people program their, our own environment is in the best interest of both democracy and freedom. The only people who should be perusing this website are the people who are seeking the relevant information contained within(this website is a truly and valid global domain - one of the few, I might add and is of but one of 10s of millions - no one is forced to subsidize directly or pay for access to it) NOT the control room or systemically sanctioned psychos whose very existance depend on the continued formation, growth, development and subsequent perpetuation of a BIG BROTHER ORGANIZATION whether clandestine or otherwise. Likewise, THE ONLY PEOPLE who should be invloved in communications, technical infrastructure notwithstanding, are the people who posess relevant information or the creative talent and skills that justifies their inclusion. It takes a sight more than colourful prose and a good vocabulary. To the people in communications: You're exactly the same as those responsible for the roads and highways. Just do your fucking job and keep the public superinformation highway navigable and SHUT YOUR FUCKING PIE HOLE, KEEP YOUR, RELIGION, PERSONAL POLITICS AND SENSIBILITIES TO YOURSELF! Goddamned LOWLIFE SMUT. In the meantime, seeing as you do constitute one of the primary corrosive democratic carcinogens during this phase of development - GO TO HELL!!! But then again they're already there by virtue of the techniques they must resort to in order to both consolidate and sustain their ever-diminishing death grip. Because when it's all said and done they're just another cheap(tawdry low life), common, low level, small time, small minded crooks, TERRORIST(criminal) trying to get into peoples heads and when that don't work they escalate it to the point of fear and intimidation just so they can emphasize their own importance or feel powerful with the size of their ...gun or whatever. That's why "accidents can happen" because they use everything in the book to try and make one happen and then some to bring you down. But, they're no daisy and I'm their huckleberry. I.C.U !!!and you're mine until you're removed or you fade out of the public eye once and for all, out of harms way.

Here's the thing. "they" are reacting to me. Everyone who counts knows it. This can be scientifically and technically verified and proven by tracing the source and origin of who clicks or monitors my postings the minute after I upload irrespective of anonymity or actual identity. It can plausibly be deduced by tracing the domain the click came from BUT!!! "They" have no such proof from my end of that which I am specifically reactng. They need proof, conclusive evidence not conjecture, supposition, speculation or suspicion. They're the nut jobs. I am totally within my right and I am bang on message. This scum will completely ruin the "free society" as we ever thought it could and should be just so they can control, like a pupeteer, every aspect of all of our lives. They"re the mental illness, mental defects, PERIOD! Remove desperation for the fundamentals of human dignity and why would most people even think about suspect behavior? They're the ones who claim to be "law and order" so, I'd love to hear an explanation along those lines.The bottom line is that it has to be the end for 20th century mass media & the disproportionate amount of BABOONS for the greater good of all. With the eventual demise and degradation of the credibility of faith aka; religous extremism, the only people who even need to be monitored are the people who deal in explosive materials and what % of the general poulation is even curious about such an area let alone study and practice it? The jig is up! It's all over. These people and their chunks of change do NOT speak for "everyone". I encounter plenty of nice, friendly people and smiles. Enough to know that not everyone here thinks along the lines of the right-wing PSYCHO-PATH. They're sick, twisted(like their spinal columns), disociative and spiritually deformed LUNATICS who need to find something in life that doesn't include or involve messing around with private citizens. Have a nice day, ASSHOLES!!!

Are you dating a REDNECK? Rednecks invariably tend to be meat-eating slobs. Highly emotionally cantankerous and very unstable usually defaulting to violence or emotional outbursts for problem solving. Easily manipulated by those with a chunk of change. They gravitate towards power tools, booze and the equally sleazy type of female. Skanky, who later tries to use motherhood as a means of cleaning up that tattered image. The next time you pass by a road work site take a look at the girth of the average city worker. They're not vegetarians by no means. Usually pumped up with attitude and spunk realized from the early age they're at, constantly attacking the heart which is why a heart attack in later years is the only thing that rings their bell and clues them back into reality. You see, it's nigh impossible to be gentle on your digestive sytem and then turn around and be crude, rude and ignorant with yout fellow man. It's food for thought as the old saying goes. Now, the emotionless religous nutbar/disconnect on the other hand tends to radiate a different physical image enirely. Gaunt, drawn, stoic, devoid of anymore natural joy or feeling this one tends to be your typical neurotic, chain smoking psychotic just about ready to slit its own throat or someone elses. Sound familiar? How many of these are in your neck of the woods? Nasty types to be sure capable of "snipping" on a moments notice. Take my advise should you encounter one and keep a safe distance. In the meantime, do as the universe is suggesting through our evolutionary cycles and veer towatds less meat and dairy and more towards organic, whole foods that emphasize a (vega)vegetarian cuisine. In so doing you will take great strides in aligning the physical, metaphysical and astrophysical elements of our shared human condition.

It's not that I have anything against anyone it's just that the line that divides my line of sensibilities and theirs is very distinct and unmistakable. They're the state of mind that has damaged the environment, the family unit and the very society in which we all presently find ourselves. Change is crying out to be effected and despite claims to the contrary, it is THEY who need to step back and realize the war is over. They've gotten as far as ignorance, corruption and muscle will get them. It's all over. Done deal. The world is watching so their next move is going to decide how fast this next phase of development unfolds. They're walking on egg shells. "Too bad that you're not as smart as you thought you were in the first place..." hehehe

Boat drinks anyone? Tickle your ass with a feather?

May your conscience continue to wax while your ignorance wanes. You can also include easing up on the consumption of chemicals and booze.


07/13/14 -Previously on -As the world churns RELIGION IS DEAD, JEWS LOSE AND THE YANKS SUCK!!!

I mean, like duh. Yeah 95 percent of the worlds people believe in a higher power so woe to the nation or people who try and kill the concept of GOD. The real problem comes down to proprietizing that higher power without substantial evidence connecting the physical world to a quantifiable after life and then using whatever subjective interpretation arrived at as a way of justifying everything from discrimination to war. As far as the jews go, now that we(the human dialogue) engage each other in the communications BIG PICTURE one can classify the race, in its extremist state as completely insane. First off, everything that has a point of conclusion produces an objective or you guessed it, a "philosophy". Now, it's a no brainer. The jews are NOT THE BEST of the human race. They, in hindisight erroneously leaped to the conclusion that since everyone must have money or currency to survive, rather than be or produce the best, why not simply buy it? That way it is possible to buy the most beautiful women and prostitute them and for that matter, everyone. The FLAW in that line of thinking however is that the very essence or best of the species is not given a voice proportionate to its true "value". So, as long as people are willing to silently condone corruption and spiritual dereliction or deformity as the solution to all problems and conflicts then there's no problem providing people are always will to, of their own free will and conscience, vote the continuation of political policies of cruelty and inhumane socio-economic policies, irrespective of whether it's necessary or not. But, I get this funny feeling, a sneaking suspicion, that people actually want "good to prevail". That way life and the world around us "feels better". Why else do the entire human race, bar none, claim money is at the root of ALL EVIL? It's because the people who create and produce the least take and own the most while simultaneously degrading, defilng and devaluing the quality of all our lives. This is where the power of the message and the medium comes in to play such a timely and important role in this, the most vital phase of evolution. I mean, to mutilate the male human form(not referring to tatooes or body piercings) to the point where it alters the natural physical state is to denounce that GOD in fact erred in gender design and forgot to exclusvely single out the jews as some form of chosen people. Then to follow THAT act of butchery up with statements of delusional grandeur claiming pure blood status without one single shred of scientific proof is a profound testament to where the heads of these global psycho-paths lie while being perfectly comfortable dragging the world into a potentially downward spiral of nuclear holocaust until the world pays up seems to me to be the death knell in their credibility as a visionary race. Then there's the yankee BABOON. THE only nation guilty of detonating a nuclear bomb purely because they lacked the military strategy necessary to defeat another people by ways of conventional force. A little like pulling a gun in a hand to hand battle when fatigue sets in and then claiming you were the better man and that you were fully justified in escalating the terms of engagement. The yanks are a geo-political marvel always claiming to be being bullied while all the time acting like bulls in a china shop and bringing their own style of law and order or brand of justice to bear wherever they deem necessary. I think that's a fairly lucid and all-encompassing description and synopsis of events leading up to the present state of the early 21st century BABOON. And the wheel goes round. Discuss...hmmmm

At this particular juncture we no longer require the input of corporate or big-money media. It's a propaganda tool pure and simple. Real journalistic and information integrity can and should be earned by individuals and small groups of highly articulate and mobile contributors, This model can easily be implemented by ways of a more dynamic instrument where global reporters earn their stripes individually and in small groups by forming spontaneous quorums capable of getting together on a moments notice thus, becoming the information equivalent of a strike force without having to engage in the usual backdoor thuggery, political blackmail and bribary resulting in the restoration of information integrity wreslting it away from the information sensationalism to which we've become accustomed and forced to consume and subsidize.

TWIMC: Get a grip on yourself! You're neurotic, completely loosing it. Get a hold of yourself. Look at you and to what you've become reduced! My god. You used to be don't know, stable(relatively anyhow) and now look at you! You're an ebarrassment to the profession. You're acting like some kid in grade school insisting on special recognition when you haven't done a goddamed thing to deserve it. Grow up ya bloody moron(s). Tsk, tsk, tsk. I swear I never...Can anyone out there believe this? Have you ever, in your life ever seen or heard of a bunch of plugs and tools acting like such jerks and clumsy buffoons? Will wonders never cease? hehehe... On a local note: Who was the genius that decided to name that centralized commercial zone "UPTOWN"? One thing you get a real feel for as you age is the group dynamic. One visit to that place and besides feeling the overwhelming urge to be mindful of your posessions you can immediaty see the mentality which congregates there. Being a target merely emphasizes the two-bit looneys who frequent it. Walmart, while a welcomed affordable addition to the supermarket selection really is a magnet for LOWLIFE. Of course, you have the SH** MOLESTOR media crime syndicate completely paranoid over its eventual demise over looking the square combined with the seediest lot imaginable. At least, it is somewhat offset with the playful clamor of children in the water fountain oblivious to the uneasily contained bitterness and hustle that surrounds them. Someone like me can't walk or go anywhere with all this LOWLIFE completely obsessing or swarming so the few actual healthy, friendly faces that do pass your way stick out like flowers in the desert. Word to the wise: Take care because if any of your thugs should get squirelly then in addition to your life finding its way to ruin they'll end up changing the name of this place from Victoria to Acheron. Likewise, for my province of birth. You want to kill me then stop your jerking around and do it but, you don't scare me or intimidate me in the slightest and you've done all the head kicking you're going to get away with in this life you rotten, filthy social slime. I know you're there. Come out, come out wherever you are! You might fool your neighbors or your cohorts or members of your faith but, you, NO ONE can fool me. I know for a certainty that truly, good behavior stems from and flows from the actual and real spiritual center. Not this artificial value system of materials, bogus legal framework and false gods. You are unstable and corrupt. Face it. Own up to it. It's the only way to save yourselves.

Remember lies can only be revealed by proof of truth which is exactly what I have clearly and effectively demonstrated. Faith does not form the basis of either science or truth. As in photography the most important part of developing a clear, precise image or picture is in first transparently exposing the FLAWS. Observation is the camera that changes the view. This is pure science. They have no domain here. What people need to ask themselves is what would you do if you were a member of the dying 20th century dogma and mass media and someone like me presented such a viable threat to your very existance? They'll outwardly say it's all ridiculous and then watch my every move, gauge every reaction and mutter among themselves because they know I can in fact DO IT! Then they'll see the potential variations on a theme. It's astounding what we as individuals are confronted with during this particular phase of communications development and the legions of baboons who already have the electronic halo on their head, so to speak. Previously, I referred to big brother and its potential manifestation but, it wasn't intended to cast any form of reaction by the general public as a whole as much as it was to draw their attention to the fact that it is invariably the individual who poses the greatest threat to prevailing forms of domination and control and it is why someone, they or me, in this case, becomes a target. You see, this systemic mutation as well as their contibuting forces simply cannot afford to have any renegades out there. We're the ones who raise a rukus, cause people to question and ultimately create the conditions for meaningful change.. Believe me, despite what they may claim to the contrary, the BABOON IS CONCERNED. I, on the other hand, am simply keeping things real and down to earth consistently being an average citizen like everyone else but, behind it all I am pushing their buttons at will without resorting to physical interventions or meddling of any sort.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I repeat myself again? How silly of me. Please, forgive me. I'll be more mindful of that in future. In the meantime, I'll try a little harder and "focus" or is that conform, submit and obey? It's getting so hard to discern whose life I should be focusing on. Mine or your version of it you fucking fascist vermin. I know! How bout I release a 3 minute sample, complete with peaks and valleys of an ear-splitting movement of wind I just composed which I have humbly named P├ęter dans votre visage!!! Ready? Got your toques on? Ahhhhhh... Pure heaven. The sound of music. As this is just my first opus it is still being refined. I suspect better tuning should aid in this regard.Have a nice day ASSHOLES.

ANAL RETENTION: This state of mind is what I juxtapose. It seeps into the mind infecting it and everyone around them. The rigidity ultimately manifests itself during the aging process in reduced mobility, emotional range, tolerance, flexibility, patience etc and eventually undermines the ability of said individual to find true inner peace. It is precisely this anal retention that the computer chip was specifically designed to assimilate. There's a huge difference in childishness or poor cerebral development than being open minded in the true sense of the word and I am not particularly referring to sex. These generations who vehemently disagree with me or even can't stand me are developmentally incomplete. I bet if a survey were taken among divorced people I bet there would be no shortage of spouses who would claim a lack of attention resulting in incompatibility due to obsession over business concerns or religious matters. Control freaks who simply cannot or refuse to lighten up while claiming to be "positive". Total fucking DISCONNECTS who are completely FULL OF SHIT - PERIOD!!! One of THE MOST UNNATURAL and destructive elements of the human condition is the desire to program ANY aspect of another person or peoples lives and the people who insist on doing so and feed at that trough or elevate their sense of superiority as a result of that line of thinking are among THE MOST PSYCHOLOGICALLY DISORDERED in our communities, society and world. They're living in the past, in a verrry narrow-minded world that is rapidly fading away but, they're sooo goddamned stubborn that they are beyond reason living in THE DEAD ZONE.

What else can I say with regards to this segment other than they, YOU comprise the world's ASSHOLE(S). A bunch of low level, low life SHIT-FOR-BRAINS SHITHEADS who obtained what they have by force and not by elegance or brilliance for the better of anyone but yourselves. It's one of the unfortunate downsides of this particular phase of evolutuion. The bright side is that now more and more people are awakening to this reality and are realizing that we can indeed alter circumstances for the greater good without firing a single shot. The ironic thing is the psychology of my arch nemisis is all over the place so as they realize more and more that they're steadily loosing ground they invariably point to the childre in this DEAD ZONE claiming to care for them above all and yet, it's precisely the turning of the tables which will allow more and children to develop and grow into happy, well adjusted adults as opposed to the fucking CREEPS they all turned out to be. Democracy too is a funny thing. Without it we'd have wave upon wave of tyrant(in many ways we already do) without any hope of change. What that means is that just because someone is elected does not mean, in the slightest, that they are at the top of the food chain. What we are discovering, through the liberation of the mind, is that the system can run itself automatically as opposed to the politicians steering the profits of a people or region into the hands of their lackies and cronies. So, enjoy slurping at the trough while the getting is good for "the times, they are a changing" and faster than they'd care to admit. They are what I've attracted at the dysfunctional level. The weirdos, wackos and psychos. Toatlly paranoid and completely out of touch with life and reality. The broken. The saddest people presently in our society looking for forgiveness, redemption and absolution and too proud to ask for it. Looking for the healing. Unable to to produce it for themselves and others. THE GODLESS!!! Lost and confused, searching frantically, fumbling around in the spiritual dark of THE BLACK HOLE OF SOUL for answers, like a domain, they never, ever had to begin with and now the whole world sees their clumsy attempts at domination and control. Confusing love with pain, cruelty and hurting. All crossed up. How they've failed miserably in the eyes of GOD(not me). Instead, going to the grave, quite rapidly, in a wrinkled, gnarled, mangled pile of bitterness and sour grapes. No wonder change is a must. Who, in their right mind would ever want to conclude life in such a distorted and tormented state of mind? Hardly resting in peace. It's the people they've wronged and turned their backs on or to whom they have beared false witness against whose forgiveness they must have. Not jesus or any religion can help them in these matters. This is how the balance is reset and equilibrium restored. When they search their feelings and are truly honest with themselves they know this truth to be self evident.

You cannot preserve that which is desgned to perish from the earth. Namely, man-made anything but especially, RELIGION. Only the LOGIC which extends the universe persists and the LOVE we gave remains . You cannot subjectively interpret morality. He who lies, deceives, breaks their word resulting in the needless pain and suffering of another is in the WRONG - PERIOD!!! Reality cannot be fashioned to fit or suit political, religious or corporate agendas. You cannot defeat me on a fair and level playing field. Depression, for example is only clinicallty valid when all basic fundamental requirements of human dignity are met, not used as economic leverage, otherwise it is little more than a symptom of cruel and distorted socio-economic policies. So, trying to prevent me from running, eating healthy, resting, keeeping clean and remaining active and positive is a deliberate and malicious attempt to harm me and then subjectively interpret my circumstances as a basis for doing the exact same thing to others. This sort of behavior must be vehemently opposed if, for no other reason, than principle alone. The sad truth is that I am up against the very ESSENCE of HUMAN SLIME(much of it oozing across the border from that alberta shithole - as long as british columbians forego money for genuine peace, balance and well being they will be doing a tremendous disservice to the land and people by pretending that what slithers across the border is a benefit. The praries are not spiritual, they're religious. The reason why the earth, in its more uplifting places, is more conducive to spirituality is because it makes the respective inhabitants feel good as is the intended purpose of spirituality. Getting rid of them must start in communications because they have NO TALENT and they don't belong there. They are clinically sick in the head. A virulent form of social subversion. This SCUM just doesn get it. Its chunk of change and the political and legal system which tacetly approves this state of communications is in a state of flux. I'm all about promoting programming the information and content of our own environments. As long as we refuse to acknowledge this is a problem then we will continually be prone and susceptible to being molested, as we were by the catholic priestss, by a bunch of law-enforcement head cases or those religiously inclined broadcasters who've most likely spent too much time in the freezing cold and as such are suffering from a winterized form of cabin fever) attempting to conceal itself behind religious banner and a twisted legal system as a false means of legitimacy. COW DUUUUUNNNNNNGGGGGG The death knell of christianity. The moral of the story is never get invovled in a land war in Asia and never get into a battle of wits when you're unarmed. hehehe

What is an american?(previously posted) Race is most commonly denoted by skin colour, language and even physical proportions) You see, something that has a real and true natural IDENTITY is in a pure root state that is unchanged from it's inception as is the case with all matter. So, what the hell is it? It's not english because the brits are to english what france is to french. Is it "white"? Well, they have a black president and they were always ashamed of them that's why they were enslaved. So, what about the other races? Uh uh. They've always historically been xenophobes. So, what is it? I'm just trying to understand. We know they promote democracy, to a point but, what they presently practice is more reminiscent of a variation on paranoid, insecure fascism. The rest of the world's people are quite unique in one way or another. We, in Canada, wisely took the mosaic road. From my vantage point america appears to be a GODLESS CHUNK OF CHANGE (a wild animal) and it does not give one shit what mercenary does its bidding. Be it the media psychotic, organized crime or militant christian radicals or their corporate branches etc, etc. The real problem, geo-politically with a nation like america(that may likely perish from the earth sooner than many might imagine or change so much that it won't be at all what it started out to be - white christian dominated), is that because it has no realistic or tangible relationship with a higher power it knows no moral boundary or constraint. We know this truth to be self evident because of events which transpired in WWII. Freedom is a beautiful thing but without any limitations it's like a tornado in that you never where it's going to touch down and the damage it will cause. I'm not in a new york state of mind and the last time Billy Joel could feasibly take an anonymous greyhound was when he wrote that song. I like the concept of world peace and america does not inspire or instill confidence along those lines. All I care about on an artistic level are those who create messages from the heart referrencing issues concerning morality, spirituality, politics and even romance without any concern or knowledge of their future reference. That's what makes the composition altruistic. I for example, know for a fact and in my heart that I reside in the spiritual architecture of light, the living spiritual center and I am looking, realtime, across the crystal line at the DEAD CENTER and they have absolutely nothing of infomation, along lines of the aforementioned, of which I seek or am curious to investigate. But, I, on the other hand, definitely have a message they and an awful lot of other people appear most attracted to curiously seek. So, whose IDENTITY is clearer, more compelling, true and completely valid?

Alright, you asked for this so don't blame me. Saanich is a GODLESS shithole - PERIOD!!!. SAANICH IS ALL ABOUT GARBAGE - THE Gosdipy kind. Small minded, petty and petulant. They've personally gone out their way to impede my progress and I gotta call a spade a spade. It's dysfunctional and corrupt. All I'm trying to do is LIVE in peace while saying my peace in a way that is both individual and civil. You can attribute this rebuff to the aforementioned LMJ who now, despite being fully aware of my situation and standing and despite adhering religously to his house rules, is now attempting to evict me without the customary 3 months notice despite having a signed lease. I wonder, are there ANY laws here or are they arbitrarily applied on the basis of religious, material or perceived egomaniacal supremacy? People should learn when to leave well enough alone. I am right once again in that fascism and anal retentive surveillance and monitoring is at work and it must be said that this is no way to administer a sane, harmonious community. Case in point: I, being a target, walk the bike paths "facing traffic" as any aware pedestrian would. If I am too aware my psycho nemesis will try and generate paranoia BUT, if Igo about with my head down walking with traffic I'll be blind sided. Time to get real people. I am dealing with the SLEAZE OF THE TIME. Damned any way we turn. The bottom line is that facing traffic that is moving faster and on some form of metalic structure is only common sense. Unlike the sidewalk for cars there is no dedicated path for the pedestrian. That way someone can't board you from behind and then claim a faulty bike while facing, on the other hand, if you see they're loosing control you can kick the handle bars sending them reeling as they speed along those bike paths. The other thing is that people shouldn't be waliking with the traffic while being hypnotized by their gadgets(a form of LOGIC they do accept). When you move out into the opposite lane to avoid them that's when the formula 1 bike speed cuts you down. Man, the people I am up against are SOOOOO BAD it isn't funny and the worse thing is they actually try to explain it in their favour!. Sorry Saanich but, you and a sizable segment of the LOWLIFE who work for you and live here are incredibly messed up. I will not be strong armed or muzzled, not by what amounts to a variation on organized crminal behavior. QUALIFYING STATEMENT - updated 08/22/14 Okay, in the time since the previous post I have NOT been extended the required 3 months notice(it was revoked with the Saanich henchmen/woman overseeing the proceedings. This time they showed up at my door claiming they were called due to someone writing on the door down stairs(total frame) and they asked if I did it. Of course, I would never engae in such childish behavior. At any rate, this incident escalated to him(LMJ) rescinding his initial 3 month notice and issuing one for 2. The fact of this whole fiasco is that I was scoped and observed when I was in that tent for some 2 months, an ad was placex to coincide with desperate search for accommodations and having no ability or time to choose my enemy knew I would settle on the first thing I saw. They got me in here with the liky intention of trying to get in my head and screw me up. Given that was in "financial services", a jew AND a dirty fucking yank with a chunk of chabge and property most likely infers that he is reasonably well connected systdmically speaking. So, when his scheming to play head master didn't pan out he immediately decided to cut me loose. Which is fine cause I actually don't like trust or respect him or his psychotic SKANK. They're both serious mental defectives. The issue I do have is with people toying with the lives of others without any laws there to protect those of us who simply want a safe, quiet, clean space to live. The bottom line is that I will be looking for another space where I can hopefully, live in peace and sing when I feel so inclined without freaking anyone out. Should anyone local here encounter me please, be forewarned that I do NOT wish to be around anyone who is either medicated or who has any mental health, political or religious issues whatsoever. Please, see my above post RE: LIVING WITH MENTAL ILLNESS and while my enemy may giddily claim it is mine it most certainly is not.

For the record, I should describe in general terms, my psycho nemesis. It's like in the cartoons or comics where they always have a deformity. It could be menopausal blowback, overweight, dried up(lines converging at the mouth from all anglesbof the face) from smoking and too many unresolvable brain-dead thoughts, no talent, no brains, incapable of any real emotion other than delirious laughter usually at the expense of someones misfortune. and of course. the pandemic of MANIC DEPRESSION. On the guys side they compensate by over accentuating muscle tone and bulk, skin-head-tatooed pierced train wrecks who either fell or were broken in life and now they have an axe(to grind), some have bad backs despite never doing any heavy lifting and just about every noticable facial deformity and disfiguration know to man all amassing into a godless pile of bitterness, hate and resentment. Remember now, these are just the highlights, a generalized list. People can indeed be beautiful inside and genuine but, it's not the norm. Wackos and wierdos come in every shape and size imaginable but, they all tend to have one thing in common, A life without purpose or direction other than malice. That is their point of convergence generating bad kharma at people who never done a damn thing to them. Damaged wiring, goods. Just like for them to know who and where they are irrespective of whether I can actually see the CUCKOO BIRDS. Fucked up, brainwashed young ones in their formative stages and dried up old coots spiritually polluting every and anyone in their blast radius. Go on! Crawl into their so-called "control room", rec room, their boat, in their own self-fashioned itsy bitsy life and coil up into their narrow, shrinking and ever disappearing state of mind and comfort themselves with a drink or a book(despite not being learned in ANY sense of the word), some inane cackle and babble while their very existance is literally disintegrating right before their very eyes. Put on some Neil Diamond, Rod Stewart or Gordon Lightfoot(voices of rebellion). HAHAHA -Bunch of GODLESS FOOLS. It's totally unnatural to obsess over a complete stranger who has hardly any materials and who has done nothing to no one. It never ceases to amaze me the cowardice that exists over the age of 50 and how excessively violent they are beneath it. How old farts need the muscle of the young to do their bidding and protect them because at this age to openly engage in acts of violence is to admit that you're mentally unstable, a true psychotic who never matured or worse still, ended up a mental defective. Not to mention that at this age I'd more often than not, kick the fucking shit out of my peer, should it become inspired to lash out at me without backup. The real problem here at this level is that someone like me would end up fighting not one but, 100s and 100s, even 1000s of people due to the pervasive mental instability so, the best recourse is to contnue waging the battle in words and let em gnash their teeth to infinity. It's all evolutionary animal psychosis. An accumulated animal by-product of the times in which we live. However, in todays' youth we are dealing with two exacerbating factors. The chemicals they've taken and yes, the "video games" they've played as a way of playing out their rage. It's ALWAYS the behavioral pattern that pathologically traces back to the source and the subsequent behavioral pettern I'm referring to here is"stomping". One time people fought hand to hand(untrained) and when one or the other said they had enough then the fight was over. Not anymore. Courtesy of the times in which we now find ourselves in it's no longer about submission but total destruction. Stomp, stomp, stomp courtesy of the quiet unassuming type who politely shows up at their job or keyboard complete with the outward appearance of stability. The cowardice. tsk, tsk, tsk. How brave people are stirring up some brain-dead muscle head to do their fighting or in packs or whipping along on a bike(speed on a bike does not equal cardio-vascular output) or dump truck, eighteen wheeler, four-wheel drive etc, etc. Total goddamed LOWLIFE! Spiritual kung fu using their own negativity and worthlessness against them. The harder they come the harder they fall. A form of evolutionary constipation momentarily caught in that anal lip. A hard, most reluctant and often times painful flush no doubt but, make no mistake it IS GOING DOWN!!! PERIOD and they know it "deep" in their heart. WHAT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT FOR THIS SCUM TO GRASP AND UNDERSTAND IS THAT IT IS NEITHER IN THE LIGHT OR OF THE LIGHT!!!

Here's a little experiment that we can all participate in on a global scale(it's truly exhilerating to be able to make a statement of such magnitude) to remnd us all the limitation of the monkeys domain and how it has diabolically attempted to penetrate all of our peace of minds by placing something there that does not belong and is entirely unnatural. Now, go into a quiet room where there is no noise and close your eyes. Notice what you hear, sense. Listen to your heart and breathe slowly and deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth while saying these words to yourself. "There is only THIS, this is all there ever was, is and will ever be". It's important to remind yourself that the sensation you are experiencing is exactly the same for all human beings today and for ALL who ever lived. It is a constant variable and no one else can claim anything to the contrary. Yes, our surroundings change and so does the context of our understanding and knowledge but, the basic human experience is, has and will be the same to the end of life on the earth for all people. That is your space in this point in time and NO ONE has the moral authority to deprive or deny you of it. This space extends around a 3 foot radius when we're in public. It extends further when we are in our living spaces, be it a room, apt or a home and this living space is something ALL HUMAN BEINGS have a right to irrespective of whether politicians extend it to us or not. When it's all said and done human beings know no limits to their corruption and this is why we must rebuild and restore our constitutional rights from the ground up starting with our own right to occupy space without being invaded, violated or harmed in any way. We do need structure that is positive, real, true, natural and organic whether it's sound, vision, nutrition or even LOGIC or LOVE because it reminds us and reinforces of the one true and actual reality despite the dark, sinister and powerful forces of chaos and anarchy which constantly seek to undermine and attempt to breach these preset lines of defense. As with the earths core, deep in the heart of all humankind lies an impenetrable core of logic that was placed there at the inception of human life and it is designed to protect us from the insanity, corruption and evil. In retrospect, this has turned out to be a positive turn of events in that I remember nothing of daily occurences originating from the past and my complete state of calm has been re-established. The only things I am concerned with are my immediate needs and aspirations. I see or recall nothing else. *serene exhale*. Meditative equilibrium.

TWIMC: You posess nothing that I covet. Absolutely nothing! You have keys to a door of which neither is substantiated or proven. It's all a scam. I'm not trying to cross a bridge or knock on a door, gain favour, acceptance or approval. You are PURE PSYCHO TRASH. I am already home, in the living spiritual sense or as close to the doorway as a human being can be and I do hold the key so whatever you may THINK or believe is totally irrelevant and you are, without a doubt, mentally unstable. Your words are poison and YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!

DISCLAIMER I think this is a reasonable point to re-emphasize a disclaimer given the well-known levels of psychosis and neurosis that are cropping up undoubtedly, not due in no small part to the teeth-gnashing hypnosis my postings are generating. Okay, I did not "start the fire", so to speak and I am therefore not responsible, in any way, for any political or social blowback presently potentially being experienced by my psycho-nemesis. I also do not incite it. It is the precise and continued accumulative result of their policies and behavior of "negative displacement. Being philosophical extends me the privilege of presenting a perspective that is consistent with both my thinking and langauage. This consistency is what protects me from the FAITH-BASED-GENERATED MENTAL ILLNESS who posess no such pathological tracability despite having money and power(albeit fleeting and temporary). It would be wonderful for them and othets if denunciations, mockery, epithets and insults formed the basis of a rational argument, but unfortinately for them they do not. They're the ones who bought into the way life was and is when they, like me, set out down our respective career and life paths. What distinguishes us is that I never accepted what was put in front of me. They did. Surely, it is not the position of todays number-crunhing psycho-bot, political whore and religious disconnects that ALL philosophers or for that matter, philosophy in general is ludicrous and not worthy of consideration or merit? The bottom line here is that if todays' psycho wishes to "up root me" or unseat me(because the world now knows I have hit and stayed consistenlty, firmly at the top) then the grade to beat is simple. Create and articulate a better line of thought that is clearer, more pure and truer which generates more depresssion in the center of the communications fabric. Til then, you'll just have to "suck it up" and accept what they have become. A spiritual dereliction, deformity, a moral deviant, an aberration who is directly responsible for the degradation of all life and the environment on this planet as well as the genetic skewing of the human life form itself. In short, the SLIME OF HUMANITY!!! Furthermore, I would adopt exactly the same standpoint despite knowing full well the forces arrayed against me if I had to live through it over a 1000 life times armed with knowing the prospective outcome of each prior one.

Science and faith are but Strangers in the night whereas LOGIC and LOVE go hand in glove! hehehe You loose! There is no force known to humankind which can alter this reality.

WHITE ELEPHANT While I am indeed a staunch supporter and advocate for the legalization of marijuana my thing in relation to the culture is not only "pot centered" perse. As a musician I truly got into Bob Marley and reggae. I delved into it the way a pianist would study and recite a specific classical composer. So, trying to enlist me as a spokesperson or representative in order to gain prominence or market share is not going to play very well here. While there are plenty of pot smokers and growers who know infinitely, technically more about the substance than I they don't know reggae and reggae and Bob Marley form the cornerstone of the marijuana culture. Most of these smokers couldn't even sustain stability and productivity with reggae as their central musical reference and in fact, many of the consumers of the substance don't even like reggae or even music for that matter. So, don't get up on your high horse with me. I AM REGGAE by virtue of my soul. Whatever the fuck these mentallly unstable BABOONS may THINK they are is of little consequence to me. I enjoy the groove and feeling of both fine reggae and well-grown and cultivated grass along with a positive mentally healthy person or people with which to share and enjoy. As of yet, I have not found that. This entire approach to posting is what refer to as the "DRUM TECHNIQUE". You see, it is common or communal knowledge at this point in the BABOONS formation that there can be only one true center from which originates the earth tone. All others in comparison therefore MUST BE OFF(neurotic, psychotic) center by virtue of reason where no two objects can simultaneously occupy the same point in time and space. What this means that is if two drum sticks, metaphorically speaking, attempt to strike the center of the drum then only one can hit it before the other. It's so simple, So elegant. This of course, is precisely why my words resonate so DEEPLY in the psyche of todays unethical and morally deviant MONKEY. They've missed the whole point of the exercise, so to speak and this is a big reason why reggae and pot are socially rejected with pot being incriminated. The entire message of Marley and marijuana is the singular earth reality and experience centering around and projecting from the concept of ONE LOVE, ONE HEART AND ONE WORLD. But, our right-wing religiously and corporately inclined politicians haven't been able to or refuse to see the light in this matter and the reason is simple. It affects the bottom line as well as a stranglehold on the electorate by using fear tactics and spiritual terrorism as a means of corraling the flock by using demagogeury and over-amplified hyperbole to extort votes. So, they beat their drum and I beat mine. The difference is that I do it with a whisper while they resort to all kinds of low level tactics such as haunting, stalking, infultration of what should be private communications for the expressed purpose of subjective psychological profiling and all forms of social dysfunction imaginable while behaving out the other side of their schizophrenic faces trying to fool those around them and those who are receptive to their message that their way is the way of the good, the sane, the decent, the god fearing path to salvation. GOD, what CREEPS!!! Ummm Houston! We have a problem. The folks playing the part of the good guys are actually the SCUM OF THE EARTH.

Getting this SCUM out of direct control over public communications and energy is vital to the preservation of a stable democracy. For example, the people responsible for turning on our water or our hydro and of course, the throughput of public communications should be functionally, specifically delegated in their role in society so as not to be able to effect their own proprietary social policies and thus, display wanton discrimination against people they either do not like or dissaprove. In other words, they should have no right to insist that we have a job before accessing essential services. These are the precise practices and policies which slowly convert our once free society into capitalist styled labour camps. The "conjob" using the system to force us all into nowhere, low-paying CON JOBS. Failure to do so will open the door for "the corporation" to implement its own policies of malice while being protected by legions of corporate lawyers. It's a recipe for democratic disaster. The communications entities could theoretically stream malicious code disabling devices and/or disconnecting people from the network all under the guise of unforseen circumstances or network failure. Not to mention, the right to program our own information and content environments. All intended to avoid public accountability and oversight. Obviously, this is why the absolute and irrevocable removal of religion becomes a vital first step in being able to positively affect political change because our essential services are at stake should we fail in this endeavor. Capitalism is all about buying and selling - PERIOD!!! No one is suggesting for a moment the destruction, altering or tampering with that concept. The friction and tension arise when people(the corporation) attempt to use the power of buying and selling any particular commodity or service to the detriment of our(the general public) dignity or our ability to access essential services which are designed to be equally available to everyone irrespective of economic standing. To the capitalist christian; Let's pray the prayer of malice so that they may hang on just a little before they disappear altogether. What passage from the bible is that again? Help me here. My catholic upbringing is failing me. When did jesus infuse that into the christian culture? Goddamned phonies.

The dying breed - generations. The final cries of "remember us, for we too have lived, laughed and loved". Lamentations and intimations of a hopelessly, incurable iteration of insensitivity as they silently fade to black with no more virtue or essence to offer the world from which they took more than they gave only to have it pass on to someone else while they passed away as I pass gas. YAAAAAAAWWWWWNN.

Thought for the day! If people were sane, stable and civil there would be no need whatsoever for the disciplines of psychiatry or psychoanalysis. I once heard it said that the best psychiatrist is the one inside of us. So, it seems to me to beg the question what is a psychiatrist? Maybe, it's just another human being who professes to know more about us than we know about ourselves. But, if we knew all there was to know about ourselves then why would we need them? Similarly, what forces contribute to compounding our insanity, instability and uncivilized behavior? Is it the introduction of inorganic chemicals in excessive quantities or maybe, unnatural or irrational lines of thinking? Perhaps, the struggle for survival itself. Just a thought.

Orientation LOCK!!!


May your conscience continue to wax while your ignorance wanes


13/08/14 Trust is like a vrigin and the truth is the only path to enlightenment

While it is indeed possible to mend the breach it is on rare occasion. Truth on the other hand is the domain of the philosopher for without the "science" philosophy would never have born or sprung forth from the tree of knowledge. Before I go any further I would like to reveal two very important life lessons that I have become acutely aware of during the brief span of my life. One is the concept of duplicity and how important a social skill it is when wielded by the backstabbers of politics, religion and of course, the corporate culture. I mean, how many business would only do business with those clients who they liked or were friends with? Pulllleeeaas. Only a fool dares be completely honest all the time for your enemies will exploit that gullable vulnerability to your death or ruin. The other lesson I became atuned to was this notion of bi-polar activity. In other words, firing off from all areas of the brain with no apparent objective in mind. This lesson, was observed watching legal proceedings where the lawyer would jump from one line of questioning to the next in the hopes of keeping off balance long enough so that hey could not formulate a lie. The aim to expose or affirm the truthfulness of the testimony. The bottom line here at this evolutionary juncture is that we as "good people", are up against it big time and we can not afford to assume any concessions with regard to the extreme right. They have proven themselves time and time again to be THE most devious,ruthless, cunning as well as the most subversive and anarchistic forces the world has ever known. This is exactly how they rose to power in the first place. Forewarned is forarmed. Be on your guard at all times!

You see, it is in fact common knowledge in the field of intelligence that the person who changes their story is invariably the LIAR. This is why it is vital to be focused and centered on the truth when going head to head with ones nemesis. They are a devious lot to be sure and feel no emotional compunctions as to the devices employed whether it be the media of TV, radio, print, computer or a gun and a bomb and their subsequent results. This is why communications is central to our evolution and the consumate reference point for gauging human conduct or behavior. Yes, you can technically say whatever you want whenever you want to whomever you like providing you are incapable of controlling yourself and are completely indifferent of the consequences meaning you don't care if you come off sounding or looking like a jerk or a nut. Hence, the argument for the complete and utter removal of indusrialized, mass media as it stands in the early part of the 21st century so that we, the general public do not have to be constantly confronted with what amounts to a completely, mentally defective broadcast culture who feel they have the preordained right to prevent access to content in which they never created in the first place, force us to subsidize their unwanted presence and then consume their arrogance, ignorance and irritating forms of marketing psycho babble while providing absolutely no benefit or upside whatsover other than their bottom line. On an ideological note for example, the independent and critically, analytical mind knows that there is absolutely no validity whatsoever when it comes to the potential variations on the afterlife. That is precisely why there are so many and it is why people have been driven both out of their mind and to extremes unless they or we comply. Take christianity, only a fool would ever believe someone could walk on water and yet lack the mental facility to organize and write down his own thoughts and this is precisely why such notions have to be poured into the developing mind before it hardens. No documentation, no credit, PERIOD! Creation or creativity is measured in terms of expression and the ownership of just such creative output. Much like a murdered body would be placed in the cemented area of a foundation before a skyscraper is assembled. This is the basis of christianity. While they(the prehistoric rabble in those times) did rightfully intuit that there was a higher power it IS NOT HUMAN. They "jumped the gun", so to speak. This is also why the analogy of a baby whose crown is soft before it's skull hardens in an evolutionary context, is an appropriate comparison. You see, this SLIME OF HUMANITY is now becoming frightfully aware of the crime against humanity it has perpetrated because the people who we all must now be leary of are the ones who were "soft in the fucking head" before the cement of knowledge hardened around their own cerebral core. Now, it becomes very plain and important to see the opening of the gates of information and knowledge so that human beings can gain their rightful access to their full potential and properly develop without being subject to more genetic deformity courtesy of these spiritual derelicts. Allow the evolution of automation to assimilate the mundane and let people be career oriented in the way we are designed to be providing we are given access to the nessecary information and knowledge we need to grow and develop. Consequently, because the insistence of these religious terrorist have been so demanding it has and MUST result in a violent reflex or reaction by the intended target or recipient due to the introduction of a foreign body of language which is completely baseless in FACT. On a seemingly unrelated matter I've been to the library looking for the "book of jesus" but, I couldn't find it! You know why? Because he never wrote a book. It was written for him by a bunch of spiritually derelicted criminals. As mentioned before, human beings long for a loving god who will compensate us for having to live such demanding and often times cruel lives thus, using FICTION to fabricate just such a god because human beings are such a hopeless case of cruelty, bias, distortion and corruption. But, hold on because here comes LOGIC and the desire to see people truly liberated from these low level vermin. It's only a matter of time.

As inkeeping with my consistent theme. To my nemesis, let me agree with everything they say about me whatever it may be. Then explain to the world around you. Why the paranoid obsession? Huh? Well, they have all the answers. Explain why is it that they are so deeply concerned with the comings and goings of one single individual who is "immaterial" (although, I'm not really immaterial for I DO HAVE the fact that I have burrowed sooo deeply under their skin that the effect will easily last the duration of their embittered lifetimes) in their EYES? The answer to that is that they're FUCKED IN THE HEAD and they know it. Many of them, whose chemical imbalance is held loosely together by a mesh of chemical toothepicks. Unlike me, where I am ORGANIC, many of them are MEDICATED and what that is implies is that I am clean as a whistle and could stay completely calm for a month(forever in fact) while they, on the other hand would completely disintegrate without their precious pills or their mind-numbing gospel trash. Total phonies, the whole lot. Picture this billboard! A person in a prison with the graphic displaying he or she, worn out, drained, with their hands on the the bars of the jail except that when the angle widens upon approach it is in fact a lattice of chemistry that envelops them with their jailer appearing on the side, behind a desk, smoking a pipe in front of a wall of pharmaceuticals. How's that for a horrifying image? We didn't come into this world as prisoners and I see no reason why we should be treated as such just to gain access to our common ration of human dignity. The true sources of chaos are in fact the controlling classes because the vast majority of their control has been realized from force, violence and corruption without creating or producing. In other words, the blood money of pain as a result of conquest. The next time you go into a bank, insurance company,real estate corporation etc, etc, take a glass of tomato juice with you(as well as your child of congenital or genetic misfortune) in a ckear container. Believe me, due to the power and penetration of these postings you'll have em scurrying for the back rooms. You see, when people make an "honest living" it is from the proceeds of creating or producing, not from interest and by assumin ownership of content they never created in the first place for the xpressed purpose of spreading their own forms of mass distortion and false, cosmetic values. This also seems to be the perfect time to take this time to once again point out the distinction between pride and principle. Principle stems from that indescribable spark one feels in relation to an artistic, scientific or athletic drive or pursuit where no one can tell you that you can't do it because deep down inside(where the conscience meets the subconscious), you know the truth and that in fact, you can. Pride on the other hand is just plain stubborness even though you know you're wrong. In other words, you're just another asshole. This is why Galileo becomes such a constant and pioignant reference when he clashed with christisn ideologues. When the two forces juxtapose one another on has to loose "orientation" or balance and collapse due to structural fatigue. It's implied in the physics of spirituality. No force of consciousness can possibly be more structurally sound than principled orientation. To claim otherwise is purely ludicrous and delusional. This is why the symptoms arising from hunger or cold or those external appearances do not constitue disequilibrium. It's merely the effects of waging battle with the "SLIME OF HUMANITY". The jury is in. The right screwed up and are continuing to ruin the environment at an accelerated rate so if they are out of tune with the planet while being in posession of their ideologiies in combination with their "politics of greed" how can they then take the position that their ideology is sound? I got an idea. How bout we undermine the very foundation of the earth until it's too late to turn things around! He he he, isn't that exactly what my nemesis has been doing undef the guise of law and order? Like Galileo I too will die but, as inkeeping with my physics of spirituality theme when two such forces collide with respect to the thinking contained within each ideological encampment it's a particle physics clash of IDEAS with only one ABLE to carry forward irrespective of how the vanquished chooses to or not to accept the outcome. For christianity, the outcome has proven to be a fatal, mortal, irrevocable wound. As with all major religions, they will all be evolutionarily "phased out" because they do more harm than good. These are what is known as "phases of evolution" and like an earthquake, volcano, hurricane etc, etc the encounter and outcome is both unavoidable and unstoppable no matter how many systemic or uniformed BABOONS claim to the contrary and irrespective of what they do physically to me or anyone else. The world is destined to facilitate the full and complete liberation of the human mind. All forces who reject or oppose that are enemies of democracy. Democracy is designed to process free will without the influencing leverage of extortion, bribery, blackmail, terrorism or corruption. Instead, we have, courtesy of the industrial age, been forced to digest a steady diet of corruption and socio-economic imbalance by the people who produce and create NOTHING. Democracy, thanks in large part to the american republican, has proven to be a wedge for capitalism and with that over-powering influence the electorate is left to be mocked and agitated to no end while tryanny is merely diffused to a wider and higher concentration of political kronies and lackies without any public over sight or measurable accountability. I should also mention that just as with the wars experienced in the centuries leading up to this point, more generations, meaning the ones who oppose change or "sell out" will, like the generations who died in the trenches and battlefield, be left on the back burner of change with the dying flame of attitude which accompanies them extinguished as they fade. Food for thought.

The only other thing I wish to re-affirm or mention is regarding an incident I had on aug/05/13 here on these premises. Now, before I go any further I should state the approach I personally take when renting a room. I'm sure many who read this have stayed in a bed and breakfast where you rent the room but, are under no obligation whatsoever to frequent the common areas or even the meals for that matter. The only real difference is that when one is renting a room they or we have to supply the meals. At any rate, on this particular date I went out for my run and upon my return, in my room, there was a cup on my table which I had not put there. The implication is obvious. My door has a lock but this senile psycho says there's no key and it should be also equally obvious as to why I don't believe him. So, anyhow I reviewed my options. I could simply bring the cup, half filled with coffee, out to him and politely request that he cease going into my room without my permission. I could become irate and threatening. I could get physical or I could react in exactly the manner in which I choose because this particular individual is neither mature or respectful. The reason I selected this option is because the guy is a total headcase. He has this huge living room but he choises to be in the room off the kitchen so he can keep a watchful eye and ear over who's in the kitchen and when. Secondly, he positions his laptop on a table in the same room facing the hall so he can see when you are coming and going. He's a completely uptight, paranoid ana-retentive nut and my sincere condolences to the poor souls who would be desperate, as I was at the time, to live there. So, getting back to my reaction. It had to be one that would get the message across so that he would think twice the next time. I went out into the room and took the half cup of coffe with me and no, I didn't pour it over his laptop keyboard but, I did pour it right down his back over his shirt very slowly until it was empty. With that this 80 year old(the age belies the mans temper - he admitted to doing jail time in the u.s. for spousal abuse) violently bolted to his feet, got right in my face and said I had put it there while accusing me of having a bad memory. That might have worked had I not been adhering religiously to the use of one cup(the exact same one), one plate, one bowl, one saucer etc and using my own cutlery on a continual basis. Next, we came chest to chest with him furuiously yelling at me with me standing my own ground and giving him my two cents while he was exhibiting this most curious yellowish, orange discolouration in his eyes. Upon our testoserone clash he settled onto the couch, got up and said "you're gone"! Next thing I know two armed law enforecement officials were outside my door filing a report and asking for identification over what should have been a matter for the landlord tenancy board. They were all way out of line after having crossed the lined trying to exercise their muscle when in fact, they all came off like a bunch of spiteful low-level incompetent BABOONS. EVERYBODY HATES THE COPS(MONKEY)! Their force and presence is by virtue of the system and is NOT a form of integrity which they've earned over the years by means of their own steam. They have ZERO ethical and moral credibility. Has anyone ever heard of a literate or intelligent MONKEY? Ever read one of their books, magazines, websites? They're no one and NOTHING. A FUCKING UNIFORM minus identity. A bunch of low-life head cases playing a charade with themselves and the general public. Totally fucking cerebrally impotent and when auto navigation is ultimately programmed into the traffic patterns their numbers will significantly shrink, mark my words. I mean really, is this the kind of political brain trust we have here over-exerting their authority and flexing their muscle while demonstrating a complete inability to properly delegate conflict resolution in this province? I stand completely vindicated and justified in my position and response. The fact is that these types of landlords pose a tremendous threat to countless people who are desperate for accommodations. Accommodations I might add that they, we are willing to pay for. Clearly, this type of scenario is completely unacceptable and intolerable. People need to be able to live, to be, without being pounced upon or being intimidated by armed law enforcement officials for domestic disputes. Also, if you're looking for a "buddy" a pal, a social engineering toy for your politics or religion or a caregiver of some sort then place a personal ad. Sheesh, no wonder there's such a homeless problem here and elsewhere.

Just to summarize this experience. I answered an ad and was interviewed for this place at a time when I desperately wanted to get in from outside. I was very honest in my replies. He knew that I was a musician and that I had no references despite not ever having damaged anyones property or being late on the rent during prior stays. The ad also initially read as the top floor of a house in which the person renting the room would pretty much be left to themselves most of the time. That was a bold-faced lie and misrepresntation of the arrangement in hindsight. During my stay this man cavorted from the bathroom to his room in the nude(prior to my residence a 23 year old young woman was staying here). As he needs to use the bathroom as a woman he has carelessly defacated on the floor(I initially thought it was a dried up leaf which I cautiously picked up with some toilet paper). When I applied I was given the wrong phone number AND the wrong address. How I made it off the streets was a testsment to both luck and resourcefulness indeed. These are BAD people living here with bad intentions on the brain. I just wanted a little space to eat, rest and keep clean, not to be integrated and rehabilitated or interfered with. This is not like Oliver Twist where it's "can I have some more, please"? This is about a basic standard of living with bare essentials and human dignity, no more, no less. This should give those who read this an indication of just what type of malice lurks in our communities and the type of political mindset I vehemently oppose on principle alone.

TWIMC: You're sick. You're not well. Damaged goods. Damaged wiring. Compromised brain chemistry. No one cares what a clump of backward slobs and mental defects think. This is MY DOMAIN and I am perfectly within my right to post my thoughts. GET A LIFE!!! To the very corrupt Saanich Minicipality: Keep your uniformed BABOONS off my back. It appears they're determined to cast me as a criminal despite not having commited any crime or not having any history of anything other than using MY DOMAIN for the expressed purposes of defending my right to free speech in combination with my political views. It is highly probable that someone allowed my locker to be compromised for the purpose of draining the battery of my tablet on the 21st of aug/14. The battery was near 100% before I went for my run and the only way it could be drained was if someone had physical access to it. Now, I know what I'm dealing with here and so does everyone else around the entire planet. The door to this particular house was open to under the premeditated auspices of malice for the expressed purpose of provoking me to either instigate a deep desire to draw me into a fight and/or to reduce my credibility as both a spiritual and moral intellect of influence . It was an abject failure. Despite claims to the contrary I have penetrated right to the very core of corruption, of weirdness and the egos which accompany it. I think that alone should form the basis of my intellectual legitimacy in these times. I am a spiritual person and as such I have an infinite well of forgiveness irrespective of who I confront and challenge. I have no reason whatsoever to lie regarding ANY issue. So, when I say that this place, Saanich, Vancouver Island, the lower mainland and the current BC government is GODLESS SCUM I mean it full bore. To the people of this planet: If spirituality is what you seek then avoid the aforementioned at all cost. There is NO mentally healthy communal conscience here in the "big picture". Perhaps, in small groups and more likely in individuals but, NOT politically or religoiusly. If commerce, computerized economics, meddlesome police force(s) and a truly weird and dysfunctional community and government is your aim then your home awaits you. However, it's not likely things are much better anywhere else given the practices of the cuckoo birds of the present-day system and the far right. The disturbance in the force, no pun intended, is of the mental disturbance variety inherent in the law enforcement, religious, political and corporate cultures.

As it relates to LOVE, for the poorly or incompletely developed, the earth is not a love child. A man and a woman did not conceive the planet. As with MORALITY and TRUTH these are CHOICES and they are not mandatory for human bio-mechanical functionality and certainly not necessary for the pursuit of power and money. If love were absolutely essential then no family would ever dissolve or break apart for it would be like a chemical compound whose integrity would never deteriorate. In fact, the law itself has not and is not centered on morality(certainly not truth). It''s actually more along the lines of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Gee, I wonder where that came from? At any rate, seeing as the universal conscience, force or god is a thing or state of outwardly generated motion and not a human it is humans who are the only ones in posession of forgiveness. When this physical containment of reality we call life gives way what remains is of an essence derivative of physics and is beyond the reach or comprehension of the human psyche. The truly precarious aspect of this particular phase of evolution is that we are left with the necessity to reconcile the godless forces and influences of money with these communal ticking time bombs which religion in its blind rage for power, has saddled us with due to its accumulative brainwashing by denying people their rightfully deserved human dignity and rights in exchange for their obedience, compliance and loyalty. Here in BC, unfortunately there is much prehistoric rabble and riff raff who insist on turning this place inside out just for money and power. A very low quality of commercial a political intelligencia exist here. It undoubtedly has religious extremist roots and is pouring in across the border from ab along with its money. The province while desperately longing and yearning to be considered world class is unfortunately hampered with small minds and is continuously mired in petty practices of dysfunction and corruption.

Which begs the question. When do our rights as human beings become practice or policy. instead of rhetoric? The striking difference between me and my nemesis is that I confine my electrical or neurological impulses to THIS teeny, weeny segment of the "universal" communications spectrum and am quite amicable in public whereas my nemesis plays out their social dysfunction in the domain of the general public and tends to conduct themselves like total jerks. I asked this sow-belly bloated BABOON(rotted, bloated cow) during their exercise in corruption if it mattered at all whether what they were doing was right or wrong to which he nonchalantly replied "No". The blunt grunt of law enforcement as dumb as a fucking board with only the means to inflict bodily damage. Tsk, tsk, tsk. These people pose every bit as much of a threat to our personal safety as the so-called criminal. It seems to smack of certain hypocrisy to me to attack me by saying that I generate no impact, that I don't matter and then to look up into the night sky of the universal communications star system and be attracted to the constant glowing glint of my humble words. This SLIME just refuses to own up to the fact that EVERYTHING they do doesn't matter. I still sleep, eat, wash, exercise, sing and am in an overall state of comparitive well being despite the tireless efforts their mentally diminished capacity can muster. This SCUM has a prejudice and the elaborate extremes to which they are willing to resort in order to effect that bias is indeed jaw dropping. As far as the christian angle goes they are unwavering in their ideological position so if the clinical element has some idea in their heads that the intended target is autistic for example or a potential sex offender or a thief or whatever they believe, for that matter, these are the lines of motivation which they pursue, right or wrong, using any and all means at their disposal. However, evolution is such a powerful and overriding force that it can, will and is proceeding no matter what they claim or try to prove to the contrary. This low life filth cannot compete up here. They are responsible for attempting to control "how we live" as well as ""why we die". Who the fuck do they think they are? By forcing people to work before being permitted to access safe, clean, quiet shelter and healthy nutrition is tantamount to labour conscription, economic extortion designed to force us all to sacrifice our lives to fund their exploitation and unholy agendas in exchange for what? Our freedom? HAHAHAHAHA AD INFINITUM.. Make no mistake their power is inextricably linked to their religion so killing that golden calf is a huge first step to demystifying the godless stranglehold they've had on the planet and all of our lives. The language of angels, saints and demons. The communicating of fantasy, pure horseshit, mindless promotion of insanity with all who stand opposed being vllified and accused of disorder. The quicker their properties are expropriated the quicker the homeless problem can be solved. Drive it underground to the sewer where it belongs anyhow. They can't openly interface in public areas with the general public anymore without people going out of their way to avoid the psycho babble. It's over!!! Next, is the communications spectrum where they molest us at will. FUCK CHRIST(have no idea who it is), christianity, religion and the extreme godless right of greed who are as every bit as radical and fanatical as the religous psychos of faith. They're loosing it. Also, keep in mind in relation to the aforementioned . Does this vermin actually expect people to believe that during this past say 10 years that they never stuck a camera and a mic so far up my ass that they couldn't see if and when I had an erection, when and if I masturbated(safe sex with someone I love) as well as what I was watching or possibly even thinking at the time? And yet, they didn't see who wrote on the walls in the basement apt instigating the police response? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Are you really this naive and stupid or are you incurably corrupt? This is the far right we're talking about here. This is the seed of KAFKA The foundational characteristics or psychological profile of this state of mind stem from or centers around ignorance(ie: mind of a cop - people of violence who are more often than not also violent people), delusion(mind of religious extremist) and the driving force of pure greed. This is the mindset in which some of the greatest and brightest minds who ever walked this earth could not solve or find their way out of its maze and therefore, metaphorically speaking, threw up their arms in futility assuming that the liberation of the mind was a complete impossibility or little more than a myth. Their very existance is at stake here so they will haunt, stalk, delve, poke, prod, irritate, invade and investigate as much as possible to achieve their objective. The bottom line is that this is my body, my life and my domain and in this phase of evolution I get a very strong suspicion that the emerging generations desire the exact same degree of power and control over their lives. So, on a local level to the people whose lives are consumed with my perspective and just about anyone else for that matter who take issue with it. GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!! For me, the bright side is that I've expertly confined them to mockery and insults while wasting their time baiting me with impulses I've long abandoned. Bottom line is the complete and absolute removal of religion from all of our lives is paramount for the sustainable peace and stability of both people and planet. The language is a scourge of communications to the human race and we'll all be a lot better off without it. It mutates simplicity into complexity, clarity into confusion, unity into division, the moment it is uttered. BE GONE RELIGION AND THEIR ACCOMPANYING IDOLS FOR ALL ETERNITY. I AM SHIVA...I am the target, the star of the show and as long as I am they're all just two bit players in their own dysfunctional production amounting to little more than a constant parade of pea-brains strafing a supersonic jet with cap guns.

May your conscience continue to wax while your ignorance wanes


08/31/14 - False Pretense and it's use as a tool in social engineering and population management

I am, at this very moment living in a residence under false pretense. The people I am living with targeted me and when they saw that their approach as it pertained to me was doomed from the get go they immediately set out to oust me, so to speak, using any and whatever means necessary. Preferrably using provocation so they could avoid being tainted. You see, I just wanted a room with some electricity, access to a fridge and stove(without my food being tampered with or stolen) and clean washroom facilities. Combine that with privacy as well as peace and quiet and you have in me, a roommate from heaven. These people however are not artistic and in fact are creativlely sterile in the clinical sense so emotions are a no no in places such as these. Whereas, I, on the other hand live to be emotional because I am a mature adult and I know how to direct these energies into a healthy creative outlet. These cave trolls only think in terms of "law and accountancy", numbers, bio-mechanics and what can and cannot be proven. The very essence of my nemesis. It's important to also note that the owner of these premises is under the distinct impression that the world is going to end in 75 years. Yes, that's right seventy five years. This is a chap who, at or near the age of 80 completely lacks the mental facility to interact with ME no less,(should bring gut wrenching laughter from my defenders and supporters) on a range of topics from science, politcs, religion, art and not to mention sports. Anyone who isn't polluted with prejudice at least can determine that I am a "highly intelligent individual". So, who would any rational human being think has the FLAW? Who has their horns up? This individual has not had one coherent conversation with an individual his own age since my stay. NOT ONE! No grandchildren, children who are estranged and he's living with a full blown schizophrenic. How's that for the basis of a "home"? He has no internet presence and all he does is read books but, yet he has the vocabulary of a high-school drop out and from that he watches television. A typical, true abherrant spawn of mentally defective, diminished capacity from the industrial age who requested not to be judged and yet, what did he do to me? People like this make ya wanna spew your guts. Even if he was given the home outright, lifetime upkeep, food and a live-in nurse, he's so medicated that if he was ever taken off the spectrum of drugs he's on they'd have to put a tongue depressor on him and put him back under when he came out of it and saw just how screwed up he has become. He recounted to me how his neighbors were sooo terrible to him in San Diego. Well after living with him I can see why. I must stress that he created this conflict. He's the child who constantly leaves dishes in the sink. I hate having to use this page to defend myself but, one cannot sit idly by while others act like idiots. The other people who have lived here are people I 'd love to compare notes with as well as the others to whom he's rented. San Diego is a long drive from here and america is a place with a lot of potential choices. It sure does make one wonder why someone would travel so far to get away from his country of birth only to live in one where he has a very low opinion of the people and who thinks canadians are second-rate wimps. He's alone cause he's an asshole and now he's looking for redemption of a bad life lived in the hopes someone will lash out violently at him so he can be pitied. He's almost 80 and he's got nothing to loose. He's been a jerk to everyone around him his whole life and that's how he's going out. Man, some people are such scum at the root that it's impossible not to see it and I am someone who strives to see the good and accentuate the positive in others but, toying with me may prove fatal for the doped up schmuck. He'll have to infuriate and victimize someone else if he hopes to appear as a "good man"(hahaha) before he croaks. Clearly, in this particular case, a left-brain only mind is as chemically imbalanced as is the world it governs. Believe me, I know when people are high and "out of it". The worst of it all is that, as with my previous landlords, whatever issues arose were all stemming from their problems they had with this web page despite the fact they wouldn't admit it out of sheer embarrassment. What else could it possibly be given that I basically keep to myself and keep all common areas clean combined with no smoking, no partying and no noise after a respectable hour(unlike the others). This guy is a real ASSHOLE and if his neighbors can't or refuse to see it then they're assholes as well. He behaves like a child despite having "played the game" demonstrating that selling out does not make you a man or a woman. There is a lot more to being mature than having money or property. Let this be a lesson to all would-be or future landlords. Please, just keep your notions of social supremacy, politics( issues that you can't heartily discuss and summarily dismiss), religion and any form of peer pressure and social engineering on the back burner or better yet, to yourself. I just want some space where I can live in peace.

Now, this raises a very important point which I've outlined in prior postings and that is what people think or how they or we ultimately interpret and perceive the world around them/us plays a key role in compatibility especially, as we age and if someone out there is at odds with my line of thought, which is crystal clear, transparent and fundamentally sound then I and in fact, we as people, have a right to know what makes the people who hold the highest positions of trust and control, tick and that includes those we share or live with and especially, governed by. I am well on record as someone who despises everything about the industrial-age mentality. Even something as trivial as the 5 day work week and being forced to prioritize and remember in relation to monday thru friday. That's why I run every second day so it in fact takes two weeks to run all the days of the week thus freeing my moods from the enslavement of weekly economics and religious rituals. I heartily recommend it. It really is quite liberating. Nonetheless, one time renting rooms was sooo easy but, banks and governments being what they are they just kept making things more and more difficult for people to live freely without being interfered or meddled with demanding more and more profits, exacting a higher toll on our communities, well being and overall quality of life and this is why I "reiterate" many of my earlier postings. It is not, contrary to popular belief or possible claims of my cognitive opponent, that I can't or don't remember. It is precisely due to fact that I am and have been keenly aware for quite some time that there is a high degree of probability that this web page has drawn the forensic attention of unscrupulous, sinister and cynical forces which are clinical, political and of course, religious and corporate in nature. Their method(s) may involve trying to time the appearance of certain repeat postings with dysfunctional, social recreations for the purpose of falsifying scientific data in an attempt to achieve the bias of the aforementioned groups. This should send a chill up the back of any free citizen in our society. To think that such broodish, malevalent forces could even exist and potentially be lurking over the shoulders of those of us who strongly desire the mitigation of these overgrown presences we are presently grappling with in the early part of the 21st century such as big, cumbersome governments who fail miserably to meet our most common and basic needs, firmly entrenched and intransigent corporations who pose a serious threat to our civil liberties, our autonomy, anonymity and independence and completely unstable religious entities who seek to control our higher registers of spirituality without producing one single shred of reproducable evidence to justify such intrusions or inclusions for that matter and instead, using scare and fear tactics designed to confuse and disorient us.. Here's a "sixth sense" form of intuition for WIMC's consideration. Call me all you want on my cell, I won't be following up with a check of the phone number online so they can then better pinpoint the location of my tablet. Are we understanding one another yet? I am good because my thoughts stem from the actual center motivated by the pursuit of truth and goodness and the reinforcement of REALITY. They're neurological impulses center and stream from the darkside of the moon, so to speak. Cynical, dirty-minded filth and scum. This is precisely why it is not necessary for me to keep constantly abreast of the changes in gadgets or OSes. Because they ALL center around communications and at that center I AM THE MASTER!!!

I am of the mind that the correct way to foster or develop people is by encouraging our emotions, stimulating our conscience and growing our intellect thus, helping to make a more cognitive and aware society as opposed to desensitizing it and focusing on bio-mechanics for sustenance and survival relative to the insane demands of the economy because it is precisely that kind of application to human functionality which becomes most susceptible to automation and the inevitable removal of jobs resulting in the continuous concentration of power and control in the hands of the most unconcionable and greedy. Computers have no heart or conscience and they never will so keeping their application subordinate to human requirements is paramount lest we wish to have a world run by emotionally challenged and disconnected BABOONS!

The other issue I wish to expand upon is to explode the myth of ideology and its subsequent irrelevance as we hopefully, continue to evolve. The real problem with ideology is readily apparent. There is simply no upside to it. It degrades and distorts the quality of all who come in contact with it or under its influence. Democracy was initially conceived, for all intents and purposes, as a counter point to the DICTATOR but, now we see that as a form of systemic institutionaliization it has failed miserably in that regard arguably producing more tyrants and authoritarian style leaders than any other form of change, albeit less bloody. We've seen it in britian with thatcher, in the us with reagan and bush and even here in canada with mulroney, harper and even where the provinces have become more and more corporate in nature thus, producing mini dictators and nations within nations resulting in the complete and total diluting of our civil liberties and common rights of accessibility. We are in essence forced to navigate a maze of red tape and bureaucracy more befitting of stalinist russia for the most basic and instinctive of our needs. Even municipalities incorporate and try, through policy, to keep people tethered because the bottom line has become a higher priority over freedom of movement. When looked at in the light of day capitalism has, through deftly wielded political slight of hand, become an ideology by using democracy as a smoke screen. Thus is what makes the chinese such an important reference in population management because if, for example, the american or canadian model was superimposed over asia the amount of people excluded and consequently suffering would be staggering. The capitalist model alone simply cannot scale up to meet the needs of huge populations. It's not realistics to expect those lacking in emotion and who have no heart to care what happens to anyone who can't pay. This is why I was never attracted to business or finance and in fact, the vast majority of people aren't. As with the military they become a means of surviving because food and shelter are ultimately used as leverage as a way of forcing people into areas of assembly neither they nor I would ever naturally select. The accomplishments of business are boring, cardboard and their political hacks constitute the thinkng of "barbed wire". We change the status quo of ideology through nothing more than changing our minds while changing theb socio-economic imbalances by point and click adjustments to fiscal policies.

Now, some of you may be asking yourselves how does LOVE fit it all of this philosophical banter? Well, oddly enough love actually does make the world go round in ways most people could never probably fathom. You see, commodities notwithstanding, it really is science, engineering, architecture, medicine, art and athletics which ultimately are the underlying foundation of evolution and change from this point on. Unlike greed or money alone these pursuits are ignited by passion and the very best in these fields display a "naturall affinity" or attraction to light, so to speak, which draws or gravitates each ones curiosity towards the respective discipline. So, what happens if a person doesn't posess a natural skill or ability? Well, not only does every one need LOVE but, it is conversely true that we all MUST LOVE someone or something for it is our divine nature. Some of us are blessed with a lot, some with little and some with none. This where the family fits in. Let's say you're one of those people who has a family. Well, you love them don't you? And THEY need food and shelter, clothing, education, health care etc, etc. Then you must GET A FUCKING JOB!!! Beginning to see the picture yet? This mindset is THE MOST SINISTER, insensitive, cruel and corrupt concentration and assembly of dirty, filthy, slimly sleaze and godless soul rot to ever walk the face of the earth and this BLACK HOLE OF SOUL is, has and will continue to drain, suck and drink every drop of love via human blood, sweat and tears until there is nothing left of goodness that is worth salvaging. Until the only choice remaining is to resign the human race to perpetual cycles of greed and war. Thinking that it all gets settled in the afterlife is the root cerebral insanity. THIS is the moment of, THE ULTIMATE STRESS POINT in evolution. This is why the yanks migrated to the new world with little more than the will and desire to escape misery and hopelessness. The human race either gets it right or not at all. Wisdom, justice and freedom reigns supreme or it dies on the vine. This is precisely why and how they, the far right, have seamlessly managed to create over numerous centuries a thick, dense concentric protective coating of muscle, murder and mental illness culminating with todays chemically micromanaged brain chemistry that is impervious, completely unresponsive and non-receptive to the light stimulation of pure reason. Hence, the term THE LIVING DEAD. They have, like the planes of 9/11, been cognitively hijacked.

Just assume for a moment the basics for everyone are provided for, what is the likelihood of their children choosing dead-end jobs in order to survive when they can instead, find something that they too love doing. Business and economics and ALL the parasites who feed at that blood-soaked and dripping money trough could never, unlike the aforementioned pursuits of passion INSPIRE people to become part of the "team" out of the sheer love of it. No, no my good people money and religion has historically depended on desperation and subordination, restriction, discrimination bribery, blackmail, etc in order to fund it's own delusion of social supremacy. I find it curious indeed how my nemesis scoffs at the notion of the Crystalline Logic Principle but, yet has no problem with the concept of cellular phone triangular communications and nor do they renounce terms like "cornering the market". The bottom line here is that the BOTTOM FEEDERS have got you, us all flummoxed and have kept everyone off balance with head games and financial gouging and strong arm tactics. Those days, as are they, DEAD!!!

The old ways of governments and people battling one another have all but vanished. Certainly the reasons behind them have. Thanks to the capitalist invasion of the american industrial complex what we are left with now is no longer a battle of ideologies but, a tug of war relative to greed with the demands and policies of finance subtley fueling the tensions to an unbearable level until a military solution becomes likely. Even communism suffers because while the chinese have control of Hong Kong they still concentrate power in the hands of the old guard with corruption as rampant as ever. Ultimately, all governments are corrupt it's merely a question of degree and the wealthier they become the more likely the increase in the severity of it. Politicians in the west and elsewhere have and are still under the misguided perception that once they CON the people into electing them that they are due the spoils of war, that the wealth of a region belongs to them and their Kronies. Fortunately, with the onset of modern communications the planet is evolving at a more rapid pace. By stripping away the old style control of rhetoric and content from these outdated industrial communications behemoths we lessen the likelihood of some backroom Randolph Hearst at his or her computer fiendishly steering the world into more global catastrophes for little more that increased profit margins under the guise of spreading democracy or worse still, FREEDOM!!!.

I was asked by one of the uniformed BABOONS upon their recent dysfunctional incursion into my humble life why I didn't go into politics? While I didn't extend the following reply to him I will state it here. Why, on earth, would I step down from such a privileged and vaunted height only to be measured by people in the communications sewer whose greatest skill is the seduction and manipulation of the least intelligent and most extreme in terms of need and greed when my nemesis has a clear whiff of my ass, crawls right up it and considers the weight of my every word and movement minus the publicity and public accountability? Additionally, I was asked why I don't write a book? Well, this medium is doing quite nicely in its stead. Should the time or motivation ever arise I may just undertake such an endeavor but, right now this is the bees knees allowing me to literally drive my nemesis completely out of its gourd without having to do little more than defend my right to "free speech". All hail the advent of the internet! I wonder if people fully appreciate just how many from the dying industrial age would love nothing more than to muzzle it. It certainly has extended me the privilege of confronting everything and everyone I either despise or challenge without physically raising my hand or issuing one verbal utterance. Which reminds me, the one sure thing that makes an ultra orthodox jew jump and go squirelly is the very notion that it's just another human being with no more special qualities than anyone else. To the jew extremist THAT is tantamount to being forsaken by god and is, in their fucked up mind, the equivalent of anti-semetic sentiments and the intention to commit a holocaust when in fact, it is merely the rejection of ideological exclusivity as well as the wish to make ALL human beings EQUAL in the EYES OF GOD By the way, as far as the reference of the number 3 goes it only pertains to reasoning. It helps tremendously wHEN making a point and I have noticed that it invariably hits the target with great precision. It must irk my nemesis to no end. heh heh heh. It means absolutely nothing when looking at groups of objects or people. But, this simply points out the assinine level of stupidity and idiocy I've been dealing with. What fucking MORONS..

Ultimately, the real clash of life, all politics aside, is actually between the force of conscience that is willing to kill and destroy in order to give the illusion of growth and development or to advance using dried up rhetoric such as "safety" and "security" versus the force of conscience which seeks to create and heal. Think of the evolution of life like an open wound where the survival of one encampment is contingent upon keeping the wound open and in constant need of attention whereas the counterpoint wishes to suture and close the wound allowing the healing to begin. One is spiritual and the other is GODLESS. Unfortunately, the two cannot coesxist in peace. All extremist ideologies have one fundamental problem at their root and yes, I include american capitalism in that grouping. The problem is fantasy or myth such as the phoenix(non-existant mythical bird). All major ideologies are invariably guilty of the same crime. Using fantasy and myth to inspire emerging generations, hungry to prove themselves and for survival as weapons for another cycle of mass murder thus, establishing yet another unsustainable, unstable cycle of unnatural assembly and population administration which opens the door for revolution after revolution until the rights aspired to are properly accessible to ALL concerned minus having to kill for the controlling classes who deny said access in exchange for personal sacrifice.

From source to market. Create, produce and bring the end result to the economic forum(free market) as opposed to money buying and controlling all who create and produce and then pressing down on everyone around them denying access to basic essentials, squelching liberties and human rights that we all need and have a right to access in order to survive. Whereas, they, the old guard of the powers that be don't have the moral authority to prevent people from living a reasonable quality of life precisely because they do no create and produce from source. Source, by definition, is the center or well spring, the author, painter, artisan, architect, engineer etc, etc of creation and production, not journalism. It is "source"(commercial free in respect to accessing content) that people want as we move headlong into the 21st century. In a world of economic globalization for example we could look at something as basic as coffee. Why should the people in south america or elsewhere for that matter be denied access to our markets thus, producing their own coffee chains as opposed to this so-called "fair trade" arrangement. My point here is obvious. We have people in the west who buy and then openly politically discriminate in the free market. We, on the other hand, gain no upside in their monopolies or control. They use buzz words like "buy local" and that's fine as long as it's something that is available locally but, when it comes to online content or produce only brought in from somewhere else then it is in our best interests to have as few middle men as possible to reduce the overall price. This is especially relevant when speaking of religion. None of the ideologies come from the actual source of human spirituality. The jews created or conjured up the BLACK HOLE OF SOUL of finance by virtue of simply applying nterest. The americans, on the other hand quickly realized that any kind of socialist measures at the time could not address the needs of their people so, slowly but surely over time, the americans acquiesced to what has become known in common circles as the jewish form or model of economics and this is where the movement against communism began in earnest ultimately leading them from one major ideology to the next until finally into direct conflict with islam(fantasy motivation clashing with fantasy fanatics - you decide which is which). But, it is the world who gets caught in the crossfire as none of the ideoligies in question stem from or originate from source. Certainly NOT the americans and definitely not the christians. Cash is their king and god and while a sizable segment of the population insists on god and jesus as being synonymous reason just can't complete the task of reconciling the two and that's where sinister forces come into play. These people don't give a hoot about right or wrong, just winning. The christians entered the bloody fray based on what we now know beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt as heresy and subsequently became motivated by murder. The muslims, as previously posted were kind of longing or yearning not to be a part of either conquering encampment and thus, dreamed up their own spiritual fantasy in order to spearhead the motivating of their people to war. As far as the hindus go, well, it doesn't take much reading of the Gita to conclude the common thread inherent in dogmatic literature. Prehistoric, deranged delusion originating and based in fear and terror. Pure psychosis stemming from a very poorly formed and largely uneducated mind. FAITH-BASED-GENERATED MENTAL ILLNESS as I now commonly refer to it. When the muslims demonstrated that they were "out of it" that became the wake up call and the human mind, unbeknownst to itself, as a collective became electrically or neurologically "charged" with communications realizing the release of that surge and it searched tirelessly for a solution, for answers. Now, being "grounded", while I did manage to satisfy my own curiosity with my solution I had absolutely no idea that it would arguably become the crown jewel and crowning achievement in the human experience. It turned out to be like any other form of artistic creation. Straight from the heart and striking the right chord at the right time. We've all heard the old saying "powers beyond reason" but, unfortunately for the industrial aged BABOON there is no power greater than reason. Reason calibrates the human instinct to its finest granular point of focus and direction and is realized through our sense of intuition culminating in vision leading to structure. The striking difference betwee reason and religious dogma is that it is transparent, reproducable and quantifiable. In other words, THE REAL WORLD requires no faith whatsoever. As frustrating as it may seem to many who are consumed with conquest, destruction and absolute control human beings simply can't do whatever we want with planet and similarly we can't do whatever we like with the human psyche or our underlying chemical composition. Not without consequence. This webpage/site underscores the importance and urgency in articulating ones thoughts before being sabotaged. There are A LOT, too many in fact, seriously screwed up people working and living among us who are highly unstable, superstitious and incredibly backward and ignorant. My nemesis is not just an enemy of democracy or freedom but, more importantly REALITY and evolution. They desire, above all else, TOTAL DOMINATION and ABSOLUTE CONTROL!!! They know no bounds to the lengths they will go to and they cannot be detered from achieving their objective(s).

Kings, queens, popes, swamis, czars, emperors, prime ministers and presidents are all a potential form of DICTATOR feeding at the same DIRTY TROUGH. One look at history can easily and accurately identify the occasions in which the tyrant has seamlessly assumed these offices and titles. These titles and offices merely act as lightening rods for similar interest. A point of convergence, if you will or common goal. Recall that I am merely exercising my right to free speech as well as utilizing my knowledge and education to creatively open a door for my own views and artistic passion without commiting any crime or promoting harm or destruction to any group or individual. The fact that it has ballooned out of proportion is not something of my own doing. I am strongly opposed to mass media and corporate broadcasting for obvious and previously outlined reasons so, no one can acuse me of publicly promoting any aspect in regard to this website. The spring-loaded, devious reaction to this website as a way of demonizing and villifying has blown right back in the face of the respective scum and scoundrels who are still under the false impression that "might makes right". As opposed to my nemesis, I also do not promote or leverage ignorance, superstition and I am not the one who is suspicious. Moreover, it is THIS idea which has caught the eye of the common(communal)criminals of humanity who create and produce NOTHING and yet, who hold all of our personal safety, dignity, our very liberties and rights in their hands. So, don't come crying foul to me over a wrong I haven't commited. Furthermore, there is no way the expressing of such thinking could ever be done at ground level. I mean, look at the blast radius of your typical print, radio or tv corporation. No one hears or cares, aside from some local neurotic smoker or CUCKOO BIRDS, what they say anymore no matter how obnoxious a form in which they attempt to mutate. They're dinosaurs. They had their day. THIS is the future. If a person can't generate their own steam inconspicuously in the universe of the Domain-Naming System then not only do they not belong in the discourse but they also have no true, real, authentic, original or NO IDENTITY at all( in the digital sense relative to online presence) worthy of consideration no matter how big the ego or deep the pockets. This could never be said of me. The more they resist the more I radiate. The less they resist the easier it is for me to prevail. It's so curious how the computer and gadget hoopla is now cooling down The infatuation and novelty is all worn out. These gadgets are like money, a means to an end. It is the message which is the center of the communications fabric and this is why mine presses down so powerfully and draws the attention of so many. This domain without this message is just another corporate black hole. My pledge for this site has and will continue for it to be completely commercial free and I will never agree to seeing it converted into a cash cow for a bunch of dirty, slimy, money-grubbing low life. Ahhhh, the sweet sound of 'life success" in the big picture sense of the word without hurting or harming a hair on a single head. Without doing anyone any wrong after putting all the pieces in place, after making my own few mistakes, learning the lessons necessary for my own personal growth and development and connecting ALL THE DOTS. I mean, can anyone honestly deny the impact at this point? Look at the "low life"go! Chitter, jitter, cackle, babble, Yak, yak, yak, all consumed with hate, bitterness, anger, resentment, jealousy, malice and of course, seething rage. My nemesis has this consistent thread in its confrontation. To fight, perpetrate violence as a means of propelling itself to another false victory. It cannot rise in the true sense of the word, as I clearly have because its sense of reality is essentially unreal and that's why, like the phoenix, which never existed, so too are the invisible wings of its extremist ideology. I rest my case.

May your conscience continue to wax while your ignorance wanes


09/09/14 - A word or two about spirituality

Seeing as this particular issue is central, not just to my life but, this domain, I think it only fair that I should expand and reinforce as much information as possible regarding this matter. Spirituality is the linch pin in the alignment of the body, mind and soul. THIS is what should be piquing your curiosity and not this disgusting mud slinging that I find myself in dealing with the YOKEL LOW LIFE! It's an unfortunate adjunct in dealing with the SLIME OF HUMANITY. That's why the religious and ideological influences in our lives go to such extremes to infultrate and ultimately control that thread of thought in our minds. It is a very delicate matter indeed. Without it, a human being is metaphorically naked in front of the world and can easily, conscientiously drift or be exploited with their allegiance and loyalty literally bought for the highest bidder. While it may seem expedient to "just do" in order to avoid having to consider such matters it just doesn't work because sooner or later you're going to do something wrong that conflicts with your sense of morality forcing a person to either correct the wrong or flip a switch and disconnect thus, becoming desensitized in all matters centering around outcomes dealing with right and wrong. Sooner or later we all have to calm down and come to grips with actual reality(as opposed to the ever-changing political landscape), take a breath, take stock and get our affairs in order. This is what punches huge gaping wounds and holes in the military(anyone in uniform for purposes of using violence) model of bio-mechanical functionality. As human beings, we are not designed to "dumb down" like the grunts(uniformed BABOONS). This is also another area where mass media(industrial age model) enters into the picture. This very concentrated confluence of affluent effluent is invariably far right in its political disposition and is both pro military and extremist, religiously speaking. This is a very powerful and sinister force in our democracy and they are NOT our protectors but, rather our jailers, our oppressors. Their tentacles reach far, wide and deep but, make no mistake they are not healthy members of any decent community or society. I can't be the only one who has noticed the exaggerated text size, the in-your-face bold type and the most annoying forms of advertising in the past 40 years of what was once a comparatively tactful and gentle form of televised communications. Clearly, the brain trust in the television industry is deserving of raised eye brows as they are no longer a stable form of content delivery exhibiting a serious inferiority complex as well as a severe integrity deficiency.

It's truly amazing how patterns of behavior emerge over time. I mean, I've lived in BC for going on 30 years now and for the first 15 years or so I could go anywhere and no one knew a damn thing about me or gave a shit what I did or where I went. Up pops the internet and my silent appearance on the communications landscape and man, have the circumstances surrounding my life ever changed. This is fact not supposition. I have, much to my dismay and horror, seen, as a side of this society and the present community in which I find myself living in, a dynamic that I am ashamed to say exists in Canada. When I was over in Vancouver many people, in conversation, said over on the island they're "loopy" and "screwy", small minded and gossipy. I initially refused to accept that characterization so I tried being just a nobody here. You know what? Ya can't! It's impossible. The place is sooo unremarkable and arguably boring that they have nothing better to do than crawl up peoples asses. Here, homeless people have fewer rights than other people. I suspect this is the case in most places today. I used to think that people approaching me and asking for directions anywhere but, most notably downtown or buses downtown was a mere coincidence but, now I see that it is a subtle form of social engineering. I mean, the internet is everywhere. There is absolutely no need whatsoever to be accosting or harrassing people for directions on the street. There are gas stations on every corner. There's no need of this. There is a very sick, twisted and disturbed layer of this community who just can't or refuse to "mind their own fucking business" and with homeless people you can bully em and push em around all you like because if they say anything or show any aggression then they come under more scrutiny with the uniformed BABOON coupled with its own prejudice getting called in on the action. This place is NOT right. It is not treating everyone with an equal amount of respect and nor is it ensuring the EVERYONES' rights are equally protected. They are seeking conflict and are determined to create an incident. I say this here now because homeless people have no voice, not like this and as long as this bloated, elitist, self-righteous trash knows their action may result in social backlash, be it locally or globally, they may think twice before trying to mess with me. Their money and bloated sense of self importance doesn't intimidate me. These elements have steeled my resolve. This is a conflict they have sought no doubt due to my political and ideological disposition and if they want their precious little social veneer pierced and put on display for the world to see then it is my distinct pleasure. There are enough zany CUCKOO BIRDS here to constitute the creation of a soft-in-the-head nutbar colony. My god, isn't there anyone here with enough social grace to talk some sense into these people? One would think there would at least be a modicum of cultivation here to address this foolishness. We're just people you know trying to secure a few belongings, get a decent meal, quiet rest, hygeine etc, etc. There's more than enough to go around. It's truly emabarrasing. If you did take food, shelter(private, clean quiet space), hygeine(not like cattle), out of the equation the far right would have absolutely ZERO political appeal whatsoever. The funny thing is that it's sooo beautiful here especially when it's sunny and when beautiful places have really nice people to match then and only then does the notion of paradise appear. Otherwise, it just stinks of miserly, pompous, big money gentrification. The mentally unstable segment here can do themselves as well as their community a big favour and get a hold of themselves. Trust me on this. They're just going to make things worse. My voice and my views are here to stay no matter what any CUCKOO BIRD says or thinks to the contrary. Just to reiterate, I love this area and I do see plenty of nice and decent people out there despite the few who seem to want to go out of their way to dust things up. I am not looking for an axe to grind. Please, just show some social grace. Until further notice this issue is not resolved to my satisfaction - UNRESOLVED.

Having said all that, don't fret. There are steps that can be taken to protect yourself from the evil in our lives such as "the grunt mentality", money-grubbing scum, religious slime and the political whores. What makes my offering the least toxic is that the choice is left to the individual without having to spend a cent or give anything of themselves in exchange. I didn't make it to this age with everything intact, including my principles, by smoke and mirrors. So, here goes. The first thing you must decide is whether you want or care about being good. The next thing is deciding whether or not you want to feel good. If you've answered yes to both those questions then you are headed down the right path of life. Now, I have to assume certain variables are in place in order to achieve the objective of "peace of mind" such as the ability to live with reasonable nutrition, hygeine and shelter. You also have to be mindful of your thoughts. In other words, you can't be consumed with bitterness, malice and be wasting your time contemplating hurting other people. Ultimately, it is most desirable that you have a focus in your life that fuels your own passion or "love". You can't "just do". Some of the most saddest people you will observe have worked and brought home a check who today, sit in front of the television like zombies or who live online without any real sense of purpose. So, now you've got your mind straight. The next thing is understanding that people are not unlike any other structure in that it will realize stress and the further you go up the ladder or the food chain(not the materialist echelon) of true human endeavor, the more stress both your body and mind will assume. How you deal with stress is central to your success because it's the central nervous system and the heart which will bear the brunt. History has shown empirically that we only have a couple of choices. You can take drugs and set the stress aside temporarily. The problem with that solution is both side effects and the fact that you have to constantly keep taking more and more drugs while often times increasing the dosage. Invariably, you'll burn out, crash witb exhaustion. Your next solution is do nothing at all. Well, that is actually not possible because neither the mind or the body will let you off that easily. Like an irritating spouse it will keep nagging and nagging you until you either make a positive or negative choice or flee from the source of agitation. Your final option and the best one is adopting a very healthy regiment of nutrition and exercise(rigorous cardio vascular). This has the effect of strengthening your system(s) neurologically(psychiatrically) and creates a cognitive connective tissue between the body and the mind. With this in place your soul can help keep you"up" by simply doing what you love. Believe me, when the people in your immediate vicinity feel your positive energy they will want to know your secret. However, there's no great mystery. Just stay away from self-destructive LOW LIFE and keep the junk out of both your body and mind and you will definitely achieve scalable "inner peace". The kind where no matter how much you have or don't have or whatever your circumstances you will always be strong, a leader and not a follower. As well, the more people who do what they love and less living life predicated on the premise of "oh well, it's just business", the less resistance(in the brains electrical activity) to making the world around us fairer. What would be the point? I mean, when people are doing what they love there should be no motivation for destruction, resentment or even indifference to human suffering.

Case in point as to why I stand against prevailing sentiments and the conventional wisdom of this time frame. I do NOT consider business conduct as the standard for honesty or truth. The government, the system and to a large degree, the corporate culture itself is dishonest and definitely unethical. This is why I've constructed a rational perspective from a different angle to counterpoint the dogma and policy of the extreme right. I go in to rent some storage space. A very smsll size for which, not only am I gouged for it but, I'm also given the third degree before accessing it. The thinking could be that the excessive acquiring of information is necessary so as to protect us from the terrorist boogie man. Oooooo. Better be careful. We don't know who we can trust anymore and systemic paranoid is reaching epidemic levels. I mean, where are the minds of the people in this time frame? The very basics of survival imply that we all need to secure a reasonable amount of belongings for various reasons. Even if we are made to sleep outside we still need a place to store clean clothes and dry goods as well a modest means of transportation such as a bike and maybe, some other valuables. Surely, people must see the strewn contents of peoples destroyed lives and shake their heads in disgust while others think "fuck em"(more than we care to admit, I'm afraid). How is it that these people expect anyone to think? Maybe, they expect the system such as the cops, lawyers, judges and politicians to do all the thinking for them with gentle guidance from the corporate culture. We're not supposed to be forced to work. Is it a crime not to want to work(That's where the mentality of the right-wing ideology is logically extending or pointed)? This is precisely the underlying nature of the conflict between communism and capitalism, to incriminate people who refuse to work AND to deny them ANY means of protest or any recourse that protects their, our rights and liberties so that we can live the lives that we want to live as opposed to having others predetermine what paths we can and cannot take. Which brings up the question, when is a man a man? When they take bullet for a political psychopath in battle at the age of 21? Perhaps, when they figure out that their dick can make babies and they have a family! How bout when run a business and can make money? My thinking is that when a person lives, sacrifices and is prepared to die for what they know, in their heart, to be right as opposed to "selling out" and acting like complete cowards hiding behind religion, money or politics thus, carrying that torch well into a mature age such as over 50, it can most likely be reasonably determined that they have at the very least achieved the basic status of a MAN. Yeah, yeah I say or "reiterate" many things but the real question to be answered is why do the psychotic LOW LIFE who oppose it comb it to such a degree? Another bone of contention is who is more out of line? The person who may do questionable(it's all relative) things in private or the wackos and weirdos who watch or even attempt to give the impression they watch someone in what should be completely private spaces? As far as I am concerned The more obsession and dysfunction I encounter the more I am reminded of how deeply under the skin I've gotten with respect to the opposing SCUM!

Always keep in mind, if someone claims to help you and yet, it involves compromising your principles, which you know in your heart and without a doubt are absolutely correct and they then call it LOVE, as hard as it may seem, it was never love to begin with. Just someone who sold out trying to get you to sell out so they could feel good about their own choices thus, reinforcing their comfort zone by destroying yours! Never forget what the catholic church, who purports to be the sole proprietor of LOVE in this world, did to Galileo and his principles. Real love is unconditional and is in concert with reality. I myself, am an instrument and as such I go to great lengths to keep my body "in tune". I consider myself a composition while the body of my nemesis is not an instrument and is conversely decomposing and is the LIVING DEAD. They treat the body strictly from the point of bio-mechanics. As tough as life is, this is the cost of being REAL and being true to yourself. It's a hefty price so, if you would prefer to defer and "just do" then don't blame me when it all goes sideways.

TWIMC: Any way you slice it I'm numero fucking uno - PERIOD. Accept it, embrace it and release it. Them and whatever second-rate talent they have plus the BABOONS and the media(These guys are totally coming apart) and whatever LOWLIFE they can muster can fabricate whatever illusions they wish to reinforce and follow through on it and hound me to the grave. Thisbis one battle they were destined to loose from the onset so, the will continue to come up empty handed in every way as I hold the jewel because I am the jewel and they're in denial heh heh heh. I am not susceptible to sex or greed and I am NOT in awe or intimidated or impressed by religion, politics, money or posessions. All the while as they try to find an openning they ultimately crave to get physical because that's how enraged I have them and what that also suggests is that I have what they lack and I own them. They still very much consider me a threat. It's all just BABOON jitters. This time around I'm the conductor on the A train and there's no room for low level assholes on it. As far as the uniformed BABOONS go, no one challenges the concept of the system being able to produce an overwhelming amount of violence over an individual or a portion of the general public. Where the line is crossed is when they harrass people to the point where they're told to "F**** OFF and then they use that as a way of physically roughing citizens up to achieve "psychological subordination". This is a common thread of law enforcement behavior worldwide irrespective of border or ideology. They ARE both a political and ideological blunt instrument. This goes on right here in canada and in all of the provinces. The BABOON is obsessed with subordination. It has to feel superior else the job description just feels incomplete or less than worthwhile. BABOONS are all about guns, guns, guns. They're not smart, clever or the good guys. The fewer of them we have the better off we all are especially here in canada where, for all intents and purposes, we are not a gun wielding society. Time to put these high tinsiled time bombs out to pasture and really clean up the streets. The world remembers the Rodney King(irrespective of how you felt about him personally) incident and video. This is the ESSENCE of the "grunt mentality". They're very nasty people and that's exactly the way politician likes them in order to strike fear into the heart of, not just the criminals, but the average citizen, make no mistake about it and trusting them during random instances is purely hit and miss. You don't know what loose cannon could show up and what could trigger them. How many people have been taken behind closed doors for example and brutalized by this scum? Mainstream mass media often trumpets their presence and cause but, this is not necessarily so for the average citiizen. We've all heard the horror stories. (singing - I fought the law and I WON!!!) Always keep in mind that which is as a result of a restricted choice or selection is completely different than the stimulus realized from free will and free choice or by seeking. Those who think that as a result of confinemenet to a forced option of subjected propaganda that they are the on the same plane as I or this domain are completely "out of their fucking mind".

The pacifist versus the activist: If it weren't for the science of communications the industrial age mentality would carry on indefinitely. The connundrum for the activist is this little sticking point we refer to as VIOLENCE. Violence is the center of instability, of constituting a danger to people. That's why the uniformed BABOON is not trusted or respected. They have the luxury of wielding it with impunity. They've only been falsely perceived as being good due to the fact that industrial age mass media has been able, prior to the emergence of the internet, to control the spin. From this point on however, people no longer expect false images or impressions. We want a reputation to be warranted and justified irrespective of uniform or commercial status. So, the pacifist now can theoretically concentrate and use reason to fuse and direct conscience without resorting to viloence. This has a muli-level effect on the pro-active right. They become quite unnerved because now they no longer control the central message AND they have all this pent up frustration and built up force with no way to unleash it, not without the law acting against them. It's the end of the line for the far right, ideologically speaking. The mind is officially liberated. It's now just a question of political cycles. Todays' mass media are actuallt quite pathetic after being reduced to being a bit player resorting to high school psychology as a way of giving the false impression of significance. The emerging generations will demand a communications super highway existing in exactly the same context as the freeway without any corporate oversight or meddling from gadget to the communications infrastructure accessing completely commercial free content from the source. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

All of what I am pointing out here is designed to help those who seek, to have the ability to distinguish between "settled" and "centered" , between "just doing" and "functional" and being "fully aware and alive". True peace of mind can only be known and experienced by being centered on reality stemming from truth. Common sense implies natural or true balance can only be derived or realized when pivoted on the real center. Otherwise, it's a fake sense of stability in constant need of chemicals and monkey brutality in order to keep the person in question functioning of "in line". What they, these fucking animals on the far right, fail to point out is that their line of thought and their subsequent platforms are derived from a deviation from the natural center of morality, truth and reality. Recall, if you will, that the ultimate conflict in life is bewteen the natural order and those who control the very quality of our lives by limiting and restricting access to the point of unbearable stress levels where we're either incarcerated or drugged into compliance while the whole time the respective participants originating from the far right have always claimed to have the ability to distinguish true from false, right from wrong and an original from a phony. In reialty it's the platform of the far right that is a lie, the actual flaw and phony. They cannot produce the "natural attraction" and they bloody well know it. This is why the science of communications ultimately shows the far right for what is, the SLIME OF HUMANITY!!! The far right policy and platform is the very source of political tensions everywhere in both the democratic and extremist ideological universe. This is precisely why ideology after ideology has desperately attempted to conjure up one possible explanation after another and then followed that up with corruption, endless wars and violence only to have their line of thought exposed as being wrought with flaws. Philosophy is the ONLY discipline capable,through linear, structural conscience, of rendering a realistic picture of human spirituality thus, self validating itself as the only "line of thought" with the capacity to generate a natural attraction such as Niagra Falls or the grand canyon or the rockies or the rain forest etc, etc. Yes, human thought is a marvel of evolutionary engineering and organic spiritual architecture and it is the only way, the only natural path of revealing our true origin, state of mind and natural relation with the world around us. On a seemingly unrelated matter, I wonder who is or was the greatest american or jewish philosopher? NO ONE! NOT ONE! because they couldn't hit the high notes or produce the juice necessary. In truth, the unconscionable filth lacked the conscience. Having said that, the simple truth about any individual is in relation to themselves relative to the truth about the world around them. My nemesis tends to promote family values and stability in relation to the family and religion but, neither of those environments are either stable or true in that they cannot be relied or depended on. The "things" that complete you, us all, eventually come to us because they belong to each and everyone. No one can take posession of or connect with or to something or someone in which they do not share a natural affinity. That which endures and stands the test of time always comes natural as opposed to normal(another outdated phrase from the dying dogma and values of days gone by). I guess that's why it's referred to as natural selection.

Once dialogue centers on an "argument" you've entered into the domain of the philosopher king. Case in point: To say one is faithless does not necessarily mean that one is godless. The people hopelessly glued to FAITH-BASED-GENERATED MENTAL ILLNESS could never prove that fact beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt in a court of law presided over by a "morally centered judge". My case can prove that the faithless are not necessarily godless and those of faith are not necessarily spiritual.. For example, I can state unequivocally that God does not judge because judges are empowered to punish and why would that which has the power to create and expand the universe punish a completely insignificant life form who could never equal such a potent form of energy even during the peak of its developmental cycle within the last genetation of its life span of the earth? It's do absurd, assinine, not to metion completely pointless. No, faith, as we come to experience and understsnd is the source of terrorism throughout the world in one form or another. It would be like some martial arts expert or world-class boxer or wrestler going around beating up on 5 year olds. True faith is an oxyMORON!!! It's like saying true fantasy or true fiction. The reason doesn't hold up. It doesn't wash. They're goin down and they know it. The WORLD has finally caught on to the biggest con, scam and hustle of all time. The world teeters on the brink and is unstable because the PEOPLE OF FAITH ARE UNSTABLE -PERIOD! Factor in extreme greed and you have all the ingredients of a recipe for wide spread discontent and disillusionment. The human race is finally getting up to speed on this scum and the bucket is about to drop out as it pertains to political CORRUPTION. That well is finite, drying up. It's merely a question of TIME! Know this, you cant' barometrically apply pressure until you've reached the moral high ground without stealing it from its rightful owner. ME and believe me boys and girls they're definitely fielding my "strokes"! If it isn't me then how do they explain the obsession, the compulsion, anger, jealousy, rage, bitterness etc, etc. Why on earth would they even care about one supposedly(in their bitter minds) insignificant domain? It's the grace they seek which they've lost or lack. FAILED fathers, husbands, mothers, wives etc, etc, totally useless to their community and complete head cases during a phase in life when they should be at peace with everything and everyone around them, incapable of contributing a vital function because they have no more vitality left in em. Of course, we can't forget the no-talent "mediocrity" especially, as it pertains to music where the industry keeps pushing the term "new" when music is and has always been ALL about being GREAT and TIMELESS not an accessory to fashion like the communications gadgets they tote around. Greatness keeps orbiting to infinity (8). Ahhhh boo hoo. They are NOT the "good people" and despite what they claim they do NOT speak for EVERYONE!. They get absolutely NO concessions from me. No self-delusionary fig leaf to hide behind. They're the wierdest, screwiest most fucked up people in every community in all four corners of the globe. Another encampment who "looks after their own". Hopelessly, endlessly begrudging as they are mired and submerged in grudges against people who've done no wrong to them except choosing to reject their poisonous ways and spiritual pollution of faith. The complete antithesis(anti-christ in the context of christianity) of decency. They are not in a "good place" psychologically and invariably it is reflected in their physical appearance despite having the time and means to be otherwise. Truly good people are that way despite social standing, material worth, political or religious affiliation.

In order for our rights and freedoms to be properly understood and maintained there must be HARD LINES drawn between us as citizens and the system so that, just like the rules of the road, providing that we drive in accordance with them using defensive driving skills, it should be quite possible to drive accident free, incident free for most, if not all our functional lives. It is not good jurisprudence to arbitrarily allow these lines to be crossed or to be subjected to indiscriminate violation of our rights and liberties due to corporate or ideoligical muscle puppeteering the political culture simply because it is at odds with an individual or groups political views. This is what most reasoned minds would define as CORRUPTION. Sort of like when someone purposefully runs into you or knocks you down simply because they don't like you. It seems to me that we need these rights overhauled, redefined and reassembled in order to meet the demands and changes of an ever evolving world in the 21st century. What better place to start than controlling our own information and content environments, acting as our own screen or filter in addition to our dignity and the fundamental needs required in order to meet that criteria. I should point out that quite often the fundamental difference between and right-wing hard liner and a centrist hard liner is basically emotional. Those on the right tend to laugh and even sing from the throat. That's what gives their voice a high pitched squeeky or nasal sounding tone. This is often why their facial expressions also tend to be straight laced or drained and why they avoid situations that place a spot light on that behavior. The other aspect is tears. They don't cry AND they are completely insensitive to those who do. These are important distinctions to observe because it reminds us that in order to live in a fair, stable and caring society or community it is in all of ouf best interests to elect officials who still have a heart as well as seeing that reflected in the most vital aspect of our public services. True human spirituality, like LOVE is VISCERAL!!! it comes from a place way down deep in the soul and that's why the creative driving force of art, the driving passion of athletics or relentless pull of scientific curiosity moves us all much more than the systemic headcases and bean counters could ever realize as a collective force. That's why they utilize the blunt instruments of the uniformed BABOON and subjectively distort and corrupt the law in their favour. As it stands now, the reason many people see the world as heartless is primarily due to the accumulated information pollution(sewage) streaming from their dirty and corrupt minds into our ocean of conscience. This is what makes wrestling control of our most vital functions such as communications away from the corporation and back into the hands of the individual essential for all of our well being. They have dug in deep and the political culture are as of yet, not allowing to us have the control we deserve. They invariably promote and emphasize excessive materialism in addition to the heartlessness, cruelty and insensitivity to which we've become brainwashed and accustomed, not to mention their own brand of religious fanaticism.

It suddenly occurred to me while riding on the bus just how much free counseling I've managed to dispense all completely free of charge. Go figure! From my own perspective were I to peruse this page or site I would glean only the essential information I wanted from it and pretty much ignore the rest as I would never, in a million years, be concerned with the personal life of ANY human being with which I never had a long-standing relationship with. While my nemesis would love nothing more than to group human beings centering on a criteria of material worth and socio-economic standing the reasoning doesn't hold up. Those people who are, like me subjected to marginilization and live in these socialogical caves can't control their mouth, their neurosis or psychosis. They're always rambling openly endlessly blurting out uncontrollable thoughts to the staff or anyone else in their blast radius whereas this stuff you gotta make a point of clicking on it. Not too many as intelligent as I have come head to head with the cracks and crackpots in the system and those politically sympathetic to it and have managed to repel them whild giving them cause for pause. You see, I am of the mind that we all have a right to a reasonable living space especially, when we are able to pay!. There has to be room made up to fill this grey area of apartments, socially engineered room and board, houses and outright homelessness. This gap merely substantiates the claim of blood money being earned by the respective participants for something that we all clearly have a right. But, therein lies the rub. I am up to my neck in small-minded LOW LIFE. People who have no life or no purpose of consequence. To further illustrate this point I want to draw your attention to just how subjective life is as it pertains to living, surviving what have you. As a side note, I would like to mention that if you spend too much time around the wrong people they will turn your mind to spaghetti if you let them This is also why it's really important that you treat your own mental health with great care. Having said that, I would like to recount a part from the film Network - 1976. There is this striking confrontation between the head executive and the head of the news department who is being fired over a situation dealing with the nightly news anchor whom he believes is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and the executive who wants him on the air for ratings and of course, the bottom line. Well, to make a long story short the head of the news department being fired says "I won't let you do this to Howard and I will get a psychiatrist on it first thing in the morning" to which the executive angrily replies "Good! I'll get mine!!!" This very nicely puts psychoanalysis in its proper context in this juncture of evolution. Psychiatrists are pawns like lawyers manipulated to achieve the objective of whoever is paying the hourly rate or worse still to massage a mindset into adapting to the dominant culture with all anxieties being tranquilized.. Another reference I would like considered(those within 10 years of my junior will most likely remember) is a catch phrase from a very successful comedian and comedic actor. The phrase was that "he was a wild and crazy guy" when in fact he was and is anything but. The point is quite simple. As human beings we push the envelope and the ONLY factor which ever needs to be taken into consideration is "danger". Outside of that it's business as usual. The real problem for us as individuals are those who refuse to allow us to be just that and who instead go to extremes to make us feel uncomfortable. Due to the resources they have at their disposal they are able to micromanage, tamper and interfere without consequence. All in all it's a black mark against them and not me.

This is the really important point to remember in my confrontation with early 21st century sesnsibilities. No matter what position you take politically, morally you're always wrong in their eyes. If the vernacular you comprise and reference is overtly erudite then you'll be accused of being narcisistic, snobbish and elitist. On the other hand, if you use words that are too simple then you'll be accused of just that, being "simple". THIS is all entirely about control. The control WE need balanced against the control the government needs merely to administer as stewards. So, I've created a perspective using a rationally structured point of view centered on moral relativity. I am not under the illusion that my philosophy will appeal to many of the older dying generations. Unfortunately, for them wholesale change will turn out to be most detrimental to their sense of reality and the comfort they had with a world which is rapidly disappearing before their eyes. We now live in a time, due to the accelerated achievements of computer technology and structural composites where the type of machine that is needed to build or make something can be designed from the ground up whereas prior to this it was completely in the hands of considerably larger amount of human beings who were responsible for design and manufacture. The number required for such procedures are dwindling quite rapidly with task assimilation being consumed and compressed by the very technology that was supposed to liberate us. The problem is when people are treated like machines and are manipulated in exactly the same way as the mechanics of machines with everything artistic, athetic and every scientific patent being owned and controlled by people, who are for all intents and purposes, themselves machines. They stress a godless world where wars are fought for jobs and the economy with spirituality being prejoratively reduced to mind-numbing rituals facilitated more and more with heavily medicated participants who no more have a mind of their own than an animal trapped in a zoo. Is this how we want all of our dreams and aspirations stolen and destroyed? To be distorted and absorbed by the legions of empty, incarcerating right-wing rhetoric and their goose-stepping BABOONS!. Lastly, keep in mind that I am using a very cumbersome form of technology in addition to very poor software in order to even get these postings up and the mere fact that I have been successful in doing so is indeed a testament to my ability to "communicate" despite how my nemesis feels in regards to it. I rent and live in space where the landlords are proponents of the industrial age as well as the communications corporations so much of the media is programmed. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what this kind culture would and are doing to me since given the chance. However, it just makes me seem all the more amazing given that I hold my own despite being outnumbered, out resourced and on enemy territory, politically speaking. The audacity of these people is clearly mind boggling. They engineer getting you into their place of control or onto their turf, so to speak and then they have the unmitigated gall to talk about being "respectful"! The bottom line here is that the CON element has zeroed in on me even though all I represent is a way of thinking. This should be a very unsettling and frightening reminder that just because we live in Canada it doesn't mean shit. Thanks in large part to me the WEST and our precious democracy is being exposed as a complete FRAUD!!! Our nation and the provinces contained within it have gone sideways. The yanks reach across the border and "stiff arm" us with impunity. The country just doesn't feel right anymore. The changes are seismic. When they reflect the opposite I will be the first to trumpet the positive changes.

The human brain is expected to achieve a natural rate of growth and development in order for it to experience what we now refer as "higher level functionality". How one might say, to reach it's maximum capacity or optimal output. When we're young and starting out it becomes necessary for us to secure the basics or essentials so that we can move on to more advanced challenges and procedures. However, politics conitnues to rear its ugly head no matter how much we have, earn or are worth. As we advance it is invariably true that we will encounter others who have embarked down the same road only to greet each other at the head or the cross roads, so to speak. This is what concentrates or converges human purpose. The problem with leveraging the basics such as food, shelter, clean water, good nutrition etc is that they impede and interfere with growth and development. It's fighting dirty. If you're thinking is right then you shouldn't have to cause people harm in order to prove it. For example, people in what we refer to as the third world are not less in terms of human potential, they just lack the underlying foundation for proper growth and development. Here in the west when we, as individuals, make inroads politically or become prominant along those lines, whether we care to or want to, the forces that be may attempt to hinder, cripple or degrade ones ability to continuously access this higher level functionality by use of distractions. Much the same way as attempted by militarily which explodes any myth of so-called military superiority provided the same number of people with the same technological edge are facing off against one anothet. This can be accomplished by denying access to the aforementioned essentials thus, creating emotional interference by generating anger, resentment or bitterness. These emotions can cloud judgement and prevent such indiviuals or even groups from being able to be loving, moral, caring and even spiritual. You see, it's in the best interest of those who seek to dominate, to pilage and plunder to keep fomenting dissent, confusion and conflict. These are the true anarchists or merchants of chaos and for that mindset calm, peace, natural order and equilibrium are utopian egg head concepts which are to be crushed, mocked and scoffed. It must be because I have become so attuned to big picture thinking in that I could look at something as current as the present crisis being experienced in the middle east and where once it was all so complicated, now it is crystal clear. While the islamic extremist are simply too fascist in their application of religious practice for most of the world to spiritually tolerate the americans are not going to let islam use religion as a wedge issue to gain or influence control of oil in that region. The americans are like a severely over weight, high caloric, obese energy consuming slob with an eating disorder and they're chronically addicted to the oil in that region. They could, of course, become less aggressive meat-eating, oil sucking animals but, their ego won't let them and despite the fact they've conjured up yet another "coalition of the willing" it is their military hardware and strategists who are calling the shots and directing the ordinance. Life is what it is and despite how badly those inclined wish to divert or confuse the elements which come into play on the great stage and theater of life the respective dynamics will be, as they always have, the same today as they will be a hundred million years from now. The defining distinction between those who seek to dominate and conquer by force and those who seek to achieve elevation of conscience through understanding is the knowledge that if ALL were permitted the same level of access, of growth and development the idea which liberated them in the first place and which they challenged could never be surmounted no matter how much force they used. Moral relativity is a viable, valid, lucid concept. It helps bring issues, both large and small into perspective with crystal clear focus. The western opposition to this line of thought is primarily looking and waiting for its bias or prejudice. The "voice of zion" which implies they don't have the mesaage needed to win the hearts and minds of the world they so desperately long to dominate and control. Just another outdated concept that, just as with the other failed attempts at ideological supremacy, means total SHIT to me. Fuggin retards - TO DA ZOO!!!

I always find it curious how the people who are least honest with themselves and those around them demand it in others. At any rate, I am of the mind that talent should be all a person needs in order to succeed and I am completely satisfied that I have demonstrated that far beyond any reasonable doubt time and time again. The real issue is that people want a piece of the action and this is the jewish legacy of doing business. It's not just making a percentage on something borrowed. It's more about exacting a return on something that people don't own or have any interest in or even a right to own. It's not their business and it's not their property. This is the nature of personal politics and destruction. Envy, bitterness, resentment towards people who find a way around the financial and ideological lockdown by trying to open doors, not just for one but for those who do have talent and who don't want to "play the game" or "sell out". This is the nature of why the jewish model of doing business centers around getting a stranglehold on staples that we all have a right to in order to survive. That way we wouldn't have to compromise our principles. It's little wonder to see why our communities and the world we live in are run and primarily influenced by the most vile, disgusting, revolting, despicable people imaginable. We, the people who have naturally, recurring, God-given talent have the right to grow just as does a tree, a flower, a fish in the ocean, any of the animals(they are sometimes seen to have more rights than humans) or a bird in the sky. Who the hell do these godless vermin(not referring to any particular race or people), politically speaking, think they are by suffocating the emergence of those of us who indeed make the world around us and the life we experience a better place to be and know?

Yeah, I'm THE ONE!!! The one who sees the world with crystal clear eyes and a clear conscience minus the cognitive interference of the religious, corporate and political BULLSHIT of our times. What does that say about this community, region, province, country and the world around us when one single, solitary individual brings out so many mental defectives, so much distortion, corruption and dysfunction despite having no material worth and who does nothing except tries to access the basic services and needs necessary for sustenance? It should be a chiling reminder to us all as to how truly fucked the world and the people in it have become. This is the awesome revealing power of communications. The power to disentangle the lies constantly being emitted by the psychopaths centered around the aforementioned influences. It is not I who taint love or life but, the scum who want more power, recognition, influence, worth and consideration than they rightfully deserve.

At any rate, I'm looking for a bed, a place to stay. When I find one, irrespective of time and place, this entire(following) paragraph will be bracketed with the text "found". It shoud be known that I don't have any references despite paying my rent on time, keeping the place clean, respecting the rules and causing no damage whatsoever to person or property nor constituting any threat despite any claims to the contrary. Now, the LOW-LIFE JEW who I rented from offered to falsify the length of my actual stay from 4 to 10 months in an attempt or so he claimed, to help me secure a place but, I don't and won't lie. This guy is a BAD man. He supplements his life with the proceeds of those at or beneath the poverty line and then looms and hovers over them until he draws fire, so speak and then has the audacity to spit hell fire and brimstone in insults in a feeble attempt to make him feel socially superior. He is totally repugnant. I never accrued this quality of credibility by lying. A bed, a place to clean, eat, some privacy etc, etc is something we all have a right to even if or should I say especially if we're flat broke. The other thing is the moment I used him as a reference he'd be online calling me a liar and claiming he had proof. This is how this particular type of jew strips the human race of all virtue until it is the only one seemingly remaining with any. I'm not biting. No married women, no prepubescent jail bait, no criminal activity - PERIOD!!! THIS is all politics and nothing more. I've had the dubious distinction of living with one asshole after another. The ones I've mentioned on this page have been singled out because they've either gone out of their way to make my stay unbearable and/or have sought me out in an effort to behave in this manner. I make no apologies. This is our glorious system of the west post 9/11. A place where living has become political. Where people want to know your life story before they'll consider renting a room to you. Where our personal information is exchanged like some pre berlin wall, east german society of constant espionage. It's no longer pay a months rent, damage deposit and move in. No, now they need to know every detail about you. It's like some psychotic online dating system for sociopaths precisely due to the fact that people rent these totally over priced, poorly built homes that are either in constant need of repair and/or in combination with these outrageous mortgages who can't afford them or who just want extra money. Some have too much time on their hands and some twisted need to use others struggling in society as a way of feeing better about themselves. I mean, it's just filling a basic human need. Most well-adjusted adults expect a basic standard of sustenance and these standards are not supposed to be political or demand that we divulge more personal information about ourselves than is absolutely necessary. Housing has gone, like everything else, TO EXTREMES!!! and EXTREMIST where perfectly decent, respectable people now have to negotiate a daunting gauntlet of credit checks and invasion of privacy, irrespective of being able to pay, for what should be the right to access affordable, clean, safe, quiet living spaces. Especially, if you have NO criminal history or record. Starting with the unauthorized entry into my room this jewish man called the cops, not once but 4 TIMES. Clearly there was something afoot that had nothing to do with violent or criminal activity. One can only surmise the motivation. Was it to allow the uniformed BABOONS to get close in order to get get a sense of me? Was it designed to provoke me so that they could be justified in using force and haul me in? I do find it amusing how some of these cops actually believe they're educated when in fact, they're brainwashed! Completely incapable of independent thought or reason. The cops or should I say "the municipal henchmen" have always bullied the marginalized. This is precisely why most people don't like, respect or feel any heightened sense of well being when they appear. This is where the gap iles between affordable housing and homelessness. Not to take anything away from those who are simply attempting to help fill a need and be decent but, this is where the online rooming system has allowed the bored or politically, religiously motivated home owner to flex muscle and influence over what should be a basic human right, where that sort of influence and tampering should be denied. It is striking however, to chronical, observe and detail the powerful contrasts between the dying industrial age mentality as its form of social dysfunction is being exposed as being "ill equiped" to meet the demands in an ever-changing world and the emerging, enlightened conscience that seeks to regain our lost ground as it pertains to our dignity, privacy and civil liberties.

So, I'll just place my own ad for a room here as required. Keep a watchful eye!

To once again put things in perspective this little hamlet is NOTHING in the big picture sense. The low life here compare themselves to the rest of canada, a northern snowbound country while ironically reflecting a verrry low human value index morally relative to its worth and technological capacity. Look south or even to europe or the vacations spots that are frequented. There's nothing overly compelling here, at least not in my eyes. What I see are too much low life where I have become their central focus. No matter what they do or how hard they try the christian perversion and the animal kingdom ruled by the jew is dying and there is absolutely nothing that can be done to prevent it. All the fascism, distortion, dysfunction, corruption and weirdness that this little insignificant shithole and its litany of mentally disturbed MORONS concentrated on a global scale can muster cannot reverse the forward motion of this wheel. In order to accurately understand my point of view a person must first become a target drawing the attention of the brain trust originating from the 3 main encampments to which I commonly refer. Then it would be extraordinarily easy to see the schizophrenic patterns played out physically stemming from my stimuli. I mean, based on all routine forms of evaluating peoples importance or significance I should not be on anyones radar. This fact alone validates my position. Clearly, whatever christianity is based on is a form of clinical, mental illness or madness. The americans(capitalist, ideological extremist) are attempting to use force in order to subdue or arrest a problem where the ONLY possible solution is a spiritual response which is exactly what I've successfully achieved, to my own personal satisfaction, without one violent reaction. The fact is that ALL extremist forms of the major religions and governing ideologies exhibit the exact same pattern and it is precisely this insane protocol that is intensifying and communicating the present state of consciousness of humanity over the edge, quite possibly towards some form of nuclear confrontation.TWIMC: YOU'RE GOIN DOWN and the more you punish or deny me the faster this inevitability will be realized!

This domain and the philosophy contained within it is a consrtant, stinging reminder to my mentally disturbed nemesis that, as computer programming describes the language of processes, handles and threads, so too is the similarity of our reasoning process. This is what is behind the advancing drive to dominate and control. In order for that success to be realized it becomes absolutely essential to control peoples thought processes. This is "fundamentally" achieved using a three way approach. First, through physical subjugation or subordination by subduing the enemy using force or violence. Second, the restriction of choices limiting behavior and possibility of advancement. Much like indigenous peoples have historically been driven to less arable & mineral-producing land so too are the metaphysical areas of the mind structured legally to reflect the agendas and policies of the political landscape. Third, the injection or infusion of a spiritual power or oversight ensuring the imprisoned have no possible hope of escaping to freedom or liberty. This has been the strategy and tactic of all violent confrontations since the begginning of tribal conflict. THIS is precisely what has drawn the attention of my enemies in all of their variations because my only threat to any if them is my "line of thought". That is why I can say with a clear conscience that the country I grew up in, canada, is no longer the safe haven of freedom it once was. This could be due in large part to our proximity with a nation to the south of us that has(democratically mutated and deviated from the implied path of its founding fathers in much the same way canada has) taken the mantle of domination by proactively seeking global conflict under the guise of promoting freedom(as they restrict it) and democracy(as they mutate it) when it too, is now more to do with ideological supremacy and elitism in much the same way the various empires throughout the worlds history were once epitomized.

Which leads me to something I've commonly referred to as the uncertainty principle. You know, there's this old saying that "life is what you make of it". This may be true providing the world was evolving along the lines of the natural order. But, when it is shaped along the lines of the unnatural order then life becomes what is made of it for you with the powers that be constantly attempting to keep people off balance in a perpetual state of uncertainty until they choose the only choice made available to them. You see, I know my position is absolutely correct because it is my nemesis who is responsible for everything from environmental damage to socio-economic disparity. The reason I know this, as do all objective people, is because the far right has wielded the most power and have enacted the most damaging policies during the industrial age. This is the "baby boomer" generation and clearly they flipped the switch to OFF when it came to fairness or any concern for the environment. However, they got theirs and in their sick, twisted pathetic minds that's all that matters. Oh, how the mighty have fallen from grace. Which harkens the thinking of one of these dinosaur tv charlatans who apparently is of the mind that we recognize only those qualities in others in which we ourselves posess. What HORSESHIT! Here's why. Evolution is based essentially on the very opposite meaning we tend to observe the qualities in others in which we ourselves lack so that we can incorporate those qualities so as to improve upon our own condition or abilities. All forms of competition are based on this basic principle. The other, arguably more important aspect especially, as it relates to the human condition, are claims by an inferior iteration that the emergence of an improved characteristic or trait constitutes a disorder, an attack or represents the behavior of a killer(can be categorized as alien or monstrous on a fictional level) when in fact it is merely an extension of human capabilities. However, the competitor, when it sees that it lacks the ability to overtake, by natural means, on a level playing field, the challenge(r), the competitor will then attempt to suppress the emerging superior trait, be it beauty, grace, excellence in any artistic, scientific or athletic field etc so as to maintain, albeit an illusionary interpretation of supremacy by means of destruction, defacing, defiling, disfigurement, distortion, smear tactics etc, etc. Now compatibility is a different matter altogether and that depends on whether we seek mates who enhance those qualities or even add new ones which we lack or are deficient or mates who don't threaten our sense of superiority or dominance. I guess, this is just one more reason why I feel the industrial age medium of television has reached its point of diminishing returns. It's because the medium turns the viewing audience into information ZOMBIES where they turn off their critical thinking hats and just as with the older generations before them who thought that just because it was in print it must be true or just because it's in the bible it must be true then the same must hold true for television. The accumulated brainwashing of the masses. Clearly, the time for change has arrived.

On a more local level, what can make rehabilitated druggies so problematic and bothersome is that they are under the false impression that because they have somehow managed to survive psychological selft mutilation that they are suddenly an expert in human behavior. They, like the cops, can become unhinged if they're theories don't pan out. All forms of human knowledge and expertise centers around structured LOGIC. If you can't accurately describe or explain your thinking then it's just an illusion. In other words, the "sense" or "feeling" doesn't exist except in their chemically compromised brain. My thinking is completely accountable precisely due to the linear, structured LOGIC of my reasoning process. Surely, these poor, unfortunate saps, as with some teenager overcome with religious fervor and practically no life experience, couldn't possibly entertain the insane notion that just because we're all human that we're all in the same boat, same league? Pure bullocks. The other thing is bio-mechanics. Once again most of these nutjobs couldn't possibly believe that they could come through a metal storm as I have in my life and cook as well(even if they had the money), be as fit, think as clearly and still maintain an elite class of artistic expression at the age of 52? Because if they do then I want whatever their smoking! Oh and by the bye, art, science and athletics are the pre-eminent fields for intuition, "feelings" and "sensing" not drugs(pot excluded) and religious insanity. What makes this kind of mentality so potentially damgerous is that, like a child, it becomes overwhelmed with emotion because it can't find the words and parallel state of calm with which to express themselves and subsequently, present a high degree of probability that they will resort to some form of violent reaction as a way of resolving ISSUES!!!

Why is it, I wonder, are those of us who are the least, in terms of mental health, invariably predisposed with dealing with mental health issues? It's the same with physical fitness. Why do the least fit work at or around physical fitness or recreational centers. Why are do people get involved in corporate communications just to promote politics or religion or to simply to promote their bloated ego(Industrialized media IE: TV, radio, print)? I mean, it is commonly understood that someone in their 20s should merely look at a gym, in a manner of speaking, and achieve optimum physical fitness. But, what about those over the age of 50 say? It seems so few in this day and age have aged with any grace at all. Likewise, when are people going to allow themselves to objectively distinguish between protocol and procedure and a genuine affinity towards a line of work? I certainly don't mind that most of these rec centers in this region are pretty much a form of compensation towards seniors who failed to make it to the country club level of materialism, in which they wish to cater to them and I understand that people need to work, if for no other reason than sheer boredom. Where the issue is for me is when such people introduce their own dysfunction or politics, what have you, into the mix. The other thing I find curious is the distinct lack of social courtesy absent in many of these facilities. It's as though some people, especially those over what is considered the age of cultural maturity, are so poorly in tune with the world around them that they have no earthly concept of what is known as "the context of communications". All this blustery, clumsy, childish noise emanating and blurting from societys' IDIOTS. Not to mention the fact that many seem to delight in trying to make others feel prematurely old, unwanted, out of place, or mentally unstable when it all comes off like a bunch if low IQ MORONS jockeying for attention or recognition. For the record, if they did wish to create the illusion of psychological disorder for the expressed purpose of some smear campaign or to satisfy their own twisted thoughts then that behavior must be realized based on unbiased, credible, scientific criteria and not subjective interpretation. For example, if a person leaves an area where they would expect or desire a quiet or a scent-free environment IE: steam room, sauna, whirlpool etc then it isn't necessarily because they "hear, smell or see things that are only in their head". Sadly, with many of these suffers of OCD, the real problem is that in addition to being in posession of itsy bitsy teeny weeny pea brains that are chronically over worked, they are usually very poorly educated, have completely overrated work experience and consequently attempt to practice their own version of public psychology. It's as though schizophrenia has become normative and gone mainstream with people leaping(to their deaths) to all kinds of conclusions, spreading unfounded accusations and lies. Demanding no, insisting that their perceptions are lucid and that they are correct despite not having one shred of tangible proof or evidence that could be legitimately presented in a court of law and the more they become excited and infuriated, the more dangerous they become to those around them. There comes a time when the line gets crossed bewteen how close people or the system can come into the lives of the private citizen before a transgression can be perceived as being perpetrated. All that is tangible has a basis in fact, not perception. This posting underscores the importance of getting ones point across BEFORE old age and degradation of mental facility interferes with the crystal clear articulation necessary to repel ones nemesis to the grave where memory is no longer needed to counterpoint today's epidemic of the mentally ill, disturbed, politically corrupt and spiritually DEFORMED!!! Consider, for a moment, the counterpoint of my indusrtial age, religiously fanatical, corporate extremist(the convergence of desperation and extreme greed is a recipe for social disaster) nemesis. The implication of their position, among others, is apparently that those of us who seek warmth where there is cold or quiet where there is excessive industrial noise or peace and calm where there is violence or clean air where there is pollution or clarity of thought where their is confusion are completely out of our minds. I envy future generations when this highly disturbed, volatile, overly aggressive, competitive and imbalanced state of mind has finally been put to rest once and for all because their bitternes is truly a primary source of all of our problems on a grand scale. It's indicative of any MENTAL DEFECT such as a severe drug addict, hardened criminal, religious fanatic, child molestor(aka: politician, communications corporation) etc, etc in that they're ALL looking "for the healing", the answer but, because not only are they reluctant to provide positive solutions, they are devoid of that particular quality or characteristic themselves so, they instead seek(sikh) to contaminate others around them. Unlike me, who avails himself of the science of communications so as to help, in a very discreet, quiet and innocuous manner to cleanse the society around them of the darkness contained within the opposing heart and its deep-rooted desire to harm others. They're damaged goods, "faulty wiring", toxic brain chemistry and despite claims to the contrary they really have no benefit, no good to offer their community or the world around them. If they did they certainly wouldn't be focusing on me other than to understand how to live a calm, tranquil, spiritual life without hurting others or without overtly drawing attention to or making complete fools of themselves by unnecessarily superimposing their ignorance on others. Needless to say, CLEARLY, my postings are making a very deep, profound impact as well as a long-lasting impression even though my nemesis will otherwise strongly refute. (Liars to boot!)

Which nicely segues into this question. What is paradise? Truly, food for the thought of the poet or philosopher. But seriously, how does one define or describe the concept of paradise at the "root level"? What compromises the characteristerics of paradise? Pain and suffering(indifference to it)? Malice, ill will or corruption perhaps? Distortion or deformity, be it psychological or spiritual? This is a segment in which I will expand upon to some degree as I seem to be in a place where there are those who are under both the deluded and severely misguided perception that this area is somehow a prototype for just such an experience. First off, if any of the aforementioned descriptives apply to anyones impression of paradise then they are neither good or spiritual and most likely represent a serious danger to those of us around them who do indeed, seek to live in such an environment. All one need do is monitor their communications intimations to see where they're coming from. The other important aspect I'd like to point out and emphasize is that, unlike my nemesis(meditation in evil) I do not physically interfere in any way, shape or form, with anyone elses life or imply or suggest that anyone engage in such disgustingly rude, crude behavior. It's BAD KHARMA to physically tamper or hinder anothers journey on their path. Now, as far as my personal depiction or characterization of paradise goes, geographical aesthetic and materialistic accessories notwithstanding, I would be inclined to envision a community or area where there is no mental illness or violence, no social dysfunction or corruption no political psychopaths, zero corporate extreme greed as well as no relgious extremism. Seeing as this region is woefully deficient in these underlying components and assuming most reasonable minds concur with this minimal criteria, it must be rationally concluded that THIS is no paradise except perhaps, in the child-like fictional minds who live seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses and the marketing brochures pandering to the longing of those in more inclement climates. Even something as basic as public transportation is run, by what appears to be the "goon squad". I waited for an entire hour for a bus well within city limits during mid day. Surely, in most peoples mind this would qualify as complete incompetence as well as defining the term antiquated! Especially, in this day and age of being so-called "power smart" and energy conscious. This reminds, that for me, as with others, being the unfortunate victim of "CHRISTIAN BRAINWASHING" during the early developmental stages of my life, I would consider such community or region centered on such SPIRITUAL DEFORMITY to form the basis of "shangri la in reverse". A nightmare! This, of course, could be said of any religion as I am well on record as to my position in such matters. The practitioners and members of these long overdue and outdated dogmas have demonstrated quite convincingly that they are not the source of natural spiritual attraction and they do need to distort and undermine the quality of all of our lives in order to forcably coral and increase their numbers especially, someone like me while at the same time claiming I make no difference whatsoever. This is precisely how PROPAGANDA is practiced and how HITLER brought it into being. In that respect, it begs the question "why hurt innocent people if they're so sure of themselves and their precious belief system"? Personally, I am still in a constant state of amazement that my postings still resonate with such depth and they do, mark my words. They drill right to the very core of this low level smut and filth. More integrity in my shit. As a result of my encounters with the most sordid types of filth and low life imaginable I can now state unequivocally as to why I place ZERO stock on these social media sites who attempt to promote or market integrity through association. I now have first hand experience and proof that the most illustrious of the so-called credible sites have been used as both a base and basis to organize, not quality business products and services mind you, but as a launching pad for malice against people like me. This is why I am such a staunch supporter of the single domain system per individual witb credibility and reputation earned the old-fashioned way, by word-of-mouth.

Now, with respect to the big picture of ideological extremism, the jews, for example, seek the promise land by ensuring and securing global conquest by way of financial or economic domination with the aid of the american military. This was thought to be a little known and someone confusing fact but, no longer. Recall and observe the islamic rate of interest to be reminded of the so-called "conflict of iterest" so as to differentiate between the religious fiscal policies as they are applied and subsequently played out in political arenas. Here, in this region people have no legal recourse without renting or owning separate dwellings(IE: apartments, condos or houses). What that means is that if you rent here you have "no tenancy" and can be evicted at a moments notice which is exactly what I have been subjected to in this area. Everyone knows it. This isn't canada as I knew it or the style of democracy we were all lead to believe was the great promoter of freedom, peace and happiness. The sickest people imaginable drool over these postings salivating for a time when they can get their turn to screw me over with my alternative living outside in the elements should I not want to come into contact with their hideous faces and minds. Paradise is an illusion, a marketing ploy and morality doesn't even exist. Homelessness is rampant and my eailer postings of cities being METROPOLITAN TOILET BOWLS was spot on. We live in a time where it is perceived as outrageous when the mind shapes and develops along moral and spiritual lines and is forced to confront a very sick and twisted social, corporate, political, and legal culture that forms the basis of its barbaric supremacy on a substance(money) which the planet never required in order to form in the first place. The entire underlying formula and thinking is a GODLESS MUTATION intentionally designed to manufacture a politically generated form of clinical collateral damage where the primary offset is pharmaceutical combined with psychological incarceration should any dare to protest or rebel. Which reminds me, that is my pet euphemism for this particular municipality(where I am presently - TWIMC). I call it "the clinic" or it could also be called "the recovery zone" what with all the walking wounded and broken souls(some nice people here too!). No wonder they plopped the base for the uniformed BABOONS right smack dab in the middle of it! *gut wrenching laugh* NEVER has numero uno been sooo effective at getting right under the skin of so many thick, dirty low level right-of-center scum while so many of them are as limp as a viagra sucking geriatric at getting to yours truly. Ahhhh, pure BLISS! With a whisper the theory is still right down the line, completely intact and right down the track inkeeping with the train of thought. They can't compete up here in the rarified air some TWENTY YEARS LATER. Who's your daddy? Come to papa. HAHAHA AD INFINTUM...Boullion!!!

When mass media is pumping propaganda phrases like "keeping canadians safe" or whatever country, for that matter, it should sound the alarm that these people in intelligence are organized to protect the power and wealth of the ruling classes. It's very important to grasp the subtleties and distinctions contained within "the language of objective". For example, if, during a time of conflict, people are contained inside a bomb shelter it is technically within the definition of "keeping people safe". However, what good is safety without FREEDOM and what good is FREEDOM without the ability to control the most important decisions that influence, not only the quality of our life but, perhaps more importantly, the right to decide how we live and whether or not we can live to our own natural purpose? A prison is a prison no matter how you attempt to soften the language that describes it. Safety and confinement are one and the same. You see, when a group or individual is assigned a task then that objective determines the protocol or procedure necessary in order to fulfill it. So, when it comes to fascist, right-wing governments such as those administered by conservatives or republicans the objective is not to "keep people safe" as the PROPAGANDA may imply but, rather to preserve and protect their faith-based systems as well as the power and wealth of the ruling class. In other words, a confluence of affluent effluent. I, for one, based on that criterua, do NOT "feel" safe and I damn well don't "feel" FREE!!! The general public merely represents a buffer zone, a sacrificial lamb, so to speak. The only real credibility in communications is "transparency". I, for example, am not "top secret" or "classified" or "confidential". I am compelled to put my sanity on the line because I do not have such diplomatic immunity or high-level clearance. Look, now that we've clearly entered a completely new era entirely in communications it's essential to remind the powers that be what the ultimate design or why the consumate purpose of the science of communications was created. It is to generate or accentuate the POSITIVE side of the human equation and to eliminate the NEGATIVE through the exercising of our conscience or in the case of democracy, our vote. Consider me the NEUTRAL or GROUND wire. When we see and hear politicians, religious leaders, military and uniformed BABOONS as well as the captains of industry front and center something is out of whack, out of order and it is a powerful indicator that the communications spectrum is and has been HIJACKED by a very highly motivated viral variation of power monger that has become obsessed with manufacturing and inciting panic, hysteria, suspicion, paranoia and a general state of instability so as to justify its continued existance and presence in all of our lives. The ONLY people who should even be venturing into communications in the internet age are the individual, people and groups who have something that can make us all feel better about life on the whole. Remember, if you will, industrial media is primarily concerned with information pollution regarding the "symptoms of terrorism" whereas I am decidedly focused on the source or the ROOT of the problem which is, without a doubt, MASS RELIGION in combination with all forms of ideological extremism and that goes double for the americans.

Democracy in the west is quite literally being sedated into submission. The vitality of outspokenness which was once the hallmark of distinction between the cultures of the west and other oppressive regimes has all but disappeared. People are quite justifiably terrified to speak out or up as now the government has become the supreme, absolute kafkaesque terrorist by expanding the powers and community of intellligence as well as other uniformed BABOONS while tacetly approving the continued oversight of industrial sized MASS COMMUNICATIONS. What with the systems ability to produce a preponderance of both force and surveillance the average citizen represents little more than a rat in a maze compounded with a stifling negotiation of bureaucratic red tape and complexity. Choice is an illusion with politicians unable to really alter the course of any region or government due to the accumulative legislative restrictions introduced by successive conservative, republican and right-of-center administrations. Democracy has quite literally entered the dead zone with the world being supplanted by the dictators of the 20th century by a line of cookie cutter politicians witb absolutely no unique qualities or voice whatsoever and who are instead reduced to not-so-slick cliches and campains boringly derivative of bad commercials. Original thought and leadership has been asassinated. The worlds peoples are astonishingly being fought over and controlled by a highly concentrated group of oligarchical dictators who control key resources offered to them by their political hacks for getting them into office and pie-in-the-sky dogmas that have failed in their attempts to either inspire or protect the essence of the human condition or freedom. Where once issues such as homelessness were thought to be an unfortunate side effect of not enough money to go around, it is now being used as a form of administrative tool of terror to promote social coditioning as a remnder and warning to those who fail or refuse to tow the party line and get a job. Homelessness and proper nutrition are not designed to be linked as motivational or economic leverage for the least empathic or the most cruel. This is surely a powerful indicator in understanding the relationship between psychopathic political policies and "moral deviation". These are but a few of the harsh realities and legacies being left behind by the generations who fought and died, as it turns out, for nothing. It is also the sad truth confronting the world in the early part of the 21st century as it desperately struggles to understand the context of global conflict while it simultaneously and arguably ventures across the most daunting and delicate of evolutionary rubicons.

May your conscience continue to wax while your ignorance wanes


10/13/14 - Initiating court proceedings for the expressed purpose of obtaining a court order effecting the RIGHT TO DIE

Now, before you leap to conclusions and fly off the handle read the posting. First off, I love life and being alive and I'd much prefer to focus on living than dying. However, I am in my 50s, still quite lucid and brimming with vitality. The problem is the political and religious climate which we're all confronted with in these times. It just so happens I have become a target as a result of the widespread mental illness pervasive, it appears, just about everywhere these days. In no small part due to the powerful impact my postings have on exactly such a demographic.

To begin with, I hail from a little SHITHOLE on the east coast of canada which I mockingly refer to as GOOFY-NEWFY LAND. Let me be crystal clear in that there are "some", a few, genuinely decent, warm hearted souls there and it should be noted that this posting is in reference to the handful of representatives who hail from there who are capable of even understanding the big picture issues. To them, my sincere apologies. It was truly a dreadful place to live and grow up. In addition to the weather there was the poverty, the ignorance and to top it off there was this isolated style of living where the world outside was pumped in like the industrial information sewage it was via the then dominant and once distribution system of television. Anecdotally, when I first moved to the capitol city from the outports, I was laughing and joking while sitting on the sidewalk when I was around 11years old with a guy named Arty Mallard(lived on hamilton ave circa 1973-74). Out of nowhere came his 16 or 17 year old brother(Bob) and for no reason whatsoever he kicked me in the head some 7 or 8 times and then just nonchalantly carried on. That's the most stinging memory I have of that SHITHOLE. Today, they(my nemesis) are still trying to kick you in the head using any and all means necessary. Anyhow, back then it seemed the mediums of TV, radio and print would persist forever without challenge as did religion in its present extremist form. Why I take issue and aim at my "former" and forgotten province is because there is a striking similarity and connection between religious fanaticism and regional pride. Meaning the two places of origins, once forcably implanted never let a person be free or in peace. I'm sure if china were accessible by land I would've moved there or even the moon just to be as far away as humanly possible from it.

To reiterate I do not interfere with ANYONE at ground level or in the general public. I am quite nice and respectful of others but, despite that I have been the recipient of stalking to some greater and lesser degrees. Mind you, short of physical involvement it's all insignificant and not worth the time trying to isolate. The only slight source of irritation is in realizing the reluctance some people clearly have associating becoming a target with actual, proactive dysfunctional manipulation and preferring instead to rationalize their thinking and behavior in relation to fabricated psychological disorders. Just so they and others know. When people become a target for whatever reason it does not necessarily form the basis for suspecting someone of suffering for example from autism. Once people actually become a target then that prognosis is tainted, contaminated and becomes off limits. The reality is that human beings in their present limited state of development can pose a considerable threat to those around them when economically, religiously or politically motivated in combination with the unscrupulous manipulation of the law at their disposal. However, I have become acutely aware of my ability to generate attraction and attention stemming not only from that incident in St. John's by just sitting on the sidewalk without provocation but, also with incidents involving a chap named Eugene Power and Sean Skinner(former councillor). In Nova Scotia(SFX) I was sitting on a bar stool not saying a bloody word to anyone when I was violently attacked for no reason other than it appears for looking and feeling good. Here in BC, a guy named Tad Campbell(freaked out and kicked my drumkit on me for no reason whatsoever during a gig in Cold Lake AB) was clearly threatened by what appears to be my musical virtuosity so, it is no great surprise to me that I've done exactly the same thing just by typing in complete silence, no less! If that alone doesn't qualify as absolutely amazing then I fail to see what does. Let me state unequivocally that I would've much preferred to leave all this on the shelf titled "the past but, when people become emboldened and start actively trying to harm you by making wild accusations then I feel it incumbent to set the record straight. Keep the issue front and center. Money, religion and politics. My nemesus brought the "low balling" into the fray. I was just never so full of myself where I dreamed for a second that when the internet started up li'l old me would cause waves of any magnitude. Yet, here I am and now the knives start flying, Where it does become an issue is when it invades ones personal space be it living or otherwise where, if you raise issue, you're out on the street. In effect, the need for clean, safe, quiet shelter as well as ones personal proprietary space becomes a point of leverage for some pretty nasty and unsavoury characters. Unquestionably, we live in times when human beings are still being severely mistreated. A low human value index is still quite prevalent to be sure. Also, I'm a person who believes people should "play" in life not be brutalized for looking and feeling good, for reasons like being happy or easily attracting girls when I was young and women now as a man. The added bonus I have going for me today is that I've become exceptionally well educated and intelligent so now my nemesis has taken a new form because of the potential I also have to make a lot of money. My opponent has always utterly despised thar "scooby doo" aporoach bur ya know, if they weren't so damn uptight and knotted up inside maybe, they wouldn't behave the way they do and just let people be. Mind their own damn business and tend to their own concerns.

The other common thread for my place of origin, obtaining shelter in this particular area and christian extremist(there are more christian extremist active in canada's community than most realize or are willing to admit) is that they NEVER leave you be. It is arguably the defining characteristic of FAITH-BASED-GENERATED MENTAL ILLNESS as well as all ideological extremist. Perhaps, this explains why such concentrations of conscience militarily converge or come to a head(war head), so to speak. Despite what some may say there is no such thing especially, today in respect to religious moderation. There is NO MIDDLE GROUND. I, in fact, represent the middle ground and this is precisely why I am and have been constantly undergoing pressure and am being squeezed. The entire scenario is designed to be played out by playing a game of stalking in combination with twisting or spinning perception where the intended target is socially assaulted and monitored with such scrutiny that they explode or exhibit 'twitches" so as to confirm that the participant(s) in this social stage play of dysfunction are satisfied that they are getting under the skin of their intended target. It really does take a herculean effort to be who I am in this time frame and still prevail whilst my nemesis constantly schemes and obsesses. As previously mentioned this network is a web that touches ALL walks of life. Where the proof in aid of my defense comes in is in my transparency and the fact that there are other examples throughout the world which independent witnesses can attest and verify. Places such as the middle east are commonly known for having religious police who constantly watch who is mingling with who and in fact, they are known to openly intervene when such gatherings are observed. Other societies have been known for manifesting such forms of social mutations. This was one of the motivating forces of maintaining a very low profile as well as comparative anonymity. The experiment has worked to a charm. The level of obsession and corresponding pressure to conform and comply have been unmistakable. It is simply not possible 1) to simply be AND 2) people will violate their own word or honour when it comes to dealing money or religion.

The other connecting link is that just about everyone I ever knew back in GOOFY-NEWFY LAND were christians and seeing as I have substantially distanced myself from them this too has become the source of some considerable tension. When I divorced from my wife I agreed to allow her to pretty much handle the legal proceedings. A mistake in hindsight. However, she nor anyone else realized or knew of the eventual importance and impact of my domain, philosophy and my subsequent interaction with the LOW LIFE of the time frame surrounding it. My sister Marie Morgan, who married a chap from vancouver, a David Morgan is both a psychiatric nurse as well as a catholic. My other sister, Christina Sweetapple, is a former employee of the RCMP and is also a catholic. My brothers and I are estranged so, music, this domain and the ever changing times in which I find myself swept up in are my life. None of my family challenged anything or grew and developed in any noticable way whatsoever. I also continue to be or live around 20th century dullards and poorly educated cave trolls who are absolutely titilated with the prospect of my presence as well as my every move. It does not affect me one way or the other. Despite not desiring fame in any way I have been made famous by an amorphous covey of CUCKOO BIRDS who came in contact with these postings and have decided to make the life of a complete stranger a part of theirs. None of them understood or grasped the subtlety of creating a more powerful message than mine in order to overcome or defeat me. Instead, I am confronted with endless lies, skullduggery, distortion and social dysfunction and corruption. My once friends and family keep doing all they can in concert with the other interested parties to divert my attention away from MY LIFE and instead direct my energy as they see fit. But, I'd RATHER BE DEAD!

To many, on the surface, it may appear at first that no one in their right mind would rather be dead. But, think a little harder about that for a moment and you may be surprised to discover your reaction to something or someone close to you having been denied or taken. The cemetary is literally filled with the remains of people who gave their life rather than be conquered by all sorts of ideologies, dominance and forms of tyranny. As with ABORTION, the "right to die" is simply the next logical step in assuming full and commplete control of our individual lives. In addition, many would strongly prefer to deter the rise of closeted religous extremist such as we have here in stephen harper, who openly defends jewish extremism in his political platform. A small issue slickly side stepped when campaining. These religious extremist are central to the times in which we live. While they are completely comfortable with lying and misrepresenting the facts and truth, more and more want to live in a sane, lucid and stable society as opposed to the one constantly being "spun" out of control by people who simply refuse to relinquish power over others from which they do not have the preordained MORAL AUTHORITY to wield in the first place. With these extremist, whether they reside in our communities or practice law, politics and business in our countries of origin there is, unfortunately one end game when confronted with their state of mind. The ultimate removal from office and the accompanying destruction of ALL weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION by force or the non-violent and complete destruction of their ideology as exorcised through the legal system. This necessitates the designation and delegation of choices most significant to the management and maintenance of our own lives without interfering with or hurting others. This describes quite accuratetly the case for the "right to die" which minimizes or prevents entirely, the experience of pain while at the same time preserves our dignity and thus, declassifies the procedure as suicide which in effect, removes christianity as a form of legal oversight from the lives of democratic citizens.

True spirituality flows from the heart and streams from pure consciousness. The christians are finally, on a global scale, awakening to the earth shattering reality that their "version" or religious interpretation does not accurately reflect the natural order and the true state of matters pertaining to the organic state of spiritual consciousness. This is why their message FAILS to resonate in the silence. The human heart does not seek or search for it. Gravity is not present in the communications fabric as consistent with my line of thought relating to the physics of spirituality.This is where the abherrent behavior comes, the panic, the yelling and screaming(flaming textually), the deeply rooted disturbed political and corprate cultures. This is also why they have unwisely thought that money and military could always suppress, oppress any and all who challenged their forceful imposition upon the human condition only to fall victim to their own cognitive rejection of knowledge and science. Their achilles heal, which will ultimately sound the long over due death knell for a dogma that was heralded into the world by murder and corruption but, dismissed by a conscience which simply changed its mind when it was out of harms way. Democracy is no place for prejudice and discrimination. Hard to hit a target that is concealed from view.. The followers that they've "amassed" by denying people access to housing, cost-of-living increase to cover proper nutrition, clothing, education as well as the other staples which could and should be provided for, don't count. It's spoiled fruit on a rotten vine which ultimately equals the realization of the spoils of socio-economic war of terrorism. They can't win in the silence, the calm, the equilibrium, the balance. In short, all of the religious SCUM as they are represented in the early part of the 20th century can't and in fact, refuse to play on fair and level playing field. That's where the politician comes in to do their bidding. A career hustler(not thinkers as in the philosophical mode) that weasels and slithers its way to the top of the materialist food chain through faked smiles and greased palms without any artistic, scientific or athletic credentials whatsoever ruthlessly cutting funding to much of the arts and only selectively funding the science and athletics which produce a bottom line for the percentage sucking bottom feeders. Clearly, they are "out of order".

Henceforth, the time has come for the "right to die" to become legislation. This will have the effect of releasing the scourge of the christian death grip from the poor unfortunate souls who have been held captive and enslaved by it for far too long while allowing us all to live life in the way it was meant, in the spirit of TRUE FREEDOM without feeling compelled to sacrifice our lives for those who continuously seek to harm and control it. It has been edging its way closer and closer into all of our lives with each successive decade. THIS truly is a point of principle and not some hysterical crusade or morbid fixation. There is a line of penetration where the system and all forces contained within it must be prevented from puncturing our "inner sanctum". This has nothing to do with the mindless perpetuation of business or industry. People can buy and sell as always but, they don't get to control the essence of our lives, not without being vociferously challenged. Ridding the world of christianity, its MASS MEDIA, political corruption and brand of corporate greed represents a quantum leap forward for democratic nations throughout the world as well as toppling a huge domino in removing MASS RELIGION from the face of the earth. One could say evolution has finally reached a CRITICAL "MASS", so to speak. Eventually, the ICC(International Criminal Court) will have global jurisdiction in such matters so while nations, for the time being, may be able to keep this force of conscience at bay, it is only a matter of tine before evolution impacts the law on a global scale in exactly the same way as currency. So, if you are a highly skilled litigator and attorney and you can grasp the principle, the ground-breaking importance of this matter please, I welcome the presentation of your case. Reaching me should not pose any great hurdle.

TWMC: You were dried up bitter mediocrity yesterday as you still are today and if you lived a thousand lifetimes in succession you'd still be f****** mediocrity. You have NO DOMAIN HERE in this realm of conscience. Have a nice day.

May your conscience continue to wax while your ignorance wanes


FAITH-BASED-GENERATED MENTAL ILLNESS. It's effects on elected officials, the social structure and how it adversely affects the political machinery with respect to the implementation of policy

So, I'm doin my regular run and I pass by this van with the drivers side window roled down when right out of nowhere this chap blurts out the following or something to this effect. "Way to go BROTHER, keep it up and god bless ya"! Now, on the surface it all seems fairly innocuous until you factor in where I presently live. I happen to live with a pretty screwed up woman who is a recovering addict. Now, this ladys story pretty typical of the broken and failed in terms of being unable to realize any natural identity. She smoked pot everyday for some two years straight, very poorly educated and pretty much a messed up mind if there ever was one. Now, she takes her vengeance out on and is on a crusade agains a sustance which isn't to blame for her own weskness and frailty. No doubt as with my previous domestic encounters typical and indicative of people who now salivate at any opportinity to take a swipe at me so to speak for their own failings or shortcomings. None of which I had anything to do with. So, now she preys upon some of the most vulnerable people in our society doing the dirty work for the government and tobacco industry with a "quiting smoking program". How's that for masking a hypocritical war on marijuana? Truly as inkeeping with my previous encounters some of the saddest people in our community. As toxic and as phony as they come with a chip on their shoulder the size of the national debt. I'm absolutely certain the locals are familiar with this one so, should you see her take note and observe what a toxic woman truly looks like. She has no real stress in her life but, she's totally overcome with it. She's a testament to the fact that clothes and makeup cannot conceal her true self. No family, job, talent, education or business worthy of recognition. Mood swings(DEPRESSION) out the yin yang. Completely mentally UNSTABLE with no breathing control or any willingness whatsoever to "discuss" anything. In other words, a control freak. Undoubtedly, the quarterback of choice for this dysfunctional application by of all her fellow ignoramouses. People who just can't clue into the fact that most average people can't be clinically obese and realistically maintain a consistent mood order. They "flee" when pressured. If they had ever, in their wildest dreams, attended university and been on the debating squad, they would've ran out of the auditorium when it was clear they were about to loose the argument. As property owners they have money for home renos, vacations to the tropics , plenty of time to tamper, interfere and micromanage the PERSONAL AND PRIVATE LIVES of their tenants but, they don't have enough motivation to regularly clean the house. Instead, preferring to pass on the charge to the tenants so they can continue to live and be the slobs they've become. We're talking about GRADE F SLIME here. While I do indeed reluctantly revert to the use of certain language that many would see as tacky and tasteless, I confine it to this environment. This type of individual is actually that way in person and her manners are little more than a fascade, thin veneer or a smokescreen attempting to conceal a hideous and vulgar core where she is rotten. Extreme highs and lows with no reasoning stemming from any realistically accountable center. In short, they can't explain themselves or their behavior so they focus instead on emotionally numb bio-mechanics or just doing business(workaholic - rerouting the addiction) in the hopes of not having to see her true spiritual reflection in the mirror.

Let me reiterate that I am NOT on some hysterical crusade against ANYONE including property owners. Believe me, I am trying to mind my own business and keep to my own affairs but these people are incurably stunned as a bat where they cannot simply accept the fact that they are unable to compete at this level. They cannot press down on the communications fabric with the same degree of accuracy and effectiveness as I. This is precisely why they consistently stoop to such low level, undesirable behavior patterns in a feeble attempt to compensate for poor or zero high register brain activity. What else can be expected ftom the GODLESS??? I believe MOST reasonable people would conclude that fully grown, matured adults are deserving of a modicum of privacyy AND independent security whether they, we rent a room, apt or house. Whatever political tensions have arisen are precisely due to the fact that private citizens are attempting to live as such without ANY protection from the law(IE: nothing in writing) or the legal system and given that fact I think this recourse would be perceived by many to be an acceptable form of protest. What I require is REASONABLE and not extreme or excessive. Do everyone a favour when considering renting to me. Mind your own business, properly maintain YOUR property and believe me you will find that I will indeed respect both it and you. How hard can that be huh? It does not need to descend into personal abuse, egotistical fencing or heaven forbid, political and religious wrangling. What is and has been done, not only to me but, countless others is simply intolerable and cannot be permitted to carry on unchallenged. I would LOVE nothing more than to have my own space without needing to compromise my own values, privacy and security but I keep encountering these NOLIFERS and LOWLIFERS with an axe to grind who appear to want to use me as either a stepping stone or to make an example in the hopes of deterring others from speaking up and out for their deserved rights and liberties and so therefore I have to beat this drum until those thick, dense, uneducated craniums get the message.

To keep things in perspective politically, who is not on the government purse strings is favourable politically as opposed to anyone who is dependent, right-of-center speaki